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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2





"Ms. Taylor? This is Mrs. Whitmore from Greenfield School. We've been trying to get hold of you on your home and cell numbers."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Greenfield, we're driving over to pick Molly up, and I was on another call. Is there a problem?"

Jackson mouthed, 'What's wrong?'

Emily's heart started to pound. "There has been an incident. An unknown man has gained entry into the school under the guise of being a contractor. He got into Molly's class, ordered the teacher to remove the other children at gunpoint, and now has Molly held hostage. The police are here ..."

Emily dropped the phone. "Oh my God! My baby! Jackson! We have to get her back!"

"Patrick, if Jackson can't get her out, you are not going in with your guns. He wants me? He can have me. I'll exchange myself for her."


"Stay beside this police van, okay? Do not move from here."

Emily's tear stained face began to grow angrier. "What does it matter? It's been Drew all along. My daughter is in danger because he wants me! But he's in there, so I think I'll be safe."

Suddenly she became like stone.

"Patrick, if Jackson can't get her out, you are not going in with your guns. He wants me? He can have me. I'll exchange myself for her."

Jackson hugged the small blonde. "It won't come to that. I'm going to get her. Stay here and wait for Dylan, okay?"


"Dylan! Look at me! Look at me!"

Dylan stopped struggling as much. "Molly's in there! She needs me!"

"Molly's safe, Dylan. Look!"

Dylan looked across the playground to see Jackson walking towards them with Molly in her arms.

Dylan ran over to meet them. Molly who had been silent since she had witnessed the shooting, started to cry uncontrollably when she saw Dylan and reached out frantically for her.

"Mom! Mom! Bad man! I scared!" Jackson handed Molly over to a relieved Dylan who pulled her daughter tightly to her.

"Thank God! Molls, you're okay now. Mom's here."

Dylan looked at Jackson and said, "Thank you so much, Jackson. I owe you anything you ask for."

Jackson stroked Molly's dark head. "Don't mention it. I wasn't only doing my job you know, I care a lot about you all."


"Emily! Emily!"

The police checked everywhere, and Dylan and Jackson went around the school building twice and found nothing. She tried calling Emily's cell phone but it went straight to voicemail.

"Jackson, where is she?" Dylan shouted.

"I don't understand it," said Patrick. "She was right there, right up until the shots were fired. I told her not to move and we went into the school to back up Jackson."

Dylan ran her hands through her dark hair frantically. "She can't have just disappeared?!"

She pulled her iPhone back out and dialled. "Come on, baby. Pick up! Voicemail again! She never turns her phone off."

"I've got men questioning everyone to find out if they saw anything."

Dylan's phone beeped in her hand. She opened up her mail and saw a message from sanctityofgod.com . Her stomach dropped to her toes, and her hand shook as she opened the mail.

Jackson, Patrick, Mark, and the world's media looked on as Dylan fell to her knees and howled.

Jackson grabbed the phone and looked at the mail. She brought her hands to her mouth when she saw a picture of Emily, tied, gagged and unconscious, in the back of a van.

The message below read:

'I've taken back what's mine. My wife will be wiped clean from the stain of your touch.'

T oni



The first thing Emily became aware of was the pain in her wrists. Her eyes fluttered open, and the room spun round. She groaned as the contents of her stomach threatened to rebel.

Wh...what is going on? Emily felt her hands and feet were bound tight, and she was lying on her side as her hands were bound behind her back.

The last thing I remember is... Emily fought hard to remember.

Molly! My god...the school. I remember...there was a shot...my baby! Please god! Please say Jackson got her out. I remember standing by the police van...everyone rushed into the school. I can't remember. No...someone grabbed me from behind, held something to my mouth and then...nothing.

Once her vision settled she looked around the room as much as her condition would allow. She seemed to be in a small bedroom with wooden walls. Maybe it's a cabin?

It didn't look like a rundown shack though. There seemed to be pictures on the wall, cushions on the arm chair, and on her bedside table was a chequered cloth with a vase of wild flowers sitting on it.

There was something odd about it all. It was as if it had been thrown together by someone who had no idea about keeping a house, or it was the decor of an eighty year old woman.

"Oh god my head!" Whatever chemical had knocked her out was now making her head pound.

Emily tried to move around, testing the strength of her bonds, but they were on tight and unmoving.

Suddenly she heard footsteps coming towards the door, and her heart began to race. Emily would be able to, finally, find out who had ripped her from her family.

The door creaked open. "Hi my baby boo."


The Morgan residence was a hive of activity. Mark and Patrick had set up a command centre in Dylan's office, coordinating the hunt for Emily and waiting for any ransom demand, Lynn was trying to sort out the media frenzy on her cell phone in another corner.

"Here drink this." Rosie handed Jackson a cup of coffee. She had been trying to make herself useful by making drinks and snacks for everyone.


"Did you get through to her?" They both looked over to the couch where Dylan sat staring into space, Molly, who had eventually cried herself to sleep, attached like a limpet round her neck.

Jackson sighed and shook her head. "No. She won't talk. She's lost somehow. I just don't know what to do, how to help her. She wouldn't even talk to Lynn."

The young artist rubbed the centre of Jackson's back, longing to give her comfort.

"You're doing what you can; just being here is helping her. You're being a good friend."

After Dylan had read the email, she ran frantically for the first available vehicle. She had no leads or any idea of where to go, but her heart and her mind screamed for her to act.

It had taken Jackson, Mark, Patrick and two other officers to wrestle her from the front seat of the vehicle. Eventually after kicking and screaming, she went limp, having expelled all of her energy. She had not said a word since, only shaking her head when Rosie offered to take Molly.

"Maybe." Jackson turned and gave Rosie a weak smile. "Thanks for staying. It helps...a lot."

Rosie met Jackson eyes with a steady gaze. "There's nowhere I'd rather be. You are all my friends."

She wanted to say so much more than she did, but could only say silently to herself. I want to be where you are. I care...I love you.

Rosie cleared her throat and said. "I honestly think Molly would be better off in her bed, rather than being all uncomfortable on the couch. Dylan needs a break too, maybe we could get her to eat something?"

"I think she's in some sort of shock, but let's try again. Come on."

They walked over to where Dylan was sitting, and Jackson said "Dylan?" Getting no response she knelt down beside her "Hey boss? I think you need a break. Rosie's made you something to eat, why don't you let her take Molly for you?"

Dylan continued to stare straight ahead but shook her head. Jackson stood and shrugged her shoulders at Rosie.

The young woman followed Dylan's gaze forward and realised she wasn't blindly staring ahead at all.

"Jackson look." Rosie pointed to a framed picture on the bookshelf. It was a picture of Emily and Dylan with little Molly up on her shoulders. The picture had caught them laughing and clearly enjoying themselves at some sort of park.

"What can we do?" Jackson asked Rosie.

"Let me try something" She walked over and picked up the picture. Jackson watched Dylan's eyes follow Rosie as she brought the frame over to the couch and sat down.

"This is beautiful Dylan, Where was the picture taken?"

She was met with silence, but just as Rosie was set to give up Dylan said.

"Central Park Zoo. It was our first date."

Jackson looked down at the young artist and smiled. You are incredible Rosie Henderson.

"Really? It looks as though you had been together for a long time, the way you two are looking at each other, and Molly looks to be having so much fun!"

