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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2

Episode 7



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Emily's driver Jamie drove their new Porsche SUV round to the back entrance of O'Reilly's bar.

"Give us a minute will you, Jamie?

"Sure thing."

He got out and left them alone for a few moments. "Hey, are you ready for this? I know you don't enjoy being out in the public eye."

"I'll be fine. It's with our friends, I'm sure it will be fun."

Dylan lifter her wife's hand and kissed it. "You look beautiful by the way. Did I tell you?"

"Once or twice, Goofy. You look utterly gorgeous as ever. I'll be the envy of ever lesbian in there." Emily ran her hand ran her hand up and down Dylan's muscular thigh.

"I won't be the one they are looking at baby. Rosie said there would be a cordoned off vip area, soit won't be so hectic, but just stay close to me, and if I'm not there, stay with Jackson or Rosie."

"Okay, let's do this thing."

Dylan got out and helped Emily. A couple of the bars security team met them and escorted them in.

Anyone who saw the couple walk in had to admit the pair made a beautiful looking couple. Emily wearing a red mid length dress, and Dylan in her slouchy designer jeans, grey T-shirt and a Calvin Klein black, bomber style leather hooded jacket.

They were ushered into the bar and met by Rosie and Jackson at the VIP section. The crowd cheered and shouted their name when they saw the couple

"Hey, glad you could come." Rosie shouted above the noise as the couples exchanged kisses.

"No problem, the place looks great." The bar had been done up with pink banners, balloons and decorations.

"Thanks, sit down please." The raised platform on which they were sitting afforded them a good view of the floor area, the bar, the pool table area and the small stage area when the raffle would take place.

Emily felt scanned the rest of VIP area, and noticed they weren't alone. "Rosie? Who are those other women?"

"Oh some other celesbians I got to come along. A couple of the them are really nice, and one of my friends, who is a comedian is hosting everything, but mostly they're z list variety. It'll get some good publicity for the charity though."

Not wanting to appear stupid she turned to her partner.

"Dyl, what's a celesbian?"

Dylan smiled indulgently at her wife. She sometimes forgot how naive her wife was about gay culture. She hadn't even known who Dylan was when she met her.

"They're lesbian's who are famous for being lesbians, they go round the circuit of lesbian events, being at the right parties, like tonight. They use social media, like I did, when I started out, to keep themselves in the limelight."

"They don't have any talent or anything?"

"No, maybe that's being a little unkind. There are actors, comedians who are out and visible, doing good work, but some have had their fifteen minutes of fame and are stretching it as far as it will go. Oh, here come the drinks."

O'Reilly's bar manager came over with a try of drinks. "Hi Dylan, It's great to have you here. Anything you need, you just let me know. "

"Thanks Buddy. Here you go Emmie. So what will we drink to?" She asked her friends.

"How about to making lots of money and friendship?" Jackson lifted her drink to her friends.

"Lots of money and friendship." The others joined in.



"Look at her. She's so fucking smug." Bry Edwards sat with some of her friends, at a table across from Dylan in the VIP section.

Bry Edwards had achieved some notoriety, while appearing on a reality TV show. Since then she had lived off that success, keeping herself in the public eye by appearing at the right parties, and events, and was a regular at Dinah Shore. Bry relied on her good looks and play girl image to maneuver her way through life.

"She has a lot to be smug about Bry." Her friend said.

She watched with envy as Dylan sat with her arm draped round the shoulders of her beautiful wife, and smiled as she waved a few of her adoring public forward to get autographs.

You'd look good on my arm beautiful. Maybe you'll be needing a shoulder to cry on soon, if the rumors I've heard are true.

Bry wanted what Dylan had, and would trample over whomever she could to get it.

"Hey? Bry quit staring at her wife, or you'll get us kicked out."

"It's a free country; I'm just as entitled to be in the VIP area as she is. I'm a celebrity too." Bry snapped.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. You are headed for trouble Bry, six foot of trouble. Thought her friend.




Jackson had left with Rosie to help her set up the auctions, and so Dylan and Emily were left alone to enjoy the atmosphere and each other. The way the couple were feeling it was hard to keep their hands to themselves this evening, but with a hundred or so smart phones pointing their way, they were careful as to how far they went. Dylan held Emily close and placed her hand over her wife's stomach. "What do you think? Do you feel pregnant yet?"

"It's hard to say but I tell you what, how about we take a test tomorrow morning? I brought one of the kits in my overnight bag." After a couple of dizzy spell over the last couple of days, she thought it might be time for a test.

"Really? We can try tomorrow?" Dylan asked excitedly.

Emily kissed her partner on the lips "Yes goofy we can, but don't get your hopes up okay? You know it can take a few tries?"

"I just can't help getting excited. I've never wanted anything more, than to see you pregnant."

They were interrupted by one of the bar staff. "Excuse me Dylan, Rosie asked if you could come down and sign some of the auction prizes?"

Dylan looked torn. "I can't leave you here."

"Honey, I'll be fine. Look at all the security surrounding this area. Go, I'll be fine."

Dylan stood and kissed Emily's cheek. "If you're sure; I won't be long."

Emily watched as Dylan was swamped with fans as she left the VIP area.  She hadn't done that many public events like these but she had quickly realized she needed to share her partner with the public at these appearances.

Something caught Emily's eye and she turned her head to see a young woman walking towards her.

She was thin, had a boyish figure and was wearing jeans with a t-shirt and a thin black tie hanging around her neck. Topping it off with a straw fedora on top of her blonde messy styled hair.

Well, you look like you like yourself a little too much. Thought Emily.

"Hi, I'm Bry. Haven't we met at The Dinah?"

That was one thing she had heard of in her limited experience of gay events. "Eh? No. It's not really  Dylan or my type of scene." Without asking, Bry sat down a bit closer than Emily was comfortable with. Emily moved away a few inches but her new admirer followed her.

"Really? Hundreds of uninhabited women together for whole weekend, there's even a pool party." Bry let her fingers trail over Emily's hand. "I bet everyone would pay money to see you in your bikini, and I'd be at the head of the line."

Emily pulled her hand away and looked around for Dylan; but she had her back to her and couldn't see what was going on.

"I'd be grateful if you didn't make comments like that, I know Dylan wouldn't like it."

