The Devil and Carson, part 2

by Zee and Windstar


"No.”She eyeballed Emily."When we left the bar, that girl, what’s her name asked if I wanted to come with ‘cause you were going to go raise a demon.You gave me the signal for back off I'm getting laid.So I had to drop my drunken ass off at home.Was the sex that good, that it ruined your memory?  Maybe I should try Goth girls.”She blushed at bit at that when she realized she was sitting next to one that had been hitting on her since the day they met.

"I've been trying to tell you that for years.”Emily huffed."Besides, I'm not the one who's obviously having memory problems, there was no demon raising involved.You sure you didn't do more than just drink?"

Carson looked insulted for a moment."I sell drugs, I don't do them.”

"Fine, whatever.Then it's some sort of dementia.”Emily hopped down off the steel table as the elevator from the hospital above them dinged.Signaling the first corpse of the evening."Hey Jay!First customer of the evening!"

The Pakistani man came running back into the morgue with Carson's ice.

Carson winced as she grabbed the ice out of the air, as Jay tossed it too her.With a sigh she placed it on her face and settled down in the chair."Okay people, you know the drill,” she mumbled.

Emily and Jahor shared a look and then headed for the elevator, but not before the Goth girl could stick out her tongue at Carson."Don't strain yourself or anything.”



Carson was in her now usual spot in the chair.It had been a week since the Thanksgiving incident.Her eye wasn’t swollen shut anymore and her knuckles were back down to their normal size.It didn’t hurt to breath, her ribs now expanding and contracting normally.However her bruises had all started to fade into that sickly green and yellow color that made her pale skin look just that much unhealthier.

Her pain was down to a dull roar if she took a few aspirin, and she felt down right delicious if she actually sampled some of the muscle relaxants from the nurse’s station upstairs.

By popular vote since she wasn’t any use lifting and taking care of the bodies Jay and Emily had voted her to take care of the paperwork.She had grumbled but taken the job knowing it was only fair.She rubbed her puffy eye and bent back down to the task of form filling.Jay was out getting them lunch and Emily was taking a break, probably chatting up that cute androgynous nurse that had started last week.

They had a bet going on whether it was a boy or a girl.

It wouldn’t matter either way to Emily; the woman would take out whatever gender it happened to be for a night on the town.

She growled as she went over the forms.The Huntington Morgue had been unusually busy over the last week.So far they had three fairly young women brought in.It was kind of depressing and alarming, they had a lot of things in common; all of them had that Goth girl look with black nail polish and lipstick.

Piercings were always fun to work around in the morgue and tattoos.Plus all three had died without a mark; they had all died from heart failure.Carson believed in a certain amount of coincidence in life but to have three young, healthy women die of heart failure was weird.

The thing that really got to her during the autopsies was their faces.They all looked like they had been terrified right before they died.

Actually if the ME hadn’t scoffed at her assessment, she would have put down cause of death as “scared to death.”

She sighed and tried to get her mind back on track but it was stuck on the face of the last young woman who came through the morgue doors.

The double doors behind Carson opened and a cool breeze played along her neck.Frowning a little, Carson turned and tried to look over her shoulder, sighing in annoyance when her neck refused to turn.She ended up twirling the whole chair to face the doorway and almost swallowed her tongue.

The woman was hot.

She was Betty Page and Lana Turner all rolled up into one sex appeal package.Carson was a big fan of the pin up girls of the forties and fifties when women had lush curves, and this woman was all that and more.

“Hawbaum,” Carson said trying to form a sentence and failing.Blushing she cleared her throat and tried again.“How may I help you?”

The woman smiled and Carson was wet, that smile was a promise of every sexual fantasy Carson had ever had, and she’d had a lot.“Yes, I was looking for a friend of mine.”

The morgue attendant put on her best sympathy face, if you were looking down here then, well, nothing good could come of it.“I’m sorry for your loss.”

“What?  Oh.Oh, she’s not dead, yet.”The woman took a step closer to Carson.“Oh my, look at your face, are you okay?”

“Oh this, this is nothing.”She blinked and the woman was suddenly right there next to her.“You… you should see the other woman.”She smiled roguishly.

“I’m guessing you’re what they call butch?”  She gently touched Carson’s face stroking the sickly looking bruises.

Carson sighed at the soft touch.“I can be butch if you want me to be, most of the time I’m just Carson.”

The woman laughed entrancing Carson all that much more.“My friend, she is average height, with dyed black hair, she is what you would call a Goth.I met her at a party and lost her number, but I remember her saying something about working in the morgue.”

Jealousy sprouted like Athena in Carson’s head.Of course the hot woman was here for Emily, because ever since she dated Sam her luck with the ladies had gone into the toilet, actually her luck had just plain gone in the dumps.“Of course you’re here for Emily.”

“Emily, so that’s her name.”There was a change to the woman’s voice that broke Carson out of her entrancement, something hidden under the softness and seduction that was like nails on a chalkboard.

“Um, how did you get back here?  We only allow authorized personal or people chaperoned by authorized personal.”She tried to scoot back away from the woman but there was no place for her to go.

