Even in Death I Will Never Leave You

Trisha Von Doss

One Saturday evening many moons ago... a Stoic Warrior and her Loving Friend stole into my heart, and changed my life...forever.

They gifted me with reminders of the purities; Love, Faith, Hope, Courage... things my heart knew in it's infancy but had forgotten along the way. They gave me back an innocence... That wide eyed little girl I once was... The one who believed in the Greater Good, and that Love Conquers All. I would doubt that any of those involved could have known, or suspected, that thier words would echo so profoundly in the chasm of a womans heart.

As precious as each day will be to them in the End... so much more precious too we who live waiting each week to see them once again on screen. Twenty-two visits a year. Stolen, suspended moments in another reality. A reality which reminds me that meaning lies not in what you have but in what you do. A reality in which darkness can be overcome, and love and loyalty can prevail. Going into this last season...each cherished visit will be edged with the sorrow of impending loss.

I will so miss those Two Incredible Beings who reached into my heart and made it beat a vibrant pulse again. How do you thank someone for resurrecting a long dormant piece of your very soul?

We are so blessed that TPTB have always allowed Fan Fiction to flourish. In the Xenaverse the spirits of our Beloveds will live on through the efforts of talented Bards who will never surrender their memories to the flames of the funeral pyre.

Eternal Light

We are each of us... Candles...

The wax our bodies

The wick our spirits

Our lives the coalescence of the candle and the flame.

Though its essence burns away...

Its light and warmth are spread...and shared.

All who walk within the halo's edge

Will remember its illuminating glow.

And so... We live on.

My Candle burns a little brighter, Xena and Gabrielle... Because of You.

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