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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2

Episode 2



Part 1


Dylan walked the corridors of the large hospital for over an hour, trying to calm down and get her head straight.

She eventually found her way into the small hospital chapel. It was a simple room with five rows of pews, separated by an aisle. At the front was a raised platform on which stood a simple alter, and behind a large crucifix.

Dylan sat despondently in the back pew and clasped her hands in prayer. She hadn't set foot inside a chapel since Joey's funeral and felt unaccustomed to asking anyone for anything.

"Eh...I'm not sure how I'm meant to do this." Dylan's voice cracked with emotion, and her arms fell onto the seat in front.

"I know I'm probably not your favourite person, but Emily...well she's an innocent. She doesn't deserve this, and neither does Molly. She needs her Mama. I'm asking you please, please let Emily get better and wake up. I need her so much. I can't bring Molly up without her, please don't let me have to live without her."

As Dylan had been deep in prayer, she hadn't heard the doors of the chapel quietly open, and footsteps come toward her.

"Please god, please spare Emily. I will die without her."

"Don't do that, Little Molly needs you."

At the sound of another voice, Dylan jumped up turned, and shouted. "Wh...what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to help you."

She couldn't believe her eyes. The man who hadn't given her a word or a phone call in years stood before her.


Tommy Morgan looked at an open mouthed Dylan and said, "Hey champ, yes it's me."


"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Dylan Morgan, don't you swear in Gods house. What would your mother say?"

"I have no idea dad, I haven't had so much as a phone call from you both in years! How did you get past security?"

Dylan was already teetering on the brink of sanity and now faced with the man who had disowned her, threatened to send her over the edge. He looked a little older but the same tall muscular male version of herself. It was almost unnerving.

"I showed the security at the door my ID and said you were my daughter. I told them to phone Mrs Roberts to vouch for me if they needed to, but they just let me in."

"Why would Lynn vouch for you?" Asked Dylan suspiciously.

"Your Mom and I have been calling Mrs Roberts since we saw your partner had been kidnapped. We wanted to speak to you, to help, but she asked us to give her a little more time."

"Help?" Dylan strutted up toward the man who had been her hero and said, "You wanted to help the daughter you haven't even thought of in years? I don't think so Dad. I'll tell you exactly what you wanted, you wanted your granddaughter, you wanted Molly, not to be there for me!"

Tommy hung his head and sighed. He had expected this sort of reaction.

"That's not true Dylan, I have thought about you constantly, and the mistakes I've made. We saw little Molly on the news. She is beautiful."

"She is, and she's mine dad. My daughter. Joey and I had an understanding."

Tommy gave a weak smile. "Oh I know that. Pattie has been drumming that into me, Joey had confided in her about that. She looks like you champ."

Father and daughter met each other's eyes, Dylan searched her father's eyes for the sincerity she was desperate to see. It had hurt so badly being cut off from her family because she loved them so much.

"Please Dylan, let me say my piece and then if you want me to go I will."

Dylan nodded. "Get on with it then. I need to get back to my fiancee."

"Can we take a seat?"

Dylan sighed and sat beside her father in the back pew, she refused to look at her father though, insisting on staring ahead toward the crucifix.

"It's hard to know where to start really. Your mom said, I should start with sorry. I am truly sorry I cut you out of our lives, and I'm sorry that I stopped your Mom from contacting you. She wanted to, all the time, but I haven't been a very good husband or father for the last few years. I've been an angry stubborn man."

"Why Dad? You know it wasn't my fault? I did my best for Joey."

"Dylan you are a lot like me. You're strong, you like to take responsibility for your family. We enjoy the same sorts of things, apart from the acting in front of people thing that is, we liked sports, taekwondo, and you liked helping out your Grandpa and me in the contracting business. We always connected, and I was so proud of you and everything you accomplished. I know I pushed you hard, too hard your mom says, but I wanted you to fulfil a dream that I couldn't. I wasn't good enough to make it to the Olympics but from when you were a little girl, I knew you were special and would achieve extraordinary things. Your brother was different."

"What? Because he was gay?" Dylan sneered.

"Well in a way yes, but not in the way you're thinking. Joey was different right from he was a little boy. We never shared the same interests and just didn't connect as we did. He enjoyed his Mother's company more, but that doesn't mean I didn't love him. Quite the opposite, I just always knew you and I would have to protect him. You know you were always getting into fights to protect him at school?"

Dylan nodded. "Yeah he got a hard time."

"Exactly. I was worried about him all the time. It's a hard road for a boy to take. Even though he didn't tell us about being...that way..."

"The word is gay dad. It's not a dirty word."

"I know. What I'm trying to say is that we knew deep down, and I knew that you and I would always have to look after him. He was weaker, and before you jump all over me, I don't mean because he was gay, but as a person. Sure he was a terrific kid, but he never stuck to anything, never worked hard for anything he wanted like you did. He expected everything handed to him on a plate and lived for fun and good times. You know that you have to put in the work to get what you want from life. When he said he wanted to go to the big city like his sister, I could tell there would be trouble, I was worried he would fall into a bad crowd and destructive ways."

Dylan listened silently knowing her father was speaking the truth.

"When he died, I felt so guilty that it was my fault. Guilty for letting him go, when I knew he wouldn't handle that sort of life, guilty for not bringing him up better. I felt guilty because I know you tried, you did everything to try and make him better, a hell of a lot more than I could ever do, and when I saw you or thought about you, it reminded me of my failures as a father. I took my anger and guilt and blamed you. It was so wrong, but the grief of losing that boy has blinded me. For that, I am truly sorry."

Dylan turned a look toward Tommy "Don't you think I felt guilty? Do you not think I needed your support? It was tearing me up inside, and you shut me out! You had another kid that needed you and mom. I was there all along."

"I'm so sorry champ. Your Mom kept on at me to see sense. I missed you so much. I didn't know how to make the first move. Pattie told me she wasn't having it any longer and was going to phone you, then we saw on the news about you seeing this girl and we thought we might get in the way. Please give us a chance champ. If not for my sake for your mom's, I've lost count of the times I've found her crying for you, and I was the cause. Please."

Dylan stood and marched up the aisle a bit and ran her fingers through her dark hair.

"How do I know this isn't just a rouse to see your granddaughter?"

Dylan you know what kind of person I am. I'm a straight up and down kind of guy like you. I believe in doing the right thing, in looking out for your family, working hard and never breaking my word. I give you my word your mom, and I, want to be back in your life as parents and as grandparents. We want to support you through this time, and when that young lady gets better, spend time getting to know you all better than we do now."

Tommy stood and held out her hand to Dylan. Can I trust you dad? What would Emmie say? She always thought the best of people. I know what she would say.

Dylan took her Dad's hand and shook it firmly "Okay we'll try."

Tears ran down Tommy's face, and when he opened his arms to his daughter she put up her hand and said, "One step at a time okay? We have a lot of trust to make up."

"I promise you champ. I'm going to prove to you that you can trust me."

"Well, if we take it slowly we'll see. Where is Mom?"

"Out in the car waiting."

"Okay, go and get her. I'd like to see her."

"Sure kid. Thank you so much for giving me a chance."