“Now don’t be like that Carson, we were getting along so well.”The hand stopped stroking and grasped her jaw painfully.


The woman jerked Carson’s head up and Carson flinched and paled as she saw the fire burning in those eyes.No pupils or anything just flames.

“Now Carson, where can I find Emily?”

“Fuck you!”  Carson spat out, her hands curling around the one on her chin trying to get free.

“Such language.What are they teaching you mortals?”  The hand shifted from Carson’s chin to her throat and she was easily lifted out of the chair.The woman’s former luscious form slowly giving way to her true form.

Choking and gasping for breath she beat at the now white scaly arm, her nails raked up and down ineffectively, they split open and bled.

The now demon’s slitted nostrils flared and she drank in Carson’s frustration and rage.“Such anger.Truly delicious, and despite everything you don’t even give up.” The demon’s face got closer to Carson’s purple one breathing in deeply.“What a truly beautiful creature you are; so amoral.I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a person with one foot in heaven and another in hell.Killing you would be such a waste.Instead, I’d rather tip those scales and see you firmly entrenched in Hell.”

She set Carson down and released her hold just enough so that the human could breath.

“I’m going to offer you a deal, Carson.Join with me, be my servant, and the pleasures of the world could be yours.”Yes, the demon thought this could work out well.The young human could help her kill those that had raised her from the Pit.Then she would be free to make this a new Hell, with her as its Queen.

So far she had managed to kill off some present at her re-birth into this world but those hard core Goths, most of them were quite fond of crucifixes and believed in the powers of good and evil.It was hard for her to get close to them, but with a human pet, everything became fair game.

Carson’s very eloquent refusal speech was summed up as, “Fuck you!”

The demon smiled revealing wickedly pointed teeth, and stared deep into Carson’s eyes.“So here you are all alone.That’s what you hate isn’t it, being alone?  Give yourself to me, and you will never be alone, I will be with you always.The other’s move through your life using you and discarding you, leaving you to wonder what is so lacking in you that they cannot be bothered to stay.Your father, you mother, and all of your lovers; they’ve all left you, but I won’t do that.”The words were being breathed over Carson’s lips, each one given life and meaning in steam and heat.

Carson felt each word and an old wound was opened and she relived the night her father didn’t come home.She was there as her mother slowly started to care more for the bottle and its well being than hers, and every time a lover left because she just wasn’t what they wanted.

“That’s it,” the demon said lovingly, feeling the woman’s will bend.“Pledge me your heart and I shall be the only thing that will fill it forever and ever.We will never be alone and you shall rule this existence with me.

Carson was hypnotized by the flames in the woman’s eyes and captured by her words.She shook her head numbly, and the demon grinned in a most horrible fashion, and closed the gap between her lips and the humans.She breathed the damning fires of hell into her slave enjoying the human’s squeal of pain.On Carson’s heart the demon fire burned in the name of her new Mistress, and the organ turned black with the corruption of it, except for one small part the blackness could not touch.

With a frown the demon pulled back, “What is that?”

“I know not, Mistress.”

A scaled hand came back, and then in a blur it moved forward striking Carson across the face.She didn’t move except for her head and when she straightened up only a faint trickle of blood oozed out of her split lip.Her tongue emerged and wiped it away.

“Does someone else already have claim to your heart?”

“Of course not.”

The demon eyed the human, and then let it go.It was impossible to lie to her now, but what she didn’t realize was humanities ability lie to themselves.

Carson felt glorious, her aches and pains were gone, and as she glanced into the reflective surface of a metal gurney she saw she was healed.Her flesh seemed pale, but it was whole, and gone were the lurid bruises.She also felt unburdened, like a load had been taken from her.

She looked at her Mistress, a question clearly visible on her face.

The demon shrugged.“It takes a lot of effort to be good, to let your soul and good-conscious rule you.I’ve taken that away.Now come along, we really must get rid of those horrible clothes and find you some dates.I’m thinking a couple of Goth girls are just what the doctor ordered.”

Clothed once more in the masquerade of human flesh she crooked a finger and Carson eagerly followed her.



Three days after her mother’s party, Samantha got her first chance to sneak into her father’s study again.It was late at night and the house was silent around her as she snuck down the stairs, careful to avoid the first one that would squeak if she touched it.

The grandfather clock at the base of the stairway gonged once to announce two thirty and Samantha nearly had a heart attack.

After a moment with her heart beating in her throat, she kept moving.

The door to her father’s office was locked as usual when he wasn’t inside it.The former librarian had known that of course and crouched down next to the doorknob, pulling out the small piece of metal that Shaggy had showed her how to use.

After getting locked out of safe places with Zombie’s chasing after them back in Huntington she’d demanded he teach her how to open locks.It was more difficult when crouching in front of her father’s door, nervous at being discovered and trying to do it in the dark.Finally the lock clicked and the doorknob turned, letting her inside.

“Thank you Shaggy,” she whispered.

Biting her lip, Samantha considered her options for a moment then hesitantly turned on the light.She wished she’d been able to find a flashlight, or even a lighter.

Now, where would her father hide things he didn’t want anybody to read?