"Morgan? She's just the celesbian that got lucky, but she will be knocked off her perch. Her time will come." Bry leaned into Emily and put a hand on her bare knee.

"If you ever find yourself on your own, give me a call. With your profile, and mine combined we could be big and I would be glad to take care of you."

Emily froze. Bry was probably all talk, but she didn't handle situations like this so well since Toni.

"Please don't, Dylan..."

"Morgan doesn't scare me Emily."

Then a deep booming voice behind her said, "I should." Bry turned to look up to her opponent.

"Dylan, good to see you."

"Keep your hands off my wife!"

Bry stood and give Dylan a sly smile "Nice talking to you Emily. Keep what I said in mind. Oh and Dylan? See you at the pool table."

Dylan growled as Bry walked back to her friends.

Bry took out her cell phone and opened up the email she had been sent anonymously this morning. Time to help this along. Bry copied the information to her blog, Facebook and Twitter pages. This is about to become the hottest news story of the year, and I'm gonna be a part of it.

"Are you okay baby?

Emily pulled her partner down beside her and latched onto her. "Yes, she was just a silly young woman trying to come on to me, but I don't feel very comfortable at handling it, you know after..."

Dylan didn't need Emily finish the sentence; she knew how vulnerable her wife was after Toni. She gave Emily a kiss on the head and said, "I won't leave you alone again, okay? But I'm just going to talk to the security guard here." Emily nodded and saw Dylan whisper something to one of the large figures surrounding the VIP area. Dylan returned to her and they watched a couple of the security guys move Bry from the VIP section. As she left, she smiled and blew a kiss to Emily.

"Fucking son of a bitch!" Emily placed a hand on Dylan's leg. "Honey calm down. She's gone, just be with me okay?”

Her partner sighed and sat back down on the couch. "What did she mean, remember what I said?"

"Oh she was saying that I would be lonely soon and you would be knocked off your perch. I don't see that happening. She's delusional."

"Hmm, maybe." Something doesn't feel right.





The pool competition was going well, and the competitors were now at the semi final stage. Both Dylan and Bry were still in the competition and hoping to meet in the final. The bar customers gathered round the two pool tables. Emily, Jackson and Rosie were standing at the front cheering Dylan on. She was lining up for the last shot on the black while the crowd chanted, "Dylan! Dylan!" She smoothly potted the ball. Her opponent was still smiling, just delighted to have been playing against the famous woman. The host for the evening started to interview her and the gallant loser, while Bry finished her match on the other table.

Jackson was standing behind Rosie with her arms around her girlfriend. She tried to make herself be heard over the noise of the bar. "Hey? Will I go get us some more drinks before the final?

"Yes please, Jackson. It's so hot in here." replied Emily.

Rosie turned in Jackson's arms and inclined her head towards Emily. "I think I should go Jack; after what happened earlier."

"Are you sure you'll manage the drinks?” That comment earned Jackson a poke in the ribs.

"Hey, I worked here remember?"

"Okay! Okay! Here take this for the drinks." Jackson handed her some money from her wallet.

Rosie looked at the money as if Jackson was handing her a snake.

"Are you even serious soldier boy? How do even start to retrain you? I haven't bought any drinks since we got here."

Jackson looked confused, "Well, of course not. It's your special night and you're my girlfriend. Why shouldn't I buy the drinks?"

Rosie sighed. "You're doing your 'I'll pay the bill little lady,' thing again."

"I'm just being me; I wouldn't have my girlfriend buying her own drinks. Dylan buys Emily's drinks."

"Yeah, well they're married."

Emily looked on amused at the couples playful bickering.

I've had enough of this. Jackson thought.

She pulled Rosie to her and kissed her girlfriend's lips until she moaned. Gotcha Hippy girl.

When she pulled away, Rosie's eyes opened slowly to see her partner smirking at her. The next thing she knew, the money was thrust in her hand, Jackson smacked her on the butt and said, "Now little lady, get going and get us some drinks!"

Rosie could only smile. No one had ever been able to make her feel giggly and girly before, but Jackson did that, and when she looked at her all she could feel was the warmth of love radiating from her heart. Jackson made her forget her stubbornness with a glance.

"Okay Jack, I love you."

"Love you too, darlin." Emily saw Rosie skip off happily toward the bar, "Jackson Hunter? I never knew you had it in you."

"What can I say? She loves me, and I very rarely get my own way with her."

"Very true." Emily laughed.

Jackson pointed to the other pool table where Bry was playing her semi final. "Look, it seems our little celesbian friend has gotten her wish." Bry's friends whooped and clapped after she potted the last ball.

Emily would swear she could feel the annoyance radiating out of Dylan from here. I think I better go and calm her down.








Rosie stood at the bar waiting to be served her drinks. "Hey Rosie, I haven't seen you all night." Jess, one of Rosie's friends, stood beside her at the bar. They had been on two dates before Jess made it clear she wanted more and Rosie had made it clear they would only ever be friends.

"Oh, Hi Jess. I've been really busy setting things up and making sure the night goes well. I'm glad you could come."

"I wouldn't miss anything you had organized, Rosie." It had not gone unnoticed  to Jess that Jackson Hunter had been all over Rosie and it infuriated her. "So are you dating the soldier now? How could you even go with a bull duke like that? I mean she's so butch, she's practically a man. If you wanted a man..." Jess said with contempt.

"Don't even finish that sentence, Jess! No, I'm not dating Jackson. We're together, as in partners. And please don't say soldier or butch as if it is a dirty word."

"It is, and it used to be to you. What has she done to change you so much Rosie? You're so different. Is she putting some sort of pressure on you? Are you frightened of her?”

"No, she is not. You don't really know me Jess if you think someone could exert that sort of control over my personality. If anything, I frighten her and I'll tell you what she's done to me. She loves me. Just loves me, despite all our differences."

The bartender gave Rosie her tray of drinks and as Rosie went to move away Jess reached out to grab her arm "I'm sorry. Rosie, please."

"Jess, Please don't touch me. And maybe you shouldn't drink anymore. I think you've have had enough."

Rosie walked away leaving Jess at the bar scowling, I love you Rosie. "Hey! Some service here?” she shouted at the bartender.







