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Surviving the Storm

By Alice D.


The morning came quickly for the two women lying in bed, tangled in the sheets. Jamie's arm was splayed out across Alex's back, who was starting to awaken. Alex slowly moved from underneath Jamie's arm, trying not to wake her up. Once completely out of bed, Alex looked down at the sleeping woman and couldn't control the contented sigh from escaping her lips. Walking around the strewn clothes on the floor, Alex stepped into the bathroom, and turned on the shower.

On the bed, Jamie was fully awake, having woken up when Alex removed herself from under her arm. She heard the shower turn on and slowly turned over, letting out a long yawn. She knew Alex had to shoot on location today so she quickly lifted herself off of the bed and walked to the bathroom. She could see Alex's shadow behind the frosted glass and decided to join her girlfriend inside as well. Jamie opened the shower door and closed it behind her so none of the heat would escape.

Alex was facing her, a grin on the taller woman's face. “Well good morning, did I wake you?” Alex asked, as the warm water and soap slid down her body.

“It's alright, I had to get up anyway.” Jamie shrugged.

“Don't pretend that you didn't want to see me before I left.” Alex teased her, blowing a few soapy bubbles in Jamie's face.

Jamie grabbed Alex's arm and wrapped it around her slick waist, pulling Alex in for a morning kiss. “Of course I wanted to see you before you left, I never see you anymore these days, and this is rare.” Jamie said, once she pulled back from the kiss.

Alex nodded, pulling Jamie closer to her again and gave the softest of kisses to her neck. “Last night was great by the way,” Jamie managed to get out during Alex's assault down her neck. “But if you continue what you're doing, you're going to be late for your call time.” Jamie continued.

“You're right.” Alex sighed. She disentangled herself from the warm, wet woman in front of her, grabbed the bar of soap and glided it sensually over her body.

“Oh come on!” Jamie reproached.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Stop teasing me.”

Alex's grin widened, eyes sparkling; she was getting a kick out of her squirming girlfriend. “Hey, you're the one that followed me in here.” Which was followed by a playful slap to her backside by Jamie.


A few minutes later both women were completely dressed and ready to go. Alex was wearing gray sweat pants and a purposefully ripped wife beater. She didn't have to worry about what she wore because her wardrobe department figured that out for her.

“So what location are you guys going to be filming at today?” Jamie asked, while brushing her hair.

“Well, I'll be driving to the studio first and that's where I'll be meeting Steven. From there, him and I will be taking a flight down to Palm Springs.”

“I love Palm Springs, I wish I could go.” Jamie said as a frown appeared on her face.

“You can, just cancel whatever you're doing today.” Alex replied.

“I can't do that, Alex. People rely on me, just like your people rely on you.” Just as Jamie said that, there was a knock on their bedroom door.

“Alexandra, there is a large man downstairs who says he was sent by Steven.” Sophia spoke through the door. Jamie looked up at Alex, her eyebrow slightly raised in question.

“A large man?” Jamie asked to Alex's retreating figure.

Alex opened the bedroom door for Sophia, arms both resting on her hips. “Good morning, Sophia, where is he?” She asked, straight to the point.

“He's downstairs waiting on you. Good morning Jamie.” Sophia said, as Jamie walked up behind Alex at the door.

“Morning Sophia. Hey, Alex, where are you going?” Jamie asked. Alex had already started to make her way down the stairs towards the family room. She stopped before reaching the bottom, turning to look at Jamie. “It's your bodyguard that I said I was going to assign to you.”

Jamie internally rolled her eyes, remembering their conversation the day before, that she agreed to have an escort with her wherever she went. The only thing she could muster was a nod of her head as Alex took a last look at her. Once Alexandra disappeared around the corner, Jamie could hear her greet the man and decided to go downstairs as well.


In the family room Alex was seated next to the man who was going to be at Jamie's side from now on. He was blond, and was wearing a tight fit t-shirt that accentuated his muscles underneath, and Jeans. He could have easily passed for a quarter back on some random NFL team. He was closely listening to Alex's every word regarding Jamie's occupation and her whereabouts, only nodding to confirm.

When Jamie walked into the family room, both Alex and the escort looked up.

“Jamie, this is Dyson, your new escort.” Alex introduced, as Dyson stood to shake Jamie's hand.

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Jamie.”

“It's nice to meet you too.”

“Dyson is going to be going with you to your seminars. He's going to drive you there and anywhere else you need to go.” Alex stated.

Jamie already didn't like the idea of having Dyson drive her everywhere she needed to be, she could drive herself, and she was not going to be a passenger on her own bike. All of those thoughts went through her head, and she needed to talk to Alex privately before she left.