Pursing her lips she turned around slowly in the middle of the office, examining the tastefully decorated walls and bookshelves.Nothing screamed out to her and she put her hands on her hips, frowning.

“Damn it.”

With an annoyed sigh she set to carefully looking behind every book and every picture and then putting them back exactly as they had been.

There had to be something!

A half hour later she sat down in her father’s chair, defeated.The office seemed just that, an office for an older doctor.There wasn’t anything out of place that she could find.Maybe he’d only just gotten the one file, there wasn’t anything else here, or maybe he had other files at his office.

Either way she wasn’t going to get answers tonight.

She hated not finding what she was looking for, not to mention the fact that her mother would expect her to get up early tomorrow morning for some other ridiculous family chore.

And of course, she thought, we can’t forget the fact that I’m now single after driving off the only woman who I’ve enjoyed being with, even if she was annoying, in years!

All of the frustration bubbled over in that one instant and Samantha slammed both hands onto the top of her father’s desk as hard as she dared.

Freezing as the top of the desk shifted slightly.

“Now what is this?”It was hard to tell in the darkness but it seemed to her that the entire top of his desk was loose, like it could move.

Feeling around the desk she found what felt like a release catch under the desk and a keyhole.The lock looked entirely too modern and serious for her little lock picks.


She’d seen keys earlier.Getting up off her knees she went to the bookcase with all his travel mementos on it and the wooden bowl that had a bunch of keys in it.Most of them were too big, but a couple could do it.Taking them she went back to his desk and started to try them all.

The fourth one worked.

She was right, the entire top of his desk levered upwards slowly on hidden hinges.No wonder he never put pictures of his family on his desk.

“Now that’s more like it.”

Rubbing her hands together she picked up the first of the neatly stacked files that were inside and started to flip through its contents.The file that had detailed the zombie incident was gone.In its place was a detailed report of what looked like a series of murders.

Samantha frowned in thought as she flipped through the first one and then the second folder.Two murdered women, young from what she could tell although the pictures that were taken of the crime scenes made Samantha wince and quickly flip to the actual police reports.

A quick check of the locations made her sigh.


Why did it always seem to be Huntington?

Now to find out what made these special enough to be in her father’s desk.



Humming tunelessly to herself, Emily dumped the tray full of autopsy instruments into the cleaning solution.There, she was officially done for the evening.

“Jay!” she hollered, sticking her head into the next door, grinning as the man jumped in surprise.“Still a little jumpy after those zombies, huh?”

He made a shushing motion, looking around worriedly.“You know we aren’t supposed to talk about that.Remember what those nice Army men told us.”

“You mean threatened us.”

“Yeah that too.”

Emily laughed.“You are way too stressed out my friend.I’m done for the evening.If Carson shows up tell her she sucks for dumping the shift on us without even saying she was sick or whatever.”


With a backwards wave, she headed for the door.

If she was lucky she could get home, change and go out in time to see some friends tonight.Yup, she grinned, things were looking good.The woman twirled her keys and did a little hop.

Dawn was still hours away and the still sleeping world was cold, and silent.The hospital parking lot was probably the only thing going on this time of night.

The parking light that Emily had so smartly parked under wasn't working, leaving that part of the lot dark and somewhat eerie looking.

Ever since the zombies attack, Emily wasn't really fond of dark areas where she couldn't tell what, or who, could be waiting for her.Frowning, she stopped skipping, held out the key for her car, and started to make a rush for the driver’s side door.

A shadowy form leaning against the driver side door suddenly drew into focus the closer Emily got to her car.

"AH!"Emily leapt backwards, eyes wide.

Casually Carson leaned against the cold metal of the frame."Hey, Emily.You sneaking out of work early?"

"Jesus, Carson, you scared the crap out of me!"Emily batted at her friend's shoulder.

Normally Carson was fond of a certain well lived in look when it came to her clothes, that and loud, screaming obnoxious Hawaiian shirts.For the first time as long as Emily and Jahor had known her Carson was dressed in a finely tailored black button up shirt and pants, it made her look incredibly pale.

"Sorry,” Carson said, not really looking sorry at all.

Emily paused in what she was about to say, blinking as she took in the new attire."New digs?Nice....Is that what you were doing all day?"

"Well, the old me wasn't working out all that well, so I thought, what's that song lyric, 'a change would do me good'.”She chuckled at her joke."So that new night nurse, you get a date?"

"That's still a work in progress.”Emily was still trying to adjust to the new Carson.She kind of missed the old bright shirts, but there was something to be said for sheik.

"Hmmm, guess that means there's hope.”She stood up from the car and took a step forward."So, little girl, would you like a date?"

Emily jerked in surprise."Really?Yeah!"She unlocked the door to her car."Where are we going?"

"Where would you like to go?"Carson turned following closely behind Emily, the smile on her face anything other than nice.She took another step in as Emily paused to unlock her car, molding her front into Emily's back and slowly ran a hand up her friend's thigh, to her hip, and finally coming to rest on her stomach teasingly short of her breasts.