"And you'll be calm? Emily asked Dylan, as they waited by the side of the pool table.

Dylan gave her hug and said "Of course, baby. She's nothing but an annoyance. It'll be fine. Come on." Dylan walked Emily back to where their friends were sitting. They had gotten a table near the pool table as Emily was feeling tired.

"Good luck, Dyl. I love you."

After Dylan headed off, Emily felt a wave of dizziness hit her and she grabbed out for Jackson's arm.

"Are you okay, Em?"  Jackson asked as she sat and took a few deep breaths.

"I think I'm okay, Jackson. Just the heat in here."

Rosie took her friend’s hand "Are you sure? Do you want me to get Dylan?"

"No, I'll be fine. She would just worry, and it's nothing."






The match was in full swing. The final was a best of three and after Dylan winning the first game, Bry had just tied, winning the second. As the balls were set up again, Bry came up to Dylan's side and said quietly "Getting nervous Morgan?" Not taking the bait Dylan replied,. "It's a very even match."

"Even? I thought Dylan Morgan was the best at everything? Best career, best show, best wife?"

After initially pissing the TV star off, Dylan was now finding Bry's jealousy amusing.

"Oh, I'm quite sure I'm not the best at everything."

It was Dylan's break and she began trying to clear the table. As she took each shot, Bry continued her digs at her.

"You think you're invincible but your time will come, Morgan. You're getting old, and your show will start to fail. They all do. I can't wait to see the day you get cancelled. It's time for a younger generation." Bry's jibes were meant to put her off, but Dylan now only had three balls left to pot. She took a moment to chalk her cue and said to Bry "I'll tell you something about me Bry, I'm not good at everything, but what I am good at is working hard. That's what it takes to get success, and when it's all over, by my own making or of the TV networks making, I'll still be left richer than you could ever imagine and with a beautiful wife and family that love me. That is worth more than any TV show. Meanwhile, you'll be fucking your way through all the women in every gay club, from here to Dinah Shore, with a camera following you."

Dylan sank the second last ball, leaving just the black. Bry was furious, she was about to lose and she wasn't even getting to Dylan. Bry looked around as the crowd noticing even her friends chanted for Dylan to pot the black. A sly smile formed on her face, and she leant over seemingly patting her foe on the back.

"You are right, Dylan. You're not the best at everything. You couldn't even protect Emily from being taken and fucked by her ex."

Dylan whipped round and almost grabbed Bry, but remembered she was being watched by a whole bar full of people.

"Go on, Morgan. Hit me, and ruin that squeaky clean image!"

Dylan gulped her anger down hard. She turned and lined up the black, but her hand was shaking with rage. The crowd watched in astonishment as Dylan Morgan missed a simple pot.

I knew I could get to you Thought Bry.






"How did she miss that?" Jackson asked. The three friends had watched Dylan destroy Bry, and after the young woman whispered something to her, she fell to pieces.

Emily was a bit concerned "Jackson can you go over and make sure she's okay? She looks really angry."

"Sure thing."

Dylan stood watching Bry clear the table easily. You're a fucking talentless bitch! Just two minutes I'd need with you to break those pretty boy looks of yours.

Bry potted the black and won the match. She turned and smiled when she saw Dylan's fingers were white with holding her cue so tight. Now to be the good sport.

The host announced her as the winner and she held her hand out to Dylan, who reluctantly took it.

"Hey Morgan? I'll be glad to keep your wife warm when you're taken away. It'll be my pleasure."

Dylan was only stopped from launching at her by Jackson holding her back. "Hey, let her go. She's not worth it."

While Bry got her prize, Jackson took Dylan off to the side "What the hell was that about?"

Dylan ran her hands nervously through her hair. "She was taunting me about stuff. Something she said, it was as if she knew something was coming. I'm not sure..."

"Ignore her. She's a young, jealous idiot with a chip on her shoulder."

Dylan let out a long breath, releasing the anger that she held, but inside there was a small knot of worry that made her feel uneasy.

"Come on, when I left the girls, Rosie was preaching to Emily about the evils of meat eating and she's a persuasive girl.  So if you ever want to eat a juicy steak again, you better get over there."

That broke the tension and made Dylan laugh. "Thanks for stopping me make an idiot of myself buddy."


Things had settled down after that and Dylan started to relax again. The evening was a great success and Rosie was delighted to announce at the end of the evening that they had raised just over fifty thousand dollars. Dylan was asked to give a speech to end the evening; and she surprised the room by announcing that she would personally double anything made that evening.

Bry watched Dylan receive the adulation of her public, but smiled when she saw her message be retweeted over and over again.

Your time is coming Morgan.







The next morning Dylan had woken up full of excitement, wanting Emily to take her pregnancy test. She had grown even more expectant when she had discovered Emily in the bathroom retching.

Dylan dropped to her knees beside Emily, held her hair and rubbed her back gently. "You're sick Baby!"

"Ugh, you don't have to sound so happy about it TV star!" Emily moaned.

"I'm sorry baby, I'm just really excited."

Emily leaned her head on her partner's chest "You sound like Molly on Christmas morning."

"I feel like it. Let me take you back to bed and I'll get you some water." Dylan lifted her wife and carried her to bed. Emily lay on her side and groaned. "Oh God, is it too late to change my mind?"

Dylan came back with a glass of water. "Here you go, Emmie. Take little sips. Can you take the test now?"

"Dylan! Could you wait till I can stand without wanting to puke?"

"I'm sorry baby." Dylan came to lie behind her wife and hold her tight.

"Don't get excited, Dyl. It could be a stomach bug or something."

"I know! I'll look up the baby website and see what will help you." Dylan jumped up quickly, causing the room to spin in Emily's head.

"I swear to god Dylan, if you don't stop jumping about, I'm going to kill you as soon as I can stand!"

"I'm sorry Emmie, I just want to help."

Maybe if I give her something to do, preferably away from this bed, I can get some peace and quiet.

"Okay listen; If this is morning sickness and I'm not saying it is, some dry crackers will help settle my stomach. It always did with Molly."

"We hardly have anything in the kitchen here at the apartment. I don't think we have any."

Emily crooked her finger to beckon her partner toward her and spoke very slowly as if Dylan was extremely dim-witted, "Dyl, I was hoping you might go out to the store and buy me some, if that isn't too much trouble for you?"

