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Scooby Snack FAIL

by The Bard of New Mexico


Shaggy smoothly steered the Mystery Machine into the parking lot of the multi-roomed adobe house in Old Town that served as a Mexican restaurant.  When he got out, he held the door open for a heartbeat until his Great Dane doggie pal, Scooby Doo, jumped out.  Scooby stretched in something that reminded Shaggy of the "downward-facing dog" yoga pose.  "Wow!  It's been a groovy day, huh, Scoob?"

"Reah," Scooby agreed.  He shuffled his paws on the pavement and got a little of the remaining beach sand off them before he and Shaggy entered the restaurant.  They headed toward the back patio, where dogs were allowed, and passed through numerous small rooms that honeycombed the house.  They were mostly empty at 4:30.  As they seated themselves, the waitress brought them some glasses of water with lemon slices and a basket of warm, fragrant sopaipillas.  She left them to decide what they would order.

"Like, Scoob!  Look at all the groovy stuff on the menu!"

Scooby's eyes went as wide as plates.  They turned a soft misty brown in awe and appreciation.  His tongue lolled and silver strings of slobber formed in the corner of his mouth before he sucked them back in.  "RAhhhhhhhhhh...." he sighed happily.

Shaggy chuckled in delight.  He and Scooby bit off the corner of their sopapillas and squirted honey inside then they each ate theirs in one huge bite.  "Like, whatdya think, Scoob?  Tostadas topped with tacos, beans, tamales, rice, and flan?  Everything ala mode, of course."

"Renchiladas rojas," Scooby stated with a pretty good Spanish accent for a dog. 

"With extra crushed red chile flakes on top?"

"Reah!  Reeeeelicious!!!!!" 

When Shaggy prepared another sopaipilla, Scooby's tongue sneakily rolled out of his mouth like a red carpet and it grabbed Shaggy's sopaipilla.  His tongue -- and Shaggy's sopaipilla-- snapped back into his mouth.

"HEY!!!!"  With the sopapilla gone in a flash, Shaggy's protest was no good.

"I'll be right back.  I have to use the yard," Shaggy said, making fun of Scooby's preferred toilet facilities.  Scooby replied with an indignant, "HUMPF!"


When Shaggy was gone, Scooby sat back and enjoyed the table umbrella's shade.  His paw tapped and his tail swung to the mariachi music playing softly on the outdoors speakers.  Festive pastel-colored roses on the wall mural brightened his mood even more. 

Scooby heard Shaggy addressing him from somewhere inside the building.  "Scoob, is that you?"  Outside, Scooby did a cute confused-doggie head tilt.  He got up and trotted to the dining room that led to the restrooms.  He got there just in time to watch Shaggy slowly peek behind the door that separated the dining room from the restrooms, the door that was slowly opening on its own.  "Scoob?" Shaggy asked tentatively once more.  "RI'm right here," Scooby called from behind him. 

Shaggy didn't turn around to look at Scooby.  Instead, his eyes kept following the same path and his voice shook as he spoke, "If that's not you, then... ZOINKS!!!!!!!!!!" 

Scooby saw the mariachi ghost pop out from behind the door.  "ROH, NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  RHOST!!!!!!!" he cried.  Shaggy jumped into Scooby’s arms and Scooby ran them out of the restaurant, pausing only long enough for Shaggy to throw some money on the front counter for the sopaipillas.  They bolted into the Mystery Machine and Shaggy virtually launched them out of the parking lot. 

Their scared flight gave way to hunger soon enough and they ended up in the parking lot of a very crowded grocery store.  "Like, I don't know about you, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal, but I wasn't ready for a mystery today." 

Scooby shook his head.  "Ruh-uh. Ro way!"

"Maybe we can find some good snacks here."  Again, he got out of the Mystery Machine and waited for Scooby to jump out.  "Pizza, ice cream, mustard, pickles, peppers...."

"Reaks," Scooby insisted.

"Steaks?  Like, we're not rich, man.  Maybe some hot dogs instead, okay?"

"Rokay."  Scooby's eyes lit up at Shaggy's suggestion.  "Scooby snacks?"

"Yeah, we'll get some of those too."

When they got partway into the store, though, a nerdy young grocery store employee halted Shaggy.  "I'm sorry, sir.  No dogs allowed in the store."

"Rogs?  Where?" Scooby asked. 

The young man with red hair, buckteeth, and glasses glared pointedly at him.  "You."

Scooby gave his most charming grin.  “Reehehehehehee!”

"Like, it's okay, man.  He's my service dog.  I get terrible anxiety," Shaggy explained, then shivered, gave his best really-scared yell, and jumped into Scooby's arms.  Just as suddenly, he jumped out of Scooby’s arms and his apparent fright was gone.  "See?"

The nerdy employee eyed him doubtfully, but didn't press the point.  "Let me know if you can't find anything."  And he left.

Shaggy grabbed a cart and Scooby followed at his side.  They grabbed cookies, a box of Scooby snacks, some pork 'n' beans, cantaloupe, ten burritos that were on sale, hot dog buns, mustard, pickles, a jar of jalapenos, and five packages of hot dogs.  "Like, that should hold us till dinner." 


They strolled out to the Mystery Machine.  Shaggy loaded the stuff in the back.  When he went to the driver's side door, though, his key didn't work perfectly.  He didn't think much of it.  He’d gotten the key to work just well enough and he opened the door.  Scooby jumped into the driver's seat.  "C'mon, Scoob!  Move over."

"Can't," Scooby replied.  He pointed at the passenger seat.  A huge stack of books covered the whole seat. 

"That's uncool, man!  Bad joke!"  Shaggy looked around and noticed that everything in the front of the van didn't look right.  "Like, they can't have switched all our stuff.  We'd only been in the store for a minute....  Scoob!  Get out!  This isn't the Mystery Machine!"

Scooby immediately got out and Shaggy locked the door again.  He looked around the huge delivery truck next to them and realized the Mystery Machine was hidden behind it.  Because he couldn't believe it, he looked at the van's hubcaps and the Mystery Machine's 60's floral design wasn't on them.  Shaggy and Scooby hustled into the Mystery Machine and took off for home. 

When they pulled into their driveway, Shaggy cried.


"We left our snacks in the other van!"  That made Scooby sad too.  "At least it won't be us who have to solve a mystery this time."


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