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Last Updated:  9/9/2009

525,600 Minutes - How Do You Measure, Measure A Year?


Seeing the tragic outcome between the warrior, and the bard, Ares decides he can no longer keep the details of what really happened at Higuchi a secret. Along with his sister, he attempts to undo the damage done, by another's lies.

The Child of Light

Two daughters, one family, two very different paths.

The Child of Darkness

Her Final Chapter

10 years after the death of her soulmate, with their daughter by her side, The Battling Bard finally finds peace.

The One

Its do or die time for Atrayeu, as he stands alone during his last day at the harvest festival. Will he suffer the grim consequences of being unsold, or will he finally find "The One" before its too late??

One of Those Nights

After restoring Xena's spirit with her body, the two head back to the Amazon village for the night. But one slip from the warrior gives the bard the courage to bare her biggest secret to her partner. Will Xena accept it?

Only in My Dreams

According to Rob Tapert, in "The Making of Who's Gurkhan", Xena was originally supposed to have a hallucination of herself and Gabrielle riding down the beach, rather than of Gabrielle coming to her in the dungeons. I took the idea, and ran with it. This is my idea of what would've happened over the course of that day.

Talking in Your Sleep

"I hear, the secrets that you keep. When you're talking in your sleep..." What happened on the way back to Greece that led Xena to send Gabrielle to the Temple of Mnemosyne.

Total Recall  [Incomplete]

Its no mystery that D'Anna Biers, aka Cylon Model Number Three knows who the fifth and final Cylon is. But is that really all she knows?

Part 1 

Thirty Seconds

If Xena only had 30 Seconds to live...

Twenty Questions

Another 20 Questions

The Unchained Heart

Set between "Kindred Spirits" and "Antony and Cleopatra," Xena recounts what might've been had she come to her senses one long ago night.