"Oh yeah! Of course baby. I'm on it."

When Emily heard the front door close, she breathed a sigh of relief and snuggled down into the comforter. "Thank God for that."






Sometime later, when Dylan had returned and Emily's stomach settled, they were finally able to take the pregnancy test.

Dylan paced up and down constantly looking at her watch "Dylan, you are making me nervous."

"Well, how long does two minutes actually take?"

"Two minutes usually."

"Very funny." When the timer they had set on Emily's iphone went off, Dylan made a grab for the stick on the bedside table, but Emily got there before her.

"Aw Emmie! Let me?"

Emily held the stick to her chest. "Oh no you don't, goofy. You're libel to break something in your excitement."

"Well, would you look then? I'm dying here!"

Dylan watched her wife look at the stick with a very serious face. "Well? What's it say?"

Emily met her partner's eyes and said "You're going to be a Mom again!"

"Woohoo!" Dylan scooped up her wife and spun her around,  kissing her all over her face.

"No! No spinning!"

"I'm sorry." Dylan put her down, dropped to her knees and kissed her wife's stomach. "We love you little baby." She then stood up and said, "We did it baby girl!"

"We sure did honey."

"I can't wait to tell Molly. Do you think she'll be happy?"

"I think she'll be delighted to have someone to play with. You can put me down now goofy."

Dylan sat on the bed, sitting her wife on her knee. "Nuh uh! I need you close." The couple kissed tenderly, coming together in the joy of the moment. Dylan slipped her hand under Emily's sleep top and placed it her stomach, willing herself to feel the new life they had created within.

"I love you my little baby Morgan, and I love you Emily Morgan. Thank you for giving us this. I'm going to treasure you all, every day of my life."






Jimmy Daniels and Sammy sat in his office staring at the same computer screen. Sammy clicked from page to page and said "We're making an impact Jimmy. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, it won't be long before the mainstream press get hold of this."

A few days before, Sammy had helped Jimmy set up an anonymous email account in order to spread some rumors about the Toni Bianchi case around the net. Sammy had a list of bloggers who were regularly critical of the TV star, and mailed them the false information they had come up with.

Among them were far right Christian groups, as well as some individuals who had particular axes to grind.

"I wish I could see the look on her face when she reads these!" Jimmy rubbed his hands together with glee.

"When the press pick up on it, we'll then move to stage two; the photo."

"Did you get someone to make it?" asked Sammy.

"Sure did. The best in the business. It'll keep the cops interested long enough for our purposes."

Sammy was worried Jimmy would lose sight of his goal to make some money out of this.

"And we'll sell it to the magazines?"

Kid, you are pathetic.

"Why don't you just leave it to me, eh? I'll make sure ever thing is done right. Just keep getting this stuff out there and I'll handle the money."

You'll get what you deserve kid.





Dylan was on top of the world as she walked into the work. Staff looked at her and smiled as she whistled her way down the corridor. She couldn't wait to see Lynn. Both Emily and herself were bursting to tell their close friends the good news, although they wouldn't make a public announcement for a few months yet, they had told Dylan's parents and Jackson and Rosie.  Dylan remembered the joy of delivering the news over Sunday lunch.


After finishing eating, Dylan went to get a bottle of champagne and some sparkling apple juice from the wine cooler. She made sure everyone had a drink, and then stood beside a seated Emily, an arm draped round her shoulder.

"What's all this about champ?" asked her Dad.

"Well dad, we asked you all to come here today for a reason."

"And we thought you enjoyed our company." Jackson received a gentle kick to the shin from her girlfriend.

Dylan looked down at Emily and smiled, "You do the honors Emmie."

"After Christmas, Dylan and I decided we would like try for another baby."

Molly's ears pricked up all of a sudden, as she had been feeding Wolfie tidbits from the table.

"I know we should have really waited till we were sure it was safe, but we just can't keep it in. I'm pregnant!"

The couple were immediately engulfed in hugs and kisses of congratulations.

After a few minutes, Molly trotted up to her Mothers and looked confused. "Mama? Ou have baby?"

"That's right sweetie. You're going to have a brother or sister."

"Me and Olfie want a brother!"

The adults laughed and Dylan's hands swooped down to bring her little girl up into her arms, "Oh yeah? Well you know you know no matter whether we have a boy baby or a girl baby, you'll be the big sister. You know what that means?"

"Big Sista Mom?"

The adults around the table smiled as they watched Dylan explain to her adorable daughter what the new baby meant to her.

"Yeah, you won't be the baby anymore. It's the big sisters job to take care of their baby sister or brother. Like the way Mom did with Uncle Joey. Do you think you can do that?"

Dylan saw Molly thinking hard. The little girl had heard countless tales of the Morgan siblings, and the scrapes they had gotten into, but at the end of every story Dylan would explain how she had saved Joey or taken the blame so he wouldn't get into trouble with their parents.

Molly's face shone with happiness and pride, "I dook after de baby Mom. Olfie and I no let him get hurt."



As Dylan remembered that day, she sent up a silent prayer of thanks to her own baby brother.

Now it was time to tell Lynn. Dylan saw her approach as she neared her office.

"Morning Dylan, your protein shake is waiting in your office; we have a busy day ahead.”

"Morning Lynn." Dylan said with a huge smile plastered all over her face.

"You look happy today"

Dylan put her briefcase down and sat on the corner of the desk, "I am happy, really happy and I'll need to put out a press release soon, but it's too early yet, maybe in a month..."

"Emily's pregnant isn't she!?" Lynn said excitedly.


Lynn threw her arms around her younger friend. "I'm so happy for you both!"

"Only three weeks, so it's still early days, but we just couldn't help but tell our friends and family. Dylan couldn't help but grin ear to ear, despite her intended caution.

"Don't worry, I won't breathe a word but when it comes time to announce it to the world, it'll be my pleasure."

Dylan gave her longtime friend a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you Lynn. Now how's my day looking?"

Lynn lifted her large trusty diary to scan the appointments. All Dylan's other staff used tablets around the office, but Lynn always insisted on doing things the old fashioned way. The appointment diary was called her bible, and no one but her was allowed to touch it.

