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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.





May 19, 1997

Orlando , Florida


It was a sunny and breezy day for Alex Davenport and Jamie Johnson, but most importantly it was graduation day. The day they had all been waiting for, the day of freedom from homework and boring classes, and the day to leave High School behind. It was perfect for Alex because her parents and younger brother Bryan, by one year, were there to support her. Most importantly Jamie was there, the love of her life, smiling at Alex with perfectly straight teeth after getting her braces off that same year and the greenest eyes anyone could ever fall so deeply into. They met in their freshman year of High School at a house party and they had been together ever since. Always finding ways to be together and every year hoping they had the same classes together.

Alex Winked at Jamie with a crooked smile as they stood in two separate lines waiting to be called out onto the stage. Alex thought back to a letter she received in the mail last month from UCLA. She had been accepted into the university and had not told Jamie about it yet. She knew that today would be the day that she needed to tell Jamie about that letter and her plans to go to Los Angeles .

While she attended UCLA to study Astronomy she would pursue her dream of acting. Alex was in drama class through all four years of High School and it was something that she loved to do. She looked down at her hands and played with the platinum bracelet Jamie had given her on her birthday last year.

The High Schools' Vice Principal's voice finally spoke loudly into the mic to a roaring crowd of parents, family and friends. The speech lasted about five minutes and then she announced the seniors, their rehearsed cue to walk out onto the stage.

“Please welcome the Seniors of Galaxy High School!” From behind the curtains both lanes of student walked out, in their red and black gowns, to their seats in front of the stage. They waved back with smiles on their faces. Jamie faced the stage again and relaxed as the Principal started to speak. In alphabetical order, by last name, the line of students started to receive their diplomas. Alex's name was called and she walked onto the stage, her dark hair shining in the sun. She walked up to the Principal, shook his hand and faced the crowd with her diploma held high.

“Woohoo!” She yelled.

The crowd and her parents cheered for her. Jamie cheered with the crowd as well; Alex always knew how to get a crowd going. A few minutes later, it was Jamie walking onto the stage after her name was called by the Principal. The crowd clapped, her family cheered and after receiving the diploma could only stare at Alex. Alex blew her a kiss and continued to clap with the crowd. Jamie smiled and walked down the stairs back to her seat. This was the best day of her life and she was going to share it with Alex. Jamie played with the white gold band around her ring finger. She was happy high school was finally over.

After everyone had been given their diplomas all of the graduates were taking pictures with friends, and family. Jamie's parents each gave her a hug and took turns taking pictures. There was a tap on her shoulder and Jamie turned around to see Alex smiling with her arms open waiting for a hug. Jamie jumped into Alex's arms kissing Alex's neck.

“Congratulations!” Jamie whispered into her neck.

“You too, babe.” Alex pulled away, looking into Jamie's eyes with a worried look.

Jamie cocked her head to the side in question. “What's wrong, why are you looking at me like that?”

Alex moved a strand of hair away from Jamie's eyes.

“Come on, I have to tell you something, but I don't want to say it here next to your parents.”

Alex took Jamie's hand and they walked away from the crowd to some trees on the field in front of the school.

“Okay Alex, what do you have to tell me?” Jamie asked with an undercurrent of nervousness.

“I know I should have told you before,” Alex paused, taking a breath, scared at what Jamie would say. “but– I got accepted to UCLA, and I'm going to be moving to Los Angeles to take classes.” Alex was looking down at the grass the whole time and finally had the courage to look up into Jamie's eyes. She didn't like what she saw. She saw hurt and surprise.

Jamie covered her forehead with her hand, she didn't know what to say. She didn't know how to feel. She could only ask one question. “How long have you known about this Alex?” Jamie moved her arms, crossing them in front of her.

“Since last month. I'm so sorry Jamie I knew I should have told you.” Alex moved forward to touch Jamie but Jamie pulled back.

“I thought we were going to go to the college here together, what ever happened to those plans?” Jamie's eyes started to water. She didn't know that Alex would keep something like this from her.

Alex saw the tears start to run down her face. She had never made Jamie cry and seeing her cry today because of her decision, scared Alex to death. Jamie brushed the tears away but they continued to fall. Alex moved towards Jamie again and grabbed her hands. Jamie didn't pull away this time, letting Alex take her hands in her own.