Emily’s exhaled in a gasp, leaving the keys dangling in the lock to reach up and brace herself against the cars roof.She’d hoped for so long that Carson would want her.Now, finally, all those fantasies were going to come true.

“What about Sam?I thought you were waiting for her?”The second she said it she wanted to slap herself for being an idiot.Why would she ask that when this was exactly what she wanted?

Carson's whole body went tense, one hand frozen on Emily's stomach the other frozen just above the clasp to the crucifix the Goth wore around her neck."Sam?"  Carson's voice sounded hollow and slurred like she was just waking up.Her heart constricted violently and bile clung to the back of her throat.The darkness in her veins and heart screamed that it could have only on mistress and she should continue.

“Carson?”Emily twisted around, frowning at the weird look on her friend’s face.“Hey, you all right?”

"I...I'm not sure.”She blinked and looked around the parking lot like she wasn't sure where she was and what was going on.Slowly her eyes came down scanning how closely they were standing, and for a second a rather evil look came over her face before disappearing again.

The Goth frowned, tossing her head sideways to get the long dreads out of her face.“You sure you’re all right?”There was something going on here, Emily just wasn’t sure what.

An oily smile spread across her face."I'm fine, just fine, what else could I be standing in your arms?  We don't need to bring up old girlfriends like Ssssam.”Saying the name was painful like opening a wound and her heart seemed to stutter in her chest.

The twisting of Carson’s face as she struggled to say that name was more than a little worrisome.“Carson.What’s going on?Why can’t you say Samantha’s name?You’re always talking about her.You wouldn’t shut up about her for a while there.”

Carson's face drew up into an angry scowl and she pushed herself away from Emily.Her insides twisted and with a snarl of rage she turned, punching the other car next to Emily's.Every time her heartbeat it seemed to drum out the name Sam, and she clutched at her chest.She bent over, her other hand reaching out for anything to help her feel stable.What the hell was going on?  What was she doing out here, with Emily?  Emily?Emily?

"Emily!"  She stood up looking in horror at her friend."You have to get out of here, you're in danger.There's a demon; you raised a demon, and it’s killing you all off,” she babbled frantically, too much to say not enough time.She could feel the demon coming, its rage at her for failing."Don't trust me....”

“Demon?Carson what the hell are you talking about?We didn’t….” she paused, a sliver of memory sneaking through the gaps of a tall figure with scaly white skin.Confused and a little scared she turned and yanked the door open.Hopping in she turned over the engine and, with a squeal of wheels, started to pull away.

From the darkness a white figure flew at the car, slamming into the side with an enraged scream of hatred.Emily screamed right back in surprise and struggled to put the car in gear, yelling as what sounded like iron spikes scratched along the side of her car.

Then Carson was there her face looking less than human in the bright headlights, there were shouts and then both figures fell away from the car with the sound of breaking glass.

The car swerved, nearly hit a lamp pole and then drove off into the darkness.

Two figures lay on the asphalt in the pool of light at the base of the lamppost.The paler of them stood up, snarling as she reached down and grabbed onto Carson.“How dare you interfere!” she yelled, hauling her upwards until her feet dangled above the ground.

Carson choked and gasped for breath her legs kicking weakly."She's my friend,” she croaked out, but already her memories were fading again, and she wasn't sure why she had defied her orders.The blueness in her eyes faded away leaving only the dull gray in her eyes.Eyes were the window to the soul and Carson's soul was fading like an over washed piece of denim.

The demon shook her thrall once more then tossed her aside with a snarl.“You had one job, to remove the cross from her neck.Why did you fail me in that?” she demanded.

Carson hit the asphalt with a groan and slid across.She quickly got to her knees her head bowed already the split skin was healing on her arms and palms."I, I don't know, Mistress.”There was a name, it skittered across her brain."Samantha,” she whispered and again her heart constricted in pain as it warred with itself to which Master should be obeyed.

Fingers tipped with talons gripped Carson’s face and forced her to look up so that the Demon could see into her thrall’s eyes.For almost a full minute they stared at one another, until the demon’s lips pulled back from long pointed teeth.Straightening she ran her hands down her body, as if pulling on a second skin, and once again the demon resembled a beautiful woman.

“Then you will have to go take care of this Samantha before she becomes a bigger problem.Go and kill her.”The woman’s voice was once again sultry and low.

Carson's nostril's flared and her eyes were transfixed on the sight before her."As you wish, I obey.”She stood and nearly arched like a cat into her Mistress' touch.She frowned for a second; there was a slight problem she didn't really know where Samantha's parents lived.Then shrugging her shoulders as if to rid her of that slight problem she headed to the hospital library.

As she entered, her lips curled into an evil smirk and she slowly re-adjusted her shirt, smoothing out the wrinkles.

The library was empty except for the extremely unhappy matronly looking woman at the info desk."Hi,” Carson said brightly."You're the old bat that runs this place.The one with homosexual issues.”As the woman looked like she might swallow her own tongue in anger.Carson cracked her knuckles and said."I need some information.Shall we do this the easy way or the hard way?”She grinned wider showing her teeth."I'm really hoping you want to do this the hard way.”