"This morning you have a meeting with your writers then at eleven you meet Olympic athlete Sandy Williams, before heading over to the Wollman rink at Central Park."

"I'm looking forward to this dare. It's going to be one of the hardest I've done." This week's challenge was ice hockey, more specifically a penalty shoot out between herself and one hundred meters gold medalist Sandy Williams. In goals they would face the New York Rangers Goalie and be instructed by the teams coach.

"You always master these things Dylan."

"Lynn I only went skating once when I was younger. I never stayed on my feet for more than two minutes. I came home battered and bruised and dad forbade me ever to go again, in case I got an injury that would hamper my taekwondo training. Trust me, it'll be a challenge."

"I'm sure you'll manage, now I got that information you requested for the summer charity dare, I sent a copy to the network."

Dylan picked up the glossy brochure on her desk and flipped through the pages. When trying to think of something different to do for the charity dare which would help Rosie's cause, ‘In the Pink’, Jackson had suggested the Marathon des Sables. The marathon was known as the hardest in the world. It was a six day grueling race through the Sahara desert. A normal person would be appalled at the thought, but Dylan felt the familiar excited tingle she got when being faced with a challenge.

 "Wow, this looks so cool." Maybe Jackson would like to do this with me?

Lynn shook her head "Only you could think that looks fun, Dylan Morgan."

Dylan gave Lynn a toothy grin "It's amazing, Lynn. You have to carry your own food and equipment, oh and you get to sleep out in a tent every night!"

Lynn chuckled at Dylan's childlike enthusiasm. "You sound like my grandchildren, when they are desperate to try a new ride at the fairground."

"So what does the network think?"

"That haven't said anything about the race yet Dylan, but they are quite happy to make the Rosie's charity the main beneficiary."

"Great. I'll take this home and have a think. In the meantime, could you contact the race organizers and ask if they would be open to doing the course in May sometime instead of March? "

"Okay. I would like to see Emily's face when you tell her this one!"

"Nah! She'll think it's a great idea." Dylan thought for a moment and thought, She will, won't she?





Dylan's predictions that she would have difficulty skating proved correct. She had spent more time on her butt than on the skates. Her opponent was only marginally better, so it was all to play for. She hadn't met Sandy Williams before, but the two had immediately both struck up a good rapport. They were both Olympians and therefore had a lot to talk about. Sandy seemed just delighted to be asked on the show. After her latest fall, Dylan sat on the ice taking a breather. She watched Sandy maneuver herself over to where she was. Sandy would be a good match for her. Not only was she taking to the ice with a little more ease than herself, the African American woman was just a few inches shorter than herself and had a powerful muscular build. Dylan had found her a breath of fresh air; compared to the usual prima donnas she had on the show.

"Hey Dylan, need a hand?" Sandy extended her hand down to her; Dylan took it and pulled herself up.

"Thanks buddy. This is the hardest thing I've ever done. I think I'm going to have bruises for weeks!"

"You're not wrong. Coach says we can take a break."

"Great."  The pair stumbled their way to the side, where Dylan's crew had hot drinks and food for them.

They sat on the edge of the rink and warmed themselves with hot coffee. "So things are going pretty good for you since London then?"

"Yeah, I've gotten quite a few sponsorship deals, been on talk shows and stuff. It's been fun."

"That's great. You deserve to enjoy it; all those years of training have paid off."

Sandy nodded, remembering all those early mornings on the track and missing out on nights out with her friends.

"Yeah, I have sacrificed a normal life for that gold medal. I want to build a life now though, a future. Any advice you can give me?"

Dylan thought for a minute and said, "Make as much as you can while the TV shows and sponsors are still interested in your story. Look after your money, and put it towards your dream. I was able to go through acting school and have my own apartment because of the money I had made when I came back from the Olympics. Whatever you do, don't waste it, because before you know it, the public interest will have died down. Are you going to compete at the next games in Rio?"

"I'd like to, but I'm not going unless I know I can win. I'll see how well I perform at events until selection."

"Sounds like a plan. What would be your dream, outside of racing?"

"I'd love to open a state of the art gym. In the future maybe open more. That would give me something to fall back on."

Dylan gave a soft punch to the runners shoulder. "Then do it. Don't waste this opportunity."

"Hey thanks for the advice. You know I've been such a big fan of yours for years. All that you've achieved, being openly gay in the public eye..."

Dylan had thought the young woman was gay when she met her, but hadn't wanted to say anything and make assumptions.

"Yeah I get it. It's scary when your income is dependent on sponsors; Things are a lot better now than when I came back from the games. I never hid it, but then no one really asked. I wasn't the type to be out at gay bars and clubs. You got a girlfriend buddy?"

Sandy looked down, suddenly finding her skated feet very interesting. "Umm...no. I haven't had the time. My life has just been all about training, you know?"

"Yeah I do. Just be careful okay? A lot of people will want to be with you because of who you are. The trick is find the one that sees past what you do and who you are."

Sandy ran a hand over her collar length braided hair "How do you do that?"

Dylan laughed softly. "That's the million dollar question. You have to listen to your gut in the end and trust that it will guide you. I was lucky; Emily didn't know who I was at the start."

"You have a lovely family, Dylan."

"Thanks, hey do you want to see a picture?"


Dylan beamed like a little kid as she flicked through some of her favorite photos of her family on her cellphone.

"They are wonderful pictures, Dylan. I hope I'm half as lucky one day. "

Dylan felt like this young woman could do with a friend and she had been exactly where she was, having reached the pinnacle of her sporting career at such a young age.

"Listen, I'll give you my numbers and my email, if you ever need someone to talk to, or some advice, just call. If I don't know the answer, I'm sure I'll know someone in the industry who does. Give me your number and I'll send them to your cell."

Sandy watched Dylan get her contact details and text them to her. "Wow! Thanks that's really great Dylan.  So, I haven't seen you on Twitter and Facebook much recently."

"No, I felt weird about being so public with my private life, after what happened you know? Emmie says I need to get back to normal though. Hey, maybe I'll tweet a picture of us training?"

The pair stood and Dylan held her iPhone out in front of them. "That's great, I'll tweet it now."

"Okay, I'm just going to grab a bottle of water before we go back on the ice." Sandy left her and Dylan opened up the twitter app on her phone. She let her timeline refresh before she would upload the picture.

