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September 4, 2015

Announcement from The Academy of Bards
Attention Bardies...we have another volunteer. Alexandra is willing to help with Russian phrase translation. Contact her at Watch out Google Translate we are going to put you out of business. <.g.> A big thank you to all the folks who have volunteered to help. Y'all ROCK!


Hey Munchkins? Do you think we should put together a database on the Academy list or even the 411 list with these folks listed so that they are easily found by those looking for assistance? What do y'all think?

Too Scared to Fall by Kerry McNair [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Too Scared to Fall is set in London, following two main characters Cassidy one of the S&M's London scene best top and Jennifer a newbie trying to find herself. What starts out as fun for Cassidy quickly turns more serious as she begins to feel more.

Mysterous Island by Norsebard [Uber-Original/Alt/Complete]
En route to the Marquesas in the South Pacific, a bad storm sends the luxury yacht owned by Carol Ann Lawrence and her dominating husband, the former Air Force Captain Charles Lawrence, off course into uncharted waters. When they discover a mysterious, bluish-green island that seems ripe for exploration, they head ashore with a small team of sailors - but as the dream of a tropical paradise turns into a nightmare, Carol Ann learns the hard way that some things are better left alone... like the island of the Mu-Kwanda.

September 2, 2015

Announcement from The Academy of Bards
Hey folks...we have another wonderful reader who is willing to help Bards with foreign language phrase translations. Riva is volunteering to help you translate English to Spanish. Contact her at


Friends, writers, Bardies lend me your ears...We have another volunteer translator. You can contact Sam at

Hello there!

I'm not sure how much would someone be in need for Croatian, but I'd be more than glad to offer assistance in that department. I know from personal experience Google Translate sometimes just doesn't work ;) Anyway, feel free to drop an e-mail.

Added Part 2 of Enter the Dark by Wilbur [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
This new adventure will test the strength of the budding relationship between Gabrielle and Deerdra. Will it bring them closer or drive them apart?
In chapter one, Xena, Gabrielle, and Deerdra encounter an old nemesis--Dahak! Will the three be able to defeat this evil entity unscathed?

Added Flipped - Part 8, Part 9 and Part 10 by K-Morgan[Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Although I know everyone is waiting for the sequel to Waterville (which will come soon), I've decided to release the attached story as a birthday tribute to a friend. Flipped is a story about a woman and the phone that changed her life. The story was inspired by a friend who had multiple problems with her cell phone and a dare, to my comment, that I could probably write a story about her phone issues.


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