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May 13, 2019

Added Part 18, Part 19 and Part 20 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)

The Broken Arrow by Bat Morda [Classic/Alt/Complete]

Like a Tree by Gili Hirsch [Classic/Alt/Complete]
This piece takes place around Season 3, before the Hope arc, and assumes Gabrielle and Xena are a couple, following a love proclamation to Xena from Gabrielle, and a slow adaptation of Xena into couplehood bliss, despite her initial struggle. Right in the midst of their love story, following a normal encounter with warlords, Xena and Gabrielle are faced with their worst nightmare.. This story explores both Xena's and Gabrielle's reactions to this horrific act.

A Kiss to Build a Dream on by Heruda [Original/Alt/Complete]
Can a property bring two people together and if it does what kind of a life will it bring them?

May 12, 2019

Two new bards join us today. Please welcome TCBard and Gili Hirsch!

Monsters, Trolls and Tara by TCBard [Original/Alt/Complete]
Carly woke up ready for another day of hiding from the bully known as the Monster. That is until a little blond runs her over. One crazy encounter with the new girl and she comes to face a crazed Monster and her Troll followers.

Archway by Gili Hirsch [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Shortly after Xena’s death, a cynical and mourning Gabrielle comes to the understanding that even the most horrible stories can come true. Stagnant, she tries to find purpose in a life without Xena.

Added Part 15, Part 16 and Part 17 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)

The Affection Factor by Bat Morda [DS9/Alt/Complete]


Announcement from Q. Kelly
The sequel to “Coach Z” is out!
Buy “Coach M” on Amazon ( ) and on Smashwords ( ). It is also available via Apple, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, etc.
Blurb: Andi Zappa never expected to coach the Richmond College Ravens again, but she's back five years after she left. She takes over as the women's basketball coach midseason and must contend with obstacles, old and new. The biggest may be Melissa MacKenzie, the player she fell in love with five years ago. Melissa is now an assistant coach for the Ravens and navigates treacherous waters as she tries to keep her relationship with Andi professional.

It'll be available in print very soon as well. It stands alone fine on its own, but I do recommend reading “Coach Z” (Kindle: , Smashwords: )

Whew! So that marks three novels I have released so far this year. I feel fairly safe in saying that it'll be a while before my next book. I had “Reality Lesbian 3,” “Being Margaret” and “Coach M” around in half-finished form for a couple of years, and I managed to get them finished close together. Nothing is in the pipeline right now, so who knows when the next book will come.

Happy reading!



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