"A photographer took it without us knowing. When it appeared in a magazine, I called and got some copies of it. I couldn't believe how good we looked together. Like a...like a real family."

Rosie took her hand as she heard Dylan's voice break, tears threatening to spill over.

"Why don't you put Molly to bed? I'm sure she'll be much more comfortable there than here."

Dylan simply nodded and stood, tenderly rubbing Molly's back as she walked.

When Dylan disappeared down the hall, Jackson pulled Rosie up from the couch, and didn't let go.

"How did you do that?"

Rosie looked down at their joined hands, Jackson's thumb rubbing small circles on the back of her hand.

"I don't know, just instinct I guess"

"It's because you're one of the most caring people I know hippy girl." They were falling slowing into each other's eyes when Mark shouted from the office.

"Jackson! We could use your help here."

They broke away, awkwardness suddenly setting in.

"I'm coming, give me a minute." Jackson turned back to the young woman. "Listen I..."

Rosie felt the need to get away. She seemed incapable of controlling herself around this powerful woman.

"Um...I need to go and get Dylan's sandwiches."

Jackson watched her run away to the kitchen and sighed, Damn! I thought I was finally getting somewhere!

"Jackson!" Mark called again.



"Toni? What?" Emily gasped in shock, then began coughing and spluttering. Her mouth and throat were dry from lack of water.

Her blonde captor rushed to put down the tray she was holding and then poured out a glass of water from the jug on the tray.

"Hey Em, here drink this. You'll be okay, just take little sips."

Emily gratefully sipped water from the glass Toni held out for her.

"There you go baby boo." Toni put the glass down and began to stroke Emily's head.

She shook at the sound of Toni's pet name for her.

"I'm sorry I had to make you so uncomfortable for your journey, but I had to make sure I got you here."

Has she gone insane? How can she talk so reasonably about abducting me?

Toni continued to stroke Emily's head."Now, if you promise to be good, I'll take the bindings off. It will get you nowhere if you try to run. We're miles from anywhere and totally isolated. If you look out the windows, all you'll see if trees for miles. For the first few days, you'll stay in here until I'm sure you have understood you're not going anywhere. After that you'll be free to move around the cabin, you'll have a lot to do! I've missed you're cooking boo."

Emily winced as the ropes around her wrists were loosened. "Why Toni?" She gasped.

"Why?" Toni smiled and laid a gentle kiss onto Emily's reddened wrist. "Because we're meant to be together Em. We're soul mates, and we can finally restart our life together."

"Molly...is she okay?"

Toni's happy smiling face turned to thunder in a second. Her hand shot out and grabbed Emily around the throat.

"Don't even mention Morgan's bastard again! That is your old life, this is your new life. Get used to it. Understand me?"

The young woman was gasping for breath, but almost as quickly as it had started, it was over. Toni released her throat and poured her another glass of water, smiling as if nothing had happened.

"Here, sit up and drink some more. I'm sorry I had to do that, but you have to learn, and fast, that your past life is over. You're mine again. You are Mrs Bianchi. I love you so much, and you love me."

Emily, now unbound and sitting up against the headboard, could see more of the room. Everything looked clean but strange in its decor. The windows had old fashioned plaid drapes, there were cushions on the armchair and a rug on the floor. Not a usual abandoned cabin.

Toni watched her look around. "I tried my best to make everything pleasant for you boo. I know I don't have your touch but over time you can change things. I've been working hard to try and make this a comfortable home for us and our family."

What family? Oh, Please Dylan. I need you!

"Oh I forgot! I got these for you." Toni lifted the vase of wild flowers from the tray onto the side table.

"I thought these would brighten the place up for you."

Emily looked in dismay. She's totally insane!

"I'll leave you to settle in. I'll be back in a bit with some food." Emily flinched when she leant over and kissed her on the head.

As Toni walked towards the door, Emily said, "Please Toni. I promise I won't cause you any problems, please just tell me if Molly's safe."

Toni didn't turn round but sniggered to herself. I've got you right where I want you boo.

"Perhaps tomorrow if you're good, little wife."

The door was shut and locked. Emily collapsed in floods of tears.

My baby! Please be alive Molly!


Dylan laid Molly in her bed gently and pulled the covers over her, making sure to put her stuffed penguin, stinky, in beside her. Ever since, Dylan had bought it for Molly at the zoo, the little girl had never slept without it and had named it after her favourite penguin in the film, Mr Popper's Penguins. "Sleep well my little Smurf."

Dylan sat on the bed and looked round at the newly decorated room. Molly loved the colourful animals on the wall, especially the little monkey, hanging upside down from the tree.

Dylan brought her hands up to her face. She had never felt so helpless in all her life. Everything she had, the happy safe family life had been taken away in an instant.

At first she felt anger like she had never experienced before. She remembered the frustration of being tackled to the ground by her friends, she had been ready to rip everyone and everything in her path to shreds. Then shock had set in. To Dylan, Emily was as necessary as food, water or breathing. Dylan knew she couldn't survive without her.

Think Morgan think! Where would Toni take her?

She got up and walked to the window, somehow trying to process all the information that her fiancee had ever told her about Toni.

There had been absolutely no trace of Toni's get away. With all the attention on Molly held at gunpoint in the school, she was able to slip in and away from the scene undetected.

A search of Toni's apartment had yielded nothing, and a visit to her Mother had been no help. The elderly woman was distressed and upset at what she was seeing on the news.

The police were insisting there was nothing to be done but wait for a ransom call, and monitor Toni's credit, and bank cards, to get an idea of where they were headed.

Dylan knew that there would be no ransom demand. Toni wanted nothing more than Emily herself. What terrified Dylan the most was the thought of what would happen when Toni realised her little fantasy of happy ever after could never happen. She knew Emily would fight her every step of the way. What will Toni do then?

Once Toni knew it was a losing battle to gain her ex girlfriends affections. Dylan knew what Toni was capable of.

Dylan looked out over the brightly lit New York skyline.

Where would she take you baby girl? Where would she take you, to have you all to herself?

Dylan grabbed her head as if the extra pressure would help her think.

"Talk to me Emmie." She replayed their conversations over and over until something Emily had said, popped up in her mind.

"Yes! I bet that's it!"

She rushed over to her sleeping daughter, kissed her head and said, "I'm going to bring Mama home Molls. Jackson and Rosie will look after you. I won't let Toni steal Mama from us!"


Mark, Patrick and Jackson were staring at the computer screen as if it would change at any moment. The analysis of Toni's laptops and computers had come through and shown nothing that would help them.

"Nothing! She's covered her tracks well." Patrick said to them both.

"How can a restaurant manager cover her tracks that well? I mean she's no computer expert." Jackson said angrily.

Mark stood and opened his notebook. "According to her drug counsellor......Dr Gail Davenport, she encouraged Toni to take up some interests, to help her recovery. One of them was computers apparently. In her basement, we found several different laptops and computers. According to her credit card bills, she had paid for and taken numerous online courses, some more reputable than others. She must have had an aptitude for it."

Jackson shook her head. "So what do we do next guys? Dylan's going to explode at any moment?"

Mark shrugged his shoulders. "We've sent a couple of officers over to talk to the girlfriend, to see if she's got anything. Unless we hear anything more, I don't know."

"It's 8:30 now. Why don't we grab something to eat and call everyone in for a situation report at 9 PM?" Patrick suggested.

Just then Rosie popped her head round the door. "Jackson I can't find Dylan. have you seen her?"

