Murders of the One Hundred


By: silverwriter01


All characters are mine and mine alone. If they look like anybody you know or think you know, it’s sheer coincidence. This story does contain some violence, murder, foul language, and sexual content. A lot of sexual content, especially at the beginning. A lot.


Synopsis: Hayden Cross works for the One Hundred, a legal prostitution business. One October night, she finds herself on a house call to Kelly Zamora, an up and coming sheriff’s deputy. When workers of the One Hundred start to be murdered, Hayden and Zamora find themselves interacting more than either intended.


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October 3rd

Hayden shivered the instant she stepped out of the car. The cold October weather was coming in and the outfit she was wearing was ill-suited for fall. The customer hadn’t requested a costume, but she had dressed the part of a slutty woman. That’s what must of them wanted. The leather of her coat, short skirt and calf-high boots protected most of her, but the zephyr made her aware of the inches of bare skin.  

She turned as she heard the other car door close. Brad walked over and held out her clutch purse. The corner of her lips twitched. As a smile, it was a complete failure but it was her smile nevertheless. He nodded in return and together they walked up the house. 

Hayden thought it was rare to be invited to a client’s home. It was even rarer that her company accepted. The client was either a trusted one or someone the company could blackmail if things went south. She didn’t fool herself. Brad was just as much of a bodyguard as a fixer if anything did go wrong. Clients behaved themselves most of the time but there was always that one client where matters got out of hand.  

The door opened before she had a chance to knock and she almost laughed. It now made complete sense why the company had granted the client permission to use their home.  

“Sheriff,” Hayden greeted. She gave the client her work smile; the false one that looked like she was pleased and eager for more. 

Kelly Zamora looked Hayden up and down. It was a clinical analysis. After a moment, Zamora nodded and moved out of the doorway to let the pair in. “I’m not the sheriff.” 

“Close enough,” Hayden quipped as she watched Zamora hand Brad a set of bills. For someone in her occupation it was good business sense to keep tabs on who’s who in the police departments. The city’s police department was a tangled web of entities of rank, favors, crooks, and blackmail. However, the county sheriff’s office was easy enough to understand. The heirachy consisted of Sherriff Daniel Brown on his last leg before retiring, the chief deputy had stepped down a few months ago of an early-onset Alzheimer’s, and Kelly Zamora was the next in line. Most people liked her, she knew how to do the job, and she had the years to back her. Zamora had been on the force for fourteen years since her 21st birthday.  

Brad finished counting the money and held up one calloused finger. One hour. In his gruff voice, he said his only required sentences of the night, “The safe word is delta. She says it, you stop. I come in if you don’t.” 

The cop nodded and repeated, “Delta means stop.” 

Hayden had never had to use the safe word. Most of her clients had been well-behaved and she had been able to tease the others back into a manageable mood. Her company gave each worker a strict lecture on when to use the safe word. You weren’t allowed to use it unless the client was in the process of damaging you beyond repair which Hayden translated that to mean murder or destruction of the facial regions.  

Zamora gestured for Hayden to follow her. It was a one-story house, nothing special. Hayden had to admit that it felt like a home. Zamora obviously didn’t fit the Spartan officer stereotype. There was comfort and relaxation embedded in each item of her surroundings. Hayden’s lips twitched at the realization that Kelly obviously had a girlfriend and was cheating on her with a prostitute. 

She was a little surprised when she was lead into the master bedroom. Hayden figured Zamora would have at least the common courtesy to fuck her in another room. She had done it in a few studies and guestrooms. Few clients had the balls to play with their prostitutes in the beds where their loved ones slept. Hayden shrugged it off. It wasn’t her problem that Zamora was cheating on her girlfriend. If anything, she was amused by the situation. 

It had been early that summer when she had first met the deputy. A well-respected client had rented her for the evening and they were driving to his cabin. The client had insisted on driving Hayden in his new sports car, which she had properly drooled over for him. He hadn’t minded that Greg, another handler, was following one car behind them. The client had requested oral satisfaction while driving which Hayden had delivered despite her reservations on where they were. She had been doing her job well when she felt him tense up. She had been grateful at the thought of his quick release; the gear shift had been digging into her ribs.  

 Unfortunately, her client hadn’t been about to orgasm. He had been trying to focus on not hitting a car in the other lane and panicked when he realized it was a police car. He had placed his hand Hayden’s back, pushing her down further to hide her even though she was well out of sight. This caused Hayden to lose what balance she had and fall harder onto the gear shift, shifting it on accident.  

She remembered the horrible grinding sound and being shoved away as her client had desperately tried to fix the car before it stalled. Luck had not been on his side. They not only stalled, but the passing cop put its lights on and followed them as they pulled off the road. Hayden looked around for Greg and saw he had pulled off as well, already on his cell phone to one of their bosses. 

It turned out Zamora had been the passing cop and had kept them on the side of the road for an hour. The deputy hadn’t cared whatsoever that her client, a well-known doctor in their city, had hired a prostitute. She had cared about the reckless endangerment and other broken laws that she had listed off. Hayden hadn’t been listening. She had been watching Greg talk on the phone, wondering what it meant for her.  

In the end, it had taken two phone calls to get Zamora to drop the matter; one from her chief and the other from a higher up in Hayden’s company. The deputy hadn’t pushed the matter. Hayden knew a person couldn’t be on the force as long as Zamora had and uphold every letter of the law to the fullest without consequences. There was give and take in their line of work. The sheriff’s department received two large donations that year and Zamora had no trouble sleeping at night over letting a DUI of oral sex go.  

She and her client had been seated in the back of Greg’s car near the end of the affair. The deputy leaned over to look in the rolled down window and addressed her client, “Next time, sir, I’d recommend you wait until you are not operating machinery before participating in purchased pleasures.” 

Zamora had looked right at Hayden during the last part of sentence and Hayden had flashed her best, purchased smile. Her client had muttered, “Thank you, Office Zamora” before they drove away. Now she was in that same deputy’s bedroom. 

“Do you know why you are here?” Zamora asked as she closed the door. 

“Purchased pleasures?” Hayden asked. 

She heard a brief laugh escape Zamora’s mouth, an acknowledgement that the deputy also remembered that night. The deputy moved over to a dresser where a phone sat in a speaker-docking station. A few swipes and music started to play. It was soft and pleasing to the ear. It wasn’t classical and it wasn’t the standard ‘love’ track either. She acknowledged technology’s hold on her as she longed for her cellphone to discover what the song’s artist and title.  

The deputy waited, curious to see if Hayden would answer her question. Hayden did, using course language to see if the woman would react. 

“You want to fist my pussy.” 

The laugh never escaped Zamora’s mouth, but the mirth was evident of the woman’s face. The reaction confused Hayden. The woman wasn’t dirty. She had been sent a verbatim text of what Zamora requested. The office had wanted ‘an attractive woman whose vagina can fit around my hand.’ That message had been prude by Hayden’s definition, yet she wasn’t prudish. Where did this woman lie on the scale of sexual deviance? 

“Yes, that is what I want to do. Can you handle that?” 

Hayden took the moment to truly inspect her client. The deputy was slender, but not very tall. Hayden stood taller in her boots and was fairly certain she would top the woman by a few inches even without her shoes. Her skin was a golden brown and her features showed a Latino heritage to match her last name. Hayden focused on one of her hands. Zamora held out her left one and made a fist. It was a standard-sized woman’s hand. Her lips twitched as she discovered she would have a first tonight; her first fisting with a lefty. 

“There should be no problem.” 

“Good. Take off all your clothes.” 

Hayden flashed her business smile, “Don’t you want a show?” 

Zamora shook her head. “I don’t need one. I don’t need a major act. We’re not going to play cops and robbers. I don’t need you to be a naughty girl nor do I want you to treat me like one. This isn’t a rape fantasy either. All I need is for you to pretend to be slightly interested in what we’re doing. I don’t need you to orgasm or to even fake an orgasm. A few pleasures moans now and then would help my ego, but I can make do if you just don’t seem utterly bored. Can you handle that?” 

Hayden repeated her early statement, “There should be no problem.” 

Zamora smiled, “Good. Now take off your clothes.” 

She stripped as ordered, but took the time to neatly place her clothes. Once naked except for a thin, silver wristwatch which she used to keep track of her client’s remaining time, she turned to face the deputy. Zamora took her time gazing at the sight before her. Hayden wasn’t flawless, but she was still very beautiful. Her body was the proud reflection of hard work and constant vigilance. Her long, wavy dark locks contrasted with her pale skin but it was a sight all of her clients found very pleasing. Zamora was added to that list. 

“Turn around.” 

Hayden did as requested. She didn’t hear a sound of pleasure from Zamora, but she imagined there was one. Many people described her ass as a ‘crime in motion’. She was used to the admiration. 

“Do you have your natural gel?” 

The question did not make Hayden happy and she hoped Zamora was up to her compromise. She turned, a business smile fixed to her face, “I do, baby, but why wait? I have plenty of lube in my bag.” 

“I would like to use both,” Zamora insisted. Hayden hid her aggravation on the inside. The natural gel caused her body to produce natural lubrication. It was something the chemical side of the Hundred cooked up. Nothing turned some clients on more than thinking they had truly made their prostitutes wet. The gel was rubbed inside of the vagina and it took half an hour to be fully effective. 

Hayden knew if Zamora knew about the natural gel that she also knew about the wait period. That meant Zamora was going to wait thirty minutes before trying anything. They had already wasted fifteen minutes of their hour thus far. That left fifteen minutes for Zamora finish up and Hayden wasn’t pleased with such a short timeframe to take a fist inside of her. She knew it could be done; she just wasn’t happy about the discomfort she would have to mask. 

“The bathroom’s right there if you want to use it to put the gel in,” Zamora offered, gesturing in the direction of a closed door. Hayden took her up on her offer, grabbing her bag before she left. She dug around in her large purse for the tube of natural gel and placed a large amount onto her index finger. She lifted her foot up onto the sink counter and slipped her gel-covered finger inside of herself. She rotated it around as much as her wrist would allow and withdrew her finger.  

After cleaning her finger off with a piece of toilet paper, which she then disposed of in a wicker waste bin, Hayden took a moment to look around the bathroom. The same cozy touch of interior design was in the room. Other little things caught her attention. There was only one toothbrush in the cup holder. One towel hanging out. Only three different types of shampoos. All the signs stated that only one woman constantly stayed there. Perhaps Zamora wasn’t cheating on her girlfriend. Perhaps the cop was a decent homemaker and she was going to have to rethink her stereotypes of female cops. 

Hayden decided not to linger and went back to the bedroom. Her lips twitched as she caught the slight flinch as Zamora tried to look like she was standing nonchalant by the radio and not waiting for her to return. The deputy wasn’t as impervious as she seemed by the situation. 

“Lay down on the bed on your stomach.” 

She took a moment to take out her preferred bottle of lubrication and setting it on the bedside table. She crawled onto the bed and laid flat, resting her head on her crossed arms. She was intrigued by the cotton sheets. They were high quality, soft, and obviously new. Most clients preferred the idea of satin sheets. If Zamora was trying to set the stage for romance, she was utterly failing. 

She felt Zamora climb into the bed next to her on the right side. She was looking the other way, but decided not to move unless she was asked to. Hayden closed her eyes as she felt Zamora’s hand start trailing up and down her back. 

It was a soft tracing pattern, across a shoulder blade, down the spine, along the ribs. Several minutes were spent on her back, never focusing in one spot long to avoid over sensitizing. Several long minutes were spent on her ass and legs as Zamora moved down to explore.  

“Turn over.” 

Hayden did as she asked. Zamora continued her exploration on the front side. Her breasts and crotch were ignored as Zamora’s hands touched the rest of her body. Overall, Hayden was pretty sure it failed as sensual foreplay. She didn’t make love very often, but she was certain what they were doing didn’t qualify as foreplay. It seemed more like Zamora was just touching her so that Hayden got used to her touch. Hayden couldn’t argue she was a little more relaxed than she usually was with a first-time client. 

That’s when it dawned on her what Zamora was doing. Everything around her had been specifically chosen for comfort. The music, the natural gel, the sheets, and the touching. Zamora wanted whoever her prostitute was to be comfortable during what they were about to do. Hayden found it adorable and ridiculous at the same time. She knew renting a One Hundred prostitute wasn’t cheap. This should be about Zamora’s pleasure, not her comfort. She knew what her job was and she had never had any illusions about that. 

 “It’s been thirty minutes,” Hayden said, having kept an eye on her wristwatch.  

Zamora started to move and grabbed a few pillows from the top of the bed. “Turn over and lift up.” 