She noticed straight away that her timeline was full of tweets asking questions like, 'Did you do it?'

'God will judge you!' even some saying, 'Go Dylan! I would have done the same!'

What the fuck is this?

Her cell phone then came to life and announced Lynn calling.








Jackson and Paulie were viewing some properties for Jackson's expanding business.

"This room would make a great command centre. What do you think, Paulie?"

The only experience Jackson had in relation to handling a larger group of staff was a military one, and she planned to run this business like a military unit. With herself at the top, with Paulie as her second in command. There would be a command centre, where they could coordinate and brief each member of staff on their assignments, a locker room, equipment room and private offices for herself and Paulie. With the capital she already had and the support Dylan was giving her, she was able to kit out the office's with the most up a to date computers and equipment for the staff she was taking on, and leave herself debt free.

"I like it Jackson. I think this place will be great."

Jackson turned to the building manager who was showing them around and said, "So the lease..." The ringing of Jackson's cell phone interrupted her question. "Excuse me a minute will you?"

Jackson walked outside the room and answered. "Hunter."

"It's Dylan. Jackson they know, everyone knows." Dylan said with real fear in her voice.

"Know what?"

"About Toni! It's all over the net. I just noticed it on Twitter and then Lynn called me to tell me she as inundated with calls from the media about it!"

"How can they know? It's impossible."

"It's an anonymous email that's being going around, it says a Detective involved in the investigation in the Catskills, wasn't happy with my story, but his superiors refused to listen. It says evidence wasn't gathered properly and that he believes I shot her while she was unarmed."

"It's all heresay. There can be absolutely no evidence Dylan."

"The email hints there may be evidence. Do you think we were followed up to the cabin?"

"No, I don't. Listen there's no need to panic. Let me make a few calls and I'll get back to you okay?"

"Okay. I knew life was too perfect. This is going to destroy me isn't it? I can't leave Emmie and Molly now with the baby coming. "

Jackson pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, "No, it's not. Try and keep calm and let me look into this. I'll call you soon."

Jackson ended the call and immediately began making some calls.








"This is better than sex!" Jimmy shouted towards the TV.

He and Sammy had been watching as their story hit the major news channels that day.

Jimmy drained his bottle of beer, enjoying the buzz that the alcohol added to the excitement of his plan coming together.

Sammy had been calling his contacts in the police department. He hung up the phone and joined Jimmy in front of the TV.

"What's the good word kid?"

"Pressure is building from above, for the DA to look again at it, but she has powerful backers too. My contacts instinct is that she'll at least be brought in for questioning."

"Excellent and good old Detective Shaw has the photo." Jimmy said gleefully.

It had taken most of the money he had left to arrange that image. It had been intricately planned and staged by the best digital photography guys working on the wrong side of the law.

Sammy sat beside Jimmy and cracked open one of the beers "It won't fool them long."

"It doesn't need to kid. I know in my gut that Morgan shot that bitch, but all we need is to get Morgan taken down to the station for questioning, and her network will get jumpy. They'll ditch her in a second, and I'll destroy her in the media. She'll not be able to get a commercial for used car dealership by the time I'm through!"








Mark and Patrick were summoned to a meeting with their captain. When they walked into his office they saw a smug looking Detective Shaw standing by his side, clutching a file.


"Sit down both of you." Captain Murphy was a man short in stature and graying around the edges, but could still strike fear into the heart of his detectives.

After Mark and Patrick sat, he took the file Shaw's was holding and slid it across the desk.

"Detective Shaw has put together some interesting information on the Toni Bianchi case. A whole catalogue of procedural protocols that were not followed and there's a very interesting photo towards the back of the file. What makes it even more interesting to me is that the Attorney General finds it interesting. So could you explain these deviations from procedure?"

Mark watched his friend Sergeant Patrick, flick through the thick folder. When Patrick got to the picture, his friend saw tension suddenly take hold of his body. After a few seconds he handed it to Mark, who looked on astonished at the image, apparently taken through the cabin bedroom window. It showed Dylan holding the gun and Toni's head lolled to the side. It hit Mark right in the gut.’ Did you lie to me Dylan? Wait, we never asked her point blank.

"Can this picture be authenticated?" asked Patrick.

"It's being sent to the lab now, but apart from the photo, tell me how you explain these points that detective Shaw has catalogued?"

"Captain, when we entered the crime scene, Jackson Hunter was holding the gun; Dylan was nowhere near the body. Hunter's testimony fitted what we saw."

Shaw, who had been surprisingly quiet until now, added, "We have procedure for a reason Detectives, you saw what you wanted to see because Morgan is your friend. Some simple tests could have settled this one way or another. Those tests will never be able to be taken now. Even a criminal deserves the right to be taken into custody and tried by a court, if they are subdued. I believe Toni Bianchi was unarmed when she was shot."

"Be careful who you try and lecture Detective!" Patrick said, emphasizing his superior rank.

Captain Murphy intervened, "Shaw, could you give us a minute?"

Once the detective left, Captain Murphy walked round and sat on the edge of his desk.

"Who does this fucking guy think he is Captain? Going over, not only my head, but yours. Skulking around the Attorney General's office? That's not how it's done." Patrick was furious, but at the same time worried about what Dylan hadn't told them.

"I know Kenny, and between you and me, I understand why you did what you did. You took the testimony of a respected army officer and trusted your eyes. You were also distressed about your friends and to be honest, after seeing the pictures of what Bianchi did to that young woman? I wouldn't have blamed Morgan for putting a bullet in her head. Frankly I don't care if she has, but Shaw has gone above all our heads and now we have to deal with it. I'm sorry but we have to bring Morgan in."

Mark and Patrick looked at each in recognition. How could they take their friend away?










"Dyl, you're going to wear a hole in the floor."

"I can't help it. I'm going out of my mind here!"

After her day of training, Dylan's studio driver had brought her home, through the throng of the press encamped at the gates of their estate, and she had hobbled into the house. Emily had been alarmed at the state Dylan had come home in. Not only lots of bumps and bruises from the ice that she spent most of the day on, but the stress of the unfolding media storm.

They were now waiting on Jackson's call. She had used her contacts at the FBI to dig into the undisclosed email address that these rumors had originated from, and now she could only wait on the information coming back to her.