“I'm really sorry Jamie, but I need to do this. It's a perfect opportunity to study at UCLA and continue with acting in Hollywood . This could really show me so much more than what I know now–and I was going to tell you sooner but I wasn't sure I was going to take it…” Jamie cut Alex off mid sentence.

“So when you said you were going to UCF instead, was I just a back up plan if UCLA didn't accept you? Because that's what it sounds like to me. And if you knew all of this you should have just told me the truth Alex, just the truth.” Jamie's tears were coming faster down her face and she was no longer looking up at Alex. Alex lifted Jamie's face up to look at her again. “Please don't cry; that's not what I was thinking at all Jamie. Fuck, I wish I would have told you when I knew for sure, and I'm sorry, I really am.”

Jamie tucked her windblown hair behind her ears, her nose red and her eyes puffy. “So where does this leave us Alex?”

“We can still be together, I'll come visit at least once a month and during the holidays. We could make it work.” There was a pause, Jamie's hands were still captured in Alex's. Jamie looked down at their intertwined fingers.

“I don't think that would work Alex, I don't think I could take that separation.”

“We can do it Jamie, I know we can.”

“No we can't! We've been together since freshman year, maybe this was just our High School first love that everyone talks about.”

“You know we're not like that. It's so much more between you and me Jamie. You're so much more than that.” Alex's voice cracked with pent up panic. She felt like she was losing everything. She didn't know it could go this wrong.

“You should have thought about that before keeping this from me.” Jamie felt so tired and worn out, she looked at her hands in Alex's and removed them slowly. Alex looked at her now with tears in her eyes as well. Jamie slowly pulled the ring off of her finger.

“What are you doing?” Alex asked, panicked.

“You should have this back.” Jamie opened Alex's hand, placing the glistening ring in her palm.

“Please don't do this Jamie, you're so important to me.” Alex cried openly, her shoulder shaking. Jamie was crying too, she looked towards her parents who were talking with other parents in the field.

“I just wish you were truthful with me from the very beginning Alex. I just feel left out. And you being so far away will not be the same as you being here with me. I don't think I'm strong enough to only have you every now and again. We had so many plans after we graduated. And you–threw them away in one decision.” Jamie could only whisper now, mascara running down her face.

“I'll always love you Alex, I wish you the best.”

Alex went to grab Jamie before she walked away.

“Don't do this! Please!”

“Let go of me Alex.” Jamie cried.

“No!” Alex pulled Jamie to her, grabbed her face and kissed her lips; first softly, then more desperately. Jamie opened herself to Alex, loving the way Alex caressed her lips with her mouth. Alex pulled away from her mouth and hugged Jamie fiercely to her, crying loudly. “Please, please Jamie! I love you.”

“Then don't go Alex, you can take the same classes here and study acting here!”

They looked into each others eyes, both quiet for only a moment.

“I can't Jamie.”

Jamie removed herself from Alex's embrace, her body shaking. She knew this was the end. This time Alex didn't stop her as she walked away, back towards the crowd. Alex looked down at her palm and opened it, the ring laying there with the word 'forever' inscribed on the inside. A tear fell down onto her palm and she closed her fingers around the ring she had given Jamie to show her how much she loved her. Their relationship perfect until now. Four years were finished. They were over. Alex looked back up to the crowd, and spotted Jamie already with her parents. Jamie was clearly crying and talking to her mom and dad.

Jamie's mom took her hand as they walked to the parking lot to leave.

Alex Slipped the ring onto her own finger and touched the bracelet Jamie had given her.

“I love you Jamie.” Alex whispered. She wiped her tear stained face and started her walk back to her own family. She didn't know how she was going to go through life without Jamie in it. Alex knew it was going to be a long year.



January 2009

New York , New York


A man dressed in a black Armani suit walked quickly down the hall of the large condo; the sun reflecting off short blonde hair as he passed the large windows. He held a manila folder in his hand that had a few papers sticking out. He reached, clear, glass doors that led to a contemporary designed office. In the middle of the large room was a silver and glass desk with many papers strewn across it. The man looked around the large room to the book cases then to the left where the fireplace was. There, sitting on one of the plush leather couches, was a woman with straight dark shoulder length hair, barely passing her shoulders. She had a glass of red wine in her right manicured hand. On her ring finger sat a platinum band reflecting the sunlight as she stared at the fireplace. The man walked to the couch slowly.