Emily pulled up into the driveway of the non-descript house in the suburbs that she'd been given the address to.Taking the key out of the ignition, she winced at the odd sound her engine made.That didn't sound good, neither had the rattling that her car had made all the way out here.Getting out, she once again nearly cried at the long scratch marks down the side of her car and the dent where Carson and that...thing had hit."I can't believe this.She actually wants me and it turns out she was possessed or something.Damn it.”Going up to the door she pushed the doorbell of the ranch style house.

An older woman with her hair in curlers, and face cream on, gave a long dramatic sigh as she saw Emily."It’s you.”She looked around and then asked, "Where's the rest of the brat pack?"

"Oh god.”Emily winced, looking away from the face that opened the door."Ms.Shaggy, we really need to find you a boyfriend or something.”She wished she'd had some sort of warning before that door opened.That would make it two monsters that she'd seen today."Jay should be here soon.”

"It’s Mrs. Andover, not Mrs. Shaggy.Can't you just take my boy out to a strip club?Maybe if he finally sees a pair he'll move out of my basement.”She sighed again and stepped back."He's where he always is.”

The idea of taking Shaggy to a strip club was actually intriguing and distracted Emily from the sight of his mom's face as she slipped into the house and headed down the stairs to the full basement.

"Hey!" she swung open the door."Whiz boy are you...AH!" she yelled, ducking as something flew past her head.

"Oh, um, look out.Sorry I was fiddling with my remote controlled helicopter.”

Shaggy looked up from the workbench he was sitting at."I finally got it to fly.I was trying to see if it could carry a small camera that would relay information back.”He lifted the control device and tried to pilot the machine back to him but instead he drove it into the wall where it promptly burst into flames and fell to the ground."Oh shit.”Shaggy said frantically as he grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed over to the small burning pile of plastic.

"I didn't know those things could even burn.”Emily watched with interest.Somehow everything that Shaggy touched usually ended up on fire at least once as far as she could tell."You have anything to make Carson stop acting like a freak yet?"

Shaggy looked up from the foamy mess on the floor."I'm not certain I quite understand what's wrong with her.She hit on you and then you mentioned Sam and she freaked out.Then something about a white demon.Isn't that the name the American Indians called the white settlers on occasion?"

Emily tossed a rag at her friend's head."Focus Shaggy, focus.”She plopped down onto the nearest chair, claiming it as hers."Yes, she hit on me, which wasn't bad, but then she went all psycho.There was this thing that was white that attacked my car, but Carson took it off it I think....” She paused, trying to figure it out.

"So Carson is acting odd how?I'm still not....”There was masculine scream of terror from upstairs, followed by Mrs. Andover's voice."Jeff another one of your weird friends is here.Why can't you go out to a bar like any other 22 year old?"

Jahor came down the stairs his normally dark face looking gray."Oh my goodness I thought we were overrun by zombies again.”

"She wants us to take Shaggy out to a strip club,” Emily whispered, conspiratorially to Jahor, patting him on the arm understandingly.

Jahor choked and went from gray to red."I...I... so what is this about Carson hitting on you? I’d much rather have her hitting on you than pining for that bitch Sam.”

"You don't understand.She was acting even weirder than normal.Like it wasn't even Carson.Then something attacked my car when I was driving away!"Emily tried to get them to understand.

"Attacked your car?Are you sure you just didn't hit a dog?"Shaggy piped in.

"Shaggy, a dog wouldn't leave a ten inch gouge in the metal of my car!"Did he honestly think she didn't know the difference between something attacking her car and hitting a dog?

"Really?"The uber geek perked up, grabbed a camera, and started up the steps."Let’s take a look.”

"Do we really have to?Your mother is up there.I don't think she likes us.”Emily shared a worried look with Jay.

"She's probably watching her shows; she won't even pay attention to us.”Shaggy headed up the stairs.He flipped on the porch light illuminating the night.He looked at Emily's car."I don't see anything....Whoa.”

His eyes widened as he came around to the front."Are those scratch marks smoking?"

"See.”Emily nodded at the gouge along the side of her car."Do you think my insurance would pay for this?I wonder if they have a mark down for vampire damage or demon or whatever the hell that was.”

"I don't know.”Shaggy replied as he seriously pondered the question.

"There's no such thing as vampires or demons.”Jahor grumped as he came up behind them.

"Just like there's no such thing as Zombies?"She dared either of them to say something to that.Planting her hands on her hips she eyed her poor car."So what are we going to do about Carson?She's obviously under some sort of influence.”

"Well...,” Shaggy started as he lifted the camera and took a few shots of the damage."I guess we have to figure out what kind of influence she's under and free her, but first we have to find her.”

"Well why did she...attack?Seduce?I'm not really clear on what happened?"Jay mumbled."And then why did she stop?"

Shaggy's camera flashed highlighting the smoking gashes."I’m not thinking vampire.These are huge.Aren't vampires just human's only not?I would guess monster or demon.”

"Ummm.Good question.I'm not really sure why she wanted to get in my pants.Although it obviously had something to do with my looks and outgoing personality.”The Goth girl grinned at them all."But I think she stopped when I mentioned Samantha to her.She got all weird after that, telling me to get out of there that I was in danger.”

