My Halloween Treat*





“Wow, Grammy Emm, you really know how to celebrate Halloween.” Joey commented looking at all the Halloween decorations all over the house.

“Emm, I’m going outside to prepare everything to hang the lights on the roof.” Casey said with a hammer in one hand and a bunch of orange light cords wrapped around her shoulder.

“Okay, but don’t you climb any ladder without us there!” Emm said watching Casey go out the door waving one hand in the air.

“Gram Casey sure loves to put all that Halloween stuff out there.” Katie said as she watched the tall woman go.

“Nonsense! We both hate Halloween. We think it’s the most stupid holiday of the year. There’s absolutely no point to it.” 

Joey smiled. “Why do you celebrate it then?” The inquisitive nine-year old boy asked looking from his grandmother to his sister.

“Ah! Because on a Halloween night twenty five years ago, something extraordinary happened and since then we decided to make a big deal of it.” 

“What happened?” Fourteen year-old Katie asked.

“We both met a very special someone. Let me tell you the story. It’s kind of bizarre and funny.” 

Emm reclined on the sofa and smiled as she reminisced about that cold October night when her life changed. The children also lounged on the love seat and floor, eating candy bars, to listen to the story.


“Mary Anne, do we really have to go to the stupid party?” Emm asked her childhood friend for the 100th time.

“My God, Emm you are the only person in the world who doesn’t like Halloween.” 

“That is highly improbable. The odds—.” 

“I do not care what the odds are! We have to go because this party is being thrown by a good friend of mine who happens to have a brother who has a very hot friend, in whom I’m interested, and they are both coming to the party.” 

“And did we have to wear these ridiculous costumes?” Mary Anne’s deadly stare matched her dreadful vampire attire and made the answer very clear. Emm remained quiet for the rest of the trip until they reached their destination.

The party house beamed from top to bottom in Halloween décor. Emm thought that anyone looking at Earth from outer space would have trouble distinguishing Earth from Mars that particular night because Earth probably looked as red as Mars due to all the orange light emanating from that certain house on Maple and Ash Street.

The minute they walked inside the house, Mary Anne disappeared into the darkness of the crowded living room. Emm shook her head. “Typical! The only thing that woman thinks about is sex. She’s a maniac.” 

Resigned to her fate, Emm looked around and observed the crowd. Finding nothing amusing, she sat on the couch and continued her perusal of the surroundings while munching on, of course, orange nachos, cheese curls and orange cheese. Everything was orange everywhere.

She gasped when someone slumped on the sofa next to her and nearly hit her with a very long plastic sword.

“Oops! I’m sorry for startling you. Did I hurt you with my sword?” 

“No. I’m okay.” Emm replied while examining her slayer’s attire, a man’s costume on a woman’s body. “But I think you bent your sword.” 

“It doesn't matter. I’m just so fed up with this nonsense, I didn’t even realize that there was someone sitting on the sofa. Have you ever seen so many idiots in one place?  I mean if they were children, it might be okay, but these are full-grown adults parading in Halloween costumes!  And look at me, I’ve definitely hit bottom tonight! I’ve never felt so ridiculous in my life. I’m going to kill my cousin. She made me come with her because she didn’t want to come by herself. I should have said no. I hate Halloween.” 

Emm smiled at the frustrated woman dressed like Zorro. Umm, what are the odds? “I hate it too. I think they all get behind their masks to do and say things they wouldn’t do or say under normal circumstances. If you feel ridiculous dressed like Zorro you have no idea what this Rapunzel wig is doing to my ego, not to mention my very itchy scalp.” 

Zorro turned to look at a platinum blonde Rapunzel and laughed, after a very thorough scrutiny. “Rapunzel?” 

“Thank you so much, Zorro. I feel so much better now.” Emm said in a tone of amused indignation, but laughed when she saw Zorro’s drooping mustache. “I hate to tell you, but your mustache is falling off on one side.” 

“I’m sorry for laughing, but I never imagined Rapunzel as a platinum blonde. I always pictured her as a brunette, or maybe even a redhead.” Zorro said while attempting to reattach her mustache.

Emm laughed. “I never thought of her as a blonde either, but this was the only wig left in the store. My friend Mary Anne said it would be okay.” 

“Well, in that case why don’t you say that you are Cinderella instead?” Zorro said. “Blonde in a dress? Cinderella, right?” 

“I don’t think Cinderella’s eyes were brown.” Emm noted opening her huge honey brown eyes to show them.

Zorro focused on Emm’s eyes. “Um, if Disney had seen your eyes, I very much doubt he would have drawn Cinderella’s blue.” 

Emm chuckled. “Zorro, I think your costume suits you. You seem to be very smooth with the ladies. Nonetheless, you’ve just redeemed yourself. Am I right to assume that—.” Zorro smiled, and just when she was about to say something, she was interrupted by a loud squeaky voice.

“Listen up everyone! We are now going to play a few games.” 

“Oh dear God, as if we didn’t have enough grief already!” Zorro exclaimed making Emm laugh. “I think we just got tricked without the opportunity to treat.” 

“What kind of treats do you have to offer?” Emm asked raising an eyebrow.

