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Last Updated:  9/14/2006

First Sight   ebook version available

This is a prequel to my first story, New Year, New Beginnings. I've decided to write a series of short stories each one a moment in time. It's the age old classic - girl meets girl - story.

New Year, New Beginnings   ebook version available

New Years isn't always about resolutions - sometimes it's about beginnings.

The Kiss

A short interlude following the events of First Sight

Lust Fulfilled

What happens when you find yourself in a lift with the object of your lust?


A moment of realisation after an evening of passion.

Song of Sorrow

A moment in time - a song of sorrow.

Summer Holiday

A lesbian summer holiday should be just like any other - shouldn't it?

Sunday Interlude

What exactly can you do on a Sunday when the kids have gone out?


In the Christian world people are encouraged to develop their testimony on how they became a Christian. This is a Lesbian testimony.