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July 7, 2019

Added Part 3 of A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever by Gili Hirsch [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
Part three of A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever series. Right as Xena's behavior leaves her dangerously close to death, an unexpected figure from the past comes to the rescue


Announcement from Desert Palm Press

You Matter


Jazzy Mitchell

A disgruntled former client attempts to kill Reggie Esposito, a senior law partner at Hawk, Esposito & Associates—a leading Boston law firm, after she loses his lawsuit. Chrissy Kramer, her paralegal, prevents him from shooting Reggie, but she is hurt in the process. While Chrissy and her son, Ben, stay with Reggie to recuperate, their connection deepens, and they embark on a romantic relationship.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website , and soon at Smashwords, Amazon, Bella Books

Gold Star Chance

(Five Points – Book 1)


C J Murphy

High in the Appalachian Mountains, Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons, frequently puts her specialized rescue training to use. The retired smoke jumper, turned law enforcement officer, is dedicated to the protection of all those who live in or visit Tucker County, West Virginia. With her K9 partner, Zeus, she maintains the peace even as it eludes her off-duty life.

On her chest, she wears a badge that symbolizes her guiding principles. There are five points, each representing an inherent code of ethics. Honor, duty, courage, integrity, and empathy, represent her way of life in and out of uniform. The day her father stepped in front of a bullet, the consequences of defending those gold-plated edicts, were imprinted on her soul. Years later as a forest fire raged over her body, they were seared into her skin.

Dr. Jax St. Claire, drove away from California wine country with two horses in tow and a broken spirit. After a failed marriage, Jax is determined to start again as she takes over her retired uncle's veterinary practice in a small West Virginia county.

Untamed wilderness, sliced open by deep canyons and wide rivers, draws outdoor enthusiasts all year long to Tucker County, West Virginia. At the conclusion of an intense rescue operation, the former lovers come face to face, thirty years later after they parted. Long dormant feelings rage to life like a hot spot in dry tinder.

Three decades ago, Jax went off to college and took Chance's heart with her. Now that she's back, the formidable Sheriff is determined to grab her 'gold star chance'. Forces beyond their control may cost them everything before the mistakes from the past can be rectified. 'The Five Points Series', Book one, introduces a burning passion so strong, the river cascading over Blackwater Falls couldn't put it out.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press , and soon at Smashwords, Amazon, Bella Books



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