As Tommy walked off Dylan thought, I hope so Dad because I can't take anymore.


Patricia Morgan looked up at her tall daughter and held her face in her hands. Tears of joy ran down her face. "I'm so sorry my darling. I should have never let your father keep us apart."

"It was a difficult time mom. Let's just move forward." Dylan wiped the tears from her mother's eyes. She was just so happy to be in the arms of the only woman, apart from Emily, who could give her comfort.

Patricia gathered herself and said, "So tell us about this young woman of yours?"

"Emily is the most incredible person, and I can't wait to be married to her but...she's awful sick. I...need to get back to her. Would you like to come and meet her?"

"That would be wonderful darling girl." Dylan put her arm round her mother's shoulder and placed a kiss to her auburn hair.

Tommy had held back allowing mother and daughter to have some time together, but Dylan inclined her head toward him and said, "Dad, would you like to meet my Emily?"

Tommy nodded and followed behind the two women, just grateful to be given a chance.


Dylan led her parents down to the hospital room. Lynn met them outside the door and looked shocked as to whom Dylan was with.

Dylan gave Lynn a look of mock anger and said,

"I hear you have been in contact with my parents for a while?"

"Dylan, I was going to tell you. I just didn't want to add to your burden at the moment."

Dylan held her hands and smiled. "Don't worry we sorted things out, although I think we have to talk about security. My dad got past them no problem. Lynn let me introduce you to my parents Tommy and Patricia."

"It's nice to finally meet you Lynn, and please call me Pattie."

"Nice to meet you both."

With the introductions complete, Dylan took her parents into the room.

Pattie gave a gasp when she saw Emily. The pictures she had seen on television had shown a young woman full of life, not this badly injured person she saw before her.

Dylan grabbed a seat for her mother and put it beside her own. "Mom, Dad, this is Emily Taylor my fiancee and soon to be your daughter in law."

Pattie watched her daughter hold tightly onto the young woman's hand and saw in that moment how desperately she loved her.

"Oh my darling, this must be such a difficult time for you. What do the doctors say?"

"They've done everything they can, she just needs to wake up now, and she will. I know it!"

Tommy, who had been quiet since entering room, came behind his daughter and put a comforting arm on her shoulder.

"Tell me you beat the crap out of that woman before she took a bullet and got the easy way out?"

Dylan turned in her seat and met her father's eyes. "I took care of it." Tommy knew without asking that more went on in that cabin than the press were saying, and knew that he would have done the same.

"Well done champ. I know it's been hard but your mom and I are here to support you now, and I don't know Emily yet but I've seen that little girl of yours on TV, and I'm sure she will fight with all she has to stay here with her, and you."

"Thanks Dad."

After a while, Tommy went in search of coffee for them all, leaving Dylan and Pattie alone.

"I'm so sorry I didn't get through to him sooner Dylan."

"Everyone was hurting mom, and we all know dad is stubborn."

Pattie snorted. "Stubborn as an old goat! I always watched your show you know. I recorded it and watched it while he was at work. I want you to know I'm so proud of all you have achieved and the family you've made. I saw the interview you did with Emily and Molly. Emily seems to be a lovely young woman, and Molly looks like a little darling."

"Emily is my life mom. I have never met anyone more loving, more nurturing or compassionate in my life. She is the love of my life."

"I can't wait to meet her properly."

Dylan stared blankly ahead. "What if she doesn't wake up mom?"

Pattie covered her daughters hand with her own. "Don't even think about it. You have to have faith my darling girl. Tell me about my granddaughter, from what I've seen on TV, she looks just like you did when you were a little girl."

Dylan laughed. "Emmie says she acts like me too. A little tomboy that's into everything! But her goodness is all Emmie. She is a beautiful little girl inside and out. "

"Your dad and I have missed out on so much." Pattie said sadly.

"Yes mom, so had I. I missed three years out of her life. I was just trying to make up for it when this happened."

"Where is she now?"

I think it's time to put this family back together. Thought Dylan.

She turned to face her Mother and said, "She is back at the hotel being looked after by our friends... Would you like to meet her mom?"

Renewed tears flowed from Pattie's eyes. "Oh I'd love that! So would your father."

"Okay come back tomorrow morning. Molly will be here to visit with me. I'll introduce you then. She needs all the family and love she can get just now."

"Thank you Dylan. Thank you so much for giving us another chance."


Jackson watched Rosie play on the floor with Molly, with a look of adoration on her face. Buoyed by Dylan's words to her at the hospital, she was determined to win Rosie's love. She had brought The pair back to the hotel earlier after Molly had visited with her two moms.

Rosie looked up and caught her looking, luckily before she needed to explain herself, her cell phone rang.

Jackson took the opportunity to step out the room leaving Rosie wondering what Jackson had been thinking about.


"Yes honey?"

"At my mom on da phone? She come get me?"

Rosie felt desperately sorry for the little girl. She had been put through so much for one so young, compared to other kids her age. Molly didn't understand why her mama wouldn't wake up and why she couldn't stay with her mom at the hospital. There had been more than one tantrum, when it was time to leave her mom's and she had to bring Molly back to the hotel. Rosie tried her best to be as honest as she could be.

"I'm not sure Molls. Let's wait and see what Jackson says. When Jackson came back in the room, she looked unsure of what to say in front of the little girl.

Rosie mouthed the words. "Is it bad news?"

Jackson shook her head and said. "Molly that was your mom calling. She said she has a special surprise for you when you go to the hospital tomorrow."

"mama wake up?"

Jackson sighed. "No, not yet. I'm sorry Molls, but she does have some people for you to meet. Your mom wants me to bring you first thing in the morning, so you better get to bed."

Molly looked at Rosie unconvinced. "Come on Molly, the quicker you go to sleep the quicker you can see your moms."

"Ou read me a story?"

Rosie lifted the little girl and placed a kiss on her head. "Sure thing kiddo. Now say goodnight to Jackson."

"Nigh nigh Dackson!" Molly puckered up her lips waiting for a kiss. Rosie chuckled at the soldiers normally unflappable demeanour, shaken up by a little girl. "Eh...em...Goodnight Molls." Jackson stumbled over her words and gave Molly a quick kiss.

She is so sweet when she like this. When she drops that stupid I'm in command attitude. Thought Rosie.

Just as, she and Molly were entering the bedroom, Jackson said, "Rosie! Eh....would you like me to get some room service sent up for dinner while you put Molly to bed? Eh...that is if you'd like to join me for dinner?"

"Sure. That would be lovely. Go ahead and order, I'm sure you know what I like soldier boy."

Rosie gave her a mischievous smile then disappeared inside the bedroom. Jackson gulped hard.

Oh god I want her so much!


After finally getting Molly, to sleep Rosie returned to the living area of the suite. She was hungry and looking forward to some food. Rosie entered the room to find the hotel staff setting up a table with food under silver platters and wine chilling in a cooler. Why have you gone to all this trouble?

Rosie stood nervously by the table as Jackson tipped the bell boy and shut the door.

Jackson caught the look of confusion on the younger woman's face.

"I hope you like this. Sit down please."

"I was expecting Sandwiches and soup. This looks really expensive."

Jackson pulled out Rosie's chair, and began to pour the wine.