“Hey Alex? I have the information you needed.”

Alex took another sip of her wine and placed it on the coffee table in front of her. She then stood up, stretching to her full height and turned around with a hint of a smile on her lips. He barely saw her smile anymore; only for the paparazzi but he knew it was all an act. The industry had taken a toll on Alex. She was known as a playgirl in Hollywood ; not your run-of-the mill playgirl but an openly gay one. The 'a-list' star was also currently the highest paid actress in the business. In her early days she tried every drug she could get her hands on, and slept with as many women as she wanted to. Some even married to famous actors while they were with her. Once known as a home wrecker, she was now known as an internationally acclaimed six-time Oscar winner for leading and supporting roles.

Seeing her smile always made him happy. They had met in College when Alex found him sitting in the shade before class, crying about the break up with his then boyfriend.




Alex was walking to her next class, a thick blue book in her left arm and a red backpack hanging over her right shoulder. She wasn't in a rush to get to her next class because she was on campus half an hour earlier than normal. Alex decided to study before class so she looked around the campus for somewhere to sit and read. She wanted to get out of the sun and decided to go sit in her usual spot, under a large tree at the front of the campus.

As she was walking to her normal spot she saw a man sitting there already. He was crouched with his knees folded up, leaning on them with his face buried in his hands. As she got closer she could hear the man softly sobbing, his shoulders shaking.


She decided to sit on the opposite side of the tree and dropped her backpack onto the ground as she sat on the grass. She opened the large blue book and started to read. Every ten seconds, it seemed, she would hear the man sob a little louder and then quiet down. After about five minutes of the same pattern Alex was curious, stood up, and walked around the tree.

“Excuse me, are you okay?”

He looked up at her, grey eyes red and swollen.

“Yeah, I'm fine.”

Alex stood over him her head cocked to the side.

“You don't seem fine.”

“Okay, well, maybe I'm not but it's really not your concern.”

Alex squatted in front of him with her right hand out for him to shake.

“My name is Alex.”

The man looked at her with curiosity, and shook her hand. Alex noticed the rainbow bracelet he was wearing had the name 'Todd' printed on it, as a well manicured hand closed around her own.


“Did you and your boyfriend break up?” Steven looked at her and his eyes started to water up again. “Am I that obvious?”

Alex smiled compassionately, “A little bit.” She sat down next to him. Her eyes took on a far away look. “I understand how it feels when you want someone so bad and can't have them back.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, I do.” Alex looked ahead at the campus then back to Steven.

“Want to talk about it?”

Tears ran down Steven's face and he smiled sadly, “Sure.”

She consoled him and ever since then they had been great friends. Even now they stayed true to each other. He was her assistant after all.

“Great let me see.” Alex motioned for the manila folder.

“I don't see why you want to get in contact with her Alex. She dumped you on your graduation.” He turned to walk to the desk in the center of the room, scratching his head as he went.

Alex opened the folder and walked towards the desk as well.

“She didn't dump me Steven. I gave her no choice back then. She was heart broken, and I want another chance to see her and speak to her.” She laid the contents onto the glass desk. There lay a picture of Jamie on an eight-by-ten poster reading 'Jamie Johnson, Motivational Speaker, January 3 rd , 10:30pm, at the Convention Center.' Alex stared at the picture of Jamie. She still had dirty blonde hair; it was wavy and a little passed her shoulders. Her eyes staring with a look of confidence and a large smile on her face.

I've never forgotten about her Steven, I should have taken her with me, or at least fought harder to keep her. She was so good for me.” Steven looked into Alex's eyes and they were distant, like she wasn't really in the room with him.

“Sweetie, you two were teenagers, young adults, things change, priorities change and I'm sure she understood that afterwards.”

“I'm going to the convention center to see her tonight, I have to. Every time I try to see her something comes up, so clear my schedule for the whole night, I don't care.” Alex put on her stoic face. Nothing could change her plans.

Steven took a step closer to her.