Hayden did as requested as she settled her pelvis on two stacked pillows. This lifted her ass into the air and would give Zamora full access to everything.  

“Spread your legs, please.” 

Hayden found it interesting that it was ‘please’ now as she did as her client requested. She could feel the wetness on her outer lips; proof that the gel was working.  

Zamora traced the inside of Hayden’s thighs before focusing on what she really wanted. At first she thought the tiny straight lines were crinkles from the sheet, but soon realized they were cut marks. There were six on the left and two on the right and she traced each one. 

Her heart clenched as Zamora’s fingers found the faint scars and the relaxation she felt started to edge away. They were so faint that only one other client had noticed them before. Like her other client, Zamora had the tactfulness not to mention them. 

Sensing Hayden didn’t wish for her to continue focusing on the scars, she moved her hands up to fully open the display in front of her. She felt a throb of pleasure at the sight of the open, wet, and red lips in front of her and the thought of seeing those lips clenched around her wrist made her pulse race. Zamora unconsciously licked her lips and moved to get the bottle of lube. 

Hayden heard the bottle cap open and more rustling. She felt a little vulnerable after Zamora had found her scars and felt the need to level the playing field. 

“Can I ask you a question?” She asked as she felt wet fingers start to rub up and down her labia. The touched started lite as each lip and her clitoris’s hood was stroked. This continued for a few minutes and Hayden swore it was her imagination that a few of those swirls around her clitoris felt good. 

One finger moved up to the source of the wetness and started to rub the skin at the entrance. “Sure.” 

“You have a nice house and a good job. You’re attractive.” 

A finger slowly slipped inside of her. “Thank you. You look pretty nice right now yourself.” 

Hayden’s lips twitched which quickly disappeared as she felt a flash of pleasure at the friction of Zamora slowly moving her finger in and out. One finger became two without a problem. 

“What I was trying to ask was, why hire someone like me? I’m sure you could find plenty of nice women to fist.” 

A third finger was added and Hayden flexed her hands as her body enjoyed the additional friction and beginnings of fullness. 

“Lots of reasons,” Zamora said, never pausing in her slow, steady thrusting. She did move her other lubed hand to start swirling around Hayden’s clitoris. She wanted plenty of lubrication. 

“Finding a woman who likes doing this with no strings attached is a major reason. The ease of arranging a meeting is another.” 

Hayden tried to keep an eye on her watch. Zamora had seven minutes before she had to give the two minute warning. The time didn’t worry her. What worried her was that her lower half was enjoying what was happening. She had never felt true pleasure with a client before. It had all been well faked. She wasn’t anywhere near coming, but Zamora’s touches weren’t ineffectual either.  

Hayden tried to rationalize it out in her mind. Zamora was good looking, she was good at what she was doing, and at the end of the day Hayden was a healthy bisexual who had had pleasurable experiences with men and women. Just never on the job before. 

Hayden’s body clinched as the fourth finger slipped inside of her, but not from pain. A word slipped before she could take it back. “Jesus.” 

She imagined Zamora had a smug smile on her face at the thought of arousing a prostitute, but that thought slipped from her mind as she felt the woman start to move. Keeping her fingers inside, Zamora moved up so she could whisper in Hayden’s ear. “But the real reason I hired a prostitute is because I wanted to put my hand inside of someone tonight and you have an amazing vulva.” 

Hayden chuckled, which caused her to grip Zamora’s fingers more tightly. She turned her head so that her green eyes met brown, “You have the most amazing pillow talk, baby.” 

Zamora grinned, “Allow me to adjust my vocabulary then. You have an incredible pussy and I’m going to properly and thoroughly fuck it.” 

Hayden doubted that could occur in the four minutes they had left. She then felt Zamora’s fingers slip out of her and felt empty. She didn’t ask where the deputy was going as she walked out of the room; she just waited.  

Hayden shivered as she heard Brad’s voice loudly call out two. Two meant Zamora had just paid for two more hours. She felt a ball of heat start below her stomach and move lower as she pictured Zamora’s hand inside of her.  

 She wiggled against the sheets and felt her nipples tingle, alerting her to the fact that they were hard. Zamora came back in and closed the bedroom door. “Now, let’s do this properly.” 

October 5th

“You okay there, Hayden?” Marisa asked, posing concern. “You're walking a little strangely.” 

Hayden cut her a friend a glare before pushing their shopping cart further down the aisle.  

“Did you pull something?” Marisa called after her before grabbing corn tortillas off the shelf.  

Hayden let out a frustrated sigh as she kept pushing the small cart and rounded the corner when she got to the end. Her interest perked as she noticed she was by the candy section. Hispanic candy was an interesting amalgamation of spice and sweetness that she enjoyed. 

As she studied a bag of Tamarind candy, Hayden fell back into a pensive mood. She had been a little sore the first night after and told one of the operators that she wasn’t available to work.  

Size hadn’t been the issue. She had had larger men’s hands inside of her. It had been the duration of the event. Zamora had spent almost an hour priming her with four fingers and most of her palm. She had then spent twenty minutes with Zamora’s hand inside of her. 

Hayden shivered as she recalled climaxing on Zamora’s hand. She had been on her back, her legs spread wide, four fingers inside of her, and a determined mouth had been on her swollen clitoris. Hayden had been desperately hoping the deputy thought she was putting on an amazing show, but she couldn’t believe that. Especially not after Zamora had lifted her mouth to ask what she needed. Hayden had blushed and instead of answering, she had guided Zamora’s free hand that was resting on her stomach to one of her breasts. She showed the fingers how she liked the tips pinched and worked her other breast herself.  

The extra attentions brought a surge of arousal that allowed Zamora’s hand to slip freely up to her thumb. The cop had moved her mouth away, turning her hand so that her free thumb could rub the firm nub. Hayden had started coming when Zamora placed a few kisses on the inside of her thighs, on top of her thin scars.  

Her climax had caught them both by surprise. Zamora hadn’t moved the fingers inside of her as Hayden’s muscles gripped them tightly. She allowed Hayden to catch her breath before starting all over again. 

“Christ, you’re so beautiful,” Zamora had whispered in awe when they had been able to slip the ball of her thumb past Hayden’s pelvic bone. Hayden gasped as she felt the fingers inside of her naturally curl into a ball. When Zamora slowly rotated her wrist, Hayden felt her toes curl. It had been that amazing rotating friction that had caused her to come again. 

 Hayden hadn’t called out of work because she was sore; she had called out to get her head straight. The practical side of her knew there were a few logical reasons why she had enjoyed herself. The first logical reason was the natural gel she had used. 

The gel had side effects, as did most things in life. The most common one was to feel actually aroused or more aroused than usual. This caused several members of the One Hundred moments of guilt or distress. It was one thing to do this for the money and quite another to feel flashes of pleasure while doing it. Hayden couldn’t blame the gel though. She had never had side effects before and she doubted it had randomly started that night. The gel just made her wet and she normally faked everything else. 

Another logical reason was that Zamora was an attractive woman and good with her hands and mouth. It was natural for Hayden to enjoy herself. That reason was why she had most certainly climaxed the second time. 

However, the real reason Hayden had called out of work was because she felt affection for and from client. She had felt cared for when Zamora had asked her what she needed and kissed her scars. It was a brief, horrible moment that felt like making love and she had relaxed enough to orgasm. That was what she couldn’t tolerate about herself the day after.  

She felt arms wrap around her and Marisa placed a solid kiss on her cheek. “I’m just messing with you, bitch. Don’t get all broody over it.” 

“You’re not funny,” Hayden retorted, yet enjoying the affection. Marisa laughed and released her, “Rude.” 

Their banter was interrupted by a crashing sound and an angry bellow. 

“What the fuck was that?” Hayden asked, not moving to investigate. She wasn’t a hero. 

“I don’t know. It sounded like it came from the restaurant side,” Marisa asked, moving forward. She wasn’t a hero either, but she was curious. 

Hayden moved to catch her arm, to keep her back, but missed. She cursed under her breath as she slowly followed her friend. The Hispanic grocery store where they were shopping was connected to a small taquería on the left side. Hayden loved their sopes. The little restaurant was where the noises were coming from. 

“Yo ese! What’s your problem?” 

Another crash and then a woman’s scream. “He’s crazy!” 


Other shouts joined in. Hayden moved in sight of the opening between the store and restaurant, just in time to see a man slam into a window. She didn’t think he was thrown, more like he had run into it.  

“Get outta here man!” 

The man tried crawling on the floor, but his arms gave out. Hayden had thought he had passed out when he suddenly jumped up. She and Marisa let out a short scream as he started running into the store. It was like a zombie movie. 

He didn’t run at them though. He ran at the door, slamming into it face first. Hayden stared in disbelief at the man whose lower face was now covered in blood from a broken nose.  

“Someone call the cops! Don’t touch him! He’s drugged outta his mind.” She heard someone say. She just kept staring at his face. He looked almost familiar. 

Her heart stopped and she jumped back when his eyes suddenly found her green ones. The crazy man let out a roar of anguish and started getting to his feet. He screamed, “I got to get out of here! I found out! They are after me! Watch out!” 

In his last moment of clarity, the man realized the door was a pull to open and not a push. Once the door was open, he raced out of the store right into the street. Hayden would later think it was a scene from a movie as the man was run over by a truck. 

“Hayden?” Marisa asked softly. “Hayden, look at me.” 

Hayden couldn’t stop staring at the bloody mess on the road. It took her friend literally turning her before she could stop staring. “I knew him.” 

Marisa cocked her head to the side, “You knew him? That guy? From where?” 

Hayden turned her head back to look at the scene. “From work. He was one of the Hundred.” 

The bloody body lay still as a crowd started to gather around it. Many people were on their phones. Some were talking, others texting, and a few were taking photos. She turned back to look at Marisa. “Should we call someone?” 

Marisa looked around, “I think someone already is on the phone with 911.” 

“No. I mean…should I call work?” Hayden asked, pulling out her phone. Her fingers were trembling as she tried to swipe her unlock code. Marisa took hold of her free hand. “Hey, unless you know for sure that was him, it’s probably best to wait. We should probably leave right now if you don’t want to be questioned or made a witness.” 

Hayden nodded and together they made a start towards their car. They had almost made it when police cars started showing up and blocked off the parking lot. For the next hour she stood around as random officers questioned her.  

“Ma’am? My chief wants you to report your statement to her and then you will be free to go.” 

Hayden sighed heavily but nodded to the fresh face sheriff’s deputy. Her lips twitched as she watched him walk around. He had a cute butt. She looked down at her phone and wondered if she had enough time to snap a picture. She was looking forward to gossiping with Marisa about who was the hottest cop on the scene. Hayden started looking around, wondering where her friend was. She missed the chief walking up behind her.  

“Ms. Cross? Acting Chief Deputy Zamora.” 

Startled green eyes met brown and Hayden quickly switched to work mode. She smirked, “Chief?” 

Kelly Zamora gave a slight nod, “Acting.” 

“For now,” Hayden mused aloud. “Why is a chief out in the field?” 

Zamora ignored the question as she flipped to a new page in her handheld notepad. “Can you tell me what you saw?” 

Hayden’s eyes flickered to Zamora’s left hand gripping the pen. Her pelvic muscles clenched as she remembered their night together and she quickly changed her focus. If Zamora saw her look, she pretended not to notice. 

Hayden sighed, “As I’ve told five other people before now, this is what I saw.” 

Zamora jotted notes every now and then while keenly watching Hayden’s face. When Hayden finished she asked, “So did he say who was after him?” 


“Did he say what he had found?” 


“What about the way he looked?” 

“I told you. He only looked at me once. He looked out of his mind. He ran into the door and broke his nose. Blood started pouring out of it. The guy was clearly on drugs or something.” 

“Why do you say that, Ms. Cross?” 

Hayden arched a brow at the use of her name, but answered, “Because of his eyes. His eyes were black. I mean, his pupils were so dilated that they looked black. Drugs do that.” 

Zamora’s lips pursed as she made a note, “But so does adrenaline.”  

“I have seen what both can to do someone, chief. Porque no los dos?” 

Zamora smiled at the question and clicked her pen closed before sticking it in her shirt pocket. Once again, Hayden’s eyes moved to watch her hand.  

“Are you doing alright, Ms. Cross?” 

Hayden waited to scold at the show of affection, but she was very well trained at maintain her work face. “I’m fine, Chief Deputy Zamora. Why do you ask?” 

“Acting,” Zamora corrected. “You have goose bumps.” 

Hayden looked down at her arms and there were a few bumps forming. She rubbed her hands up and down them, “It’s from standing outside in this chilly weather because of you cops. It’s October in case you haven’t noticed.” 