"Honey, pacing is not going to make things better." Dylan walked over and took Emily in her arms.

"Emmie, I could go to jail. I could miss out on you, Molly, our new baby." She placed her hand over wife's middle.

Emily placed her hand on her partner's cheek. "It won't come to that Dyl, even if they find out its true. They will understand."

"What? Understand that I shot an unarmed prisoner?" Dylan said angrily. She broke away from Emily and stomped out of the kitchen toward the living room. She watched Molly play with her dog outside the French windows.

I won't get to watch her grow up. I won't see my new baby being born. What have I done?

She felt Emily's arms snake round her waist and her wife's head rest on her back.

"I know your scared honey, but we'll face whatever comes. You've got a great lawyer."

Dylan turned and held Emily, "I'm sorry I shouted baby. I am scared, you're right."

"Come back to the kitchen, I want you to put some ice on that bruised hip."


Emily went to get an ice pack from the freezer and told Dylan to sit on the kitchen stool and ice her hip. "You think I'm getting too old for this?"

"No, it's just something you're not good at. You can't be good at everything." Emily began to massage her partner’s rock hard shoulders.

"I thought I was." Dylan grumbled. "Lynn called me on my way back; she says the network is on her back for answers. She's trying to hold them at bay till we know more."

Emily rested her chin on Dylan's shoulder, "What did your lawyer say when he called?"

"He wanted to draft some kind of statement. I told him to wait on Jackson calling back, that she was working on wherever this rumor came from."

Dylan's iPhone rang and she grabbed it from the kitchen counter "Morgan?"

"It's Hunter. I have something. Can you get your lawyer to meet me at the police station?"

"What? Tell me what you've found."

"I can't talk Dylan. I need to run, I don't have much time. Please, just trust me. Call your lawyer okay?"

"Okay. Let me know as soon as you can. This is tearing us both up."

Dylan ended the call and looked at Emily, concern etched across her face. "What did Jackson say?"

"She's got something, wants to meet my lawyer at the police station. Emmie?" Dylan took her wife's hand and held it against her heart.

"Emmie? If they come for me, don't let Molly see them taking me away. Please?"

Emily's eyes filled with tears  as she clung to Dylan tightly. "I won't honey. I won't."

Toni, I hope you rot in hell for the pain you've caused my family!







Jackson grabbed her suit jacket and briefcase and hurried towards her apartment door. She had been against the clock, ever since she received the information she needed from her friends at the FBI.  She forwarded all the information onto Dylan's lawyer and was now on her way to meet him. They didn't have long as she heard that Dylan would be brought in for questioning anytime now.

Jackson opened her front door and found her girlfriend standing there looking highly unamused. "What the hell is going on Jack?" Rosie pushed by her partner into the living room.

"Rosie, I can't stop. I'm in a hurry."

"Oh no you don't. I've been calling you all day and could never get hold of you." Rosie prodded her in the chest. "I've been watching the news since this first thing this morning, and I've been sent things like this on Twitter. Care to explain?"

Rosie held up the photo of Dylan holding the gun at the cabin on her cell. Jackson didn't know what to say. "Have you been lying to me? You were there; you told me you shot Toni!"

Not knowing how to answer the question without either to lying to her girlfriend or breaking her oath with Dylan, Jackson resorted to her former dismissive attitude towards Rosie.

"Look, I don't have time for this. I'm supposed to be meeting Dylan's lawyer in fifteen minutes. I do not need to account for my whereabouts to you twenty four hours a day!"

Rosie felt like she had been slapped. Silent tears began to tumble from her eyes. She turned on her heel and ran from the apartment.

"Fuck!" Jackson smashed her fist against the wall. How am I ever going to fix this!

She had no choice but to grab her things and get going.








Detective's Kenny and Lawson approached the door of the person they did not expect to be visiting today. Patrick turned to Mark and said, "Are you ready for this?"

Mark's simply nodded, his face set in grim determination.

Patrick rang the bell and when the door was opened, they looked on the rather unkempt figure of Jimmy Daniel's, standing in his boxers and dressing gown.

"Mr. Daniels? Detective's Lawson and Kenny." The pair held up their badges.

"Yeah? What's this about?"

"We would like you to come down to the station and explain why these defamatory emails and photograph came from an IP address registered to you."

"What? What the fuck is an IP address?"

Patrick gave him a smug smile, "I think you should have found that out before starting a campaign to blacken the name of a much loved celebrity; and friend of ours."

"But it wasn't me; it was Sammy who sent them, a kid who did some work for me in the past. I don't even know anything about computers!"

 "I'm sorry Mr. Daniels, they were sent from your IP, so it's your responsibility. I suggest you get dressed."

 Fucking kid! He knew this would fall on me!







A nervous Emily opened the front door to find a Jackson and Dylan's lawyer, Cosmo Russo.

"Come in please, Dylan is in her office." Emily led the pair through the entrance hall and into Dylan's state of the art office. Soon after they moved in she had the production companies IT company, kit out her office, so she could virtually run the company from home.

When Emily opened the door, Dylan stood looking out of the office window. She had picked this large room because of the great views it afforded of the garden.

Even though Dylan's back was to her, Emily could read the tension and strain in her partner.

"Dylan? Jackson and Cosmo are here."

"Thanks, Emmie."

Not being able to leave Molly alone, she had no choice but to leave the three to things in private.

Dylan sat behind her desk, and indicated to her guests to sit, "So? Should I expect the cops any minute or what?"

Cosmo looked at Jackson who gave him the nod to explain the position.

"This is the information Jackson got hold of." The tall, sharp suited man handed over a file to Dylan.

As she looked through the pages, he went onto explain "As you can see, Jackson's informants were able to trace back the defamatory emails, and subsequent photograph back to one Jimmy Daniel's, and also hack into the email account."

Dylan's head shot up at the mention of that man’s name. "We believe he had someone helping him, as he doesn't seem the most technological of people, but whoever it was made sure to only implicate Jimmy. They started small, sending the information out to one or two people in the gay community, some gay hate groups, and people who were known to be critical of you online in blogs, and Facebook articles. You can see the list in the file."

Dylan scanned some of the names, a few well known in the industry, but the one that stuck out to her most was Bry Edwards. Fucking bitch! She knew about this that night at the charity event!

