My Warrior's Love

As Translated by Trisha Von Doss

For Gabrielle the Bard of Potedia

Words fail me... So limited are they in meaning and scope... Encompassing only the simplest reflection of the truth that pulses life into my spirit. Elemental needs fulfilled beyond expression. Air, Water, and this... This Ethereal Sustenance that defies the confines of my lexicon...of any lexicon.

Made witness to a force so compelling I have no choice but to follow it... Though I stagger under the sheer strength of it's power to move me. Suspended heartbeats...torn in all directions... ... far past any reason or repair. I am chasing Tsunami. Searching out the place where wave meets wind. And in her arms I soar gloriously... perilously close... to the edge of my own existence.

And I am the contorted aftermath of this enigmatic dance... Only wanting more.

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