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October 3, 2015

Dr. Duncan Goes to Washington by Ernie Whiting [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Dr. Gabriella Duncan flies to Washington DC to testify before a Congressional Committee. Naturally, the potty-mouthed Navy doctor winds up getting herself into trouble by stirring up a political hornet's nest of controversy.

Added Part 6 - Chapter 8 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
Andromeda and her crew are safely home, but their lives and the lives of all citizens are at risk. This is the continuing story of the officers of Andromeda.

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Release from Desert Palm Press

Starless Nights

(Dark Horizons Book 2)


Rae D. Madgon & Michelle Magly

In this sequel to Dark Horizons Taylor and Maia did not know where they would go when they fled Earth. They trusted Akton to take them somewhere safe. Leaving behind a wake of chaos and disorder, Coalition soldier Rachel is left to deal with the backlash of Taylor's actions, and soon finds herself chasing after the runaways. Rachel quickly learns the final frontier is not a forgiving place for humans, but her chances for survival are better out there than back on Earth. Meanwhile, Taylor and Maia find themselves living off the generosity of rebel leader Sorra, an ikthian living a double life for the sake of the rebellion. With Maia's research in hand, Sorra believes they can deliver a fatal blow against the Dominion.

Available at:

Smashwords , CreateSpace , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


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