“But Alex you have to go on SNL tonight, you can't cancel that! You have to promote your movie!” He pointed to the large movie poster with Alex's face on it wearing an army helmet and battle ground behind her. The movie had taken two years to make and was already generating Oscar buzz.

“You can't not promote 'The Soldiers'!” Steven's face was getting red.

Alex just stared at him with a serious look on her face.

She closed the manila folder and put her hands on Steven's shoulders. “That's why I have you Steven. I'm not backing out of this. I need to see her and tell her how sorry I am about letting her go. For Christ sake she's probably married to a nice lady or– man out there!”

“But Alex, she was your high school girlfriend.” He pouted.

Alex turned and walked to her office doors.

“We were together for all four years of high school.” Alex turned back to Steven as she opened the clear glass door, holding on to the silver handle that had her initials 'A.D.' inscribed in cursive into them.

“I still love her Steven. I just need to tell her that I'm sorry and I love her. Nothing's going to stop me. Now cancel my SNL appearance and get me a limo for tonight, or I fire you, got that?” She stared at him with cold blue eyes.

Steven just nodded. Waving his hand at her to go. She had fired him ten times already.

“Good.” Alex turned and left, the door shutting behind her as she walked down the hallway leading to the family room of the large condo. Steven stared at the manila folder on the desk, pulling his Blackberry from his pocket.

“You better be worth all of this Jamie. He muttered as he dialed out.



Alex arrived in a black shiny limousine across the street from the convention center. She had her leather jacket on, dark blue jeans and her hair in a loose French braid. The door was opened for her and she stepped out onto the sidewalk. The convention center glowed under the night sky. Alex fingered the ring on her left hand and looked up at the building in front of her. It was time to face her past. Steven had gotten her a ticket to the seminar that Jamie was going to appear at. After reading the contents that were in the manila envelope, she found that Jamie was a speaker for Gay and Lesbian Rights in America .

She was one of many speakers that were at the convention center that night to speak about rights and the crises going on with gays and lesbians around the world.

Alex turned to her driver “Thanks Max, I'll be back in an hour or so.”

Max nodded and smiled. “I'll be right here Alexandra.”

Alex crossed the street to the convention center; she hoped nobody recognized her because she didn't want her time to look for Jamie to be wasted.

Alex reached the doors to the convention center, the cold air hitting her face from inside. All around her were tables with pamphlets and people behind them trying to sell gay cruises or advertising pride weekends in Palm Springs . A few eyes stared back at her longer than usual, obviously recognizing who she was. Alex smiled crookedly at them then stopped in a corner looking down at her ticket. The ticket read that Jamie would be speaking at 10:30pm. That would be in another thirty minutes and hopefully she would have enough time to find her before she got up to speak.

“Excuse me.”

Alex looked up from the ticket at a young girl with a spiked, punk, hairstyle and a piercing on the left side of her lip that stood in front of her nervously playing with the studded bracelet on her wrist. Alex smiled crookedly at the shy looking rocker girl.


“Um–yeah so I saw you walking in and wondered if I could have your autograph?”

The girl took out a magazine from her messenger bag hanging off of her left shoulder, and flipped the pages to an article with a large picture of Alex lounging on a brown leather couch. The girl handed the magazine to the actress and also handed her a black permanent Sharpie.

Alex smiled and nodded. She took the magazine and Sharpie. “Sure. What's your name?”

“It's Angela–I didn't know you were a guest speaker here today. Uh–this is actually, actually a coincidence that I even had that magazine with that article in it. You're like so fucking hot and awesome in all of your movies! I–I really can't wait until your new movie comes out with you playing a lesbian soldier in the army. I think that's great, you're like an icon man!” Angela moved her arms wildly while she spoke. Alex laughed and gave the autographed magazine back to Angela.

“Well, thank you, that's really flattering but I'm not a guest speaker. I'm actually here to see Jamie Johnson speak tonight.”

Angela stuffed the Sharpie and magazine back into her messenger bag. “Oh yeah, we're all here to see her. She's like the main speaker at these things, you know I got her auto too, she signs at a table down the room there.” Angela pointed towards the tables in the back. Alex followed her finger and smiled.