Zamora winced, “Trust me, I’ve noticed. Halloween brings out the crazies.” 

Hayden’s lips twitched, but not from amusement, “I would have to agree with you there.” 

Zamora took a moment to study the woman in front of her. Her mouth opened to say something when someone called out, “Chief Zamora! Over here please.” 

“I will be right there.” Zamora acknowledged. “Ms. Cross, the sheriff’s office will be in touch if we need you.” 

“Why are you working this crime scene anyway?” Hayden asked, curiosity getting the best of her. 

Zamora laughed, “You are one block out of the city limits. You’re in my jurisdiction now.”  

Hayden decided she liked Zamora’s laugh. She also decided that Zamora looked far too comfortable and wanted to shake her up.  


Zamora, already starting to walk away, half turned to look at her. Hayden flashed her best work smile, the one that was happy and eager, “Do you have my work number in case you need me again?” 

Zamora paused, a little stunned by the outright suggestion. Hayden counted it as a sweet victory. The deputy asked, “Are you certain you wish to speak with me again so soon?” 

“I’m always up to talk with you, Chief.” 

“Acting,” Zamora corrected before walking away. 

Hayden took the moment to watch Zamora walk away. While the acting chief deputy didn’t have an amazing ass as the first deputy or herself, her legs and swagger definitely put her near the top of the list for hottest cop on scene. 

Marisa chose that moment to slide in beside Hayden and look at what she was looking at. Her best friend nodded appreciating, “Definitely an 8 out of 10. But that chick guiding the coroner truck in is way hotter.” 

Hayden glanced at the woman Marisa was referring to. She laughed, “She’s only hotter if you go for that blue-eyed blonde sort of thing. How stereotypical, Marisa.” 

Marisa shrugged, “I like what I like. Now let’s get out of here before some other crazy decides to get run over.” 

Hayden pouted as they got into Marisa's car, "I didn't even get any candy." 

A bag of rellerindos was suddenly thrust into her face. "Now, who is your best friend?" 

Hayden snatched the bag out of Marisa's hand and eagerly opened it. The candy was one of her favorites, giving off a sweet burn. 

"You and that chief definitely had some spark-age," Marisa asked, now that her friend was distracted with candy. "Do you work together?" 

Hayden was not so easily fooled, "No. And even if I did, you know I can't tell you who my clients are." 

Her best friend smirked. That had just answered her question.  


 October 6th

“Chief, did you hear me?” 

Kelly Zamora turned her attention to Alan Smith, the man who had been her partner for the last eight years before she got promoted. He had unwillingly fallen into the role of her right hand man.  

Alan was two years her senior on the force and five years her senior in age. He had always been happy just as a deputy. He enjoyed it when perpetrators called him Barney Fife. Zamora had been happy as a deputy too but had a drive towards a leadership role that led her to where she was now.  

"Sorry, Alan. What did you say?" 

"We ID-ed the victim. His name is Ramon García. He lives in an apartment in Gatlin Heights." 

Alan showed her the victim's picture and she arched a brow, impressed. "He was a very nice looking man." 

Alan turned the picture back around and scuffed, "Only if you like the Latino God chiseled type. I'd give him 4 Budweisers." 

"Your wife would give him a full thirty six-pack," Zamora quipped, turning her desk chair around to look out the window. She was still adjusting to her new office. She hadn't wanted it so soon but with the loss of Chief Deputy Carmichael to early-onset Alzheimer's, the sheriff had to put someone in his place. She was appointed acting chief deputy on the third and the past two days on the job had left a headache that no aspirin could relieve.

Zamora desperately missed the former Chief Deputy. He had been her mentor for many years and Carmichael had been grooming her to take over his position when he made his campaign run at being sheriff once Brown retired.

She let her thoughts turn back to the case. "Gatlin Heights is an expensive apartment building. What was Ramon doing all the way out of town? There are better grocery stores in the city." 

"El Mercado’s does have the best sopes in the county," Alan remarked, "And Ramon’s mother lives one block away." 

"We should send a deputy out to notify her." 

"Already on it," Alan replied. "And you're not going to like it when I tell you where our victim worked." 

Zamora sighed heavily and rubbed her eyes. "Where do all the Latino Gods work? The Hundred?" 


Alan looked around and then leaned closer, "Speaking of which. How did it go the other night?" 

Zamora glared at Alan, but as her former partner, he was used to it and didn't back down. She broke the gaze first, "It went fine." 

He grinned, "I knew it. You've been a lot more relaxed these past few days.”

“I’ve had a headache the past few days,” Zamora retorted.

Alan shrugged, “That’s the job. But I told you it was all you needed. A good dusting off. I mean it's been three years since Steph left. You have to get back in the saddle." 

Zamora glared at him again, "No saddling is going to occur." 

Alan raised both of his hands, "Hey, I don't judge." 

She gave an exasperated sigh and he chuckled, "Hey, in reality, it's all part of the job now. People are going to look at you weird if you didn't use the Hundred. Every top ranking official in the city does. If you don't use it, they’ll think you’re hiding something. Hell, I know our DA hires a One Hundred to go out to dinner once a month. She, her husband, and the prostitute sit down and have a nice dinner once a month just so no one will think she's hiding anything. That's how messed up our society is these days. If you truly aren't up to something and don't hire a call service, people think you're doing something even worse." 

"Anyway," Zamora said, changing the subject, "I think you and I should pay a visit to the One Hundred’s building. Find out what our Ramon was doing last night and see if he was with someone who does drugs." 

An hour later, Zamora found herself dealing with an upset public representative of the One Hundred. Gregory Marshal had been very distraught to learn about Ramon's death. Gregory gasped, "Oh my God! No. Not Ramon. He was one of our best switchers, for God's sake. He's book solid for the next two months! Trisha! Call booking right now and help them start rearranging." 

His assistant was already on her tablet and IPhone making the adjustments and helping booking to reschedule clients. Gregory kept shaking his head, "Ramon was wonderful. I mean, just wonderful. Everybody loved being with him. Men, woman, tops, bottoms. Everyone. He was one of our highest earning workers. I mean, everyone here loved him too. We had an office raffle for charity last month where we raffled off a night with a One Hundred and when we were asking who people wanted, 78% of individuals requested Ramon. We raised $8000 dollars for that charity on one man, for God's sake." 

"Who won?" Alan asked. Gregory waved his hand dismissively, "Oh, some fellow in Research. That's beside the point." 

Zamora asked, "Did Ramon ever do drugs?" 

Gregory looked shocked and then outraged. "Absolutely not! Our One Hundred are under the strictest regiments for their bodies and drugs are not part of that. We have clients request all the time for their workers to get high with them and we absolutely refuse. Our workers get tested for everything under the sun every month, including for drugs. We don't even allow them to drink on the job, for God's sake.  

 Gregory shook his head, "Ramon wouldn't have been on drugs. He knew he would get fired over that, no matter how requested and loved he was. I mean, for God's sake, this man could make $10,000 dollars in a week. Why would he risk that over some lousy drugs? I mean, let's be honest, a One Hundred has a limited lifespan. They are highly desirable for about 3 or 4 years. The longest a One Hundred has ever worked for us fulltime is 6 years. We keep a few of the more attractive and less burned out on retainer after that; part-time workers if you will. Every now and then we will have someone request a mature sex icon, but most people want youth and vitality. Trisha?" 

"Almost done. We need someone to cover his bottom shifts."  

Gregory sighed, "For God's sake, having Booking call Jasper and see if he's up to it." 

Gregory turned his attention back to Zamora and Alan, "I'm sorry, deputies, this is going to put our company on its head. This is a terrible loss. I need to go speak with my bosses. I have to create a news release and make arrangements for his family." 

"Was he close with his family?" Zamora asked. Gregory shrugged, "I'm not sure. I had only met him a few times. We don't learn about the One Hundreds' private lives. They are not office workers like the rest of the company. Now, I must go. Trisha will answer any questions you have remaining." 

Zamora thought about pushing the limits and making him stay, but she didn't want to get one the bad side of the most well-known business in the city. Not until she had proof of a crime anyway. 

Alan asked Trisha, "What is Research?" 

Trisha looked up from her tablet, "Research is the branch of our division that is always trying to improve sexual relations. We hire the best in the field of sexuality, engineering, kinesiology, chemistry, etc. They all work to inventing new ways or items to make our clients happier or the One Hundred more desirable." 

Alan followed up on his early question, "And what was the fellow's name who won the night with Ramon in research?" 

"Give me a moment to look it up," Trisha requested as she started to type on her tablet. She went into her deleted mail section and found the email announcement of the winner. "Victor Gunter." 

"And what does he do in Research?" Zamora asked. Trisha searched on her tablet for another moment, "He's in Chemistry." 

“Who was Ramon scheduled with last night?”

The well-trained assistant didn’t even blink, “We are not allowed to give out such information without a warrant.”

Zamora and Alan knew that, of course. Everyone in the room knew there was also not a judge in the county who would sign a warrant without a lot of evidence behind them.

 "That will be all, thank you."

Alan waited until he and Zamora were almost to the car before speaking. "Chemicals can give drug-like side-effects." 


"And Ramon won a date with a chemist." 


"We need to question him." 


"And away from the Hundreds' pack of lawyers." 

"Yep," Zamora said as she buckled her seatbelt. "Let's go do some research of our own on this fellow." 

 Their research discovered Victor Gunter held a master’s degree in Chemistry from Chapel Hill with a minor in Sexualities Studies. He then received a PhD from Stanford. They had discovered a few articles he had published while working on a grant for erectile dysfunction drugs. Zamora wasn’t able to understand any of the chemical names that were longer than five syllables but Victor looked to be an excellent researcher. Zamora could only imagine the research he was doing at the Hundred building.

Alan updated her on Ramon’s mother after lunch. “His mother declared that she had no son named Ramon and that she would pray for a soul that was certainly rotting in hell as we speak.”

Zamora nodded, “What caused so much distance between them? The prostitution or bisexuality?”

Alan shrugged, “I think it was a mixture of both. The reporting deputy said there were pictures of a younger woman in the house and I looked it up. Ramon has a sister, Rafaela. I found her address and was going to go interview her. Do you want to come along?”

“I can’t,” Zamora reported with a wince. “I have paperwork and three meetings scheduled. Keep me updated.”

“Will do,” Alan reported, giving her what he hoped was a comforting smile. He was so glad it was her in the boss’s chair and not him.


October 10th

Hayden couldn’t stop shivering. She walked over to her condo’s thermostat and pumped up the heat even more. The Hundred worker wanted nothing more than to crawl into her bed and not come out again. However, she couldn’t afford to take another night off. While she didn’t live in the most expensive place in town, it was quiet, clean, and safe. Those three things added up to a large chunk of money she paid towards a mortgage.

Hayden wasn’t shivering from the cold. She was shivering because she was upset and a little scared. Hayden had her phone set to alert her to any news about the Hundred and a new story alert had popped up an hour ago. Another Hundred had died and unlike Ramon, she personally knew this Hundred. Alexis Walker had been someone Hayden called a friend and now she was dead of an apparent drug/suicide overdose.

“Which is ridiculous,” Hayden informed her empty condo out loud. “Anyone who’s anybody knows the Hundred don’t take drugs. We would get fired in a heartbeat. Besides, Alexis hated drugs. Her father had been a cocaine addict who beat her and her mom before he went to jail. She would never touch the stuff.”

Hayden paced around in hopes that would shake off her jitters. “And she wouldn’t have committed suicide either. She was beautiful, rich, and happy. She had that nice artistic boyfriend and she was getting ready to retire in a few months. There’s no way in hell she would kill herself.”

 Hayden wondered what would be done over Alexis’s death. The Hundred would surely try to cover it up, especially only a few days after Ramon’s death. His death had already been covered up as an accidently pedestrian traffic accident with no mention of drugs. She guessed Alexis would be revealed as a drug user and shunned by the Hundred or a medical expert would be paid to say it was early stroke or something.

Hayden couldn’t believe Alexis was dead. Alexis had been her mentor at the Hundred. She had showed her the ropes, guided her through those first tough months, and had grown to become a friend she could laugh with. It had been Alexis who she had called when she couldn’t get her head straight over Zamora.

“its okay, Hayden. It happens to all of us sometimes. The natural gel was bound to have some effect on you sooner or later. I mean, hell, I think they’ve kicked up the dosage in it even. I’ve been feeling more out of it than usual.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Hayden stated, uncertainty tainting her voice.