Zorro looked at her quizzically. “None, you are right. We are sitting ducks waiting for the killer shot. Talking about shots, why don’t we look around and see if we can treat ourselves to a much needed refreshment. Maybe they are serving Zombies or Bloody Marys somewhere around here. At this point, I’d even settle for a silly pumpkin beer! But with my luck, all they probably have is Gatorade or Orange something.” 

Emm laughed again. “Well, you might be right, but I think I saw some people with some very bloody red wine in the back yard, so if you don’t mind starting off with grapes, we could give that a try.” 

“Rapunzel Cinderella, grapes sound perfect to me. Lead the way, fair lady! I shall protect you with my sword and later I might even liberate you from your wig by cutting it off with my silver blade!” Zorro said as she got up and took her bent sword from her belt.

“Simmer down, Zorro.” Emm couldn’t help laugh out loud after looking at the now standing Zorro.

“What’s so funny Rapunzel Cinderella?” 

“I’m sorry for laughing, but I never pictured Zorro wearing spandex.” Emm replied.

“Rap Cin, are you checking me out?” 

“I’d be dead if I didn’t. You have a very cute behind, Zorro.” Emm replied grinning.

“Rap Cin, you could get into a lot of trouble making such remarks.” Zorro raised one eyebrow and her mustache fell off again from one side prompting another bow of laughter from Emm. Zorro grinned and immediately attempted to reaffix her facial hair back in place.

“At least, I’m not hiding behind any mask to say what I think! Follow me, Zorro, and there is no need to cut anything with your sword. I may just throw this wig into the fire back there. I think the booze is by the bonfire out there in the backyard.” 

“A bonfire?  If you throw your wig into the fire maybe we can take those stinky cinnamon cones they have all over the house and throw them in as well to get rid of them. I haven’t been able to breathe right since the moment I stepped into this house.” 

Emm chuckled. Her smile had been permanent since the moment Zorro had nearly stabbed her with her sword. “I think that if you were to throw those cones into the fire, the fumes may poison people. I doubt cinnamon grows well in China. Not to mention that the host may not be too happy about your proposed burn.” Emm said still laughing.

“Cinderella Rapunzel, I’m growing fond of you by the minute. I like your sense of humor.”  Zorro chuckled. “We may need to stay out in the yard to avoid passing out, though. I think my severely inflamed nostrils cannot take any more of that hideous scent. I think it might have even affected my eyes. I’m beginning to see fog.” 

Emm took Zorro’s hand and laughed all the way to the end of the yard where the raging fire burned. “It’s not fog what you see. It’s smoke from the fire.” 

“Thanks for clarifying that, I was getting a bit worried.” 

When they reached the outdoor bar by the bonfire, Emm turned to hand an empty glass of wine to Zorro. Zorro’s blue eyes grew big when Emm reached for her mustache. “Zorro, I think you have issues with your facial hair, and your hat. You’re sort of falling apart. Come here.” Emm carefully repositioned the mustache, and then held up the rim of the hat that had become unglued from the hat itself. “Now let’s get some of the red stuff.” 

“Yes, I need some wine.” Zorro said totally captivated by Emm’s huge honey brown eyes, which were now enhanced by the blazing fire.

Emm poured as Zorro watched. “Is this your first Halloween party, my fair lady, or are you a frequent flyer to this kind of event?” 

“It’s my first, and hopefully my last. My friend Mary Anne who is in pursuit of some guy dragged me here. You may say that I’m her wingman. I find Halloween pointless. By the way, I’m Emma Briscoe, my friends call me Emm.” Emm held out one of her hands and removed her wig with the other to release a beautiful mane of shoulder length, natural blonde hair.

Zorro took her hand to shake it, and held it between hers. “Emm, your friend Mary Anne played a trick on you by making you wear that hideous wig. Your hair is beautiful. I am now certain that Cinderella’s eyes would have never been blue had Walt come across you. You are stunning, and I will not hide behind any stupid mask to say it. Zorro then removed her mustache, mask and hat.

“Wow.” Emm said as she smiled at the handsome face in front of her. Short black hair framed an angular face, which was home to gorgeous sapphire eyes intently staring at her in wonderment. “I’m afraid I cannot do anything about the spandex part of me, though. I had no other dark pants.” 

“Fortunately for you! With that mask, I would have never looked at you twice, but those spandex pants served you well tonight, Zorro.” Emm said in a flirting tone.

Zorro’s jaw dropped. “Cinderella! You could have come as a little devil and the costume would have suited you just as well, you know?” 

Emm laughed, but was immediately startled when Zorro took her hand. “May I have this dance, my beautiful lady?” Zorro said bowing very courtly.

Emm’s eyes twinkled as she chuckled. There was no music playing at all. But without a moment’s hesitation, Emm grabbed her long dress with one hand and followed Zorro’s lead to the area of the back yard in front of the bonfire where they began to waltz to soundless music.

Smiling and with their eyes fixed on each other they danced away with the fire roaring behind them. Soon people began to join them. They stayed together talking, dancing and laughing for the remainder of the night.

When at midnight the clock struck twelve, Zorro rose to her feet………….

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