Epitaph for a Hero

By Trisha Von Doss AKA Xenamour

What will we do...

Joxer old pal,

Many will miss you,

Including this gal.

Your quaint imperfections...

I saw in you... me.

Some of your foibles,

Were mine too you see.

But whatever the danger,

No matter your fear,

You were never a stranger,

To those you held dear.

There was always the hope,

That you'd find a way,

To come out a hero,

Just once... Win the day.

You didn't disappoint us,

Never thought that you would.

We knew that you did,

The best that you could.

Courage that faltered

But never quite fell,

True through it all,

And the story we'll tell,

Is the truth...be it known,

...the battle when done,

'Gainst the demons inside,

Was the one that you won.

About a brave man,

Who gave up his life,

Looked past himself,

To do what was right.

There from the start,

... ... always a friend,

You lead with your heart,

'Till it cost you your end.

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