“Thank you so much Angela, it was nice meeting you.” Alex left the rocker girl and turned to the tables in the back room. While walking to the back room she noticed people recognizing her and some even called to her for autographs and pictures. Alex denied them autographs while trying to reach her destination. Finally, she found the room for the speakers that night. They were signing autographs just as Angela described.

Then she saw her. She saw Jamie at one of the tables sitting next to another woman but Jamie was the only one signing for the line of women and men there.

Alex stopped to look over the crowd at Jamie and realized that she was just as beautiful as she was back in high school. Her hair was wavy and blonde past her shoulders, she was wearing a white and black striped tee with a gold necklace around her neck that was shining under the lights. She smiled every time a new fan walked up to the table, giving her compliments or just making small talk.

Alex's stomach did a nervous flip and suddenly she knew what she had to do. Alex looked to the right of Jamie's table and saw three men and a woman standing watch over the table. Alex walked towards them, her long legs making her strides wide and getting to them in five steps.

“Hello boys and–” Alex recognized the woman now with the three men. She looked a lot like Jamie's mom but older. “Mrs. Johnson?”

Old habits died hard she thought. Even after dating Jamie for all four years of high school she still made her call her 'Mrs. Johnson'. The woman looked at her with a large smile.

“Well if it isn't Alexandra Davenport! I haven't seen you in person since you left town all those years back. Wow, I can't believe you're here!” Jamie's mom walked over to her and gave her a hug. Alex was surprised at the reception by Jamie's mom but she hugged back anyway. The three men looked at both of them in question. Alex pulled away from the hug and looked at Jamie's mom.

“Mrs. Johnson…” She was cut off mid sentence.

“Call me Sandra dear, we're both adults here, now are you a speaker here today? Jamie didn't mention you at all. Well truthfully she hasn't mentioned you in years since going off to college.” Sandra stopped to look at Alex's face and she saw how nervous she looked.

“Sandra, I came to talk to Jamie, and I really do need to speak with her–badly.”

Alex turned to look at the line dying down at Jamie's table, and it was almost 10:30pm.

Sandra called to one of the men that was staring at them oddly. The man was tall and skinny wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans. He came up to them offering his hand to Alex to shake.

“Hello Ms. Davenport it's an honor to meet you.”

Alex smiled, “Thank you.”

Sandra gave the man a pat on the shoulder. “This is John Rose, he's Jamie's manager and organizes her time here. You'll want to speak with him dear.”

Alex looked at John and smiled, “I really need to speak with Jamie, can you arrange that for me?” Her blue eyes met his brown ones with a challenge. John couldn't hold her gaze any longer and looked down then back up again with a smile. How could he resist the 'a-list' actress?

“Sure Ms. Davenport I'll let her know, but she's due to speak in about ten minutes and she usually likes to prepare, alone.”

“Well, can you tell her that someone wants to speak with her in ten minutes but don't tell her who it is because I'm afraid she won't want to talk. Do that for me, okay John?”

John scratched his head, his eyebrows pulling together in thought. “What would make her not want to speak with you Ms. Davenport? You're one of the greatest actress's of our time.”

Alex's eyes went cold again and back to John's. “We have a history John. Please do this for me.” John smiled widely reaching into his pocket.

“Okay, well she's going to be in room thirty-two in about five minutes after she's done with this crowd. Here take this,” He handed her a pass to wear around her neck that read 'VIP', “and knock three times, she'll let you in then.”

Alex put the pass around her neck and looked back to Jamie and the woman at the table getting ready to head out.

“Who's that woman with her John?” John looked over Alex's shoulder and smiled.

“Oh that's her best friend Clarissa, they're always together.”

Alex nodded and thanked whoever was listening that he didn't say girlfriend or wife.

When Alex turned again Jamie and Clarissa were gone.

“Okay Ms. Davenport, I'll see you later then?” John asked.

“Yes, thank you so much John, and call me Alex.” She patted his shoulder before walking off in the direction that Jamie went.

John looked at Alex's back as she walked away and slapped his hand to his forehead. “Jamie is going to kill me!”


Meanwhile Alex was nervously twisting the VIP pass between her fingers as she followed the signs pointing the directions to the different rooms that were hidden in the back of the building. Alex was about to round the corner to rooms thirty through thirty-five when she heard a familiar laugh that was undoubtedly Jamie's.