“Plus, I’ve seen Deputy Zamora and she is one fine looking woman. Dennis got us pulled over for speeding one day past the city limits and she was the one who gave us a ticket. That woman looks good in a uniform. I mean, I would have enjoyed it if she had rented me for the evening. Matter of fact, can you give her my number?”

Hayden laughed. Alexis was actually one of their few ‘straight’ workers, not that any of Alexis’s female clients would have known. Every Hundred worker knew they would be asked to please all types of clients when they signed on. The majority of the Hundred labeled themselves as bisexual or pansexual, but there were a handful like Alexis.

Alexis mostly had male clients but there were a few females who specially requested her. She could have sex with a woman like the best of them but at the end of the work day, she wanted her lover to be a man. Hayden had no such preferences.

“I understand what you’re going through, Hayden,” Alexis stated, suddenly in a serious tone. “It’s different for women. The men have to feel enough pleasure to climax. We can usually fake it and it’s unsettling when our bodies aren’t faking it. I was upset for a few days when it happened to me as well. It’s just something you have to let your head process until you finally start seeing the logic behind it.”

Hayden thanked her friend and they made promises to get together for lunch in a week or so. They would never get a chance to make that lunch date.

The sound of her cellphone ringing broke her melancholy.


“Your handler will pick you up in three hours to be taken to the opera with Mrs. Rachel Lovett. She has purchased you for four hours. Will you be needing an escort to the building for a change of outfit?”

“No, thank you. I have something here Mrs. Lovett enjoys seeing me in. Have the handler pick me up here,” Hayden stated before hanging up. She missed the days of flip phones when she could have slammed it shut.

Hayden walked into the bedroom where she sat down on her bed. It was only her work ethic that made her evaluate her fingernails. She had to physically will her fingers to stop trembling. Though the nails were already short, she decided they could use a trim before meeting Rachel. One never knew when or how Mrs. Lovett wanted to be touched.

She had only told Alexis about the things she and Mrs. Lovett did together. Alexis was the only person who would have believed her. Even Marisa would have stated Hayden was lying if Hayden had told her about the time she and Mrs. Lovett had gone to see Sweeny Todd. Rachel Lovett had a private box and requested Hayden to give her oral sex when Toby started singing about sampling Mrs. Lovett’s savory and sweet meat pies. Hayden had been sure the woman just wanted to do it for the irony.

Hayden knew she had Alexis to thank for the nice condo she was living in. Another four months of extreme mortgage payments and it would be hers. Alexis had coached her in matters of money. So many of the One Hundred went on a spending frenzy when they got their paychecks. Her mentor had given her a list of condos and apartments for sale that were in safe areas, had security guards, and were close enough for a handler to pick them up with ease. Alexis had told her to take a mortgage to buy the condo and pay it off within two years. She had also encouraged her to put whatever she had left over from groceries and power bills into savings.

Hayden hadn’t always put everything left over into savings. She felt it was necessary to have a nice TV and laptop. She also had to buy clothes and makeup for work. The One Hundred had a whole section of their building just for clothes for their workers to borrow and a salon where the workers would be perfectly styled for their date. There were just sometimes Hayden didn’t want to go to work four hours early just to get washed, dressed, and primped. That was time she could save if she had some of her required items at home.

She looked around her room, trying to decide what to do first to get ready. Her heart and mind weren’t focused on getting ready. All she could think about was if it would be proper to call Dennis and see how he was doing. She wondered if it was too soon to ask about funeral arrangements. She knew Dennis would have to be in charge since Alexis’s mother had died a few years ago.

The only comforting thought about Alexis’s funeral was that it wouldn’t be lonely. Alexis had a lot of friends in and out of the business. Dennis had a large set of loving family and friends who accepted her and her occupation as well. The only people who wouldn’t attend who loved Alexis would be her clients, but that was understandable to Hayden. She was certain they would send flowers.

Hayden realized there was no way she could get ready by herself. She picked up her phone and called the One Hundred’s operator back to request an escort to the building for an outfit. The woman promised there would be a cab waiting for her downstairs within a few minutes. Hayden decided to take that time to get her things ready to go.

 As Hayden was taking a cab to the One Hundred building, across town Kelly Zamora was collaborating with the captain of homicide, her sheriff, and chief of police. Zamora wondered if there was anywhere else in the world where two dead prostitutes would warrant such a meeting. But these just weren’t two prostitutes; they were two of the One Hundred.

The chief of city police had been upfront with the captain, sheriff, and herself. “Alexis was one of my favorites. I saw her at least once a week. She wouldn’t have overdosed; she despised drugs. She wouldn’t have committed suicide because she’s retiring in three months and getting married in six. This was foul play and I need to know what happened. Now, on a non-personal note, this is scaring a lot of people. The Hundred are valued. I’ve gotten a dozen messages from all sorts of high ranking individuals across the city worried about their favorites. Ramon and Alexis were partially well loved. We need this done and over with quickly.”

“The only way to get this done is to cover up Alexis’s death,” the captain of homicide truthfully stated. “We got the tox-screen thanks to you pushing it to the front. There were chemicals in her blood but none that make up any known drugs. According to the CSI guys, she had been on them for a while too.”

“We just got the tox-screen back on Ramon. He was also on a combination of unknown drugs,” Zamora reported.

“I don’t know about that Ramon fellow but Alexis didn’t take drugs,” The chief firmly repeated. “So someone was slipping Alexis something. Keep investigating. Check out her boyfriend. But if you can’t find anything in two days, cover it up. Have the ME make up some shit that was uncovered from the autopsy. We do not want it getting out that the Hundred are dying from drug use. That company would be ruined and god only knows how many of us they would take with them.”

Zamora left the meeting feeling disgusted. At least she had gotten the captain to agree to send the tox-screen of Alexis to the county’s ME.

The chief deputy hadn’t wanted to cover up Ramon’s death, but pressure had come down from all sorts of angles from above. It had been four days since Ramon’s death and there were no leads. Victor Gunter was nowhere to be found for questioning and he had been the prime suspect. She wondered if it was possible Victor had something to do with Alexis’s chemical death as well.

She had mentioned the possibility of a connection to Sheriff Brown, but he had just brushed it aside. “Even if Victor had given Ramon some drugs, that doesn’t explain how Alexis would have gotten them. I also doubt the One Hundred would allow Victor to create a drug that kills the users either. At the end of the day, Kelly, there is a logical reason behind these deaths that no one wants to talk about. There is a new drug out there and some of the Hundred are getting addicted to it. Maybe get with the city’s Drug unit and see what’s new on the street. But it’s not anything within the One Hundred building, Zamora.”

Zamora already had gotten with the DEA and they had no new leads. She had a feeling it was going on within the One Hundred building.

After the meeting between the officers, Zamora went back to the sheriff’s department where she worked on paperwork until dark. It was the nightshift janitor who finally convinced her to go home. 

The drive from that station to her house in the suburbs only took twenty minutes and she thought the whole time. She knew Ramon’s and Alexis’ deaths were connected to Victor, but she had no proof. All she had from Ramon’s death was the six thousand dollars that was wired into sheriff’s department payroll. The financial manager had seen it dispersed to the right people and a thousand of that had come to her.

There was only one way Zamora wanted to spend that money. She knew she shouldn’t, but she knew she would be calling the Hundred within a few days. She wanted another night with Hayden. That woman had been beautiful and arousing.

Part of her did wonder if she shouldn’t try to go out and find someone a little more permanent. She wouldn’t always be able to splurge on a Hundred. Maybe it was time to get over Stephanie leaving her.

Zamora could never figure out why Steph left her. She hadn’t been the stoic cop figure who refused to talk about her feelings. They laughed and joked all the time. After a rough day, Zamora hadn’t been afraid to cry. Their sex life had been good. She had been happy and somehow had missed that Stephanie hadn’t been.

The thought of trying to find someone new left Kelly feeling very tired. She didn’t have time for someone new, not with her new job. The best thing for her would be to blow off some steam in a perfectly valid method for someone of her ranking. She had been working hard to keep the sheriff’s department in check. Her headache still hadn’t gone away and she had a feeling a night of fun would help it out tremendously.


October 13th

Hayden’s handler, Thomas, was allowed to wait outside of the front door, as Zamora was a returning customer who had behaved very well the first time. He would still hear Hayden shout Delta if he was needed. Thomas zipped his coat up higher as he settled in to wait the next two hours in the night’s cold air.

Hayden had been surprised to receive a request from Zamora so soon. She was certain it would still take a few more weeks before the woman called her back, if she ever did. She was also surprised by how Zamora acted once she had paid Thomas and listened to his rule. Zamora had been needy last time. This Zamora was most definitely hungry.

They hadn’t kissed last time. There was no rule against it. Zamora hadn’t seemed interested and Hayden hadn’t pushed the matter. The minute the door was closed, Zamora’s lips were on hers. She parted her own to let Zamora’s fit between them and started reaching out to help the woman take off clothes.

Hayden was guided backwards into the living room, but it was Zamora who was pushed down onto it. Hayden smirked as she watched a shirtless Zamora tried to shake the dazed look from her eyes. “What’s the rush?” She asked.

Zamora frowned as she remembered what she was trying to briefly forget. She answered truthfully though vaguely, “A triple homicide out of city limits. A mother and kid were involved. It was an easy case to solve, we caught the bastard, but it was a lot of horrible paperwork about a horrible event.”

Hayden let there be a moment of silence in respect of those lost. Then she said, “I can see why you are in the rush to forget. Lucky for you, I put my natural gel in exactly thirty minutes ago. I didn’t want to wait to get started this time.”

Zamora chuckled at the thoughtfulness but shook her head, “I’m not in the mood for fisting tonight. I just want normal sex. Can you manage to fake interest in normal sex with me?”

Hayden put on her work smile, but internally she was annoyed.  Zamora was being thoughtful again; pretending she hadn’t climaxed multiple times during their last encounter.

She decided to shake the acting chief deputy up again and started to slowly remove her clothes. Hayden didn’t put on a show, but she had Zamora’s full attention. Completely naked, she straddled Zamora on the couch. She took her left hand and brought it between her legs. Zamora’s fingers didn’t need guiding after that and started exploring the soaked lips between her legs.

Hayden watched those fingers disappear between her legs and decided it was most definitely Zamora causing the feelings of arousal within her. She was starting to feel a heat develop below her stomach as wet fingers started swirling around her clitoris.

Hayden knew that Zamora was watching her face and green eyes looked up to meet brown. She smirked, wanting to keep control of the situation. “Let’s not pretend anymore shall we? I enjoy fucking you. I came three times the last time I was with you. Your mouth seems to be as good as your fingers so I’m certain I will come again this evening.”

She watched as a flush started to appear on Zamora’s face and she realized that she hadn’t had the chance to please her client yet. “Do you like to be touched?”

The fingers inside of her paused their exploration. “Yep.”

“Do you like oral sex?”

The fingers started to explore again and she felt one teasing her entrance.


“Will you let me taste you? I didn’t get a chance last time. I feel inadequate now.”

Zamora laughed, “Don’t worry about that. I came when you came. You were amazing last time.”

Hayden grinned and dismounted Zamora’s hand, startling the other woman. “Hey, I was just getting started.”

“So am I,” Hayden retorted. She got down on her knees in front of the couch and started unbutton Zamora’s pants. The other woman didn’t argue as her khakis and underwear were stripped away. Hayden was pleased to see dampness on the neatly trimmed curls between Zamora’s legs.

“Just relax,” Hayden reassured her. “I’m looking forward to this. I’m actually pretty good at it.”

“My, my. You sure are cocky,” Zamora taunted. She then gasped as Hayden leaned forward to slowly lick her. “Jesus.”

Neither exchanged any more words as Hayden showed Zamora how strong her tongue was and how well it could curl. Hayden didn’t tease or prolong her orgasm; something that Zamora was completely grateful for. She briefly remembered being thankful that the couch was leather before she came.

“Jesus,” Zamora exhaled as she came down from her climax. “Are you sure you’re not gay? Because damn.”

She looked down between her legs to see Hayden’s lips twitch before the woman wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Zamora leaned over on the couch to pull a few tissues out of a box on the side table and handed them to her.

“Thanks,” Hayden said, taking them. Zamora chuckled, “No. Really. Thank you. You had a right to be cocky.”

“We can try for multiples later,” Hayden teased. “If you are up for more purchased pleasures that is.”

“Give me a minute,” Zamora said, her heart finally returning to its normal pace. Her headache had faded away, just as she thought it would.

Hayden laughed, “I think you’re going to become one of my favorite regulars.”

Zamora gave a brief laugh. “I doubt I will be a regular of yours. I can’t afford it.”