"She's in Molly's room, look again." Jackson said, fully in command mode.

Who does she think she's talking to? How did I ever think I liked her?

"Well she's not soldier boy. I took a sandwich in to her, and she was gone."

At that moment, a police officer pushed past Rosie.

"Sgt! Morgan's gone...and she has a weapon." The young man said sheepishly.

Patrick roared. "How the hell did she get a weapon?"

"Well I was posted outside her daughter's bedroom, she came out and was talking to me and stuff."

"And? Spill it officer or I'll have your badge!"

"Em...we were talking about her show. She asked if she could see my gun...and then I asked for an autograph. She told me to get a pen from her daughter's bedroom, when I came out she was gone."

"Martinez you are a fucking idiot! Now we have an extremely bad tempered, angry, hurting, highly skilled fighter, trolling the streets looking for her fiancee, with a gun!"

The two officers stood to leave. "We need to track her down!"

"Let me do it, I can calm her down." Jackson pleaded. "You two just concentrate on getting Emily back. You don't need to be distracted by this."

"Okay. Just get her back, and let us know what's happening."

"Will do."

She ran to the front door, knowing she had only one chance.

Rosie shouted. "What's going on?"

"Just take care of Molly!" Jackson shouted back.

"Hey! You can't just leave!" But Jackson was gone.


Jackson pulled out her cell phone as she ran down the stairwell that led to the underground parking garage.

She called the doorman Maurice at the front desk. "This is Hunter, has Ms Morgan left the parking garage yet?"

Maurice looked down at his security monitor. "She's just coming up to the security barrier Ms. Hunter."

"Please don't let her through it. I need to catch her before she leaves."

"Of course Ms. Hunter."

Jackson burst through the doors taking her out into the parking garage. She ran full out towards the black jeep at the garage exit.

As she got nearer she heard Dylan shouting at the intercom, "Maurice open this fucking barrier now!"

Jackson jumped into the passenger seat. "Dylan what the hell do you think you're doing? Stealing a gun? What do you think you're going to achieve?"

Dylan face red with rage. "I tell you what I am going to do, I'm going to find my girl and beat Bianchi to a bloody pulp, then shoot her between the eyes!"

"You don't even have any clue where to go."

"I know where they are." Dylan said coolly.

"Dylan listen, you need to think this through calmly. If you have any leads, you have to share them with the cops."

"I won't let this turn into a hostage situation like it was with Molly." Dylan turned and looked straight ahead, her voice croaked as she said "I can't lose her."

Jackson put a comforting hand on Dylan's shoulder. "I know, look give me a few minutes. Park up over there and tell me what you know, I promise that I won't tell anyone if you don't want me to. I give you my word."

Dylan knew what Jackson's word meant to her, so she sighed and began to back up the car.

She turned off the engine and scrubbed her face with her hands in frustration.

"So? Tell me. You know you're more than my employer now. You're my friend."

"I know, I'm sorry, I should have talked to you, but I've never felt so out of control. I'm scared Jackson, I'm scared of living without her."

"You won't have to. We'll get her back. Tell me."

"I was sitting there, just re running everything Emmie had told me about Toni. There was something nagging at the back of my head, somewhere she had said Toni would go, and then it hit me."

Jackson leaned forward. "What did she say?"

"She said that when their relationship was going bad, and Toni was cheating, she started spending more time at a hunting cabin her family owned up in the Catskill mountains. Emily thought she took women there. She has to be there Jackson. It's remote, secluded, it's perfect to hide out."

Jackson thought for a moment. "Hmm. maybe but it's a massive area to search, we'll need police co-operation to find out which cabin is hers."

"Can't you call your buddies in the FBI? Please Jackson let's try this on our own. I can't risk Emmie's life."

Jackson shook her head, but Dylan handed over her phone and said "Please Jackson, I'm asking you as a friend. I need to do this. If you don't do it for me, then do it for Molly."

"Put that away." Jackson pulled out her own cell and pressed the speed dial. As she put it to ear, she said, "That was unfair Morgan and you know it."

Dylan got the car started and screeched off "I could kiss you Hunter!"

Jackson scowled "Please don't! I like my women with fewer muscles and less likely to throw me on my ass! Just drive."

Dylan smirked. "Yes, this is Hunter. I need the location of a cabin in the Catskill mountains, under the name of Bianchi, Thanks." Jackson hung up the cell phone.

"My contact will phone us en route. It's going to take us at least two and a half hours to get there."

"Thank you Jackson. I'll never forget how you've helped my family."

I'm coming to get you Emmie!


Emily's heart sank as she heard the key turn in the door. She jumped back on the bed as if she hadn't moved. Since being freed from her bonds, Emily had been trying everything to find a way out. Even though Toni had said they were miles from anywhere, she would rather take her chances out there than in here. But both the large windows in the room and in the attached bathroom were nailed shut, all she could see was the dirt road and surrounding forest.

I'm trapped! How will Dylan ever find me?

Toni opened the door and came in with what looked like some food and that unnerving smile of hers.

"Hey Em I hope you've settled in now. I brought you some food. You know I can't cook, but I got some microwave meals to use, just until you're up to cooking again."

Emily looked down at the sad looking meal placed on the side as Toni sat herself down in the armchair.

"You must be hungry boo."

The blonde looked up in dismay at the casual demeanour of her captor. "Why are you doing this?"

"Why? Because I love you of course! I lost you for a while but now everything can go back to normal. I'm sorry I've hurt you in the past. I should never have slept with those other girls. I didn't realize how much I needed you in my life till I lost you. I promise you there will never be anyone but you in my bed. You are mine."

The mention of being in Toni's bed made Emily start to shake with fear. She remembered the roughness with which her former partner had taken her and how she had tried to force herself on her.

The thought of Toni forcing her to betray Dylan made the anger boil up inside her, and even though she was terrified, she felt that she had to fight Toni with every last breath.

"I will never be yours! I belong to Dylan, and I always will."

Her captors demeanour went from relaxed and reasonable to dark and menacing in a millisecond. She leaned forward and took Emily's hand and squeezed it firmly.

"I've told you once, and I'm only going to tell you once more. You are never to mention that name again. That part of your life is over. I have tried to make things pleasant for you, I've fixed up the cabin, made sure we have enough food and anything you could need. You are my wife, so you better start remembering that and acting like it."

The tears were now pouring down Emily's face, but the rage made her disregard the consequence of her words.

"Your wife? Don't make me laugh! You didn't take our commitment ceremony seriously. It was a way to shut me up and get drunk with your friends! It didn't mean anything!"

"Shut the fuck up bitch!" Toni twisted her wrist back until Emily screamed out.

"I said shut up!" The pain in her wrist was soon replaced by the shock of being dragged up by her hair and thrown against the wall.

The blonde struggled in vain against her ex lovers greater strength as she pulled her head back. "I've been good to you, and this is the attitude I get from you? I remember why I hit you before. You aggravate me until I've got no choice but to teach you some respect!"

"Toni, let me go, please! You're hurting me!" Emily cried.

"And I'll hurt you even more unless you start acting like my wife. Now eat or don't eat, I don't care, just make sure your attitude has changed by the time I come to bed."

Oh my God no! Please not that!

"You're sleeping here?" Emily croaked.

Toni released her hold on her captive and smirked as she stroked her fingers down Emily's cheek.

