The Woman in Your Eyes

(From Xena of Amphipolous to Gabrielle of Potadia,

as translated by Trisha Von Doss)

Tell me what you see when you look at me...

I wonder is it who I really am?

Or a promise deep inside me that your eyes alone can see?

Is the distance in between one Love can span?

How do I find the woman who is mirrored in your eyes?

Can you help me...teach me how...where do I start?

She looks somewhat familiar but I do not recognize,

The image that's reflected by your heart.

Is she the one I left behind me many years ago?

A ghosted shadow of someone I used to be?

No... the ashes of her pyre have long since then grown cold,

That vestige of her spirit isn't me.

I buried what was left of her upon one mans behest,

Scattered remnants in the storm of Ceasars need,

My Soul the price I paid...for the vengeance of her death,

And emptiness replaced what might be grieved.

Yet something stirs within me when your Emerald eyes meet mine,

Remembered honor... something more than pain.

How is it I believe you when you say that you can find,.

Some salvaged shred of virtue that remains?

The chasm of my being that once echoed without end,

Embraced within your essence finds some peace,

The warmth within you radiates its light and pulls me in,

And gifts its breath of life to one deceased.

The darkness that still lives within me fights to keep its hold,

But the candle that you are promises more,

It illuminates a road I need no longer take alone,

A path that leads away from Charons shores.

Tell me Why you see when you look at me,

More than scattered beaten fragments of a soul?

With love alone you seemed to resurrect and mend the pieces,

You willed your vision true and make me whole.

How is it I have found the woman mirrored your eyes?

You helped me...taught me how... and now I know,

That when I look at you I see what I now recognize,

As the One I will forever call my Home.

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