Hayden moved closer to rub her hand down Zamora’s bare thigh. “I’m sure allowances could be made for the chief deputy of the sheriff’s department.”

“Acting chief and I doubt it,” Zamora said, enjoying the sensations Hayden was creating. “I’m not that big a deal.”

“I disagree,” Hayden firmly stated. “You know you are. In a few years, the sheriff will step down and you will be one of the leading candidates for his replacement.”

Zamora shrugged, “Perhaps. But it should have been Carmichael. I’m not fit to be sheriff for another decade or so.”

Hayden decided to change the subject. It was awful to think about how severely the early onset Alzheimer’s had settled in on him. Within a few months, he barely recognized anyone he used to love and care for.

“You know,” Hayden started, “I do have fun with you. We could meet up without going through the One Hundred.”

Zamora scoffed, “A discounted side rate? I’m sure that would backfire on both of us if anyone found out.”

Hayden was taken back. “No. That’s not what I meant. I meant we could just have sex. Sex without money.”

Zamora noticed how upset Hayden looked and mentally started kicking herself. She couldn’t believe how stupidly well she had just put her foot in her mouth.

“I’m sorry. I thought…”

“Thought what?” Hayden sharply asked. “That since I fuck people for a living that I can’t want to be with people just for fun?”

She knew she should watch her tone. She could be fired for what she was saying to a client, especially a very important client like Zamora.

Zamora’s defenses kicked in. “Hey. You can’t get mad at me for thinking that. We both know that you think you have fun with me is because of the natural gel.”

Hayden’s securities reared their ugly heads. “What? What gives you the right to fucking assume that about me? Do you think I’m damaged and can’t orgasm during regular sex? What gives you the right to assume the worst about people in my profession?”

“I didn’t…”

“No,” Hayden cut in. “You do assume the worst. You assumed that I wanted to be with you for money and then you assumed I can’t come without the natural gel. I can orgasm just fine. I’m not broken. Not all pretty prostitutes have fucked up past lives. We become Hundreds because we get to live like royalty for however long we work. Some of us are not uptight fucking prudes about nudity or sex. It’s no big deal for me to fuck you and then some guy tomorrow.”

“I don’t want to get into this with you,” Zamora firmly stated. “You’re upset and you’re not going to see reason. Just leave. Tell them I had an important call I had to attend to and get out of my house.”

“With pleasure,” Hayden snapped. She put on her clothes in what Zamora would later reflect to be an impressively short amount of time.

“Fuck,” Zamora cursed as soon as Hayden closed the front door. “Why did I do that? I’m such a fucking idiot.”

Zamora would later reflect that she had also been a bitch. Instead of admitting she didn’t know a lot about prostitutes and did have a few subjective views floating around in her head, she decided to kick Hayden out instead of talking through it. She spent the next week brooding over her mistake, kicking herself. She wanted to call and apologize. She wanted to make another appointment to say she was sorry. In the end, she didn’t do anything of those things. She just did her job.

Hayden raged for the next week. She threw herself into exercise and work. Anything to forget how she had made herself vulnerable to what she hoped would be a new friend and had her offer slapped back into her face.

Hayden knew she was being unfair to Zamora. She hadn’t let Zamora apologize or explain. She jumped right to all the negative stereotypes she had ever heard anyone say to her. She had also let her insecurities about the natural gel get the better of her. In the end, Hayden was glad she had something to be angry about. It helped her forget the horrible sadness she felt when she thought of Alexis’s death.


October 19th

Marisa took her eyes off traffic to briefly study her friend. Hayden looked every bit the part of a One Hundred worker. It was expected. The One Hundred were making Alexis’s funeral a publicity stunt. The autopsy report showed the poor woman had died of a stroke. It had been a medical issue that none of Alexis’s doctors had caught. The One Hundred had already vowed to raise money to donate to a center researching similar medical anomalies in young adults.

Hayden knew it was all bullshit the moment she had heard it on the news. The police had covered up Alexis’s death in the nicest way possible. Hayden was certain that was because one of Alexis’s regulars was the chief of police. Had that not been so, Alexis would have been labeled a drug addict.

Every available Hundred worker was ordered to attend the funeral. Most of them had already planned on attending. Alexis was well liked.

Marisa moved her hand off the steering wheel and rested it on top of Hayden’s leg.

“We don’t have to stay any longer than you want to,” she offered. Hayden laced her fingers with her friend’s, “It will be alright. Thank you for coming with me.”

Marisa gave her a quick smile before taking her hand back. There was an idiot driving too close behind her and she wanted both hands available in case she had to take emergency maneuvers.

An hour later, Hayden had to admit that the funeral was lovely. It was the type that Alexis would be happy about. Dennis sat with a few of his and Alexis’s closest friends and family in the front pews of the church. There were photos of Alexis all along the front. Hayden looked at them as she waited in line to view the body; something she didn’t want to do. Marisa stood beside her the whole time.

One photo caught Hayden’s attention the most. It was a photo of Alexis among a few other Hundred workers, some of whom were tired now. Alexis was wrapped in the arms of a handsome man. She wasn’t sure she would have paid the photo much attention if she hadn’t watched the man hugging Alexis die. Ramon was in the picture.

Alexis had never mentioned Ramon to Hayden before. Every Hundred knew each other of course, but Hayden had never shared more than three sentences with Ramon.

Hayden looked around and saw Colton, another Hundred worker, just behind her in line. He was one of the longer working Hundreds who was on his fourth year. She asked, pointing at the picture, “Colton? Were Ramon and Alexis good friends?”

Colton looked at the picture she was referring to and gave a wisp of a smile, “They look so young in that picture. They used to date back then. They didn’t talk much after they broke up. At least, that’s what I heard.”

Hayden thanked him and turned around. Marisa leaned over to whisper, “What was that about?”

Hayden shook her head, not wanting to share the dark thoughts in her head. It was unlikely enough that Ramon and Alexis would die within days of each other. It seemed they used to be close as well. Ramon said someone was after him because he had found out something. What if he had told Alexis that something and that’s what had gotten her killed?

Hayden shook her head again, trying to shake those thoughts from her head. It was all guessing anyway. She had no proof of foul play. No one did. She was saved from having to view the body by the preacher asking everyone to be seated for the service.

The service was short, sweet, and not overly religious. Hayden greatly approved. The burial-side service was only for family, mostly Dennis’s, and close, invited friends. Hayden wasn’t upset she wasn’t invited to the burial-side. It was too intimate an affair for her to handle. She had cried before the funeral. She didn’t want to cry again that day.

Her night was a somber evening that she spent alone. Marisa had shared a glass of wine with her before leaving for her own job. The next morning, on the twentieth, she hired an Uber driver to take her to the cemetery. She had the driver stop and wait on her while she got flowers. Hayden then paid the driver to wait on her as she went to pay her private respects at Alexis’s grave.

It was a single tombstone in a single plot. No one would be buried beside her. Hayden could respect Dennis’s choice. Alexis would have wanted him to move on and not be tied to her memory. She also respected the stump etched into the tombstone. People would know that meant Alexis was taken too soon.

Hayden laid her flowers with the others around the grave. The turf grass over the grave was new and she could see bits of dirt left over from where they dug the grave. She was pleased by the amount of flowers. Alexis had been well-liked and she was glad to see people paying their respects one last time.

She didn’t notice the person walking up beside her until they were a foot away. Hayden jumped and covered her heart. “Jesus, you scared the hell out of me. I’m sorry.”

She looked to see who was beside her. He looked familiar but she couldn’t figure out from where. The man was tall, over six feet, and lanky. He wore glasses with wide, thin lenses and he looked to be only a few years older than herself. He also looked exhausted, almost haunted. Hayden realized the man was probably one of Alexis’s clients and was grieving her loss.

“Did you know her well?” Hayden asked, trying to be polite.

“No. Not really. Just by name.” The man replied. “Nor do I really know you, Ms. Cross.”

Hayden felt a shiver of fear go down her spine and she tried to casually see if her driver was still nearby. He was and was watching them. That fact only helped calm her a little.

“Don’t be alarmed,” the man said. “I am Victor Gunter. I am a chemist who works in the Research side of the One Hundred.”

Hayden didn’t become unalarmed even though she recognized his name. “What do you want, Mr. Gunter?”

“Help,” Victor said, his eyes pleaded for it. “I did not mean to cause this. I did not mean for Alexis or Ramon to die. They found out I was telling Ramon things about our work after I won that night with him and they killed him.”

It took Hayden a moment to comprehend what was being said to her because it was so outlandish. She knew she should run away because she was in a dangerous situation. But curiosity outweighed her fear. “They killed Ramon? Who are they?”

Victor shook his head. “I can’t say. Not here. But I will say they killed Alexis. Ramon must have told her some of the things I told him. That’s why they are both dead. I did not mean for this to happen. Please, give Chief Deputy Zamora this card. It has a number on the back where she can reach me on it. I dare not go to her directly. It’s too dangerous.”

“Why me then? Why are you telling me this?” Hayden asked, looking down at the car and then back up

“Because you are the chief deputy’s new favorite girl and she is the only one who was actually interested in finding out what happened. Please, give her that card. I will tell her everything.”

“But what’s going on?” Hayden demanded to know. “Why are Alexis and Ramon dead?”

“Because of the chemicals,” Victor quietly stated, now looking around fearfully. “The drugs we gave you. The tighteners. The fasters. The uppers. The natural gel. We give you Hundred drugs all the time. I must go.”

Before Hayden could say another word, Victor started to quickly walk away. She knew better than to follow. She returned to her uber driver where the man asked if she was alright. Hayden stated she was and gave the man her home address.

Hayden knew she should go directly to Zamora and tell her what happened. She could even go the city police. She had been suddenly thrust into something incredibly dangerous and she was scared witless.

Instead of doing all the things she should do, she went home instead. Hayden decided she was going to pack a bag and go check into a nice hotel under an alias. Anyone who had killed Alexis and Ramon could kill her too and she had to hide.

Hayden paid the driver when they reached her building and walked fast across the lobby to the elevator. She nearly screamed when someone called out her name. “Ms. Cross?”

Hayden spun around, her keys gripped in her hand. It was a young woman in business casual shirt and skirt. She held a vanilla envelope in her hands. “I’m sorry to bother you, Ms. Cross. You missed the meeting this afternoon.”

Hayden wanted to smack her forehead. She had completely forgotten about the meeting over the masquerade ball. That was where the Hundred would receive the invitations to give to the clients they were inviting.

On paper, the Hundred picked which client they invited to the Halloween Masquerade ball. The clients got to pretend they were special in the eyes of their prostitutes. It was also a free party full of dancing, hors d’oeuvres, and a free bar. In reality, the company chose who the Hundred invited.

Hayden had taken a house representative last year. She had actually teased him into kissing a male Hundred. She had lost him as a regular after that as he spent half his time with male Hundreds now.

She took the envelope from the One Hundred intern and thanked her. On the elevator ride up, she pulled out a set of papers and a small black envelope embossed with silver. The back was closed with orange wax that had been stamped by a jack-o’-lantern seal. The papers were her instructions. They consisted of the usual. There was to be no drinking, smoking, or drugs at the party. They were only required to give the client one free orgasm via a hand job. The client would have to pay if anything more was requested. Handlers would be posted throughout the rented building the ball was taking place in.

“Oh god,” Hayden gasped when she read who she was required to take. If she wanted to keep her job Hayden would have to visit Kelly Zamora within the next 24 hours whether she wanted to or not.

As Hayden packed an overnight bag, stuffing Victor’s card inside of it, she wondered if she was being paranoid. Victor might not even work for the One Hundred. He might have been a weirdo stalker who thought he knew why Alexis and Ramon was dead. But his business card did look like the ones used in the company.

The noise of her phone beeping caused Hayden to stop packing. She saw she had a missed call and voicemail from Marisa.

“Hey, girl! Where are you? Call me when you get this. I don’t want you to be alone anymore. I just saw that another worker for the One Hundred was dead. He’s not one of you guys; he worked in research or something. Victor somebody. He was shot to death downtown. It’s not safe for you. This is too much death. Call me.”

Hayden blanched. She knew she was definitely in danger. She knew she had only one place to go. She called Marisa to tell her where she was going; a plan Marisa approved of. She then called another Uber driver to come pick her up and take her to the suburbs. She had an acting chief deputy to visit.


Zamora’s right hand rested on the door as the other gripped her gun firmly as she checked through the peephole. The streetlights gave the inches of snow a sickly, yellow glow and Hayden made a beautiful, dark silhouette against it. Her visitor wrapped her arms around herself and stood braced to leave. 