"Of course baby boo it's our bedroom."

Emily felt the room suddenly crushing in on her at the thought of sharing a bed with Toni.

"No!" She screamed and lashed out, putting three angry scratches across her captors cheek.

"Ah! Fucking bitch!" Toni touched her cheek and saw blood on her fingers.

Emily crumpled to the floor after Toni's fist connected with her face. Blood poured from her nose and mouth.

Her ex lover towered over her, breathing heavily. "See! See what you've made me do? Why do you do that to yourself!"

She went into the bathroom and brought back a towel, throwing it down at Emily.

"Make sure you clean yourself up. I'll be back to go to bed in a few hours. I've been waiting a long time for you. Don't disappointment me boo."

She left leaving Emily in a heap, and bloody mess.


"Fucking piece of shit!" Dylan shouted kicking the front tire of her Jeep.

The best money can buy and it's laid low by a couple of fucking nails!"

They had been driving for about half an hour when one of the tires had blown. Passing motorists looked on astonished at the site of TV star Dylan Morgan beating up her car.

Jackson let the spare tire fall to the ground and then grabbed Dylan by the shoulders.

"You need to get a hold on your anger boss! Or you'll lose your focus. Emily needs us to be in control when we get there."

Dylan shrugged out of her friends grasp.

"Argh! I feel like I'm going fucking insane, like I'm crawling out of my skin! I just keep thinking of what that bastard is doing to her. You know what she done before."

I have to get her under control, or this is going to turn into a disaster! Jackson thought.

She looked at the pain and anger etched on Dylan's face. Would you be any different? Images of Rosie tied up and gagged went across Jackson's mind and her stomach roiled.

She picked up the car jack and threw it to Dylan. "Here, let's jack this thing up and get out of here."

Dylan sighed and got to work. A short time later Jackson was ready to put on the wheel. She wanted to keep Dylan distracted from her thoughts, so she asked "Tell me about the first time you saw Emily."

A soft smile appeared on the Dylan's face.

"When she looked up at me, I felt like I'd been shot, but in a good way." She balled her fist and thumped her chest.

"I felt it physically, Right here, like a bolt had gone right through my chest. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I heard myself say, 'Ah! There you are. At last!' Like I'd been waiting for her to show up my whole life. I had never seen anyone more beautiful than her. She seemed to have some sort of glow round her, not just of beauty but of goodness. I knew in that second that I would die for that woman."

Jackson looked over at Dylan, astonished by the eloquent words of her usually down to earth employer. "Wow. That was beautiful my friend." Having finished fixing the wheel, Jackson walked over and offered her hand to her. "Let's go get your girl back."

"Yes. Let's do it."

Outwardly, Dylan's anger looked as if it had calmed, but it had, in fact, morphed into something much more dangerous.

I hope you're ready for me Bianchi, cause I'm going to make you bleed for every little thing you have done to my Emmie, and once I'm done hurting you, I'm going to kill you...slowly!


Rosie walked into the kitchen to find Lynn hanging up her cell phone.

"Did you find them?"

Lynn sighed and shook her head. "Nothing. Both phones are just ringing out. They just don't want to be found."

"Mark and Patrick are going crazy through there as well." Rosie said.

"I swear, when I get hold of Dylan I'm going to skin her alive!"

Rosie smiled, she realized Lynn was as close to a mother as the TV star had since she was estranged from her family.

"Sit down and I'll get you some coffee Lynn. You've been on that phone for hours."

"Thank you dear. The press are going crazy over this" Rosie brought them over two cups of coffee and sat at the kitchen table.

"At least Molly is sleeping soundly. That's a blessing."

Lynn sighed. "Yes It's been a massive help having you here as well dear, especially with Dylan going off like that.."

"I'm sure she'll be okay. She has Jackson with her, and if nothing else Jackson is level headed and calm in a crisis. She'll make sure Dylan doesn't do anything stupid. " Rosie stared down into her coffee cup.

Patrick popped his head round the kitchen door. "Lynn, Rosie? We've had a sighting of Dylan and Jackson from a patrol car on the freeway. They were broken down so hopefully we can make up some ground if we leave now. I've left some officers to man the fort here. If you need anything, just ask them."

"Thank you Patrick, I hope you bring them home safely."

"I know they'll all come back safe." Rosie said as Patrick rushed off.

Lynn picked up her phone and began to redial the number she knew wouldn't be answered. "I hope so, I can't imagine how Dylan or that little girl through there would survive without her."


Emily looked at her reflection in the small bathroom mirror. Her mouth, jaw, and eye had swollen up to twice the size and were already starting to turn a horrible colour. Her wrist fared no better, she had no idea if it was broken, but it felt extremely painful to move her fingers. She threw down the bloody towel that she had used to try and clean herself up.

She could hear Toni banging about, and the sound of bottles clinking together, and so feared that her captor was drinking.

Emily looked herself in the eye and made a promise to herself and to Dylan.

"No matter what happens later honey, I will fight, fight to stop her taking what is only yours, and fight to stay alive, but if I fail you know I will have tried with everything I have. I pray to God our little girl is safe with you. Look after her. I love you goofy."

She dragged herself back to the bed and waited in the hope that help would get to her in time.


"Can't you go any faster?" Dylan had reluctantly handed over the wheel to Jackson at the last stop.

"I'm going as fast as I can. If you want to keep the cops out of this, then we can't draw any unwanted attention."

"How much longer?" Dylan grumbled.

Jackson looked at the clock on the dashboard. "An hour, maybe less? Remember what I told you, I agreed to this only if you follow my rules. You stay in the car while I check out the location, when I feel it's safe, we enter, and you follow my lead, and leave that police issue gun in the car!"

Dylan was worryingly silent.

"Dylan? Yes?"

"Yes whatever."

Dylan replied with no conviction. Just get me there Jackson. Then I'll take care of Bianchi myself!


I must have fallen asleep. Thought Emily, the pain in her wrist pulling her out of her slumber. When she opened her eyes, she saw Toni laying beside her with a lecherous smile, dressed only in boxers and a t-shirt. She smelt like alcohol and there was evidence of empty beer bottles strewn around the room.

Also to her horror, she looked down to see she had been stripped down to her underwear.

"Hey Em. I almost couldn't wait any longer. But I wouldn't want you to sleep through our first time back together."

Emily scrambled away as fast as her injuries would allow, and ran for the door to find it locked. Toni jumped up and stalked towards her. "Where are you going boo? Do you know how long I've waited for this? How long I've fantasized of having you in so many different ways."

As her captor got closer, she saw her chance and grabbed one of the empty beer bottles then smashed it on the wall.

"You stay away from me Toni! I will not allow this to happen to me again!" The blonde screamed.

Toni just smiled menacingly. "You're not going to use that Em. " She walked up to Emily's hand that shook as she gripped the broken bottle.

You have to survive for Dylan and Molly's sake. Do it!

Toni pressed her chest into the ends of the bottle. "Go on then Em. I'm giving you a free shot. Go on! Hurt me!"

Emily tried to summon all her strength to push the bottle forward, but she just couldn't.

In a flash, the larger woman batted the bottle out of Emily's hand and pushed her up against the wall by the throat.

"No, I didn't think so because you love me! I know you do. I'm not doing anything wrong. It's my right, you're my wife!"

Toni began to attack Emily's mouth with bruising kisses and bites while squeezing her breasts painfully. Emily used both her good and injured arm to fight her captor off.