"Don't worry. I took care of it. I thought you deserved something nice. You just dropped everything and came up here, I know looking after Molly hasn't been easy. Eh... I would have taken you out, but I don't think that's really on at the moment. Luckily this hotel has a five star restaurant."

After pouring the wine Jackson took the silver lid off the serving dish. "I hope you like this. I don't know too much about vegetarian food, but I thought pasta would be safe. I remembered you said you love cheesecake as well."

Jackson are you trying to impress me?

"What are you having?"

Jackson took her seat across from Rosie. "The same as you."

"But you love meat! Have you ever had a vegetarian meal before?"

"Well no, but I didn't want to put you off your meal by having a massive slab of meat. I'm sure it'll be great. Oh! I nearly forgot the salad. Here you go."

Oh no! Don't be sweet Jack! I can't resist you when your sweet!

Rosie took her first bite of pasta. "Wow! This is delicious!"

Jackson face beamed. "Really? That's great. I hoped it would be okay."

An awkward silence fell over the table as both women realised this felt like a date.

"So...what was the phone call about?"

"Oh, Dylan's mom and dad turned up at the hospital. They hadn't spoken in years, but them seem to have made up because Dylan wants Molly to meet them tomorrow morning."

"Well that's great. Dylan needs as much support as she can get. She's so lost without Emily."

"Yes I know."

They ate on in silence. What surprised Rosie was how comfortable she was just sitting here with Jackson in quiet companionship, but she wanted to know more about her.

"Tell me about your job. Must be exciting, travelling all over the world with the rich and famous?"

"I suppose you might think that. It's just something I'm good at. I have an office in New York and the apartment, but mostly I live out of a suitcase. I can be off at a moment's notice to the other side of the world. It's a demanding job."

"I guess you don't have time to keep up with friends. Where will you work after this job is finished?"

Do you want to know if I'm staying around?

"I'll stay as long as Dylan and Emily need me. The threat might be gone, but they are my friends now, and they are going to be inundated with attention. I want to help, and I'll stay until they feel secure, but after that, it will be time to move on."

Rosie dropped her fork onto her plate making a loud clatter. The thought of not seeing Jackson around made her feel physical hurt.

She stood up abruptly and said, "I'm really full, I think I'll pass on the cheesecake and head to bed."

Jackson stood and came round to face her quickly. "But...Did I say something?"

"No, of course not. I'm just tired."

Jackson knew Rosie was upset, but didn't know what to say to make it better. Acting purely on instinct Jackson pulled Rosie towards her and placed a tender kiss to her lips. At first Rosie's lips were stiff and did not respond, but after the initial shock her mouth softened and allowed Jackson's tongue to gently enter her mouth. The last time they had kissed it had been hard, passionate and raw, but this time Jackson wanted to show Rosie all the love in her heart. She pulled away leaving Rosie her eyes still closed and breathless. Jackson whispered. "I love you hippy girl."

The young woman's eyes opened instantly, but she remained silent.

Jackson searched Rosie's eyes for a reaction but saw only confusion. Then her love pulled away and hurried to the bedroom.

Left alone with the remnants of their romantic meal, Jackson thought, You idiot! What did you say that for? You've frightened her off for good now!

On the other side of the bedroom door, Rosie stood in shock. She touched her lips were Jackson had kissed her. She loves me? Does she mean it though? You heard her, she moves around all the time. She's going to leave you eventually. I love you too Jack. She couldn't say the words out loud, but at last she had admitted she loved Jackson Hunter.


The meeting between Molly and her new grandparents could not have gone better. Just as the little girl had with Dylan, Molly embraced her new family. She spent the morning going from cuddling on her grandmas knee to playing with her grandpa, and Pattie and Tommy loved every minute of it.

"Up pease grandpa!" Molly had discovered that much like her with her Mom, she could have the rough and the tumble play she loved from her grandpa.

As usual Dylan had not moved from Emily's side just waiting for any sign that she would wake up, Pattie who was sitting beside her daughter said. "Do you think they're being a bit loud? Your dad could take her out for a walk if you like?"

"No Mom. I want Emmie to hear how much she has to wake up for."

Pattie sighed. Her daughter looked ill. She was gaunt and had barely eaten. If Emily didn't waken up soon, Pattie feared for her daughters sanity.


Emily became aware of noises in the darkness, just out of reach. Instinctively she knew she had to fight to open her eyes. Why, she couldn't quite remember. The noises turned into voices.

They are waiting for you to wake up. Who?

Her whole body felt heavy as she tried to make herself move. Her eyelids seemed glued shut as she tried to open them up. It was like being in a waking dream, wanting to move and being unable.

The voices separate out. One voice was high, and one was low. The low deep voice made her feel excited, safe and warm. Then she heard it. Wake up Emmie. I love you.

She knew she had to wake up for this voice, she knew she would do anything for this voice, and so Emily put all her strength into opening her heavy eyes.


Jackson stood against the wall and watched Rosie sit with Dylan and Emily. Pattie and Tommy had taken Molly out for some lunch at the hospital cafeteria, they had wanted to take her out somewhere, but Jackson and Dylan had said there was no way they would get by the front door. The press and TV people were camped out permanently at the front door.

Jackson had woken Rosie and Molly early this morning and had breakfast with them, before bringing them over to the hospital. All that time, Rosie and said nothing about the night before. Nothing about the kiss or Jackson's declaration of love. Whenever she had tried to talk to her, Rosie would talk to Molly.

Why did you even tell her that you loved her! She obviously doesn't care. Of course, she doesn't care, she hates everything about you. Too butch, a soldier and a million other things. Fuck sake Hunter! You keep women at bay for all of your adult life, only to tell some hippy, vegetarian yoga freak that you love her! What is wrong with you!

Suddenly Dylan jumped up.

"She moved! She moved her hand!"

Jackson rushed over and saw Emily's fingers moving, and then the young woman began to cough and choke on the tube placed down her throat.

"Emmie! What's wrong!" All at once the room became alive with medical personnel. The Doctor and nurses pushed passed Dylan and started to work on Emily.

"Ms Morgan. Please wait outside."

"What's happening? Tell me!"

The doctor was too busy to reply, and Dylan was becoming increasing frantic. She grabbed him by the scrub shirt and lifted him clear of Emily.

"Tell me what the fuck is going on!"

"Jackson do something!" Rosie cried.

Jackson pulled Dylan off the doctor and began to drag her out. "Come on boss! Calm down and let them work."

When Dylan struggles lessened Jackson got her out into the hallway. Dylan pushed away from Jackson and thumped her fists against the wall. "What are they doing to her!"

"They are trying to help her. Just keep calm and let them."

"She moved Jackson, I saw her move, and then she started to choke. She can't breathe."

Seeing Jackson floundering Rosie stopped forward and took Dylan's hand. "Listen. Emily moved, I saw it too, but the doctors need to make sure everything's as it should be, so you need to pull yourself together and be ready to go in and face your fiancee. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes if she's waiting to see you and your hauled off by security."

Amazingly, a small smile came to Dylan's face. "You are right. She would kick my ass big time!"

The doctor came out, and Dylan immediately apologised. "What's happening doc? How is she?"