Her hand closed into a fist and she felt her joints crack. Her flare of anger faded as quickly as it came and she opened the door.  

Hayden couldn’t believe she had come to Zamora’s house. It would have been so easy just to mail the invite. Hayden couldn’t believe she had gotten out of the cab and walked up to the front door. She could have had the driver pull up to the mailbox, dropped off the invite, and ridden back to city.

There was also the fact that Victor Gunter had talked to her five hours ago and was murdered one hour after that. However, she was trying to keep that out of her mind as much as possible. It wasn’t working.

The Hundred worker did have the sense to pay the driver a little extra to wait because she didn’t believe Zamora would open the door when she knocked.

“What are you doing here?” Zamora asked crisply. Internally, Hayden pursed her lips and nodded at the fairness. She deserved a crisp greeting after the way their last meeting went.

“Can I come in?” Hayden asked. “I have some important things to tell you.”

Several seconds passed before Zamora nodded. Hayden turned to wave her cab away and walked inside the home. It was warm and toasty but Hayden still felt cold. She was extremely nervous and worried about how the situation would go. Would Zamora even believe her about Victor?

“What are you doing here?” Zamora repeated. The deputy hated the way she was acting. She didn’t like being angry. The worst part was she was more angry with herself than the way Hayden had acted. Hayden had been the wronged party no matter how Zamora had looked at it.

“Look,” Hayden started, gesturing with her hands. “I know you don’t want me here and you’re probably still angry about…”

Zamora interrupted. “Stop. I’m sorry. I’m sorry about last time. You didn’t deserve any of what happened. I was a bitch then and I’m acting like one now. I’m not mad at you. I’m angry with myself. I’m sorry I interrupted but I just wanted to say that first.”

She let out a long exhale and focused on Hayden with renewed energy. “What is it that you need?”

Hayden was flabbergasted by the sudden turn around. She had been let in by a stone-cold woman who she had been certain would call her a liar and kick her out in the snow. Hayden had been perfectly okay with that outcome. She didn’t know quite how to react to a woman who was actually going to listen to her.

Hayden ran a hand through her hair. “I’m not certain where to begin. I have information about what’s going on. About what happened to Ramon and Alexis. This guy came up to me in the graveyard after Alexis’s funeral. He said he was a chemist for the One Hundred.”

“Was his name Victor Gunter?” Zamora asked, already moving to get her cellphone.

Hayden reached out to stop her from pulling it out. “Yes, but wait. Please? I’m confused about what he said and I’m scared. I know he was murdered. I saw it on the news. This is extremely serious to me, even if I don’t act like it. My friend died. The way things are going, I could die. Even in the less serious realm, I could lose my job if I’m wrong or have things mixed up. I can’t afford to lose my job. Just let me tell you what happened and you decide if it’s relevant. It could be stuff that the police already know.”

The deputy nodded and gestured for Hayden to follow her into the kitchen. She asked, motioning for Hayden to sit at the breakfast bar, “Do you want something warm to drink?”

“Yes, please,” Hayden answered, pulling the stool away from the counter to slide into it. She watched as Zamora filled a kettle with water and put it on the stovetop. She approved of the gas range. It was one of the drawbacks to living in her condo. She had to live with her electric stove which was nice but not what she preferred. Hayden mentally chuckled at her train of thought and scolded herself over first world problems.

She was a little more than surprised when Zamora stared placing random items in front of her. First it was a little, ceramic jar labeled ‘sugar’. Next it was a jar of honey. After that came a large bottle of International Delight Original creamer. Hayden was so busy staring at the items in front of her that she didn’t notice the kettle whistling or Zamora placing tea bags into two cups before filling them up with water.

“I didn’t know how you took your tea,” Zamora explained, sliding a cup and saucer in front of her. Zamora moved to sit in the other breakfast bar.

Hayden spun in the stool to give her a disbelieving look. “Really? Who serves tea cups on saucers these days besides the people on Downton Abbey?”

Zamora merely smiled, “I can be old fashioned. Besides, I rarely have chance to use the nice china these days.”

Hayden’s lips twitched and she went to making her tea drinkable by adding honey and creamer. “I totally expected coffee as well.”

“You must be confusing me for a city cop,” Zamora informed her. “I am sophisticated sheriff’s deputy.”

“Chief Deputy,” Hayden reminded her.

“Acting,” Zamora corrected. A friendly silence fell between them before Zamora asked, “Are you ready to talk about it?”

Hayden took a sip of her tea and tried to imagine the warmth reaching to the cold, nervous parts of her. She nodded and proceeded to tell Zamora everything that Victor had told her.

Zamora finished taking notes on everything Hayden had told her. She had paused the other woman to go fetch her notepad. She asked, “What are those drugs he mentioned? I know about the natural gel but I have no idea about tighteners, fasters, or uppers.”

“Fasters are what the men take to increase the rate of their orgasms.”

Zamora must have looked confused because Hayden went into further detail. “You’re thinking that most men worry about being too quick. Our guys worrying about taking too long especially if they are not really into their clients. They just can’t fake it like the women. So they take fasters to increase their speed.”

“Uppers are pretty much anti-depressants. Not many of us take them or at least, not often. If you are depressed by your job constantly then you shouldn’t be working there. But there are days where you just don’t want to work and need a pick-me-up. Those are what uppers are for.”

“The tighteners do exactly what the name implies. If a client wants a tight pussy or ass, the Hundred pops a pill. Or if the Hundred does a lot of fisting work, they pop a pill. Of course, we rarely have to use those either. We all are required to do certain exercises that keep those muscles firm and taut.”

“And all these drugs are legal?” Zamora asked. She wanted to ask if Hayden took any of those pills.

“Yeah. Of course. Patented and tested,” Hayden answered. “But not by the FDA yet. And I can see the question on your face. No, I haven’t taken those other pills. I’ve only had to use the natural gel. Everything else can be taken care of by a healthy diet and lots of exercise.”

“Maybe Victor was paid to tamper with the drugs,” Zamora wondered out loud. “Maybe he created something he thought would be useful and it turned out to be deadly instead. That’s why he was hiding.”

“That would mean someone at the One Hundred would be trying to cover it up,” Hayden pointed out.

Zamora sighed, “Yes. That’s what I think and that’s what I’m afraid of. That’s a tough opponent to go up against.”

“Do you really think the One Hundred is killing off those people? Ramon, Alexis, and Victor? Does that mean I’m next?”

“I don’t know,” Zamora admitted, “But probably. We need to put you somewhere safe.”

“I am somewhere safe,” Hayden said. “You will protect me.”

“Of course I will but I can’t do it all the time. I have to work.”

“So do I.”

Zamora shook her head, “You can’t go to work. Someone might be after you. Especially if Victor told them that he talked to you.”

“I have bills to pay too you know,” Hayden firmly stated. “We don’t get vacation time or sick leave. And I’m sure a killer is going to notice that if I start missing work.”

They argued for a few minutes, something Zamora was not used to doing. Usually her word as an officer went unquestioned. It was actually Zamora who compromised first.


“Fine what?” Hayden asked, uncertain.

“You’re on jury duty.”

Hayden looked taken back. “Excuse me? I received no summons.”

“You missed it in the mail,” Zamora firmly stated. “The county clerk owes me a few favors. You’re on jury duty all week and the county will pay you for your time. In reality, you will be in protective custody. You can tell your people in booking that.”

“They are not going to buy that,” Hayden insisted. “And even if they did, I work at night remember?”

Zamora had forgotten that small part. She paced around her kitchen for a few minutes. “Hayden, it’s not safe for you to go out.”

“How about another compromise?” Hayden offered. “I go into secretive protective custody and only leave with a handler. I take four clients per week and come straight back into protective custody.”

Zamora thought it out before nodded. “We can do that. We can put you up in a hotel under an assumed name. This could work.”

Hayden smirked. “A hotel? I’m not staying here?”

Zamora slightly blanched, “Here? No. I mean I guess you could but my house is not really safe. I don’t mean I don’t want you here. I just mean…”

“Zamora,” Hayden interrupted. “I was joking. Calm down.”

Zamora sighed and lifted a hand to rub the back of her neck. “Sorry. Just didn’t want to upset you again. I really screwed things up last time.”

Hayden thought Zamora looked cute, all worried. She started feeling things for Zamora again and wanted to see them through. She stood up from her stool and moved closer to the deputy.

“We never got to finish last time,” Hayden said, taking a step forward.

The only thing that kept Zamora from taking a step back was her training at the police academy.

“That’s alright.”

“But it’s not,” Hayden insisted. “You didn’t get your money’s worth.”

“Hayden, you don’t have to do this.”

Hayden placed a hand over Zamora’s heart. “If you’re not comfortable with this Zamora, I will stop. But I just had a near death experience. I want to be with someone right now and you make me feel safe and I liked being with you.”

“You only liked it because of the natural gel,” Zamora insisted. “You heard Victor. He said they were doing things to the drugs. They probably upped the dosage. It was the gel, not actual chemistry with me.”

“Por que no los dos?” Hayden asked.

Zamora sighed, “You have got to stop using that El Paso taco commercial saying.”

Hayden rolled her eyes and continued. “You look like a hard-core, must see it to believe kind of woman. We’ll just prove it.”

Zamora did take a step back, causing Hayden’s hand to fall away. “Prove it how? I don’t want you using your natural gel again. You don’t know the side effects. We’re going to have it tested. I don’t care where we have to send it to properly figure out what’s going on.”

“I wasn’t talking about using the gel,” Hayden patiently explained. “I was talking about me and you having sex. No gel, no acting, no One Hundred. I think I like you enough to have sex with you. This is just Hayden Cross and Kelly Zamora having sex. That will show you that it wasn’t just the gel going on between me and you.”

“You want to have sex?” Zamora asked, stunned. “Now?”

Hayden looked down at her empty wrist and looked back up, “Yeah. Now works for me.”

“Are you certain…”

Zamora’s question was cut off as Hayden kissed her. Last time it had been Zamora who was hungry, waiting it fast and quick. Now it was Hayden’s turn.

Zamora went along with the hard, fast kisses. She wasn’t really certain they should have sex, especially after what Hayden had just been through. However, this was what Hayden wanted and the woman deserved to get something she wanted out of their interactions.

Zamora found herself walking backwards as Hayden moved them towards the bedroom. She remembered the layout of the house from previous times.

Hayden undid her own jeans and pushed them to the floor in Zamora’s bedroom. The deputy only had a brief moment to admire the blue underwear before she was pushed back onto the bed. She used her elbows to crawl further onto the bed so she wasn’t hanging off the edge.

Hayden crawled onto the bed and straddled Kelly’s hips. She crossed her arms to grip the bottom of her shirt and pulled it off before tossing it to the side. Zamora ran her hands over Hayden’s defined stomach. It wasn’t ripped by any muscle builder’s standards but it was extremely well-kept per the Hundred’s requirements. Hayden covered roaming hands with her own and waited until brown eyes met hers.

“I’m not damaged,” Hayden stated, suddenly serious. Zamora nodded. Hayden continued, “I don’t have a really dark past. There was a brief time in high school when I was depressed. I was popular but also very lonely. I was also a bisexual and hadn’t realized those feelings were normal. So I started cutting myself. I did it on my thighs so no one would see. I did it eight times before someone did see and got me the help I needed. For me, it was just someone to really talk to.”

Hayden smiled, “So I’m not damaged. It’s not something I like talking about because it was a dark moment, but I’m not broken. I don’t have a dark, hidden past. I’m a normal, bisexual woman who works as prostitute and can have normal relationships on the side. I might be a bit crazy but that’s a different story.”

Zamora laughed. “I think I can handle a bit crazy.”

“Good. Now let’s see if you’re any good without the gel’s help.”

Zamora arched a brow, “I’m not bad, Ms. Cocky.”

She flipped Hayden over onto her back in one swift move and started kissing her way down Hayden’s body. She spent her time on Hayden’s breasts. She suckled, nipped, and pinched them the way she recalled Hayden liked. Keeping her left hand on Hayden’s right breast, pinching it periodically to keep it perked, she kissed her way down Hayden’s stomach.

“If you think you can keep your balance, you can turn around so we can both have fun,” Hayden offered.

Zamora brought both of her hands down to spread Hayden’s lips open. She looked at the pink, crevassed flesh that glistened in her bedroom lights and said, “I’m having fun and it looks like you are too.”

Hayden’s lips twitched and she ran a hand along Zamora’s head. “I’m mildly entertained right now.”

 “I guess I will just have to pick up my game.”

