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December 5, 2019


Outback Escape

Abigail is hiding from her father and her late husband’s solicitors. She takes her young daughter and escapes to the London property belonging to the late earl. After learning a few things about her past and the parts certain people played in them, she begins to grow up. She becomes more confident in her role as the Countess of Worthington, something she hadn’t been able to do during her marriage.

Will her father ever cease his efforts to get his hands on her inheritance? If not, she is prepared to leave England and flee to the last place on Earth he would expect to find her!

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Thank you, sincerely!

Ms. K'Anne Meinel

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Mandating Malice (Book 25) 

Who is Alice Weaver?  The CIA believes they are about to find out…but are they?  Do they really want to meet the real Alice Weaver?  Perhaps, some things are better left hidden.  Some agents think they already know who Alice is.  After all, they have a file on her and so does the FBI.  But what they know is only what Alice wants them to know.  When Alice Weaver shares information with those in authority, they will be left scrambling for cover!

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Thank you, sincerely!

Ms. K'Anne Meinel

To see my books and biography: Website or follow me on my blog!

December 3, 2019

I Came to Kill You by Johnette Loefgren [Classic/General/Complete]

Conqueror and Companion by Johnette Loefgren [Conqueror/General/Complete]
I'm sending this one in hopes that some may want to read a rather tame Conqueror tale.


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