"No! Get off me! I'm not your wife. I belong Dylan! Molly and Dylan!"

Toni roared in anger, and holding the blonde by the hair, smashed her head against the wall.

"Don't ever say those names you fucking bitch! You're little Morgan brat is dead! Drew Simpson put a bullet in her head!"

Emily screamed and clawed at her captor in a frenzy. "No! Molly! No!"

Toni lost complete control of her anger and smashed Emily's head against the wall so hard, blood streamed down the young woman's face.

As the blackness enveloped Emily all she could think of was her daughter,

Dylan I love you. Molly Mama's coming sweetie!


Jackson pulled over the car to the side of the road. "Okay. If my contact is correct the cabin belonging to Toni's father, is about half a mile up this road. I want you to stay here until I go and Recon the area. Then we'll make a plan. Okay?"

"Sure. Just hurry up!"

"Okay boss. Hang tight."

Dylan watched Jackson disappear up the dirt road, then opened the glove compartment, where she had seen Jackson stash the police gun. She grabbed it and started to run up the road.

Knowing she had to keep out of Jackson way, she kept to the tree line at the edge of the road.

When she got up near the cabin, she saw Jackson, weapon out, making her way round to the back of the property.

If Jackson's going in through the back, it might be just the distraction I need.

Dylan crouched low and made her way across to the porch. The only experience she had with guns was with a rifle, when she had done a target challenge at a weapons range, but hand guns were something different.

Dylan's confidence and ego was such that she thought there was nothing she couldn't master.

She held the gun, pointing it ahead as she crept up to the front door. Dylan looked down at the gun and thought.

How hard can it be? Come on Morgan, Emmie needs you!

Dylan heard no sounds coming from behind the door, so gingerly opened it and burst into the room leading with her gun.

She swept around the large living area looking for targets. Finding nobody she was then drawn towards a door at the other end of the room. There were no voices, but she heard a persistent dragging noise and then a creaking of a bed spring. Dylan rushed towards the door.


Jackson was making her way back round to the front of the cabin, having found the back windows boarded up and no feasible means of entry. As she passed a window on the side of the property, she saw Dylan make her way across the living area, gun drawn.

"Fuck Morgan! I told you to stay put!"

After quickly assessing the options, she quickly went to follow her employer.


Dylan kicked in the door to see the most sickening sight. Emily's lifeless looking body stripped, battered and bruised, held in Toni's arms on the bed. Her momentary shock and inaction gave Toni the chance to grab a knife she had at the bedside and put it to Emily's throat.

"You! Put the gun down!" Toni shouted.

Dylan's rage grew as her eyes searched her fiancee's body for serious injury. As well as the cuts and bruises on her face and body, blood seeped down her face from an open head wound. The rage inside was making Dylan squeeze tighter on the trigger.

Toni's knife pressed closer to Emily's neck, making a small red bloody line.

"Put it down Morgan, I mean it!"

Regaining some of her control, Dylan relaxed her grip on the weapon and slowly lowered it to the ground.

"Okay. The guns down, let her go now!" Dylan tried to say calmly.

Toni's eyes darted around wildly, trying to think her way out of this situation.

"No! Emily's mine...Why can't you leave us alone!"

Toni's agitated state was worrying Dylan, the knife in her hand was shaking and making an ever deeper cut Emily's delicate throat.

What do I do? How do I get us out of this? Think! Then it came to her. She had to do what she does best.

Anyone who had observed Dylan at that moment would have seen her whole body physically change as she put on her game face. Dylan's shoulders dropped as she let the tension held in her body go. She became taller by standing more upright, and a look of icy calm appeared on her face.

"Toni? Can I call you Toni? I understand how you feel Emily has been stolen from you."

Toni looked at her suspiciously. "I had no idea of her past with you when I met her."

Dylan knelt down at the side of the bed, trying her best to appear calm while look at her unconscious fiancee.

"Stay back!"

"I'm not going to hurt you or try and take Emily from you. I realise now, how much she means to you. All I'm concerned with is my child. You know Molly is mine don't you?"

"Yeah! You can keep her. She's all Morgan, she has nothing of my Emily in her!"

You are so wrong, Molly is the best of both of us! Thought Dylan angrily.

That's all I want, my daughter. I'll leave you in peace if you let me get Emily some medical attention."

"I don't believe a word you say! Leave now! I can take care of Emily."

Dylan was fast losing control of the situation. She stood and backed up a few steps trying to give Toni some breathing room.

"Okay, okay just take a minute and keep cool." Dylan was increasingly worried about the flow of blood from Emily's head, and her masked nearly slipped, when she saw bruising on her fiancee's breasts.

She stared hard at Toni. I'm going to kill you. Dylan knew that Jackson would be close, and she would get her opportunity. All she needed to do was keep Toni talking and play for time.

"We need to think about this Toni. I came on my own, but the cops are going to be following me, we need to come up with a plan to get you and Emily out of this, if you want Emily, you need to be free from any unwanted attention."

Toni was breathing hard, panic coursing through her body, "I didn't mean to hurt her. I had to!"

"I'm sure you didn't. Put down the knife and we can sort this out like adults."

Hurry the fuck up Jackson! Dylan's mind screamed.

Then the room became a blur as everything seemed to happen at once. Jackson burst into the room and aimed a shot at Toni's arm. The knife dropped from her hand as she grasped her injured arm and howled in pain.

Dylan seized the opportunity and jumped through the air, to wrestle Toni to the ground.

"I'm going to kill you, you fucking piece of shit!" Toni screamed in pain as she twisted and turned trying to break free.

Dylan's mixed martial training kicked in as she subdued her opponent in an unbreakable ground hold. Dylan's powerful legs were able to hold the weaker injured Toni, leaving her arms free throw deadly pouches onto Toni's rapidly bloodying face.

Jackson looked on at Dylan's murderous rage. She understood the need for retribution and punishment, she knew she would feel the same uncontrolled rage if she found Rosie's bloody and lifeless body, but she was supposed to be the level headed one. Jackson couldn't let Dylan do something that she would regret, and they had to get Emily some medical help.

"Dylan that's enough! I've got Toni covered!"

Dylan couldn't hear her. All she saw in her mind was Emily's battered body. Jackson knew she had to do something and quick, Toni was battered to death. Taking the chance that Toni was battered to the point where she wouldn't pose much threat, she lowered her weapon put Dylan in a choke hold, trying to drag her off her opponent.

As Dylan struggled Jackson shouted, "Enough Dylan, you need to see to Emily! I have Toni under control!"

"No! I'm going to kill her!" Dylan roared.

"No! Emily needs help! She is more important, she needs you!"

Jackson's words finally started to permeate through her brain. Emily, Emily needs you!

Suddenly all the fight left Dylan's body. "Let me go to her!"

Jackson released her, and she scrambled over to her fiancee's limp body. Dylan's hand shook with terror as she searched for a pulse. When she found one, she grasped Emily's hand and kissed it repeatedly. "Oh thank you God! Thank you! Thank you! Don't you leave me Emmie. We need you! Jackson we need medical help here."

Jackson had moved Toni up against the wall. Toni cradled her arm as she coughed and spluttered the blood that flowed down her misshapen nose and from her busted mouth.

Jackson had her gun trained on Toni's head, just daring her to make one false move.