Zamora stayed between her legs for the next twenty minutes. Using her tongue and fingers, she coaxed enough lubrication out to slide four of her fingers in curled together. While Hayden begged for her, Zamora refused. More would require getting the lubrication bottle and getting the bottle would mean stopping. And Zamora didn’t want to stop, not when she could feel Hayden was close.

It was act of Zamora twisting her four fingers left and right that brought Hayden to her climax. It was a delicious friction that reminded her of their first time together. Zamora slowed her twisting as Hayden’s muscles tightly clenched on her and gently pulled out after she felt Hayden’s body start to relax.

There was no rest period though. As soon as Zamora’s fingers slipped out, Hayden was on top of Zamora. She was determined to have such an amazing time that she would forget all the horrible things going on outside of that room.

An hour later, the women lay side-by-side on their backs, trying to catch their breath. Zamora finally caught hers enough to admit, “So…it wasn’t just the gel.”

“Most definitely not just the gel,” Hayden confirmed after a long exhale.

“I’m kind of happy that it wasn’t just the gel,” Zamora admitted, turning onto her side to look at Hayden. “I like being with you.”

Hayden smiled, “I like being with you too. It’s comfortable.”

Zamora didn’t know whether to be offended or to laugh. She decided on laughter, “Comfortable?”

Hayden groaned and covered her face. She couldn’t believe she actually said comfortable. “I meant it as a compliment.”

Zamora rolled back over onto her back, still chuckling. “Next time someone asks me what’s my greatest trait, I can report that I am comfortable.”

Hayden just groaned again. “You’re going to be like a dog on a bone with that this. I just know it.”

“But am I really all that comfortable?” Zamora had to ask. “I did have my fist inside of you that first time. I just had four fingers in you. That’s not often described as comfortable.”

“But you went through great lengths to make sure I was comfortable,” Hayden said, uncovering her face. “I would be up for doing it again with you by the way.”

“It’s not something I want to do all the time,” Zamora stated, even though she had already mentioned it to Hayden before. “But, if you want to do it, I will always be available to lend a helping hand.”

Zamora couldn’t keep the grin off her face, especially after seeing the ‘Oh no you didn’t’ look on Hayden’s face.

Hayden could only roll her eyes. “That was horrible. Seriously. You should go to jail for that pun.”

“It’s the deputy in me. We have fantastic senses of humor. What can I say?”

“That reminds me,” Hayden suddenly stated, jumping out of bed. Kelly wasn’t worried she was running away because Hayden ran right by her pants and back towards the front of the house. She took advantage of the moment to admire Hayden’s butt as she ran.

Hayden came back in less than a minute later. Zamora couldn’t resist using one of the most classic pickup lines. “I should arrest you.”

Hayden froze while digging in her purse and looked up, green eyes clearly startled.

“Because that ass is a crime in motion.”

She let out a long groan. “Wow? Really? I should just leave. That was horrible. Truly. Two horrible ones in a row. I mean do they pay you cops to be so cheesy?”

Her words held no power because she soon settled back into the bed, under the covers. She handed Zamora the black envelope with the pumpkin wax seal on the back. “You’re invited.”

“Invited?” Zamora asked, breaking open the seal. Hayden let her read for a few seconds before answering. “Yes. You’re invited to the One Hundred’s Masquerade ball. It’s worker’s choice of which client we bring.”

Zamora turned her head to give Hayden a look of disbelief. “They just allow you to invite any client and you just happened to pick the chief deputy of the sheriff’s department?”

“Acting,” Hayden corrected. “And I probably would have picked you given a choice when I was given that invite yesterday. I would definitely pick you today.”

Zamora smiled and checked the date. She would have to take the night of the 28th off. Just as Hayden didn’t really have a choice in which of her clients to invite, she didn’t have a choice in attending the ball. Every higher official would be there.

“It’s usually a pretty fun event,” Hayden went on. “Free bar for the clients anyway and you get to dress up.”

“What if I don’t have a costume?” Zamora asked. Hayden leaned over and kissed her lips, just because she wanted to. “Then the One Hundred will provide you. We have thousands. I’m sure we can find you something nice.”

“Can I go as Fido?” Zamora joked. She was pleased by the surprised kiss.

Hayden made a judgmental noise. “Oh, you’re a furry? That’s not my thing but I can get you the number of the Hundred girl who is.”

She made a show of leaning out of the bed to reach for her phone and laughed as Zamora pulled her back. Her laughter was quickly silenced as Zamora kissed her again. Hayden was more than happy for another round. Zamora was comfortable after all.


October 28th

“Are you ready?” Hayden called out. She glanced at the silver watch on her wrist, “We’re going to be a little past fashionable late soon.”

Hayden was a very punctual person. It was a requirement of her job. It seemed Zamora wasn’t as punctual a person.

“I’m almost ready,” Zamora called out from her bedroom.

“The limo is going to leave us,” Hayden muttered, straightening random objects laying on the hallway table. She had spent a week living out of a hotel in protective custody and she still managed to get ready before Zamora. Hayden had to admit she did feel safer having an armed guard watching out of her. She also got to spend quality time with her favorite acting chief deputy.


 “No, it won’t,” Zamora retorted, walking out.

“Wow,” Hayden admired, looking the acting, chief deputy up and down. “You look stunning. That dress is amazing.”

Zamora grinned. “Every deputy has an amazing black dress in their closet. It’s required wardrobe.”

“I’ll be sure to ask any male deputies I see to model their amazing, black dresses from now on.”

“You look beautiful,” Zamora said. She was awed at how well the navy blue dress looked on Hayden. It shimmered and reminded her of moonlight on a rippling pond.

Hayden slowly spun around so Kelly could get a view of the backside. Her lips twitched when she heard a brief moan of appreciation.

“I’m glad to be on the arm of the most beautiful woman at the ball,” Zamora stated. “It makes me less nervous.”

Hayden linked her arm through Zamora’s and started escorting them to the front door where the black limo was waiting. “You shouldn’t be nervous. I promise. People are only there to have fun.”

“You know this ball is more than that. It is blackmail and bribery rolled into an evening.”

“With amazing finger food and non-watered down drinks. Not that I will get to partake in drinking but it’s the thought that counts,” Hayden counted. “Besides. Everyone is wearing a mask. No one will know who you are. That’s how it works in the movies anyway.”

The driver of the limousine opened the back door for the ladies and closed it behind them. Hayden lifted the masks she had left in the opposite seat and handed Zamora the skillfully crafted black one she had chosen for her.

Zamora fingered the fabric straps attached to its sides and looked at Hayden’s blue and black mask. She worked up the courage to ask, “You won’t leave me alone with those vultures will you?”

Hayden took Zamora’s hand and gently squeezed it. “Of course not. You don’t have to be nervous.”

Hayden’s lips twitched as she was reminded of something. She slide over, closing the three inch distance between them, and moved her mouth close to Zamora’s ear. “You know, I could help you relax. Every client invited to this ball receives one free orgasm. We’re only allowed to use our hands but I would make an exception to use my mouth on you. I know how much you like my mouth.”

Zamora tried not to blush as the recalled how talented Hayden’s mouth was. She finally was able to clear her throat, “Thank you, but I’ll take a raincheck until this evening is over with.”

Hayden took a moment to run a hand lightly across the top of Zamora’s thigh. “Only if you’re sure.”

Zamora shook her head, but the amusement was clearly written on her face.

“Where are you keeping your gun and badge?” Hayden asked, still rubbing Zamora’s leg. “You don’t have a purse.”

“In a place you’ve been before. Maybe you’ll find them later,” Zamora teased.

Their ride to the club where the ball was being held was uneventful. They made idle chat. Zamora did note with approval all the cop cars outside of the event in case something went awry.

Zamora realized Hayden had been right about the ball. There was no reason to be nervous. Hardly anyone paid attention to her.

The ball was a very grand affair. Everyone was dressed in their best and all were wearing masks. There were lots of servers carrying trays of food and drinks. The Hundred were required to drink water, juice, or tonic while the clients got whatever they wished for. Most clients drank the expensive champagne being offered.  

Zamora found herself with Hayden with a group of eight other party guests. The Hundred had no problem introducing themselves. The one in the golden mask was Dustin, another in a silver-studded one whose name was Markus, the feathered pink mask belonged to a younger worker named Alena, and the black-beaded mask belong to Electra.

The group made ideal chatter before Dustin decided to liven up the party.

“I know,” Dustin announced, motioning a waiter to refresh the clients’ glasses and the Hundreds’ juice. “Let’s play never have I ever. You take a sip if you have done the statement. How you play the game is up to you of course. You can ask questions to make others drink or just to drink yourself. Let’s see who drinks the most. I will start. Never have I ever been with a One Hundred worker.”

His invite laughed after she and most of the others in their group took a sip of champagne. Zamora was almost 100 percent certain it was Justice Deborah Nichols who was his date. The potential Justice said, “Oh I see. This is going to be workers versus clients. Never have I ever been with someone of the same sex.”

Only seven in the group drank at that question, Zamora and Hayden included. They took turns asking questions in a circle, laughing and teasing each other.

Zamora didn’t feel like drinking so she went with an obvious one. “Never have I ever been in a limousine before today.”

Just as she suspected, everyone in their group drank except her.

“Wow,” The purple-masked client said whose identity she couldn’t guess. “Tonight must have been pretty neat for you.”

“It has been,” she replied. Hayden bumped up against her good naturedly.

Hayden went next. “Never have I ever had sex with a cop.”

She took a sip as did all but one of her coworkers. “Really, Alena?”

Alena laughed, “No. I haven’t had the pleasure yet.”

“They’re easy,” Dustin said. “Just big teddy bears.”

“With kinky appetites,” Markus added. Hayden’s lips twitched at the comment but didn’t look at Zamora for fear of giving something away.

Their game continued for the next ten minutes. The group started focusing on getting Zamora to drink and were starting to find out a few of her sexual secrets when everyone heard the scream.

“She’s dying! Someone help! She’s dying!”

Hayden spilled her drink as Zamora ran past and towards the screaming. Hayden was impressed by how fast the hidden gun appeared. A few others ran towards the screamer and where the woman was gesturing into the women’s bathroom. Hayden could only guess they were also cops, handlers, or doctors.

Zamora made it in the bathroom first where she tore off her mask. She checked the room for any assailants but the woman seemed to only be having a medical emergency. She appeared to be having a seizure. “Call 911,” she shouted to the people crowding behind her. “And someone find a doctor.”

“I’m a doctor,” A woman shouted, already pushing her way through the crowd.

“Make some space people!” Zamora shouted. The handlers took over and started pushing people back.

“She’s going into cardiac arrest,” The doctor shouted. Zamora turned to see the woman had stopped thrashing and was still. “I have to do CPR. Someone help me.”

“I’m here,” Another man shouted, coming through. Zamora didn’t question his accreditations. She later found out he was a prominent ER physician.

Zamora noticed the captain of homicide and chief of police had pushed their way into the room. She went over to them. “We need to seal this place off now. Whatever she took came from somebody here. I know you don’t want to cause a fuss but this is going to look bad. She is a Hundred and this will be the third within the month. We have to find who is doing this now.”

The chief of police nodded and got on his phone. The captain of homicide also got on his phone and started making calls. The cops outside closed off the exits and locked everyone in the ballroom.

Zamora sighed as she surveyed the scene of unhappy clients and scared workers. It was going to be a long night. She was looking for the screaming woman in particular though. She wanted to question her before the woman had a chance to be coached. She left the woman in the bathroom to the doctors, though from the sounds, it wasn’t looking good.

She caught sight of the woman being comforted and went to pull her aside. The captain of city homicide followed her.

“What’s your name?” Zamora asked, not wanting to rush but feeling the window of opportunity rushing away from them.

“Tia,” The woman replied between light sobs.

“Tia, I need your honest right now. We have a chance to make this right. You’re not in any trouble. We just need the truth. What did she take?”

“A pill but it wasn’t drugs. It’s one of the ones we always take. They’ve been patented and…”

“I believe you,” Zamora interrupted. “Where did she get this one pill?”

Tia looked confused and then she looked to the left, trying to remember. “It was strange. She got it from a PR person. Gregory maybe? She said he must have given it to her to be her best tonight for her client.”

Zamora turned to find the man she had talked to a few weeks ago. When her eyes landed on his in the crowd, he knew he had been found out. He took off running. Unfortunately for him, he was in a room being sealed off by cops.

The captain sighed as they watched Gregory be tackled to the ground. The man was already screaming things. “This is not going to go well.”


“Does this feel like this ended too quickly? Too easy?”


“Well I guess we should get to work.”