“Can I speak with you, Alex?” Jamie asked, smiling towards Dyson who sat back down.

Alex excused herself from the family room and followed Jamie, who was walking away towards the kitchen.

“What's wrong?” Alex asked, crossing her arms.

“Are you serious?” Jamie replied.

“I thought we agreed that you would have a bodyguard with you from now on.”

“We did agree on that, but I thought this was only for my seminars. I don't need him to be with me everywhere else I go. I don't need a driver.” Jamie objected.

“I'd prefer if he drove you, why are you making this such a big deal?” Alex asked. She was starting to get upset and a little impatient.

I'm making it a big deal? Why are you?” Jamie angrily answered back.

Alex stood quietly; she didn't want to argue about this now, especially with Dyson sitting just outside of the kitchen.

“Jay, we're together, and because of who I am I would feel better if you always had someone at your side.”

Jamie's shoulders slumped in defeat. She didn't want to argue anymore, and knew that Alex just wanted her to be safe because of the status she held in Hollywood. Jamie hadn't responded yet to Alex's last statement and wasn't going to be able to because Alex's cell phone started to ring.

“I have to take this.” Alex said, pulling the cell out of her pocket. She walked away from Jamie towards the garage, disappearing through the door.

Steven happened to be the one who had called her, wanting to make sure that Dyson arrived on time at her home. Once the call was over, Alex walked back into the main house and found Jamie and Dyson talking in the kitchen.

“I need to head over to the studio now. I'll give you a call when I'm in Palm Springs, Okay?” Alex said to Jamie as she walked up to her. Jamie nodded and embraced Alex, kissing her softly on her lips.

“I'll be fine, Alex.” Jamie whispered.

“I love you.” Alex replied, caressing Jamie's hair.

“Love you too.”

Jamie knew she was going to have to get used to having a bodyguard and someone following her all of the time. She would have to get used to it, but she didn't have to like it. Once Alex stepped out she was left with Dyson who was at the table drinking a glass of water.

“I have to leave in a few, I guess you'll be driving.” Jamie said, looking at the large man occupying their table.

“Alright, lets do this.” He replied.


The pickup truck pulled up into Jamie's driveway and noticed that no one seemed to be home. “What are the odds?” He whispered to himself.

Stepping out of the truck he walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. He knew Jamie wasn't home but wanted to make sure. Once he was absolutely sure, he went to walk around the house and noticed a screened in porch in the back. His thoughts ran rampant and knew that he could definitely use that to his advantage. He noted all the windows that were within reach, including all entrances to the house. He walked back to the front of the home with a tight smile on his face, no one was watching him and the neighborhood was very quiet. The game he was about to play already had him in the lead and he didn't intend to lose. Getting back into his car, he backed out of the driveway and drove off.



“So, you seem a little stressed out today.” Steven commented. They had made it to the airport and onto Alex's private jet. She'd been tense and quiet on the ride to the airport, and Steven knew something was up.

“Jamie wasn't too keen on having Dyson around.” She waved the flight attendant over, asking for a glass of wine.

“Why? Bodyguards are fun, and they do things for you.”

“She's just very independent, she's always been. Jamie isn't used to people following her around, she doesn't like it.” Alex took the glass from the flight attendant and quickly finished what was in it.

“Slow down there, Alex.” Steven said.

Alex rolled her eyes and glanced at Steven who was sitting in a seat across the aisle.

“You don't want to end up wasted once we land.”

“You know what, Steven, at this point I don't care.” Alex replied, with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Are you having second thoughts of being with Jamie?”

“Of course not! I love her so much and I just want her to be happy.”

Steven smiled; he knew the answer to the question before she even replied.

“I bet the sex is awesome.” He continued.

Nodding her head slowly, Alex grinned from ear to ear. “Its not just awesome, Steven, its mind blowing. She does things to my body that—”

“Hey! I didn't ask for that much information sister!” Steven interrupted.

“Oh, but she does this thing with her tongue—” Alex teased.

“God! Pretend I never said anything! Since the sex is so mind blowing, you shouldn't be so stressed out. She'll get over Dyson following her.”

“I guess so, I just have this tiny feeling of dread in the very back of my mind.” She admitted.

“It doesn't include this plane crashing does it?”

“No, nothing like that.” Alex replied as she looked out the window at the passing clouds.


“That's a pretty cool thing you have going there with your seminars.” Dyson said. He looked in the rear view mirror at Jamie sitting in the back seat. They were leaving the parking lot of the convention center an hour later than she'd expected. The seminar had run over time, causing her to miss Alex's call when she'd landed in Palm Springs.