"I called the local authorities when I saw you had come into the cabin. They won't be long. Here, keep my gun trained on her while I find something to tie her up with."

Dylan gave Emily's lips the gentlest of kisses and pulled one of the bed blankets over her exposed body. "I'll be back in a minute baby girl. Help is coming, so you hang on okay?"

Dylan took Jackson's gun and kept it trained on Toni's head."I'll just be a minute boss. I think there is some rope over there."

Toni's eyes fluttered open just as they all began to hear sirens coming towards the property.

I've lost. Morgan has beaten me! Maybe not...

"Morgan!" Toni rasped.

Dylan looked down at her with utter hatred. "You think you've won...but you haven't. I'll forever haunt your lives." Toni gave a cruel laugh, which turned into a coughing fit.

"You have no power over us now you fucking bastard. I got here in time, I saved Emmie, once she sees a doctor, she'll be fine, we'll go back home and live a happy life with our daughter while you become some big, butch daddies bitch in prison!"

Toni wiped blood she had coughed up from her mouth and smiled. "You remember that time at my apartment, you asked me if remembered trying to force myself on Em when she was pregnant?"

Dylan's grip on the gun became tighter.

"Well I do, and little precious Emily didn't tell you the truth. I didn't try to force myself on her, I did. I fucked her and fucked her all night while she was pregnant with your brat, and you weren't even there to help."

Dylan's hand began to shake with rage. "Shut up! Shut up!"

"Don't listen to her Dylan!" Jackson shouted. She had found Emily's discarded restraints on the other side of the room and was making her way back over.

"No, do listen. Emily lied to you about that night, and I don't for one second regret it like I told you, I've been fantasizing about having her again, and I did, You didn't get here on time!"

"Shut up! Shut the fuck up!"

Dylan was losing control, her mind was screaming at her to shut Toni up, and Jackson could see the situation was getting out of hand.

"Give me the gun Dylan, I'm back and can keep her covered. The cops will be here any minute." Despite Jackson's protestations, Dylan kept a vice like grip on the gun.

Toni was enjoying torturing her rival. Although she knew she couldn't win, she was going to leave Dylan with some lasting images and words to damage her mind and her relationship with Emily.

"All these years since that night, all I've had are my fantasies, but as soon as I got her back here I was able to relive them."

"No! We got here in time!" Dylan roared.

"She's just trying to get into your head boss. Give me the gun!' Jackson shouted.

"You didn't. If she wakes up she'll tell you nothing happened, so you don't get all upset and angry, but I had her three times. I fucked her, and she screamed in pain as I forced myself into her body. But it's better when it hurts isn't it Morgan? It feels good when they squirm and thrash underneath you, when they pretend they don't want it. I know she did though. I raped her over and over again, and even though her body might heal, every time you touch her, or try to make love to her, I'll be there in your head, in her head. Em will always be mine."

Tears of rage were running down Dylan's face as she struggled to control herself.

Jackson knew this was not going to end well and put her hand on Dylan's arm trying to push the gun down.

"Put it down. She is not worth it. Think of Emily, think of Molly."

Dylan allowed her arm to be pushed down. "Good, I'll get her secured. Go sit with Emily."

As Jackson prepared the restraints Toni said, "Morgan?" Dylan looked at Emmies captor, eyes filled with fury, and watched with horror as Toni lifted two fingers and sucked them deep into her mouth, and made a show of licking them.

"Hmm...she tastes so sweet Morgan." Then it happened. Toni's head lolled to the side as the bullet imbedded itself in her brain.

Dylan calmly lowered the gun and her lip curled up in a cruel smile.

"What the fuck Dylan!" Jackson shouted. She had to make a decision quickly as she heard the armed police enter the cabin.

Jackson grabbed her gun and pushed a stunned Dylan towards Emily.

The police burst into the room and shouted. "Everyone on the floor now!"

Once the room had been subdued, Mark, Patrick and the medics rushed in. Dylan was silently holding Emily's hand, shocked at what she had just done.

"We need to assess the patient Ms Morgan. Could you step back." When Dylan ignored them, Mark came over and pulled Dylan away. "Let them do their work buddy.

Meanwhile, Patrick was getting a report from Jackson. "I had to use my firearm when she came at me with the knife."

Jackson knew she had to cover for her friend. Dylan was going to have a difficult enough time ahead with Emily, without having to deal with interrogation for shooting an unarmed assailant.

This was something she could do to ease the trauma, and she would gladly do it for her friends.

Luckily the knife Toni had been using was fairly close to the body, so her story should stack up.

"Okay. I'll need a full report, but everything should be fine. How is Dylan?"

"She's in shock, I just pray that Emily will be alright, or it might kill her."

They both watched as Emily was wheeled from the room, tubes coming from her arms and oxygen mask over her face. Dylan followed on behind, her face like stone.

"Is it okay if I go with Dylan? I think she'll need someone."

"Yeah sure, I'll square things with the local cops."


Dylan and Jackson were seated in a private room, waiting on news of Emily's condition. After the chopper had taken them to the local hospital, Emily had been whisked away to ER. Jackson had to, physically hold, Dylan back when they took Emily away. The staff had given them a private room since Dylan's presence would cause mayhem in the public areas. The hospital was already in chaos with the press camped at the front of the building. Television news crews from around the world were broadcasting live about the extraordinary kidnap and rescue.

Jackson looked up at Dylan who had been pacing back and forth for the last hour and a half.

"Dylan sit down and take a rest. You must be exhausted."

"Rest? How can I fucking rest when Emmie's in there fighting for her life, and no one will tell me anything!" She slammed her wrist against the wall in frustration.

Jackson jumped up grabbed her employer by the shoulders. "Listen, Emily will be fine. I know she will. She's a fighter and has everything to live for. You have to keep your cool and stay in control, especially when the cops question you. Okay?"

They had already gone over this, Jackson told her to explain to the police she had been at Emily's side when the shot was fired.

"I don't like it Jackson. It's too much to ask of you. I can't let you take the blame."

"If you don't you will have shot an unarmed woman."

Dylan pushed away from her friend. "Yeah I did, and I would do it again. You saw what she did to Emmie." Fresh tears ran down Dylan's face.

"You know what she said she did...I...I'm glad I did it. Toni was a sick fuck! She deserved it!"

Jackson knew she had to talk her friend through the panic or they would all be in trouble.

"I know. I would have done the same as you, but you can't afford this sort of trouble. If you tell the truth now, it's going to look bad. When the cops came in, you were with Emily. It was my gun, there would be questions, and even if we could come up with some story, your reputation would be damaged. People would say there's no smoke without fire. You've got this massive career and a family to look after and help heal. You hired me to protect your family, and that's what I'm doing. Trust me, the cops will have less reason to doubt my story. But you have to hold it together okay?"

Dylan looked at Jackson. Can I do this...

"I just want to say, you are the best friend I have ever had. I'll never forget what you've done for my family."

Dylan held her hand out and Jackson shook it willingly, sealing their bond of trust.

The room door opened, and a doctor came in. "Hi I'm Doctor Mills, Sorry we've kept you waiting this long Ms Morgan."

"How is she Doctor?"

"We've been trying to stabilise Emily's condition. She has a broken arm, broken ribs and other external injuries. It seems she received repeated blows to the head, and it has given her a significant head injury."

"Significant? What does that mean Doc?"

