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Carina Q. Fuller

Last Updated:  9/17/2005

Because I Love Her

Ares examines his true feeling's about Xena in this short story told from his point of view.

Growing Up "Livia"

This is the story of the tragic events that turned Xena's innocent daughter Eve into the monster known by the world as Livia, Champion Of Rome.

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Stand By You

This is the story that directly precedes the events that occur in the Studies In Light series. When Gabrielle is sexually assaulted by Apollo, god of the sun, she will stop at nothing to exact revenge, including forging a weapon that can kill him, gathering her own army and killing the innocent. Can the power of Xena and Eve's love stop her before she destroys not only more innocents, but herself as well?

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Studies In Light

To save Gabrielle's life after an attack by assassins of the temple of Apollo, Aphrodite sends Gabrielle to an alternate universe. The plan is to send Gabrielle back to her home universe a few moments before her death so she can save herself. However Gabrielle encounters the alternate Xena who is Athena's Champion and in desperate need of redemption.

In her attempts to point Xena on the right direction Gabrielle misses her opportunity to get home and becomes trapped on the other world. In the home universe Xena falls apart without Gabrielle and becomes the monster she was before she met Gabrielle. In addition to this, Gabrielle's presence is harming the alternate universe and if she isn't sent home soon that world will be destroyed. Can Xena get Gabrielle home to her homeworld to the moment before her death to prevent the tragic events that occur in her absence and find redemption in a world without her?

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