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Kerry McNair

Last Updated:  2/28/2017

The Girl Behind the Camera   [Incomplete]

Two women, Drew and Jordan have known each other for at least 15 years. One has had a crush for almost that long on the other. It takes a brother and a party to make them accept their feelings for each other.

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Parcel of Trust

The book centres around two characters called Casey Alder and Jodie Flynn. Casey is a mid-twenties cycle courier in London and lives in the area of Finsbury Park which is in the North end of London. She rents a first floor flat from an older lady, who lives in the ground floor of the house. The lady insists that Casey calls her Aunt Essie and she treats her like another grand-daughter. Casey is known as a player though out the gay scene, and is happy with that. That way it is easier to be safe. A childhood in care can make you uneasy of relationships.

Aunt Essie, though feels that Casey could do with being in a relationship, and would love for her to meet her grand-daughter Jodie. This proves harder than she thought and the two girls keep missing each other. Then Casey is shot and sees another person killed as she does a late night pick up for her job.

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Switch It Up

This short story centres round two late twenties women. Set partly within an SM club that is part run by one of the women. By the end of the night both women are definitely switched up by each other. This story contains sex and strong language between two females, if this offends you, then don't read, simples.

Too Scared to Fall   [Incomplete]

Too Scared to Fall is set in London, following two main characters Cassidy one of the S&M's London scene best top and Jennifer a newbie trying to find herself. What starts out as fun for Cassidy quickly turns more serious as she begins to feel more.

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