October 29th

Zamora looked down at her phone and sighed when she saw how far past midnight it was. It was a new day and she was still at the crime scene. Most of the people there had been questioned and set loose already.

A cup was thrust in front of Zamora’s tired eyes. She blinked to focus on it and took it without asking what it was. She looked up at who had offered it and briefly smiled. “They haven’t questioned and released you yet?”

Hayden smiled, “Yes, they have. It was a good thing the One Hundred’s main criminal lawyers were at the party. I barely had to answer questions at all. Two of them went with Gregory.”

“To put it simply, he’s going to need them,” Zamora said. Hayden asked, “If you can, do you mind telling me how our PR person came to be a murderer? I’m a little confused by this to say the least. This all feels like it happened really quickly.”

Zamora sighed. “Welcome to my world. I only caught bits and pieces of what he was spewing out when they hauled him away. I think I can piece it together though. Well first of all, and you should consider this the most important fact, the man is out of his mind. Apparently, there are some other prostitution businesses that are building up enough to give the One Hundred a run for its money. Several months ago he was told to make you guys better and more desirable, no matter what the cost. He decided to focus his plan on the Research side to make things work.”

“He had Victor work on new drugs. He didn’t wait for the experimental testing phase before starting to hand out the new ones. The Hundred were starting to notice more side effects and Victor was applauded when he learned what Gregory had done. Victor mentioned it to Ramon who mentioned it to Alexis. Gregory had all three of them killed as well as Josephine tonight. I think he was going crazy at this point though. Josephine’s invite was the mayor. Gregory had instructed her to give the mayor the pill. He hoped having the mayor die would make it all look like a terrorist attack. Apparently she took the pill by mistake and that’s why she died.”

Hayden was stunned speechless. Zamora had drunk a third of the cup of coffee before Hayden spoke. “So you mean to tell me this was all because of the One Hundred’s fear of competition? That those people died, one of them who was my friend, because of some other companies getting some reputation?”

“It all comes down to money, Hayden” Zamora gently explained. “And the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Hayden rubbed her eyes. There was a major headache brewing behind them. “At least it’s over. Right?”

Zamora shook her head. “No. Gregory had helped. There are other people we’re missing. He couldn’t have killed all those people or ordered new drugs without help within the One Hundred. This is going to be a nasty case. I don’t know if the One Hundred will survive this. You might be out of a job.”

Hayden dismissed the last statement away with a flick of her hand. “No. The One Hundred will survive. People are going to want sex despite any talk of murder or corruption. It’s a fact of life.”

Zamora had to agree. She drank more coffee before saying, “At least you’re safer now. With all these witnesses, anyone not yet arrested won’t be focusing on you.”

“Well that’s a silver-lining I suppose,” Hayden sighed. “So when will you be done?”

“I hope soon,” Zamora said, looking around. “It’s not my district nor my case. Despite that, I think I will be cleaning up this mess for the next year. That said, they shouldn’t need me here much longer. I think I can leave within the next half hour. Why?”

Hayden gave her a look of disbelief, “Because I still owe you an orgasm silly.”

Zamora laughed, “Is that all?”

Hayden, exasperated, reached out to give Zamora a tiny shove. “No, you idiot. You’re tired, it’s late, and I want to make sure you get home safe. And by that I mean out of that dress safely. Now go talk to whoever you need to talk to and let’s go.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


 October 31st

Zamora didn’t care to admit how long it took her to dial Hayden’s cell phone. She was certain she had been less nervous while chasing down super speeders than attempting to call the green-eyed woman who had managed to change her world within one month.

“Hey,” Hayden answered, pleasantly surprised by the phone call. “What’s up? No more interviews I hope.”

“No, no. It’s not that. I just wanted to ask you something. And, yes, I know what I’m about to ask is going to sound crazy,” Zamora said before taking a deep breath. “Would you like to come over to my house?”

Hayden’s brows furrowed in confusion, “You know that I have no problem coming over to have a good time with you, deputy.”

Zamora shook her head and cellphone-free hand though no one was there to see. She was grateful no one was there to watch her be flustered. “No, not for that. Damn, I’m screwing this up. It’s been over three years since I’ve had to do this. I want to ask you out on a date.”

Hayden’s look of confusion upgraded into shocked. “A date?”

“Yep,” Zamora firmly stated.

“You want to date me?”


“You’re the acting chief deputy of the sheriff’s department,” Hayden felt like she should point that out.


“And I work for the One Hundred.” Hayden was certain Zamora didn’t understand the severity of the situation she was trying to create.


“The One Hundred, Kelly. You know that’s the company the entire police department is looking into right now for hidden associates of murder?”


“And that doesn’t bother you?”

“Nope,” Zamora lied. She quickly amended the lie. “Yes, I’m bothered by it but not because of the reason you think.”

“And what is the reason I’m thinking, chief?”

Zamora smiled. “Acting chief. You think that I care about dating a prostitute who is going to continue sleeping with other people.”

Hayden had to internally admit that was a major reason. She said, “But there are other reasons this is not a good idea.”

“At worst, people will talk. At best, people will whisper. They already know I was your invite this year,” Zamora pointed out. “Besides, I’m just acting chief deputy. They could find someone else and demote me back down for any sort of reason.”

Hayden sighed and rubbed her forehead, “You could lose your job entirely and not be able to get another one in this city. That thought has occurred to you right?”

“Hmm,” Zamora hedged. “The thought did cross my mind. But I did just wrap this large case involving a lot of well-known individuals and their high ranked lovers in the city. I think I have some pull to get away with dating pretty much anyone I wanted right now. So do you want to come over and watch Netflix or something?”

Hayden had to laugh. “Netflix? That’s your idea of a date?”

“Well, no, but it’s Halloween and I don’t want to leave my house. I have snacks,” Zamora offered.

Hayden laughed again and decided to compromise. “So how about we Netflix and chill?”

"Sure," Zamora replied, completely unaware of what the phrase could also mean. She was already scanning the house to see if it was presentable for company and wondering if she should change. She decided she needed to.

Hayden slipped on what she felt was just the right among of sexy black lingerie before sliding on faded jeans and a thick, long-sleeve shirt. She called Uber to take her across town. She couldn’t lie to herself; she was a little nervous. It had been a few months since she had dated someone and if the relationship went badly it could cause her a lot of drama and grief.

Despite her worries, she got out of the car and walked the now-familiar walk up to Zamora’s front door. She didn’t have to knock this time; Zamora had been waiting at the door for her.

Zamora prided herself on the quick kiss on the lips she allowed herself to have with Hayden at the door. She wanted to take this slow; to show Hayden she meant to take this seriously. The only problem with that was that Hayden did not approve of such a chaste kiss.

“What was that?” She demanded to know, hands on her hips.

Kelly blinked. “I do believe that was what you kids call a kiss these days.”

“I’ve been kiss more passionately by nuns before.”

Seeing the question on the tip of Zamora’s tongue, Hayden interjected. “I didn’t mean it like that and if I did, I couldn’t tell you which nun either. You know that is a ground rule for us. No specifics. No asking about whom exactly I’m sleeping with and I won’t ask specifics about your job either.”

“Sounds fair.”

“But that still doesn’t explain that weak-ass kiss I just received. We have had all kinds of sex and that is the best I get?” Hayden demanded to know.

Zamora smirked, “All kinds of sex? I do believe we’ve mostly done normal sex with a mild kink or two involved. Amazing normal sex of course.”

Hayden corrected herself, “We’re going to have all kinds of sex and that is the best I get?”

“Fair enough,” Zamora conceded. She gave Hayden a much longer and deeper kiss that left her own heart speeding up a bit. She had to clear her throat after she pulled away. “So, Netflix? I’ll go get the snacks. Make yourself comfortable in the living room.”

Hayden looked down at the leather couch fondly as she removed her pants, folding them neatly while she waited. She sat down on the couch, wondering what pose would show off the sexiness of a long, sleeve shirt and panties.

Zamora walked into the living room holding two bottles of water and a bowl of chips. She almost dropped all of her items. "Where are your pants?" 

Hayden’s lips twitched. "Aren't we going to Netflix and chill?" 

"What does that have to do with your missing pants?" 

Hayden started to laugh. "I suppose you don't know what it means to Netflix and chill." 

"I suppose not," Kelly replied, setting down the items she carried onto the coffee table. She grabbed the fuzzy blanket she kept on the recliner next to the couch and tossed it to Hayden. "I meant it as watching Netflix and relaxing." 

Hayden smirked as she covered her legs with the blanket. She knew Zamora wasn't completely against the idea; otherwise she would have insisted Hayden put her jeans back on. She knew it would be tantalizing to know her bare legs were just a foot away on the couch.  

"What are we watching?" 

"Something horror related I think," Kelly replied, settling on the couch. "I know, you must think I’m crazy to want to watch something like that after what we just went through. I guess I’m just in the mood with it being Halloween." 

Hayden internally flinched. She didn't like horror movies because they always scared her. She couldn’t even watch them with friends. She didn't want her friends to know she jumped at every scaring scene and wasn’t hesitant to shield her eyes. She was the classic scared teenage girl on a horror-flick date night. That thought did give Hayden an idea.

She slid closer across the couch as Zamora worked the remote, scrolling through the Netflix options. The leather made it easy to slide right up beside Zamora. "I get scared during horror movies. Would you mind if sat next to you in case I need to hide?" 

Zamora gave her a look of disbelief, unaware that Hayden was being completely serious and wasn't just interested in copping a feel. 

"You are an officer of the law. You do have to protect me from danger," Hayden stated solemnly.  

Zamora snorted, "Whatever. Fine. But no hanky panky, ma'am. This is strictly a normal date." 

It tickled Hayden that she, a Hundred, was on a date with the acting chief deputy.

Kelly chuckled the first few times Hayden jumped during the movie. At first she thought she was putting on an act but soon realized that Hayden was actually scared. Zamora wrapped an arm around her and offered to change the show. "We can watch something else if you want." 

Hayden snuggled into her side, "I'm fine. You're here to protect me right?" 

 Zamora smiled and nodded. She was going to protect Hayden. That meant being the bigger woman and stopping the horror film. She decided they had both had enough frightening events. Hayden said nothing until Kelly clicked on a new movie. She sat up straighter, “Oh, wow. Hocus Pocus? I loved that movie as a kid.”

The chief deputy found she enjoyed watching Hayden enjoy herself while being cuddled into her side rather than being scared while cuddled.

The movie spurred lots of nostalgic conversations. Zamora opened the bag of Bugles chips while the Sanderson sisters started flirting with the devil.

Hayden couldn't resist. She allowed her inner kid to come and out play by slipping the largest four Bugles she could find onto the tips of her fingers. She turned to Zamora and held it out, "What do you think of my new nails?" 

It took everything Kelly had to keep a straight face and even then, Hayden saw the mirth evident on her face. Zamora cleared her throat and looked away, "You must be single." 

Hayden was taken aback by the rather truthful comment and lowered her hand. "Obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. Why did you say that?" 

"Because only single lesbians grow their nails that long." 

Hayden laughed so hard a few of her bugle nails fell off onto the couch. Zamora chuckled as she picked them up, tossing them into a waste bin on the other side of her. Hayden caught the action and smiled, “That’s how you know a woman lives here. A man never thinks to buy waste bins for common places such as bathrooms.”

“That’s probably a very sexist but fair assessment,” Zamora remarked.

Hayden moved closer. “So what do you want to do now that the movie is over? It’s Halloween. The night is still young. Do you want to go trick or treating?”

“No. I’m too old.”

“Do you want to go to a party?”

“No. I’m too old.”

“Do you want to go egg houses?”

“No. Have you seen the cost of eggs these days?”

“Do you want to go toilet paper houses?”

“No. Have you seen the cost of paper products these days?”

Hayden grinned, “Oh my. It seems I’ve found myself dating an old woman. I guess we’ll just have to stay home and make sure you’re comfortable, grandmother.”

Zamora laughed. “Grandmother?”

“Yep. You poor, old thing. You may as well put on ‘Murder, She Wrote’.”

Zamora looked offended, “Hey! That’s a good show for all ages.”

Hayden smirked, “Yeah. I have you pretty well pinned down.”

She yelped as Zamora moved across the couch and pushed her down. They wrestled until Zamora pinned Hayden’s hands above her head. Hayden promised to never mention she let Zamora win. She knew how delicate cops’ egos could be.

“It looks like you are pretty well pinned yourself,” Zamora smugly stated. Hayden’s lips twitched. “So it seems. Now what are you going to do with me?”

“What do you want me to do you?” Zamora asked.

“Oh, I’m sure I can think of something.”


The End