When I iz Watchin' Xeener


When I iz watchin' Xeener

Here in my littul house

Ain't no answerin' the phone

The dog n cat... they'z OUT

It comz on twic't each weekend

An sumtimes Tuesdays two

Sci-Fye show's a Xeener Fest

When they iz in the MOOD

Tho I'z got all the lites on

There ain't no wun at home

When Xeener's on the telee

I'd best be left ALONE

I takes my TV dinner

In likwid form thru toobz

I git my Bud-lite I.V.

An never have to MOOVE

I rents a porta-potty

An keep them skrollz in view

So if I got ter go kwik

Ain't gotta leeve the ROOM

So now if yer to akst me

I'ts here in blak n whyte

But if'in you tell mama

I'll swear it wuz a LYE

Kuz me 'n White Trash mamas

They thank it's all uh KULT

Let's keep it jest betwixt us

So they don't bust a gut!

Thu Ever Fallin Anjul Hoo

Iz Skerd uh Mamas Juujitsuu


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