Jahor frowned and opened his mouth only to shut it."Didn't Carson say you'd been picked up by some girl who was going to raise a demon with her friends?"

"See I don't remember anything about raising a demon.I remember some really world rocking, mind blowing, sex though.”She really loved it when she got Jahor to sputter like that - it was fun.

Shaggy lowered the camera frowning."Just rub it in,” he muttered under his breath."So why would a demon attack you?And if Carson was this demon's bitch why would she stop it from attacking you?"

"I don't know.She was all like I'm going to get in your pants until I mentioned Sam then she acted a little bit more like Carson.Oh, I didn't mention the new clothes she's got.They're really nice, a big step up from her previous shirts.”Emily sat down on the front steps, frowning.

Shaggy looked like he was doing the, "I have to go potty' dance.”"Oh, I have an idea.”He took off inside, his mother's voice shouting at him to shut the door.

Emily winced and then looked up at Jay. "I still think we should take him to a strip club.”

Jahor looked at Emily."Um, I'm fairly certain my mother wouldn't approve of me going to a strip club.”He sat down next to her."You know most cultures have some sort of belief in evil spirits.Most of them seek to enter into this world causing chaos and destruction.You have demons, unseelie, spirits and other such stuff.I grew up on tales like that so I would stay pure and not invite them in.”

"You think that Carson invited them in?"She wished that she could say that Carson was pure enough not to invite in anything.

"It’s Carson,” he said with a shrug.

"I'm sure I'm going to regret saying this, but I kind of wish Samantha was here.She knows all the things it could be.”Emily grimaced."I can't believe I just said that.”

Jahor looked as if he'd just sucked down a 32oz Slurpy.

"Trust me; I'm not happy about it either.She's not my favorite person you know, but if she could help get Carson back....”Emily trailed off, shrugging.

"And I'm going to regret saying this.But you said Carson acted more like herself when you mentioned Sam?"He looked pained just mentioning her.

Emily groaned."We're going to have to go get Sam aren't we?"

"If Carson is said legendary creature’s bitch, wouldn't it be a tad pissed off that its control failed at the mention of Sam?I think we have to go get her, ‘cause I think she's in danger just like you are.”

"Great.”The Goth girl got up off the stairs and turned towards the house."Shaggy!We have to go!"

"Hey guys!I Googled some information on demons.”He blinked."What?What do you mean go?"

"Go as in time to take a trip.”She raised an eyebrow at Jahor."Can we take your car?"

"One sec,” Shaggy interrupted."Hey mom I'm borrowing the car.”

"Thank god.Please go out and act like a normal 22 year-old,” came his mother's voice in reply.

"You have a car?Way to go Shaggy.”She leaned closer to Jahor."Maybe we can get him to pick up some chicks in it for both of you.”Emily grinned brightly.

Jahor blushed.

Shaggy grabbed his laptop and bag of tools."Okay I'm ready who wants to drive.”He beamed, excited for another adventure.

“Drive?” Emily and Jahor asked echoing each other.

“It’s you’re car, you drive,” Jay said reasonably.

“Oh no, I don’t drive.Besides I need to do research on the way.”

Jay snagged the keys.“I know I’m going to regret this but why don’t you drive.”

Shaggy looked uncomfortable for a second.

“Wait let me guess.It involved rocket fuel and the fire department.”Emily blurted out.

Shaggy looked over at her shocked as he was setting his stuff into the back seat.

“How did you know?”



It was raining, not surprising really, the rainy season always started around the end of November in Northern California.What she was looking for resided in Los Alto's a place where only the super rich could afford a house.

From what she could see in the dark, Sam's family was above and beyond super rich.That was a lot of house and yard for the Bay area.She drove by slowly then sped up to park a couple of blocks away.

The door of the car opened and Carson got out.The rain felt cold, as she shut the door; her eyes trailing over the body in the back seat.She hadn't killed the guy, and she could hear her mistress in her head wondering why, and she didn't know why; just that she couldn't go that far, yet.Her human morals were slowly crumbling and by sunrise, murder probably wouldn't be that big of a deal.

The rain splattered her hands washing away the dried and caked blood on them.Whistling a random tune that floated into her head she jogged to the gate at the end of the Sakamoto driveway.

With inhuman agility, she scaled the gate and landed on the other side with a chuckle; she could come to enjoy the perks of belonging to her mistress.With a spring in her step, she approached the massive front door and rang the bell.

Inside the house, Samantha idly wondered what would happen if she threw the silver plate that had the roast chicken on it at the wall.Picturing the chaos that might cause and the outrage from her Mother almost made it tempting.The inevitable yelling and such afterwards probably wasn't worth it though.

Sighing, again, she played with the food in her plate, ignoring the polite conversation going on at the table around her.Her brother was telling one of his idiotic stories again, while her mother took in every word.Their father sat silently at the end of the table, eating almost mechanically.

The doorbell was a welcome excuse for the young woman to scrape back from the table, quick enough her chair almost tipped over.