"She is doing well considering. Emily was starting to come round naturally, then began to choke because of the tubes. We won't know if there is any long term damage until we do a full assessment, but she is communicating and asking for you. She will be extremely sleepy and still has a lot of healing to do and a long road ahead both physically and psychologically, but I do think she will recover. The nurses are just making her more comfortable and then you can see her."

Dylan offered her hand. "Thank you so much doctor and I'm sorry again."

The doctor smirked. "Don't worry Ms Morgan, I've had worse. I'll speak to you soon."

"She's going to be okay!" Dylan said to her two friends.

"Of course she is. You don't think she would leave you alone for too long do you? Poor Molly would end up eating cereal for dinner."

Dylan laughed. "You are right. Do you think you two could find Molly and my parents?"

"Sure. We'll find them."

"Oh and Lynn must be around here somewhere."

"No problem." Jackson replied.

Yes! I knew you'd come back to me Emmie!


Half an hour later Dylan was allowed in. She walked quietly to the side of the bed. Emily looked peaceful lying there with fewer tubes and wires coming from her. Her eyes were closed, and Dylan found herself feeling strangely nervous.

"Emmie? Are you awake?" At the sound of Dylan's voice, Emily's eyelids fluttered open, and her partner got to see the green eyes she had missed so much.

"H..ey Goofy..." Emily croaked.

Dylan felt such a rush of emotion at hearing her fiancee's voice that she fell to her knees and sobbed.

"You came back to me baby girl! Thank you so much! I love you, and I'm never letting you out of my sight again. Emily used all her strength to lift her hand and stroke Dylan's dark head.

"You think I would leave you..." Emily's speech was laboured and a little slurred.

"I prayed that you wouldn't."

Dylan watched as a thought seemed to pass through Emily's brain and she started to panic.

"Molly! My baby! What...happened..."

"Hey, hey! Calm down Molly's fine. She's waiting outside to see you."

Tears rolled down Emily's cheeks. "She said, She said..."

Emily struggled to get her words out. Everything was confusing. She had to think hard about what she wanted to say. Her mind and her memory was foggy, but she didn't forget what Toni had said about Molly.

"Take a breath and speak slowly Emmie. Who said what?"

"T...Toni said that Molly was dead. Drew shot her."

Dylan felt sick at the mention of Toni's name. Even though, she was dead, she was there, waiting in the wings. Emily would eventually have so many questions for her partner, and Dylan in turn, had so many questions to ask Emily about her time in captivity.

"Oh no baby. She's perfectly fine. Jackson got her out without a scratch."

"Thank God. When she said that to me, I felt like I had died inside...I" Emily tears came in big sobs again.

"I wish I could hold you Emmie, and I wish I had gotten to you quicker. I'm so sorry you had to go through that and hear Toni tell you those things, but I promise she can't ever hurt you again."

"You found me?"

Dylan nodded. "Yeah, and Jackson. I had a hunch and followed it."

Emily looked towards the window struggling to, even discuss her former captor.

"What happened to her?"

Dylan couldn't lie, but Emily was not ready to hear the whole truth.

"She's dead. There was a struggle and the police arrived." Emily simply nodded, thinking the police had shot her.

"I'm so tired Dyl. I can hardly keep my eyes open, but I want to see Molly."

"I'll bring her in, then you can have a sleep okay?" Dylan bent over and kissed her partner on the lips. "Be back in a minute okay? I love you baby girl."

A few moments later an extremely quiet Molly entered the room. Emily turned her head a little and saw her little girl walk toward her, her hand bunched up at her mouth as she did when she was unsure or worried.

"It's okay sweetie. Come see mama."

Molly broke out into a run and threw her arms round out towards her mother.

"Careful Molly!" Dylan shouted.

"it's okay. Give...me a hug." Emily put an arm around the little girl and hugged her as tight as she could.

Molly's bravery began to wane as she was back in her mother's arms. Tears fell from her eyes, and she struggled to speak through the emotion of the moment.

"I miff ou mama and ou not wake up! I wanted ou to wake up mama. I ov ou."

Dylan came to sit on the bed and rubbed Molly's back, trying to calm her.

"I'm...sorry sweetie. Things will be better from now on." Emily struggled to say. She looked up to Dylan and gave a weak smile.

"Don't worry Molls. We've got mama back, and everything is going to be okay. Dylan said confidently. She could only pray that would prove true over the coming weeks and months.


Emily looked down at the blank page before her. Her counsellor had encouraged Emily to write down her feelings, saying that to get her feelings out on paper would help clear her mind. She had put it off for weeks, but had finally acquiesced to Dylan's continued promoting. Dylan had come home from work with a beautiful notebook she had bought and promised to keep Molly out of the way for an hour or so every evening, to give her the time. She had been staring at the page for fifteen minutes with nothing coming to mind, in frustration Emily wrote,

I don't know what to write!!

This is supposed to be good for me, writing down my feelings. How can I write them down when my mind is such a jumble?

Every thought, every feeling whizzing around my mind so fast that I can't catch them. Everyone wants to know how I feel. I know I feel something, I know I feel unhappy, but when I try to think hard why I feel that? All I feel is dizzy, and all I know is that everything seems black, the future the past the present. It seems like it's raining all the time, when everyone else thinks it's sunny.

I do know one thing though, I feel guilty. Guilty for putting Dylan and Molly through this. I know Dylan is upset. She jokes and kids around trying to make me feel better, but I know she is hurting, Dylan forgets that I can read her like a book. Funny isn't it? I can be so in tune with her feelings and thoughts but so far away from my own. It hurts her to see me hurting, and not being able to help. Dylan thinks it was over as soon as I woke up in that hospital that I came back to her, I know I didn't.

So, I'm unhappy. Why am I unhappy? I have recovered well physically. The physical therapist thinks I'm doing remarkably well and shouldn't have any long term problems after my broken arm is healed, my head wound is healing nicely, but every time I look at the yellowing bruises and cut lip in the mirror, I'm back there in the cabin tied to the bed.

I have a beautiful daughter who is everything to me, although she clings to me all the time frightened I'll disappear again. I'm getting married to my perfect woman, the woman whom I have always dreamed of. We are financially secure and know there is nothing that we will not be able to do in life, and we are moving into my dream house, I now have an extended family, with Dylan reconciling with her parents, the list goes on...and yet it's still raining.

Pattie and Tommy have done more than they should to help with Molly while I have been recuperating. It was Molly's birthday when I was in hospital, and Pattie made a cake, and they both organized presents for us, to make sure she didn't miss out. They must wonder why their daughter got involved with someone like me.

I have the comfort of our good friends Jackson and Rosie, Jackson says she will stay on until I feel safe in the house. Something else I have to feel guilty about. Now the threat is dead, Jackson should be off safeguarding the great and the good. Instead, she is left babysitting me because I am frightened of my own shadow. I stay in our apartment twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I feel trapped in these walls but at the same time safe in my little cocoon, safe from the terrors of the outside world beyond our front door.

I'm angry that Toni is dead and yet still haunts my thoughts and haunts my relationship with Dylan. She seems to feel guilty for that time, she doesn't want to talk about what happened when she found me. All she wanted to know is that Toni didn't rape me. She didn't get the chance as much as she wanted to, but why do I still feel violated?