She saw her and quickly stepped back around the corner listening for her to go into the room.

Jamie was obviously laughing at something Clarissa was telling her. Jamie turned to Clarissa and slapped her on the arm. “She was not openly staring at my boobs, you're crazy!”

“Yes she was. She introduced herself and said 'hello my name is uh uh' and then she was hypnotized or something. It was a very weird moment for me just sitting there. You didn't even notice did you? You never seem to notice when anyone is openly checking you out, but I guess that keeps me around huh.”

“I keep you around because I love you Clarissa, you're my best friend and have been there for me through all of my bullshit.” Jamie gave Clarissa a hug and kissed her softly on the cheek as they reached Jamie's room. “Okay, I have to go in now so go keep John busy or something, I'm sure my mom is driving him crazy.”

Clarissa frowned as she let Jamie go and sighed, “Alright, I'll do that. And I'll be back to let you know when it's time to go speak. I think I'll grab a cup of coffee for John first. See you in a few minutes.” Clarissa turned and walked down the hall.

“Okay, bye.” Jamie opened the door to the room and closed it behind her with a soft click.

Alex, still around the corner, heard the entire exchange and was about to round the corner when Clarissa passed by her and they nearly slammed into each other. Alex automatically lowered her head and pretended to be scratching it to cover her face. Clarissa paused briefly, with a slight smile of amusement, at Alex's not-so-subtle attempt to cover her face. Alex was certain as Clarissa continued down the hall that she didn't recognize her.

Alex turned to make sure she was gone and finally stood outside of room thirty-two. She inhaled slowly as her heart started to pound quickly. Alex rubbed her hands on her leather jacket in a nervous gesture then fingered the ring on her left hand. She then exhaled and brought her right hand up to knock three times on the door. The knocks were loud to her ears and she heard Jamie call for her to come in.

“Come in Clarissa, wow you're back soon.” Jamie was sitting in front of a mirror putting her hair in a ponytail as she heard the door open. Normally Clarissa came in loudly with some kind of raunchy joke but Jamie was surprised not to hear one so she turned around sliding the bangs away from her face.

“ Your pretty quiet…”Jamie stopped what she was going to say and stared at the figure standing in the doorway. Her mouth opening and closing with words that wanted to come out but were frozen in her suddenly very dry throat.

Alex stood there, her hand still on the door handle as her bright blue eyes stared frightened into Jamie's eyes. She was frozen and didn't know what to say or do. Jamie and Alex just stared at each other in shock. Alex finally snapped out of her frozen state at the door and slowly closed it without turning her back to Jamie. Alex walked a step towards Jamie and a small smile appeared on the actress's face. Jamie was breathtaking in the bland small white room that only had a green couch sitting in the back corner with a wooden coffee table in front of it. The mirror was closer to the entrance of the room and Jamie occupied the chair there.

Alex put her hands in her pockets and quietly muttered only one word. “Hi” Alex kicked herself mentally. ' Hi' you idiot, that's all you've got to say?


Jamie quickly stood up from the chair feeling light headed. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Alex was there, standing in front of her after twelve years. Twelve years of not seeing each other since that bittersweet day on their graduation. She followed Alex's career throughout the years and saw how her name became a household item in the tabloids and magazines. But not once did she ever receive a call from this woman that she once loved with all of her heart. Did she even dare to say she still did love her? Alex was her first love and her everything. And now she was here, again.

Jamie covered her mouth with her hand, her eyes watering up but not crying.

“Oh my god. How did you...why...hi.” She struggled for words and didn't know what to say. Alex tilted her head and smiled nervously. She took a few more steps that left her directly in front of Jamie.

She inhaled slowly and looked down into Jamie's eyes.

“I know the smart thing would have been to call and make some sort of appointment but I was afraid you wouldn't have talked to me. If you want me to leave, I will.” Alex slowly took her hands out of her pockets and put them to her side.

“No, you don't have to leave. I'm just–very overwhelmed that you're here.” Jamie looked down at her hands then up at Alex again. Her feet shuffled on the carpet as she took a step closer to Alex and awkwardly opened her arms to give her a hug. Jamie wanted one so badly.