“Thanks, I enjoy what I do.” Jamie smiled, finding Dyson's eyes on her in the mirror.

They didn't notice the truck following closely behind them out of the parking lot and into the traffic filled street, and Jamie was texting Alex, letting her know she'd call once she reached her own home.

Twenty minutes later they had pulled up into Jamie's driveway.

“Thanks for dropping me off here, Dyson, I appreciate your time today.” She said as she opened the back door to get out.

“No problem, Jamie, I'll be by again tomorrow.”

“Okay, see you then.” Closing the door she walked into her home and quickly sat down on the couch.

The truck that was following them pulled up into Jamie's driveway once Dyson had driven off, it was time for his game to play out. The handcuffs clinked in his pocket as he walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Jamie glanced at the door, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. As she walked up to her front door, her phone started to ring, which quickly distracted her. It was sitting on the coffee table in the living room and for a second she thought of going back to answer it first. In that second she changed her mind, unlocked the door, and forgetting to check through the peephole first, she opened the door.

She was surprised to see that it wasn't Dyson.

“Can I help you?” She questioned, her cell phone still ringing on the coffee table.

“Yeah, you can.” He pushed himself through the opening, knocking Jamie down onto the hardwood floor. He quickly slammed the door shut behind him as he looked down at Jamie.

Jamie looked up at the man, fear clearly evident in her eyes as she slowly backed away from him. She couldn't place where she'd seen the man before but knew for sure that she needed to get out.

He walked closer to Jamie, smiling down at her, admiring his prey.

“Do you know why I'm here?” he asked.

Jamie couldn't muster any words but only shook her head at his question.

“SPEAK UP!” He yelled out at her.

Jamie flinched and tried to get up from her kneeling position. Her cell phone had stopped ringing for a few seconds but continued up again.

“I didn't say you could get up, did I?” he whispered to her as he knelt down next to her. “Now, do you know why I'm here?” His foul breath hit her in the face, reeking of stale cigarettes and bad oral hygiene.

“N-no,” Jamie managed to say. “Please don't hurt me, I'll give you anything.”

He started laughing but kept staring at her, amused at her fear. “I already have what I want here.” He then took the handcuffs that he brought with him shook them in Jamie's face.

“These are for you.”

Jamie knew that if he put those handcuffs on her she would have a lesser chance of getting out of her home, so she did the only thing she could think of. She kicked the foul smelling man in the face as hard as she could and got up, running to the front door.

The man grunted loudly and grabbed Jamie's leg before she could get hold of the door handle. “You stupid bitch!” Yanking hard he brought her down onto the floor. Jamie landed hard on her right arm and yelped in pain when she heard a pop. She turned, trying to wrestle him off of her while he tried to subdue her. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her face towards his.

“Are you stupid?” He hissed at her.

“Please, just let me go.” Jamie whimpered.

“No, I'm not gonna let you outta my site now.” He grabbed her arms and snapped the handcuffs on her roughly.

Jamie cried out, the handcuffs digging into her wrists harshly.

“Get up bitch.” He said, as he pulled her up by the middle chain of the handcuffs.

Jamie's phone started to ring again, but this time the man grabbed it off of the coffee table, shoving Jamie onto the couch.

“Well look at this. Three missed calls from Alex and two from Clarissa. I think your friend and girlfriend want your attention.” Pressing the power button at the top of the phone, he turned it off and placed it in his pants pocket. As the phone slid into his pocket, a worse feeling of fear came over Jamie. Her connection to the outside world was gone.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler, and you're Jamie. You're with Alexandra Davenport and I hate your kind.”

“My kind?” Jamie was confused.

“You women, making lives like men, driving your motorcycles like men and spreading you message of abomination.” Tyler spat.

A light bulb went off in Jamie's head and she remembered who this man was. He was the same man who had approached her at one of her seminars a while back. He'd been following her this whole time.

“Please, just let me go Tyler, I wont say anything about this.” The words rushed out of Jamie's mouth.

Too quick for Jamie to comprehend what happened, Tyler slapped her hard across her face, opening a cut on her lower lip. Jamie shook her head as a ringing in her ears resonated loudly.

“That's what you deserve, Jamie. I want you and Alex to suffer, and I'll make sure of it; we're going to have so much fun.”

Jamie was scared, but another element was starting to seep into her emotions, anger.

“They're going to come looking for me, and you won't get away with this!” Jamie said, blood dripping down her chin.