I'm pushing Dylan away, and that's what terrifies me the most. She isn't pushing in the slightest, but we haven't been intimate since this all happened. She says she doesn't care and just wants to hold me until I feel better, but sometimes if she's half asleep during the night and touches me, I pull away in panic. Dylan has woken in the morning, quite a few times to find me sleeping on the couch. I try and cover up by saying I got up in the night for a snack and fell asleep, I know she doesn't believe me. I'm hurting her and pushing her away, and at the same time pulling her towards me, smothering her. She is the only one I feel safe with. The worst was when she had to go back to work. The network had been terrific about it, but she had to go back sometime. I panic every time she goes to work, not only because I want the safety her presence brings me but because I'm worried I'll push her into the arms of another. Deep down I know Dylan would not betray our love, but in my mixed up jealous mind, I have her having an affair with every beautiful female guest on her show. She works with a lot of beautiful people, a lot of women who would like what I have and would give her less grief than I have. My jealously and unhappiness seem to spill into anger all the time. I shout at her for the least thing, and all I'm honestly feeling inside is pain. I'm going to push her into someone else's arms, I'm sure of it, and it makes me feel so scared. I love her. She is my soul mate.

And still it rains...


Tommy and Pattie Morgan found their daughter and granddaughter watching TV in the family room.

"Dylan? The kitchen is all tidy now, would you like me to give Molly her bath? I thought it would give Emily more time to herself. She seems to be actually getting some writing done."

After Emily got out of hospital Dylan, had asked her mom and dad to come stay with them for a few weeks, to help out Emily, to get to know their granddaughter and to try and work on forgiving them.

Forgiving her mom was simple, she loved Tommy dearly, and found it much easier to go along with his view on things as she found it hard to make her voice heard, but she had obviously grown some teeth since they had been apart, and Dylan loved having the care and attention of her mother back in her life. It was harder with Tommy. They were so much alike in so many ways, stubborn and pig headed among them. They had a lot to work on, but Dylan wanted to try, she didn't want to waste the chance of Emily and Molly having a family around them, for the sake of her not being able to forgive.

"That would be great mom. Come on Molls, go with grandma and get your bath. I'll be in for your story."

"Otay mom. Andma, I show you my boats!"

"Come on then dear."

After Molly had skipped out of the room with Pattie, Tommy and Dylan were left in an uncomfortable silence.

"Do you want a real drink dad?"

"Eh...oh sure, that would be great."

Dylan got up to get the drinks and said, "Take a seat. You still a bourbon man?"

"Sure am kid." Tommy sat down, and Dylan brought over the drinks.

Tommy took the drink swirled it in his glass. "Uh...thanks for letting your mom be so involved with Molly. She is loving having a grandchild, well we both do. It can't have been easy having us back in your life."

Dylan sighed and took a sip of her bourbon. "I won't lie to you dad, we have a lot of things to work on, and trust to build up, but I honestly couldn't have coped without both of you. Jackson and Rosie have done so much and been really supportive, but they have lives and can't be here twenty four hours a day. The way Emmie has been, I couldn't have gone back to work."

Tommy clapped her on the back and said. "It's what family is for, I know I've made mistakes, but we're going to be there to support you from now on. We haven't known Emily that long, but she seems a remarkable young woman, and she's come through a lot."

"She is the most wonderful and caring woman I have ever met, but she's hurting so badly, and I don't know what to do to help her. I feel guilty every time I go to work, she doesn't say anything, but I know she's happier when I'm in the house."

"Don't ever feel guilty for going to work and providing for your family kid. Emily will understand."

Dylan downed the rest of her drink and immediately stood to refill it. "She's so quiet, we used to talk all the time. When she looks at me, I can see so much going on in her head, but when I ask what's wrong, she says nothing. She won't go out, when I suggest going out for a walk with Molly and Jackson while I'm out, she says her head hurts." Dylan flopped down on the couch.

"What am I supposed to do Dad? How can I make it better?"

"You do what you are doing. Take care of her and be there when she's ready to talk. The mind is a strange thing kid. After your mom had you, she had a difficult time with post natal depression."

Dylan looked at her dad with shock on her face. "I never knew that."

Tommy smiled. "We'll it's not quite something you talk about to your kids, and back then it wasn't talked about in public the way it is now. It was a hard time for her, and I had no idea what to do, and it seemed like I couldn't do right for doing wrong."

"What happened?"

"I helped as much as I could do with you, so she could have some time to herself, and just listened to her. We got through it together eventually.

When Emily's ready to talk she will. Don't take anything to heart that she says. It's only the pain talking."

"Thanks Dad."

"Do you want us to stay longer? I can put off..."

"No dad it's fine." Pattie and Tommy had planned to head home for a few days, Tommy badly needed to check on the dojang and Pattie had a church commitment.

"You've neglected work enough. Emmie has Jackson, and I think she is going to invite Rosie over."

Tommy stood and said. "We'll, I think I'll go and read for a bit and wait for your mom."

"Night dad." Dylan took another long sip of the warm amber liquid.

Tommy looked on as his daughter drained her second drink. She's been doing that a lot lately.

"Kid, don't lose yourself in that stuff. They are never any answers at the bottom of a glass."

"I know. It's to help me relax."

"Hmm. Goodnight then champ."


Dylan walked in trepidation to the bedroom. She was never sure what mood she would find Emily in.

The light was on in the bedroom, but Emily looked as if she was sleeping.

"Emmie You awake?"

"Yes." Came the strained one word reply.

"Oh okay, I'll leave the light on till I get changed then."

After a long silence Dylan said, "How did you get on with your diary?"

"I got some things down. At least I have something to show my counsellor on Monday."

"Great!" Emily knew Dylan was trying to be overly cheerful as usual, but a little thought had started to work over in her mind today, and she couldn't help but bring it up.

"How was work?"

"Really good. We got a lot done."

Dylan got into bed and waited to see if Emily would come to her for comfort. She was never sure which Emily she was going to bed with these days.

Emily went into her partners arms and rested her head on Dylan's chest.

"How was it working with Annie again?"

Annie Gates was a well known stand up comedian, who had been playing the clubs at the same time as Dylan had been. They had been work colleagues and friends, but Dylan had spoken so warmly about her that Emily began to convince herself there was something between the two women.

"Great, just like old times. Were on the same page with sketches and stuff, and work well together, so I think it'll be a funny show."

Dylan felt Emily stiffen in her arms, and turn away from her. What did I do or say now?

"What's wrong baby girl?"

"Nothing I'm just more comfortable sleeping this way."

Dylan didn't buy it, but to save an argument just said, "Okay then. Sleep well Emmie."

Staring at the ceiling Dylan thought. I should have had that other drink!

What Dylan couldn't see were the tears falling silently from her fiancee's eyes.


Emily found herself tied up and back in the bedroom of Toni's cabin.

"Noo! Not again! I got away!"

Suddenly there was the voice she dreaded. "You'll never be away from me baby boo." Toni sat on the bed and pointed to her head. "I'm in here boo, and I'm never going away."

"No, I love Dylan, you can't get me!"

