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December 9, 2018

Oh That Darn Christmas Tree by Norsebard (Uber/Alt/Complete)
Sunday, December ninth: The holiday season is just around the corner and it's time to get a nice tree. An interesting flyer prompts Cecilie and Regitze Clausen to drive to a local gardening center that offers its customers a chance to fell their own Christmas tree. Almost as expected, the picky Regitze has a hard time finding one that matches her lengthy list of requirements, and that's when the little niggles begin to grow into problems…

Announcement from Brisk Press
Brisk Press is pleased to announce the latest in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series - Vengeance: Book Twenty-Two.

eBook is available now for purchase at , Amazon, and Bella
Paperback is available for pre-order

ISBN 13: 978-09987907-6-3

It's easy, not to mention tempting, to blithely commit some serious errors in judgment when you're young. Most of them become distant memories as the years tick by. But every once in a while a youthful indiscretion is more like a ticking time bomb, counting down until it blows.

Catherine Smith has had her share of misfortune, but few of her travails have shaken her like the revelation she faces now. It's unsettled every part of her life; from her relationship with Giacomo, to Jamie, and even to Jennie. All she wants is some time alone to grapple with her feelings, but when you're raising a high school student, your time is not your own. Her instinct is to run and hide, but she desperately needs the love and support of her family. Trying to hide a secret prevents those who love you from offering the right kind of support, though, so Catherine has to struggle to balance her needs with those of the people she loves the most. Sadly, her instincts are not great.

Jamie once again feels shut out, and she has a hard time dealing with it. But she's so busy, with Aisling visiting, and starting her final semester of real estate classes at Cal that she's largely able to play the waiting game.

Of course, when Ryan O'Flaherty's in the mix, free time is never in abundance. Ryan's trying to spend time with Aisling, Caitlin, and the new O'Flaherty Cousin's Project while taking a full class load at Cal, and training for the AIDS Ride. And in her spare time, she's determined to find out what's bothering Catherine.

Just another few months amidst the mayhem of Clan O'Flaherty-Evans, the liveliest spot in town.

Announcement from Tey Holden
Publication Announcement:
Joint Venture, Addy and Karen Series Book - 4
Ebook available at

When the stables burn, Addy ends up with a gun in her hand to defend Karen and Alex. She takes the shot that, in the most unusual way, ends the ordeal with Karen's family. Then when Alejandro begins to race, old fears return. Later, when the local vet enters the scene, she becomes enamored with an old family friend.

Alex loves JP's hilarious eccentricities, but he drives Karen over the edge. Disaster and prejudice come to town, and Addy and Karen face them off. Still, in the midst of it all, there is a child to raise, a school to change, and a town to fix. The future and the story belong to Alex.

December 2, 2018

Announcement from Stein Willard
My book, Hereafter, the sequel to Afterglow, is now available on Amazon.

Six weeks ago, Palmer Middleton received the shock of her life when she foubd out that she was a mother to three brilliant daughter, all borne by the deadly Pharmac Principal, Hemheri. A short visit with her newfound family made realize that she still loved Hem and wanted to be het. That left her with the difficult task of finding a suitable replacement for her position as Captain of the Concorde and Senate Council Liaison. The quicker she got that done, the quicker she could be back in her beloved Hem's arms. But her plans changed unexpectedly when she finds herself fighting slave traders and brutal outlaws to save the Confederacy from a group of anarchist.

As an Immortal, Hem had all the time she needed on her hands to wait for the return of her mate. Then why did a meagre six weeks felt like an eternity? All she had to do was stay put on Pharm and wait for Palmer's return. But then the universe messed up her timeline when she finds out that one of her beloved daughters was being held captive on Terran. Enraged, by such a blatant act of provocation, she prepares to rescue her daughter and make the ones responsible pay. Instead, she finds herself invovled in a coup and having to save the very person she wants to destroy.

Amidst all these emotional and political upheavals, Hem and Palmer find themselves having to bear witness to an unexpected love story that leaves them torn between vengeance and acceptance.

Stein Willard

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Release from Desert Palm Press

The Bucket List


CJ Murphy

Professor Jordan Armstrong, a biogenetic engineer, is at an impasse in her super food research. In order to move forward, she is adamant that her former professor, Noeul Scott, is the key. The problem is, Noeul vanished after a personal tragedy. Jordan stumbles upon a coded 'bucket list' that she hopes will reveal clues to where she's gone. With the help of her cryptologist sister, Jordan follows clues to several National Parks where hidden memorials to Noeul's deceased wife, contain the next set of coded ciphers. Jordan must decode each in order to reveal the next location. Along this expedition, she is guided by something, or someone, she can't see. Unexplained happenstances continue to direct her steps.

Available at:

Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


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