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Ice Bard

Last Updated:  7/31/2016

Incarnations: The Chosen Road

Set in a dystopian near future. When a young woman in an impossible situation witnesses a beating, she wishes she could help the victims; then watches as another woman intervenes. Everything is about to change.

Incarnations: The Garden

A curious meeting and powerful connection lead to lives of love and happiness - and a garden.

Incarnations: Voices

A student at a futuristic university is intrigued by a brilliant but eccentric classmate.

Incarnations: Quietness

A relentless human weapon meets a young woman who represents the peace that has always eluded her.

Incarnations: Choosing Littleness

A young woman in trouble is helped by a woman who can predict the future.

The Mistresses of Madness

Hexiya is an unusual and sensitive girl, alone and isolated in a town of mystery and hatred. Her mother is locked in an asylum for killing her father; and there is something very wrong with the children at her school. All seems bleak until she makes friends with an extraordinary new girl in her class.A love story set in southwest England.

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Together: Two Individuals Meeting

A love story set in southwest England. Vibeke Kaestner lives alone and has no close friends or relationships. She lives a quiet life that is pleasant in some ways but also rather empty. But when she meets the charmingly eccentric Ember Leaves, everything changes for both of them. The connection between them becomes a magical source of happiness and awareness that imbues even the simplest moments with joy and fulfilment.

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