"Morgan? Huh! Your precious Dylan is sick of your snivelling and whining. Come and I'll show you."

Suddenly her restraints were gone, and they were standing in front of Dylan's office door at the studio. Emily tried to pull away, fearful at what she would find behind the door, but Toni held her tight and said, "Here's what your knight in shining armour has been up to at work!"

The door opened and revealed Annie gates, naked from the waist up, sat in Dylan's lap kissing her passionately. Dylan's hands squeezed Annie breasts, and she moaned, "Oh fuck Annie, I missed you. I can't tell you how much I need this. Emily won't let me touch her."

"Shh! Don't talk about her sexy. Just fuck me!"

"No! No!" Emily screamed.

Dylan looked up, "Emily!"

"Let me handle this Dylan." Annie turned and smirked at Emily. "I think it's time you go back to the diner sweetheart!"

Dylan and Annie burst out laughing, Toni joined them, and Emily clamped her hands to her ears."Stop laughing at me! Stop! Stop"

Emily sat bolt up in bed gasping for breath. "It was a dream, It was a dream!"

Dylan was wakened by Emily's thrashing around. She watched her fiancee bolt from the bed toward the bathroom, and then heard the sound of retching from behind the door.

"Fuck!" Dylan burst through the bathroom door to find Emily weeping uncontrollably. She gathered her fiancee in her arms and tried to soothe her. "Come on Emmie, it was just a bad dream. I'm here, and you're safe. No one can hurt you with me around."

"I need you Dyl, I need you, I need you." She repeated over and over like a mantra.

"You've got me. I'm not going anywhere."

"You...could find....better.' Emily mumbled through the tears.

Dylan took her fiancee's face in her hands, and forced Emily to look in her eyes. "Don't you dare say that! You are the love of my life and the Mother of my child. There is no one else in this universe better for me. You're just struggling with things at the moment, but it will get better, I promise. Tomorrow, I'm going to phone your counsellor and ask how we can make things better for you. I'm not taking a back seat on this anymore. I know you find it hard to talk about what happened, but we are going to sort this out, you hear me?"

Emily nodded meekly. Dylan lifted her from the floor and carried her back to bed. Once Emily was safely tucked up in her arms, she heard her fiancee's breathing even out into sleep. "I love you baby girl, and you are never getting rid of me."


The next morning Dylan woke to the feeling of Emily's gentle kisses on her hard abdominal muscles. She moaned softly as she felt the kisses travel up to her lips. Dylan opened her eyes slowly, her body on fire with want. "Emmie what are you doing?" She groaned.

Emily was shaking inside at the thought of intimacy so soon after her experiences with Toni, but knew if she could stay in control, she might manage to please her partner.

"I want you to make love to me honey, I want you to feel good." Emily said, kissing her passionately on the mouth.

Dylan knew this wasn't right, with Emily's body and mind still struggling to recover and after the events of last night. She held her partner by the shoulders, stopping her in her tracks.

"Emmie is this a good idea? So soon?"

Emily's face crumpled. "It's because I look hideous isn't it? But I promise my bruises will be gone soon, and my arm..." The tears started to tumble from Emily's eyes.

Fuck Morgan! You always say the wrong thing!

"No! No baby, I don't mean it like that. You are beautiful!" Dylan rolled them over so she could simply kiss Emily's tears away. "I just meant after last night and everything, your maybe not ready. I want it to be right for you, for us."

Dylan leant down to kiss her, and Emily immediately stiffened. Now here on her back with her partner over her, she felt trapped, the walls closing in on her.

Dylan pulled back to give her room to breathe. "I'm sorry, I was just going to kiss you that's all."

"No, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have to deal with this, you should have a normal woman who can make love whenever you want."

"Emmie I..."

Emily jumped up and put on her robe."No, you don't need to say anything, I promise I will work extra hard with my counsellor and get better for you honey. I'll go and get your protein shake ready while you get ready to work out."

Before Dylan got a chance to say anything, Emily was off and out of the room, leaving Dylan dumbfounded.

"What the hell just happened? And why does she think I'm desperate for sex all of a sudden?"


Later, while Dylan worked out with Jackson, Emily was in the kitchen with her mother in law to be, cooking breakfast. Emily watched Pattie fix Molly some juice. She had thought she would feel some resentment toward Dylan's mom and dad, after how they had hurt her, but they had been terrific with Molly and herself, trying to do everything they could to help. She liked Pattie, she cared for Dylan and was being a fantastic grandma. Tommy was so much like Dylan in both body and personality, and Molly treated him much as she did her mom, like her play buddy.

After her horrific dream last night and the incident this morning, she felt this incredible urge to do everything she could to be the perfect partner, making Dylan never want to leave her.

Emily was determined to make things right, whether she felt mentally well or not.

"Emily? Emily?" Pattie asked, trying to get her attention.

"Oh sorry. I was lost there."

"Are you sure your alright dear? Dylan said you had a difficult night. If you want some more rest, I could handle breakfast for you."

"No, no I'm okay. I want to have everything just right for Dylan before she goes to work. She doesn't like it if she thinks I'm upset. Would you mind doing the bacon and eggs though? It's a little difficult with this cast on."

Pattie looked at her quizzically. "Of course dear. You just tell me what needs doing, and I'll do it."

Something is not right with you young Emily. Yesterday you are shutting everyone out, and now you are playing the perfect little housewife.


"Ugh! Take it easy Dylan! You're going to mess up my good looks." Jackson said after her body was smashed onto the mat for the third time.

They had been training for an hour using weights and were finishing with a quick sparring session. In all they're time training together, Jackson had never felt Dylan be as aggressive as she was this morning.

"I'm sorry buddy, I got carried away. Here let me help you up."

Jackson took her friends hand and was pulled to her feet. "You have a rough night with Emily?"

Dylan nodded sadly.

Jackson put her hand on Dylan's shoulder. "Let's take a break and get some water. Come on, talk to me."

Dylan slumped down onto the bench at the side of the mats and took a long drink. "So? Talk to me my friend."

"We'll, she was just quiet last night, like she has been. You know she won't talk about stuff? I don't think she's talking much to her councillor either. I don't think she feels comfortable with him. She did start to write her diary like he asked, but that was only after I continually asked her too. It seemed to make her worse, she woke up from a terrible nightmare. She was screaming and crying, I...didn't know what to do, and then she bolted to the bathroom and was sick. I just held her, it was all I could do. She won't tell me what it was about, but I can guess it was about the cabin, she was terrified."

Jackson felt terrible that there wasn't more she could do for her friends. It was heartbreaking to see Dylan, a normally tough, strong woman, emotionally overwhelmed. Dylan jumped up and walked to the window, trying not to show Jackson the tears that were forming in her eyes.

"How is she this morning?" Asked Jackson.

Dylan having got herself under control turned round to face her friend. "That's the strange thing. After that horrific night she woke up...eh....kissing me and wanting to make love. I mean you've seen her injuries and state of mind she's in? It wouldn't be right. She's not ready yet, and I don't want her to do it for the wrong reasons, especially after what Toni tried to do to her."

"Maybe she wants to feel like things are going back to normal?"