“May I?” Alex's face lit up and she only nodded while she opened her own arms to give Jamie a hug. Jamie slid easily into the hug and tightly held onto Alex as she closed her eyes. Alex smelled good she thought. Alex firmly held Jamie to her and lowered her head to her hair. Alex started to stroke her back and they both stood there motionless for a while just relaxing in each other's embrace. Alex wanted this for many years. This was the only embrace she wanted to feel. Jamie let go first, her eyes red with the tears rolling down her cheeks. Alex saw the tears and started to cry herself. It seemed she still couldn't stand seeing Jamie cry.

“I'm sorry Alex.” Jamie half smiled and wiped the tears with her hands.

“No, don't apologize.” With that said, Alex's hand went to Jamie's face and wiped at a lone tear, as Jamie, breathing softly, looked up at Alex.

“Why are you here Alex?”

Alex knew that question would be asked and she would need to explain herself. The reunion over so quickly.

“I've been wanting to see you and talk to you about things. I guess I want to make things right between you and I. But most of all I really wanted to tell you how sorry I am for not keeping in touch with you even after how we left things. I...I also wanted to say that I still lo-” There were three knocks at the door that interrupted Alex. Jamie looked towards the door then back at Alex.

“One second okay? Don't move.”

Jamie walked to the door and quickly wiped at her eyes before opening it. It was Clarissa standing outside of the door with a giant smile on her freckled face.

“Guess what I got for the fabulous lady! A latte and a...hey wait, are you crying?”

“Oh...no, I just have allergies.” Jamie quickly responded.

“Oh, well, hey sweetie, I got you a latte and honey bun!” Clarissa said in a sing-song voice.

“Clarissa you know I don't drink coffee.”

“I know that's why I got you the honey bun! And why are you hiding? Let me put these in the room for now while you're out there talking.” Clarissa pushed open the door and saw Alex standing there with her hands in her pockets. “Oh my God, it's Alexandra Davenport!”

Alex awkwardly waved while Jamie closed the door behind Clarissa and rolled her eyes. She was about to start crying again.

“Clar, this is Alex. Alex, Clarissa.” After introducing them, recognition hit and Clarissa knew which 'Alex' this was. It was the same 'Alex' that Jamie said broke her heart on her high school graduation day. Jamie never liked to talk much about her and never told her it was the actress Alexandra Davenport. She always mentioned her as just 'Alex'.

“Oh–my–gosh you're the 'Alex' that Jamie told me about? Who went to school with her and who broke her…”

“Okay, enough Clarissa. I think it's time for me to go out there now.” Jamie looked at Alex with sadness.

Alex stared at Clarissa as she started to whisper quite loudly to Jamie.

“You were crying weren't you? Did she do something to you?” Clarissa said as she gave Alex a dirty look.

Alex shook her head slowly and gave Clarissa a cold stare and started walking to the door to leave. Jamie saw where Alex was going and ran to stop her. She grabbed Alex's arm and turned her. They stared at each other with a silent understanding of unfinished business. Jamie quickly went to her purse and pulled out a pen and piece of paper, giving it to Alex. Alex wrote down her number on it and handed back the sheet. “That's my cell Jamie. I'll be available whenever you want to talk again okay? It was really nice seeing you, you look really good.”

She caressed Jamie's arm and turned to leave giving Clarissa one last icy glare. Jamie closed the door and was looking down at the sheet with the number on it. The handwriting was the same as when they were in high school passing letters to each other during class. Jamie wiped at more tears that started to flow. Alex still got to her whether she liked it or not.

“Hey don't cry, I'm sorry if I ruined anything.” Clarissa came up to her and gave her a quick hug.

“It's okay.”

Clarissa gave Jamie a napkin to wipe her tears, “You have to go speak sweetie.”

“I know. What a mess.” Jamie took a deep breath and tried to smile. “Alright I'm ready.”

“Okay, good! Now you know we are so going to talk about what just happened afterward!”

“Clarissa! Please, just let it go for now.” Jamie gave her a look that meant she was serious.

“Okay, okay I'm sorry, lets go.”

She opened the door for Jamie and they walked down the hall towards the convention center stage area. Jamie didn't know how she would concentrate with Alex back in the mix but all she wanted to do was call that number and hear the voice that she used to know so well.


To be continued in Part Two

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