The Wraith
Part 1

Once again, I found myself standing before the throne
Though this time, there was no dread in my heart
The prince had sentenced his brother to a lifetime in
the dungeons
And he had already started to right all of the wrongs
committed on his people
Now I, and my men, stood before him
He praised us for our efforts to foil his brother
And returned to me all of my lands and holdings
Then he asked me a question I found most strange
Did I consider myself a loyal subject to the throne?
What was I to say, but, of course I do
And as such, would I obey any decree coming from the
Again, I said, of course I will
And then smiling, he said
"By royal decree, you My Lady Wraith, are ordered to
marry the prince."

Terri Lyn Stanfield

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