"Maybe, but when I said I didn't think it was a good idea, she burst into tears thinking I didn't find her attractive anymore. It seems like I can't say anything right."

"Is she okay now?"

"No, I don't think so, but she pretending she is. It's as if she's trying to please me, being overly attentive. Normally she will see to Molly and get the breakfast going but on top of that she's been rushing about getting me everything I normally get for myself. As soon as I go to get something, she's either done it or handing it to me. It's a bit freaky." Dylan took a long drink from her water.

"Sounds as if she's insecure, frightened that you'll get fed up waiting for her to get better."

"She's got to know I would never leave her! She's my life."

"I know that, but didn't the doctors say that she could suffer with some emotional outbursts for a time? Because of her injury? And imagine how bad she feels not only at the traumatic event she went through, but also you both had to cancel the wedding. It meant everything to her and now it seems forever away I'm sure."

"Yeah I guess so." Dylan said hopelessly.

Jackson thought carefully. Should I bring this up?

" Em...listen, If you think this other counsellor isn't working then I have a suggestion."

Jackson looked incredibly uncomfortable, and Dylan wondered what on earth she was going to suggest. "What is it?"

"We'll...um...this is extremely embarrassing. I've never told anyone this, and I wouldn't like it repeated."

"Buddy, you have my word." Jackson knew what Dylan's word meant to her.

"Well, when my sister was killed in action, I was in a pretty bad way. I...was put on medical leave because I wasn't coping too well, you know, mentally. My unit commander put me in touch with this councillor who had helped him in the past. She's called....Rain..."

"Rain? You, Jackson Hunter went to a counsellor called Rain?" Dylan didn't want to make too much fun of Jackson since she was opening up to her, but felt a gentle ribbing was in order.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't tell Rosie whatever you do, I'll never hear the end of it!"

"Okay, I won't. Tell me about her."

"She's different. A bit of a maverick. Not like any psychotherapist I've ever come across. She looks at things in a different way and truly helped me."

"I'll try and talk to Emmie about it thanks. Listen, I appreciate you staying on like this. I know it's not much fun at the moment, and Emily won't even go out..."

Jackson stood and offered a hand to her friend. "Don't worry about it. I want to help, you guys are my friends. I'm sure Emily will pick up soon, and anyway I'm getting through some neglected paperwork while I'm using your office. Go to work and everything will be fine here."

Dylan let herself be pulled to her feet. "Thanks buddy. It's a weight off my mind knowing your here."


Later, after having a breakfast together Dylan's mom and dad left for home, leaving Molly and Emily alone. Jackson had spent the morning doing paperwork leaving Emily to play with Molly. They had been painting at the kitchen table, Molly taking much delight in making some Christmas pictures with her ever present penguin stinky close beside her. Dylan only had another week of shows until she was off for the Christmas shutdown, but the thought of it was making Emily depressed.

It was supposed to be so perfect. Our wedding to look forward to, then our first family Christmas. Thought Emily. Instead, I'm making everyone miserable.

She looked over to the cupboard that held her backing supplies. I should be getting the food planned and organized.

But as she flexed her hand, the pain in her wrist brought a flashback to her mind. She jumped up and grasped the back of the chair, feeling dizzy.

"Ou Otay mama?" Molly was worried for her mama all the time. Although she had no idea what her mother had gone through, she knew someone had stolen her mother, and she had come back to them upset and hurt.

"Of course sweetie. Just stood up too fast. I'll just get a glass of water."

Emily's hand shook as she opened a bottle of water from the fridge. Emily looked down at her worried little girls face and put on her best smile. "Mama's fine sweetie."

Molly seemed to accept this and went back to her picture. A few minutes later Emily heard, "Hi Mom! Hi Mom! Dat my Mom stinky." Molly said proudly to her little friend.

Emily smiled, she heard this a lot when Dylan was on TV, usually an advert for the show on a talk show she had been on. She looked up at the TV on the kitchen wall to see what the advert was for. It had been a lifestyle magazine show she had on in the background, but it seemed to have moved on to a celebrity gossip show. Video of Dylan moved onto pictures of her with Emily while the host said,

After rescuing her fiancee in dramatic fashion, you would think life would go back to normal for the couple and their child, but reports from sources close to the couple say otherwise. It is believed that Emily Taylor is suffering severe emotional trauma and has cancelled their wedding. Relations between the TV star and her fiancee seem to have broken down, and Dylan is finding solace in the arms of her old friend, Annie Gates. The pair met on the comedy circuit before they made it big and are rumoured to have had a relationship. Annie is appearing on The Dylan Morgan show this week, and insiders say they have been inseparable. They were pictured looking very close leaving the studio yesterday.

A still photo was put on screen. It showed Dylan and Annie coming out of the studio buildings. The pair were laughing, and Dylan appeared to have her hand on the small of Annie's back.

Is this the end of a fairytale? Or will Dylan stay for the sake of her child? We wish them well. Next on Entertainment...

The TV show went to the ad break, and Jackson entered the kitchen to find Emily staring up at the TV screen, tears slowly rolling down her cheeks.

Emily what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I'm...I'm okay, I just need to call Dylan. Can you keep an eye on Molly?"

Jackson placed a hand on her shoulder. "Of course, whatever you need."

Emily rushed out the kitchen, her stomach churning and her heart beating out of her chest.

She went to their bedroom and dialled Dylan's cell phone. As it rang she stared at the photo of them by her bedside, Intellectually her mind knew that it was all made up nonsense, but somewhere deep inside, where her insecurities were, she was terrified it was true.

Oh, please honey. Please make this not be true! You just need to hear her voice!

The first time she called it rang out and went straight to voice mail, causing Emily's unease to intensified.

On the second ring, Dylan answered. "Hello?"

"Hi it's me."

Dylan could tell from her fiancee's tone of voice something was wrong. "Emmie what's wrong?"

"Why does anything have to be wrong? I just wanted to talk to you." Emily said in an irritated tone.

"Oh sorry baby. How are you and my little Smurf?"

"She's fine. Painting Christmas pictures." In the background, Emily heard a woman's voice shout, Come Dylan! Hurry up, I need you here. Emily felt the anger rise so quickly she felt sick. She knew who that voice belonged to.

"I'm just coming Annie. Listen Emmie, I really need to go now. We're up to our eyes in it here."

"I bet you are. When will you be home."

Uh oh! This doesn't sound good! Thought Dylan.

"I might have to stay late. The sketches we have for the show just aren't working, they're being rewritten just now, and then we'll have to rehearse if they are going to be ready for Friday, but Rosie's coming over to keep you company anyway."

"Rosie called earlier, she has to work tonight and can't make it."

"Oh well I'm sure Jackson will stay if you want her too."

"Don't treat me like an idiot Dylan Morgan! I am not fool!"

"What do you..." Emily cut Dylan off, her rage and insecurities finally winning over her reason.

How could she do this? I believed in you Dylan! Emily's mind went to war with itself. What are you thinking? Dylan wouldn't do that to you! She loves you.

Her cell phone rang out continually as Dylan tried to get back in touch with Emily.

"Shut up! Shut up!" Emily collapsed onto the bed, in fits of tears. The phone eventually stopped ringing.