"Well in the short term it means we've got her stabilised, and now we're going to take her to the operating room to get a closer look at her skull, we believe she may have a small crack. Once we check there are no detached skull pieces, we will induce a coma and allow her brain to try and heal itself."

Dylan held the doctor by the shoulder. "Try? She's going to be aright isn't she? I mean she will wake up won't she?" Please Emmie! Please God you'll be okay!

"I'm afraid that will be up to Emily Ms Morgan. With a brain injury like this, we do all that we can to allow the patient's injury to heal, then it's up to them."

Doctor Mills looked on in sympathy as Dylan collapsed onto the chair and sobbed into her hands. Dylan Morgan, rich, powerful, world famous, but it all meant nothing when faced with the universal pain of losing a loved one.

"Ms Morgan, rest assured we will do everything humanly possible to bring your fiancee back to full health. We have some of the best surgeons in the country."

Dylan managed to nod in response, and the doctor said to Jackson, "We'll come and let you know when Emily is out of surgery."

"Thank you Doctor." Jackson took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Doctor!" Dylan said as he was about to leave the room.

"Yes? You have another question?"

It made Dylan feel sick, to even ask this question, but she had to.

"Was...she raped? Her captor said she was."

"There was no evidence of bruising or tearing, so at this point I would say no but that doesn't mean there wasn't some sort of sexual assault. It's hard to tell in a situation like this. Really only Emily can tell us what happened."

Dylan's guts twisted at the thought. After the doctor left Jackson said.

"Can I do anything? Get some coffee or something?"

Dylan rubbed the tears from her eyes. "Um...could you call Lynn and see how Molly is? I just need a minute alone."

"Of course. I'll be back soon." Oh hippy girl, I could use your help right about now!


The next four hours were the longest and most excruciating of Dylan Morgan's life, but finally Emily was brought back from surgery. Dylan and Jackson were being led to the private room to see her. The Doctor had reported that everything had gone as well they could have hoped for. It was now just a waiting game. The nurse opened the hospital room door, and Jackson heard Dylan gasp at the first look of her beloved fiancee. Tubes and wires were coming from her arms, and her head was covered in a thick bandage where she had been operated on.

"I'll Stay outside for a bit, give you some time alone. Okay?" Said Jackson.

"Thanks." Her voice cracked with a reply.

Dylan suddenly very alone. The room silent bar the beeps from the various monitors. She walked forward towards the bed, her hand shook as she reached out to touch Emily.

"Hi baby girl...I..." She fell to her knees and broke down crying, holding Emily's hand to her cheek.

"When you were in surgery I was thinking of all these things I wanted to say to you, but now...all I can think of to say now is how much I love you. I need you so much, Molly needs you so much. You have to wake up baby girl, or all we'll be eating is cereal and pizza! The doctor says your head needs time to heal, and that's fine. You take the time you need, but then you get those eyes of yours opened cause I can't live without you. I never lived until I met you and Molly and I won't live without you. I won't!" Dylan said with an angry edge to her voice.

She kissed Emily's hand tenderly but her heart sank in despair when she saw her fiancee's missing engagement ring.

Toni you fucking sick bastard! You've nearly taken everything from me. I hope you rot in hell!


After giving Dylan time alone, she knocked the room door and entered the room. The sight of Emily like this made her feel angry, angry that she didn't succeed in her job. Dylan had fallen asleep holding onto Emily's hand. She must be exhausted.

Jackson took a seat on the other side of the bed and let her employer sleep. Half an hour later Jackson heard Dylan mumble Emily's name in her sleep and waken with a gasp.

"Wh...What? Shit I must have fallen asleep. Has anything happened?"

"No. You need rest."

Dylan stood, stretched and walked over to look out of the window.

"I'm not leaving Emily until she wakes up. I wasn't there to protect her when she needed me, so I'm making sure I'm going to be with her now."

"Dylan you couldn't be with her all the time if anything it was my fault. She was taken under my watch."

"Dylan turned to face her friend. "No! You were saving our daughter. I can never repay you for that. I just feel so helpless. Emmie's just lying there and there's nothing I can do for her. I want to be strong for her."

Jackson walked over and put her hand on her shoulder. "You were and still are being strong. You found her, no one else, and you did what needed to be done."

"Em...When Emmie wakes up will you tell her what I did? I'm not sure if she would understand."

"It's up to you what you tell her. What happened in that the cabin will go with me to my grave, so whatever you feel comfortable telling her. I just know I would have done the same if I had found the woman I love in that situation."

"You are a good friend Jackson."

"You would do the same. Now is there anything I can do to make things easier. What about Molly?"

Dylan scrubbed her hands over her face. "Yeah, I want Molly with me. It would make Emily feel better too. Can you get me a couple of suites at a local hotel and ask Lynn to bring Molly? We need a base until Emily can be moved home. Shit I'm going to need Lynn to handle the press here. Do you think Rosie would come and help with Molly? I know Emmie and Molly love her, I would pay all her expenses of course."

Jackson smiled at the mention of the fiery young woman. "I'm sure should would be happy to. She loves little Molly and will be anxious to see Emily."

"Great. That would make things easier."

"I'll get on it then." As Jackson walked toward the door Dylan said,

"The woman you love? Is that Rosie?"

Jackson let out a breath and simply said. "Yes."

"If she's the one you want buddy, don't waste any time messing around. Tell her how you feel and fight for her." Dylan sat and took Emily's limp hand. "You never know how much time you're going to have with each other. Don't waste it."

Jackson nodded and left to make the arrangements Dylan asked for.


Jackson had been delighted at Rosie's response when she asked the young woman to accompany Lynn and Molly to the Catskills. She was only too happy to come and help out. Pauley and a couple of other studio security people had been sent to pick up the two women and Molly. The press were not only camped outside the hospital but outside the families city apartment. They were followed all the way to the hospital, and an upset Molly was immediately taken to her Mom. After Lynn visited with Dylan and Emily, she immediately went to work trying to handle the press. The hospital was able to give her an office and help from the hospital administration staff.

Jackson and Rosie were standing side by side waiting outside Emily's room, giving Mom and daughter time alone with Emily.

Jackson turned her head and said. "Um...thanks for coming to help."

"I'm happy to. Emily is such a good friend and Dylan needs support." What Rosie didn't mention was that she wanted to be there to help Jackson. She knew the normally buttoned up soldier would be struggling to cope emotionally with handling the situation, and Dylan.

"What about your job at the bar? Will that be okay?"

"I'll call when I go back to the hotel. I don't care what the manager says, I just needed to be here with you all. What are the doctors saying?"

"She came through the operation well and they induced a coma to give her time to start healing. They say the next twenty four hours are critical, then it's up to Emily."

"We have to pray she wakes up." Said Rosie.

"With brain traumas like these you have to worry about what the damage will be if she does wake up."

"I know Emily will be fine. She knows how much Dylan and Molly need her."

Jackson just nodded. "What about you? How are you doing with everything Jackson?"

"Me? I'm okay. It's not me that's hurt or hurting." She said dismissively.

Rosie turned and leaned slightly toward Jackson. "Listen soldier boy. You forget I know how seriously you take your job, and Emily was not just any old job, I know you care about them all. Not to mention the fact that you had to shoot Toni."

Jackson hated to lie to Rosie and so chose her words carefully. "I did what I had to do to protect Dylan and Emily, but that's what I'm trained for. Don't worry about me hippy girl."