"I'll get it,” she volunteered.

"Nonsense dear, the maid can get it.”

Samantha got up despite her mother's command."She's busy in the kitchen,” she said, heading quickly to the door.

Grabbing the ornate handle of the heavy door she swung it open, smiling politely at the person on the other side."Can I help...?”Samantha's words died as she stared at the person on the other side of the door.

"Carson?" she whispered.

The rain had plastered Carson's hair next to her skull, it was an unusual shade of red, so dark it was almost purple like clotted blood, combined with her dark clothes she looked unhealthily pale.Carson grinned at the stunned figure standing in the doorway."Hi Samantha.Am I in time for dinner?"

"What?"Samantha stared at her, not sure what was going on.This had to be some sort of dream.

"Dear, who is it?" Mrs. Sakamoto called from the dinning room.

The pale looking woman brushed past the stunned Samantha and entered the foyer."Just an old friend of Samantha’s,” she called out.

"Samantha, you invited a friend over without telling me?"Her mother sounded outraged and got up from the table to come see who this new friend was.Her brother said something and laughed at his own joke, while their father took the interruption to the evening meal to slip away from the table and head to his office with a brief hello to Carson in passing.

"Why you’re soaking wet!"Mrs. Sakamoto exclaimed on seeing Carson, surprised by the appearance of this friend of her daughters.

Carson ran a hand through her wet hair, "Close the door, Samantha.You never know what might get in,” Carson said in a low voice.

Carson's face changed and she smiled graciously."And you must be Samantha's sister?"

"I, but, you....”Samantha really didn't know what the hell was going on, so she closed the door, still staring at Carson as if expecting her to disappear at any second.

"Where are your manners Samantha?Introduce me to your friend at once.”Mrs.Sakamoto smiled at the compliment.The command jerked Samantha into an automatic response.

"Mom, this is Carson, Carson, this is my Mom.”

"Ah, my mistake.You have aged beautifully Mrs. Sakamoto.I must admit it’s my fault Samantha didn't tell you I was coming.I originally thought I wouldn't be able to make it up here, but my plans changed.I hope that’s alright?"

"Why of course, dear.Come inside and join us for dinner.”She led Carson toward the dinning room."I'm impressed Samantha, not all of your friends are as uncultured as I thought.”

Jonathan looked up from the cell phone he’d been composing a text message on, letting out a low whistle as he spotted Carson.She wasn’t his usual type, but there was definitely something enticing about her.The wet clothes plastered against her helped.Grinning, he got up and helpfully pulled out a chair next to him for her.“Hi, I’m Jonathan.”

Still feeling like she was in another world, Samantha took a seat, staring at Carson as she did so.What was she doing here?

Carson ignored the chair and chose one next to Samantha, giving Jonathan a cool once over as she sat down."Thank you very much Mrs. Sakamoto.Might I say you have a lovely home?”

Frowning at the cool dismissal, Jonathan glanced at his sister then back at the stranger.Odd, usually he could get the fairer sex to respond to his charms.

“Thank you, how nice of you to notice.I spend quite a lot of time making sure everything is just so.”

“You mean the maid does,” Samantha mumbled.

“What was that dear?”

“I said it shows.”Samantha smiled brightly and then looked over at Carson, uncomfortably aware of how close together they were sitting.“I thought you were busy and wouldn’t be able to come to dinner?” she asked, pointedly.

Carson turned her head and looked at Sam.It could have been the light but the red head's eyes seemed more gray than blue.She leaned over slightly grinning evilly and whispered."I'd never be too busy for you.”She winked and sat back up in her chair.

Her eyes darted around the room, noticing the symbols carved above doorways and into the ceiling, they glowed brightly to her eyes.Someone wanted to keep evil out. Carson just smirked.

There was something very evil about that smirk, and even though it wasn't aimed at her, Samantha had to suppress a shiver.

"So what is it that you do, Ms. Carson?"Mrs. Sakamoto asked, resuming her place at the end of the table.

Carson unfurled her napkin with a slight snap and set it in her lap."I work at the research hospital in Huntington,” she replied before taking a sip of water.The room was warm and she could feel herself slowly starting to dry.She was having fun with Samantha's obvious discomfort.It was almost like old times with her annoying the woman, just like the way they had met.

She winced as her heart painfully constricted as it warred with itself and then coughed violently, she quickly grabbed a napkin, covering her mouth.As she pulled it away she stared at the blackness staining the white linen then, shaking her head, she set it down, hiding the stain."Excuse me.”

“Are you all right?”Samantha reached over and touched Carson’s arm then flinched back at the look she got in return.

“My husband is a doctor.Perhaps he should take a look at that?”Her mother asked, feigning concern while her eyes studied the sudden concern her daughter had shown with interest.There were precious few people Samantha actually cared about.

Having been shot down, Jonathan continued to shovel food into his mouth, mumbling something about how she might want to see a doctor for that cough.

Carson waved off the concern."I'm fine, just a little tickle in the back of my throat from the rain.No need to bother your husband.”She stared at the brother in amusement.  "However we have someone right here at the table studying medicine.Maybe I should ask your brother his opinion on the matter.”