A look of pure hatred passed over Tyler's face and the next thing Jamie felt was his hands wrapped around her neck, squeezing. She couldn't catch her breath no matter how much she tried. All Jamie knew was that after a few seconds her arms and legs started to feel as if small needles were pricking her multiple times; and an unbelievable burn was entering her lungs. Her first thoughts were of Alex, and how their second chance of a life together might quickly be cut short.




“Jamie, it's me, your best friend. Alex called me and wanted to know if you were ok. Apparently she can't get in touch with you and I see I cant either. Well anyway, I'm on my way over to your place. Call Alex for God's sake, she's really worried about you.” Clarissa finished leaving her message on Jamie's phone. The call had gone directly to voicemail this time, and Clarissa thought it strange. Alex had called her, wanting to know if she'd seen Jamie today after the seminar because Jamie wasn't answering her phone.

Before deciding to call Alex back, she would stop over at Jamie's first.

A few minutes later Clarissa was driving down Jamie's neighborhood. As she drew closer to Jamie's driveway, she noticed a pickup truck parked right in the middle of it. Interesting, Clarissa thought. She'd never seen a car like this parked at Jamie's house and Jamie hadn't told her that she was having any visitors. She pulled up next to the mysterious truck and parked. Stepping out of her car she decided to check out the pickup for a second or two; it didn't have any decals on it from a company, which piqued her interest some more.

Once she was done checking out the vehicle she walked up to Jamie's front door and was about to knock first until she heard a mans raised voice coming from inside. Instinctively she tried to break open the door, but as soon as she turned the knob the door flung open.

What she saw caught her by complete surprise. A man stood over Jamie on the couch with his hands wrapped around Jamie's neck.

“Oh my God, Jamie!” Clarissa's surprise was quickly turning into rapid fear.

Tyler was startled when Clarissa had entered the home and quickly let go of Jamie. Jamie fell face first into the couch gasping for breath, not completely understanding what just happened.

Tyler pulled out a gun that was strapped inside of his jacket and pointed it directly at Clarissa's face. “Get the fuck out of here, lady.”

Clarissa's arms swung up into the air by instinct and she glanced quickly at Jamie who was still lying on the couch coughing.

“I'm just here to get my friend.” Clarissa was scared to death.

“You aren't here for anything, but since you ruined our party, we're going to be leaving and you're going to stay right here.” He continued to point the gun at Clarissa as he backed away towards Jamie. “Don't you move!” He yelled when it seemed Clarissa was going to lower her arms.

Tyler yanked Jamie off of the couch and noticed the bruising that was starting to appear on Jamie's neck. “Looks like I left you some love marks there, Jamie.”

“Please don't hurt her anymore.” Clarissa pleaded.

“Get your ass over there.” Tyler pointed to the living room.

As she passed by, she looked at Jamie; whose eyes were filled with despair. She had tear tracks running down her cheeks and onto her shirt.

“It's going to be ok, Jay.” Clarissa whispered.

Jamie nodded, not for herself but for Clarissa.

Once Clarissa was standing in the living room, Tyler shoved Jamie out of the front door first. Clarissa's presence was something that he wasn't expecting to occur and that had thrown a dent in his plans; he had to think quickly.

“You and I are going for a ride. Do you think Alex will miss you? She seems too busy to even be with you nowadays, huh?”

Jamie refused to answer to anything Tyler asked her. He shoved her into his cars front seat and placed the seat belt over her cuffed wrists. She had no clue where they were heading, but Clarissa's presence in the house gave her a glimmer of hope.


“911, what is your emergency?”

“My friend…a man took her…he was choking her and he kidnapped her! You have to send someone quick!”

“Do you know what type of car he was driving?”

“Uh-uh white pickup truck…please!”

After giving the 911 Operator the rest of the information they needed she quickly speed dialed Alex.

Alex answered on the third ring.

“Have you spoken with Jay, Clarissa?”

“Alex, listen to me…something's happened!” Clarissa was breathing hard and looking outside of the window waiting for the police to come.

Alex rapidly took herself out of the crowded studio to hear more clearly.

“What do you mean that something's happened, is Jay alright? I want to speak with her!” Alex was close to panicking now. All day during filming she'd felt uneasy and many times had to stop a scene to clear her head and start over.

“A man took her, Alex. I-I walked in on him choking her and I've called the police.”

Alex couldn't believe was she was hearing and she started to get very nauseous.

“Did he say anything about a ransom?” Alex asked. Was it possible that this person took Jamie for money? She thought.

“No.” Clarissa stated. “You have to come over here now, Alex.”

Alex could hear the sirens on the other end of the line. The police had arrived and she needed to be there; she needed to find Jamie.

“I'm on my way, Clarissa.” Alex quickly hung up.



“Wait, slow down! What are you saying?” Steven followed Alex into the SUV, which was going to take them to the airport.