A silence fell between the two and after a minute Jackson felt Rosie's hand clasp her own. Neither had the words or the courage to make comment on it.


"Mama? You wake up now pease?"

Molly sat on Emily's bed holding her mother's hand. Dylan had explained that Emily was sleeping so that she would get better, but Molly believed her Mama should wake up when she talked to her. It broke Dylan's heart to see her little girl so confused and upset.

"Molls remember I told you Mamma has to sleep to feel better? We have to let her. She's really tired."

Molly thought for a minute, her little face showing the strain of thinking so hard,

"Mom, why did the bad lady hurt Mama?" Dylan gulped. She knew this question would be coming, as much as everyone had tried to insulate the little girl from the awful truth, she had picked up bits and pieces from the TV news. How the hell do I answer this? God I wish you could help me Emmie.

"Well the woman that took mama was very sick and thought Mama belonged to her, but she was wrong and Mom and Jackson got Mama back."

Molly seemed to accept this explanation for now, Dylan was dreading when Molly would ask about Toni's death.

Jackson knocked the door and interrupted them. "Sorry to bother you but the local detectives would like a word with you."

Shit! Dylan had hoped the police questions were over. Although she did not regret for one second killing Toni, she hated lying, especially to her buddies Patrick and Mark.

"Okay. Could Rosie maybe take Molls for a drink and a snack while I'm gone?"

"Sure." Rosie replied from behind Jackson.

Dylan lifted Molly down and gave her daughter some money from her wallet. "Hey Smurf, go and get some candy and a coke. I won't tell your Mama."

The little girl smiled and trotted off happily with Rosie. "They have a room down the hall." Said Jackson. "Just remember to stay calm and stick to what we discussed earlier."

Dylan nodded and kissed Emily softly on the hand. "I won't be long baby."


"Tell me the fucking reason I need to go over this again!" Dylan shouted as she paced up and down the small room.

Jackson looked on, worried that Dylan was so near the edge she was going to crack.

A local detective had wanted to go over Dylan and Jackson's story, even though Patrick and Mark had given him a full report.

Detective Shaw had been like a dog with a bone since the interview began, going over every single detail.

"Shaw is this necessary? Ms Morgan has told you everything she can."

"I'm sorry sergeant, I just wanted to double check the details. Toni Bianchi's body had an awful lot of injuries for a quick struggle before she was killed." Something doesn't add up. I know Morgan is hiding something. Thought Shaw.

Dylan had heard enough. She walked over to the small table where Detective Shaw was interviewing her and slammed her hands down.

"I'll tell you what fucking happened Detective!"

Oh Shit! Thought Jackson.

"I found my fiancee in her underwear, held on a bed at knifepoint, injuries all over her body, bruises on her breasts, her face bloody and swollen, I was angry, I wanted to kill her for what she had done, but she had a knife. I tried to talk to her, get her to put down the knife or at least stall until Jackson got there. Jackson came in, shot her in the arm and I took the opportunity to grab her and beat the living crap out of her and I would do it again. I wish I could have inflicted more pain on that sick fuck, but she kept talking, saying stuff and..."

"Then while Dylan was tending to Emily, Toni made a lunge for me with the knife. I had no choice but to shoot."

Jackson looked over at Dylan, her eyes pleading with her friend to keep quiet.

"Ms Morgan? Is that how it happened?" Asked Detective Shaw.

Dylan took a breath and gathered herself. "Yeah, that's how it happened."

Patrick stood and said, "Well, I'm sure that's all we need. Eh Shaw?"

The detective shut over the file he was writing in. "Yes. That's all. Thank you for your time Ms Morgan." I know more happened in that cabin Morgan. Having no proof and no support from his superiors he knew he would have to accept her story for now.

Once Shaw left, Patrick said "Dylan, Mark and I are going to head back to the precinct and file our reports. If you need anything just call, anytime. Oh, the cops at the scene found this."

Patrick handed over Emily's engagement ring. It was dirty but undamaged. She brought it to her lips and kissed the stone.

"Thank you so much buddy. I appreciate it."

"No problem. See you soon okay?" Once the detectives left Dylan said

"Jackson can you find Molly for me. She'll need to go back to the hotel soon, and I'd like to spend some time with her."

"Sure. You're doing the right thing you know."

"I hope so."


Emily made it through the first twenty four hours. The doctors assured Dylan that she was responding well, and they hoped she would wake up given time, but as the next two days came and went, Dylan was starting to lose patience.

"There must be something else you can do? Some other treatment you can try? I can pay for anything, give her the best." Dylan lost her patience with the doctor who had come to do her rounds.

"Ms Morgan, your fiancee is getting the best we have. We have done everything possible, and now it's up to Emily. I'll be back later to check up on her."

After the doctor left Lynn said. "Dylan, they are doing their best."

Dylan just snorted. "I know you are frustrated, and I know it's hard, you've been cooped up in this hospital ever since Emily was brought in. You need a break."

Dylan went over to Emily's bedside and sat, taking up her usual position holding onto her hand.

"I am not leaving Emmie. She needs me. Look at her? She's so weak and alone. I need to be here, to talk and remind she has every reason to wake up!"

Lynn walked over and touched Dylan's shoulder, "And what about little Molly. She needs her Mom."

"I see her every day, she sees her Mom and her Mama."

"Dylan she sees you frustrated and angry with the world and her Mama hooked up to machines to keep her alive!"

No one else, but Lynn would have dared say this to her, and it shook Dylan.

She pushed away from the bed, throwing the chair across the room and stomped from the room.

Well that went well! Lynn's cell phone rang and she sighed as she saw the caller ID.

"Yes. Lynn speaking?"

"Hello? Mrs Roberts? Have you had a chance to speak to Dylan yet?"

"Things have been a bit difficult here. I haven't had the chance to broach the subject. Dylan is under a lot of stress at the moment."

"I...my wife and I just want to help."

"Give me another few hours. I'll try okay?"

The caller gave an audible sigh. "Thank you Mrs Roberts. Please try, we want to help."

Lynn hung up the phone and thought, Oh Dylan! This might make you go off the deep end!


Dylan walked the corridors of the large hospital for over an hour, trying to calm down and get her head straight.

She eventually found her way into the small hospital chapel. It was a simple room with five rows of pews, separated by an aisle. At the front was a raised platform on which stood a simple alter, and behind a large crucifix.

Dylan sat despondently in the back pew and clasped her hands in prayer. She hadn't set foot inside a chapel since Joey's funeral and felt unaccustomed to asking anyone for anything.

"Eh...I'm not sure how I'm meant to do this." Dylan's voice cracked with emotion, and her arms fell onto the seat in front.

"I know I'm probably not your favourite person, but Emily...well she's an innocent. She doesn't deserve this, and neither does Molly. She needs her Mama. I'm asking you please, please let Emily get better and wake up. I need her so much. I can't bring Molly up without her, please don't let me have to live without her."

As Dylan had been deep in prayer, she hadn't heard the doors of the chapel quietly open, and footsteps come toward her.

"Please god, please spare Emily. I will die without her."

"Don't do that, Little Molly needs you."

At the sound of another voice, Dylan jumped up turned, and shouted. "Wh...what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you."

She couldn't believe her eyes. The man who hadn't given her a word or a phone call in years stood before her.


Tommy Morgan looked at an open mouthed Dylan and said, "Hey champ, yes it's me."


To be continued........


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