The young man jerked a little in surprise at that, staring up at her.“How did you….”He started to ask, just as their mother smiled proudly and interrupted.

“He’s a third year medical student.”

Carson just smiled at Jonathon, her teeth seeming very white in the light."Have you decided on an area or just the general offering of drunken co-eds free exams at the frat party?"  Her smile seemed anything other than nice.Carson was well aware of the multitude of sins Jonathon Sakamoto was into.

“Umm….”Jonathan obviously wasn’t sure how to answer, staring first at Carson then glancing over at his mother, worried what she might be thinking.

With a grim smile, Samantha grabbed onto Carson’s hand and tried to tug her away from the table.“Excuse us.”

Carson just raised an eyebrow, but didn't move.

"Um, Samantha.”She pronounced all three syllables of Sam's name clearly and distinctly."We aren't dating anymore.You can't just tell me what to do and expect it to happen.You forfeited all those rights, when you abandoned me.”For a moment the real Carson seemed to show through, her hurt and anger rising to the surface, and her gray eyes became bluer showing a bitter sadness."Then you had to go be like everybody else in my life.”It was gone.

Samantha opened her mouth to say she didn’t abandon her, but then she realized exactly what Carson had said.More specifically, in front of who.Horrified she turned to look at her mother who was staring at her in growing horror.Jonathan snorted, nearly choking on his food then started to laugh, obviously thinking this was hilarious.

“You’re a lesbian!I can’t believe it!That’s why you were so pissed off about me sleeping with that friend of yours from high school!”He started to laugh even harder.

"Mother it isn't like that!"Samantha tried, desperately to stave off complete disaster, feeling sick to her stomach.The world had suddenly crumbled away around her.

"Is what this...this...woman says true, Samantha?"Mrs. Sakamoto demanded, glaring at her son until he reduced the volume of his laughing at least a little.

Carson's now dull gray eyes looked over the table at Jonathon."You really don't have any room to judge.I wouldn't let you give me a band-aid let alone operate on me.You love to tell people, especially attractive blonde women, how you’re studying to be a doctor, yet you really don't like the studying part.You've been what, kicked out of three schools for cheating?Yet, daddy is always there to smooth things over and spend a little money.Really makes it hard for us scholarship kids who really want to help people to get into the program with wastes of space like you taking up room.”

Jonathan's laughter cut off in mid laugh at the stranger's words.

Laughing, Carson picked up her water glass and looked over at the matriarch of the Sakamoto family."Don't tell me you're shocked Mrs.Sakamoto since you paid Heather rather well to leave your daughter and then to top that, got her that job in LA so she would be no where near your precious daughter.”Carson chuckled evilly as the room went silent.

"You know what sins are?" Carson said her voice echoing loudly throughout the room."Lying, stealing, and pride.Actually pride is, oddly enough, considered one of the biggest sins of all.”

In the still stunned silence after that, Samantha did the only thing she could do.She fled the table, running up the stairs and away from the two people who sat there still shocked.One look at her mothers face had told her that no matter how Carson had found out about it, she had been right.Her mother had paid off her former girlfriend to leave her.

That meant that all the lying and sneaking around for all of those years had been completely useless.

Dully in the back of her mind part of Carson screamed at her for being such an asshole, the other part however, was hungry.She shrugged and set the water glass down and started to eat.

Mrs. Sakamoto primly folded her napkin and set it aside, finding her voice again.“I think you should leave now Ms. Carson.”

A dark red eyebrow shot up and Carson stopped eating."I really don't think you're in a position to tell me what to do, Agnes.”The fireplace at the end of the dinning hall suddenly sprang to life."So why don't you go somewhere quiet and reflect on all the shitty things you've done.I'm going to finish eating and then I'm going to go kill your daughter.”

“How dare you talk to me like that in my own house!”

While his mother raved, Jonathan stood up and slowly backed away towards the phone in the corner.That fireplace trick had been kind of impressive, so had the red eyes, he was going to just get the police to do the dirty work now.

Carson didn't even look up."Jonathon, I hate you on shear principle.I had to work three jobs, plus go to school, and still I had to take out student loans to go to Med. school and you just skated in on your family’s money and your father's name.Don't piss me off anymore by doing something stupid.”She flicked a finger that looked like it now possessed a rather nasty looking claw on it, the old fashioned phone glowed red-hot and started to melt.

“Mom maybe we should just….”

Mrs. Sakamoto ignored her son, standing up and firmly declaring, “You should leave now.I’ll have you know my husband is an important man.”

Carson frowned; she really didn't have a good sense of the father.He was someone to be careful of because she was fairly certain he had the symbols to ward off evil put into the house, too bad it didn't work on human evil, of course if it did then nobody would ever enter the house.Carson snarled; all humanity seemed to leave her face and her fists slammed down on to the table.A loud crack could be heard as the tabletop split. "I guess no dinner then.We'll go right to dessert.”Her now read eyes stared at them for a moment before she turned and left the room.

"Don't go anywhere I’ll be back for you later,” her voice promised evilly.

Continued in Part 3

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