“I'm saying that someone has taken Jamie. Someone's taken her because of me. Clarissa is with the police now talking to them.”

“Clarissa is talking to the police…has she mentioned that Jamie is dating you? That's going to come out really quick and this is not going to be good.” Steven spoke nervously. He paused when he notice the way Alex was looking at him.

“How the fuck can you just sit there and talk to me about what is not good for me as far as publicity?! Jamie is my partner, and I love her. Do you have any idea how scared she probably is right now?!” Alex yelled at Steven. A lone tear crawled slowly down her face but she quickly wiped it away.

“I'm sorry Alex…I don't know what got into me.” Steven lowered his head, embarrassed at his insensitivity.

They had about ten minutes of silence after that until they reached the airport.



Tyler was driving as fast as possible, swerving through the busy Los Angeles streets. He needed to find a place to take Jamie where no one would find her. During the drive his cell phone rang and the first thing he did was answer it.

“What do you want, Cindy, I'm a little busy at the moment.”

Jamie turned to look at him, it was just too coincidental that he was talking to someone named Cindy, who happened to have been following Alex around everywhere these days.

“None of your goddamn business what I'm doing! Don't you have a movie that you need to be filming somewhere?” He spat at the phone, angrily.

Jamie's whole world came crashing down at that moment. Cindy knew this man who held her captive. Did that mean that Alex was in danger too?

“Well to hell with you too.” Tyler replied as he threw his phone behind his seat.

“Where are we going, Tyler?” Jamie forced out as much as possible. Hurt throat was killing her.

“How about we listen to the radio.”

He completely ignored her question and turned the radio on to what seemed like the news.

“Police say the suspect is a white male driving a white pickup truck. Reports are saying that he's kidnapped Alexandra Davenport's girlfriend for money. Can you give us more information…”

“Well, looks like they know you're gone. Must have been your stupid bitch of a friend, I should have just shot her there.” Tyler grinned. He heard a sniffle to his right and turned a little to see Jamie crying.

“Don't cry!” He yelled. Tyler roughly caressed Jamie's face, and when he saw her flinch away from his touch he grabbed her by the hair; pushing her face into the passenger window.

“I was just trying to wipe your tears away. I have a question Jamie…” He started to caress her face again while driving on the highway. “When you and Alexandra fuck, who's usually on top, I bet it's her isn't it?”

Jamie head was pounding and she could no longer control her anger. Taking advantage of the situation, she bit down on Tyler's fingers when they rubbed against her cut lip.

“Stupid bitch!”

He yanked hard to remove his hand from Jamie's mouth, and in doing so he lost control of the steering and swerved sharply into the opposite lane. The pickup jumped the median, causing it to turn sharply into oncoming cars. All Jamie could do was close her eyes as she was jostled around. She could hear Tyler cursing, trying to control the car but unfortunately unable to. The next thing Jamie heard was the squeal of tires and felt the car being hit on her side. The force of the impact immediately indented her door, causing it to dig into her right thigh. She yelled in agony at the metal cutting into her skin. There was nothing she could hold onto as the car continued to spin, her passenger window shattering as glass flew into her face.

“SHIT!” Tyler shouted as another car hit them, this time on the driver side.

The pile up continued as more and more cars tried to stop but couldn't. Trying to get out of the situation Tyler shifted in reverse, slamming into a car behind them.

“What are you doing?! Please stop!” Jamie shouted at him.

Shifting again, he put the car in drive. The only thing he was worried about was getting away. As he tried to drive off against the running traffic, a large SUV slammed into the backside at high speed. Everything seemed to go into slow motion for Jamie as the pickup flipped over multiple times, shattering all of the windows in the car. The seat belt cut into her lower abdomen and chest as she was unable to hold onto anything to brace herself. Pieces of debris flew around inside and it was almost as if they were floating in the enclosed area. When the car finally stopped, Jamie was hanging upside down. She slowly looked towards the driver side, but didn't see what she expected to see. The seat was empty, no more Tyler. Nothing was really registering in Jamie's head at that moment. Her hair hung over her face, which had pieces of glass clinging to the strands. Her body was on sensory overload as she hung there, blood dripping down her face and her leg. The voices she heard outside sounded panicked and some people were even crying. She coughed, as she tried to clear whatever was sitting in her throat. More blood dripped down her mouth as she tried to cough it up. What's happening? I need to get out. When she tried to move in her seat, a searing pain flowed through her body causing her to gasp as she saw spots in her vision. The spots continued to increase as the pain increased, and she finally blacked out to the sound of sirens in the distance.


To be continued in Part 11

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