Jackson prowled around the apartment, unsure of what to do. Dylan had called her earlier, after being unable to reach Emily on the phone. She was extremely worried about her fiancee's mood but just couldn't leave work. Jackson had gone to the bedroom to check on her employer, only to be told by Emily that she was okay, and to give her time to herself. True to her word, half an hour later, Emily came out to get Molly for her nap. They were both resting on Emily's bed now, and Jackson had made sure to let Dylan know.

What will I do when they wake up? Should I pretend that nothing happened? Should I give her a hug?

All Jackson could think of when she was so emotionally unsure was Rosie. At the hospital, Rosie had supported her and talked her through that difficult time. She took out her cell and looked at the photo she had taken when Emily and Rosie had gone to choose wedding and bridesmaid dresses.

Jackson had feigned annoyance when Rosie had asked her to take a photo to show her dad, but ever since she had sent it on to Rosie, she had treasured the picture, never deleting it. The photo was all she had of Rosie, since declaring her love to the young woman in the Catskills hotel room. Since then, Rosie had said nothing about Jackson's declaration, and whenever she saw Rosie, when she visited Emily, Rosie made sure she was never alone with Jackson.

Jackson sighed and sat down on the couch looking defeated. Why did I have to fall in love Sarah?

She silently asked her sister above.

Jackson took a deep breath and pressed the call button. It rang out a few times and went straight to voicemail.

With a sigh she hung up.


Dylan was not looking forward to getting home. She had been worried all day by Emily's odd behaviour, but had no choice but to stay at work late. They'd had so many problems with the sketches and had to stay until it was sorted since tomorrow was show night. Dylan had tried calling every chance she got, but Emily wouldn't pick up, finally Lynn sent her home.

Lynn walked up to Dylan's office with some paperwork and stopped dead when she heard a roar and something smash. Lynn ran in to find Dylan slumped at her desk, crying tears of frustration. She immediately took the tall woman into her arms and held her.

"She won't talk to me Lynn. I don't know what I've done! I'm losing my family." Lynn looked up and observed Dylan's smashed iPhone, which had been thrown against the wall, and a bottle of whiskey with half of it missing.

"Oh Dylan, it's alright. You're not losing your family. Emily is just struggling through a difficult time. I think you need to get her better help than she is getting at the moment."

Dylan wiped her face and stood up, embarrassed at Lynn finding her in this position.

"I'm sorry..."

"Don't you dare Dylan Morgan! You know you don't have to hide yourself from me. We've been friends for far too long for that."

"You're right." They both took a seat on the couch in her office.

"Tell me about it Dylan."

"This morning she couldn't do enough for me, trying to please me and stuff. Then she phoned later, just wanting to talk to me, she sounded weird then she just lost it and hung up on me. I've been trying to call every chance I have, but she won't answer. I called Jackson, and she said Emmie was crying in her room. I just don't know what to say, what to do anymore."

Lynn took Dylan's hand. "You both need more support than you've been getting. Find someone better to help Emily, I can get names of the best people in the field..."

"It's okay, I've got someone that Jackson recommended to me. I just need to convince Emily of that."

"Go home and talk to her. The show will come together okay. It's nearly there already."

Now here she was walking through her front door. She first found Jackson who looked kind of jumpy.

"Hey buddy, how is everything?"

"Um...she stayed in her room most of the day. I didn't know how to make her feel better."

Dylan sighed. "It's okay, I'll sort it out. You get home."

Jackson nodded and packed up her stuff. "See you tomorrow morning. Good luck."

Dylan saw her out and went to look in on her daughter. She hated missing story time with Molly, but it was extremely rare that she had to.

She stroked Molly's head and gave her a gentle kiss. Happy to see her daughter sleeping soundly.

"I'm going to help mama. Don't worry little smurf."

When she entered the bedroom, she found Emily staring blindly at the TV on the wall.

"Hey baby girl. Emm...how was your day." Dylan asked, trying to sound as normal as possible.

Emily turned and looked at her fiancee with a cold stare. "Your night things are on the chair. You're sleeping in the spare room."

"What? What for? What did I do?"

"You have the audacity to stand there and ask me why? Get out Dylan!"

The TV star rushed over and took Emily in her arms. "Tell me. Tell me what I did to make you so upset today and I'll fix it, but don't make us sleep apart. I need you."

Emily pushed Dylan away. "Get off me! You make me feel lousy about my body and sleep with some tramp, and you tell me you need me? I can smell her perfume on you. Get out!" Emily screamed. All the time she was saying these words, it was as if her true self was separated from her body somehow, watching herself act this way, and unable to stop it.

Her little voice outside shouted. What are you doing? Dylan would never cheat on you. Stop this before it's too late!

But unfortunately for Emily, the emotionally damaged, hurt, mistrustful part of her brain was shouting louder. It had been the luxury of building up in Emily's mind all day, bringing her to this inevitable point. You've seen the evidence for yourself on TV, and heard the woman calling for Dylan on the phone. Dylan is going to hurt you just like Toni. She will destroy you.

Dylan dropped to her knees in front of her fiancee. "What are you talking about? The perfume is probably Lynn's. I never made you feel bad about your body! I adore your body!"

"You didn't want me this morning. I'm ugly to you, and now your cheating with some woman at work while your daughter waits for you to read a story to her at home.

Dylan stopped cold. Emily's words feeling like a punch to her guts.

"You think I'm cheating on you?"

"I don't think, I know! I saw it on the TV today. Everyone's talking about it, making a fool of me! They say you dated Annie back when you both worked in the village clubs, and now it's rekindled since you're having such a difficult time with your girlfriend!"

Dylan stood, towering over Emily, a stony look spreading across her face.

"And you believe this?"

"I heard her on the phone this morning. I was talking to you and heard her shout, "Dylan! I need you!" You think you could have tried being more discrete than that!"

Dylan walked over to the window. She said nothing and the room was eerily quiet. Inside Dylan was approaching breaking point and was seconds from going over the edge.

"I never thought you would do this. What Toni did to me!"

At the mention of Toni's name something snapped inside Dylan, she turned round to face Emily. All the pain, the frustration, the guilt for letting Emily be taken in the first place exploded.

"Enough! I've fucking had enough! I've taken your mood swings, your anger, your pain, but now you think I'm fucking Annie? You think I would risk all this? My wife, my daughter, all for a quick fuck at the office? I've tried being nice, understanding, giving you time to get better but it's not working!"

Emily was stunned into silence by Dylan's explosion. Deep down inside, Emily knew she deserved it.

"I thought you knew me, you are the love of my life! Just because you're not able to make love at the moment you think I'm some animal that can't go without sex like your sick fuck of an ex! Well do you know what? You think I'm some fucking cheating scum, then that's what I'll be!" Dylan marched over to the chair and grabbed her jacket. She yanked the door handle and looked back at Emily with a thunderous look. "Before Toni died, she said something to me. She said that she would always be in your head, come between us. No matter what happened to her, It would never just be you and me in this relationship." Dylan snorted. "I guess she was right." She slammed the bedroom door, and seconds later Emily heard the front door slam.

The shock of Dylan's outburst had brought Emily back to her senses. "What have I done?"



To be continued........


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