"As you can see the information was disseminated from there."

At this point Jackson joined in, "If you look down the list there you'll also see another name you'll be familiar with, Detective Shaw. We believe Shaw knew something of this, and was working with Daniels."

"It wouldn't surprise me." said Dylan, "He just wouldn't let it go, that night at the hospital."

Cosmo stroked his goatee beard, "Hmm, we'll he'll have some serious questions to answer now."

"So what happens now?" Dylan asked.

"Jackson and I took this information to the police. We spoke to your friend Detectives Kenny and Lawson, and their captain."

"We caught them just in time Dylan, they were about to leave to haul you in for questioning. I know it was hurting them, given your friendship." Dylan nodded in understanding to Jackson.

"Once we explained the evidence we had, and I had spoken to the DA with the Captain, and ensured they understood the gravity of the evidence and the possible police collusion, it was decided to bring Daniel's in for questioning. His computer and the photograph are being analyzed at the lab as we speak. We expect them to find the photo is an elaborate hoax, going by the emails going back and forth, to some shady counterfeit people in the underworld." Cosmo said proudly.

Dylan was shocked. She had been gearing herself up for what was to come all day, and now, thanks to Jackson's determination and connections, she might yet she her kids grow up.

"Um...thank you so much both of you, I don't..."

Jackson saw her friend needed some space. "Cosmo is there anything else Dylan needs to do? I think she could use some time alone."

"Oh sure; no problem." The lawyer stood and closed his briefcase; "I'll draft a press statement for you Dylan, and email it to you for your approval."

Dylan stood and shook Cosmo's hand"Thank you so much. You've done a great job."

"That's what you pay me the big bucks for, Dylan. I'll be in touch."

After he left the office, Dylan collapsed down to her chair and held her face in her hands "Jackson, I can't believe this. Is it really over?"

Jackson stood and poured them both a drink; "Yes it's over Dylan. You can go on with your life now; you've been given a second chance. Just be happy okay?"

Dylan stood and held her hand to Jackson, when she took it; she pulled her friend into her for a hug. "You didn't have to do all this. You've saved me twice."

"It's my job. You all mean a lot to me, and you shouldn't be punished for what happened. I would have done the same. Like I said, I'll take it to my grave, no matter what that means." Jackson sighed.

"What is it buddy, has it caused you problems already?"

"It's Rosie. She thinks I lied to her. She came over today when I was rushing to meet Cosmo at the station. She questioned me about what it was all about, and why I wouldn't tell her what I was doing. I couldn't tell her, so I said I didn't need to account for my whereabouts to her twenty four hours a day. I spoke to her like she was some casual date. I could kick myself. She stormed off crying. I feel like a complete jack ass."

"Why didn't you explain to her?"  They both sat back down at the desk.

"I gave you my word. I would tell no one as long as I lived."

Dylan gave her an astonished look "You would jeopardize the relationship with the woman you love, because of this?"

Jackson stared into her drink, "I gave you my word; I swore to you I would say nothing. My word of honor means everything to me."

"Jackson, you can't do this. You have to tell her."

"I can't. Your liberty is at stake. You know how Rosie is? She might not understand why you did it."

Dylan stood and walked round to the front of the desk. "Jackson, I can't have this on my conscience. Your happiness is just as important as mine. Tell her, and help her understand. Rosie is our friend and I hope she will understand, but if she doesn't then I'm prepared to live with the consequences."

"Dylan, I don't think it's a good idea, we've worked hard to clear your name..."

"Do you love her?"

Jackson gave a small smile, thinking of her feisty girlfriend "She is the love of my life. I know in my heart that she will be the only woman I will ever love. I wanted to marry her one day."

"Then no, Jackson, I can't have you do that.  Go tell her and I'll go and tell Emily this new information."

Jackson stood and followed Dylan to the door. "You're sure?"

Dylan nodded,"I'm sure, and take flowers. They always make things a bit easier."

Jackson nodded. "I'll call you okay?"

Dylan slapped Jackson on the shoulder. "Sure. Whatever happens, happens, okay buddy? I couldn't live my life as a free woman, knowing I'd fucked this up for you. Go."

As Dylan watched her go, Emily joined her at her side. "Tell me everything honey? Are we going to be okay?"

Dylan put her arm round her wife and guided her toward the giggles and barks of Molly and Wolfie.

"Let's go keep an eye of Molly and I'll tell you."








It was now early evening, and Jackson had stopped off at Rosie's apartment only to be told by Walt, that she had headed down to O'Reilly's, ‘acting like a bear with a sore head’, as he put it.

Clutching her flowers, Jackson entered the busy night spot and made her way up to the bar. She asked one of the servers she recognized if Rosie was in. "Hey Jackson, she's just out back in the manager's office. He had some more money that was handed in for the charity night."

"Okay thanks, I'll just wait then."

Jackson put her flowers down on the bar, and her attention was then brought to a woman walking towards her. Although she didn't remember her name, she recognized her as the woman she had seen dancing with Rosie, the first time Jackson had come to O'Reilly's.

"Jackson Hunter! Haven't you done enough damage?"

"What are you talking about?"

Jess, was a good bit shorter than Jackson, but still tried to appear intimidating by coming to stand inches from her opponent. "You've hurt her, and flowers aren't going to fix it. She's been crying on my shoulder ever since."

Jackson noted the propriety tone in Jess's voice, and didn't like it one bit.

She glared down at Jess. "You know nothing about us. Just stay away from my girlfriend. "

"No, I won't. You don't scare me. You're no good for Rosie. She needs someone her own age, someone who believes in the same things she does."

"And I suppose you think that's you?"

"I'll make sure it is. Before you came along and filled her head with all your butch crap, we were getting along just fine."

“Listen, whatever goes on between my girlfriend and I is none of your business. We have only had a misunderstanding, and it will be fixed, so I better not see you continue to make a play for her, because she is mine is that clear to you?"

"She's yours? What is she a chair? Just another part of your household furniture? You really are from a different time."

"I don't mean it like that. Rosie knows what I mean."

"Yeah, I'm sure you've convinced her of what you mean. You've manipulated her into someone her friends don't even recognize, not for long though, you've already shown your true colors."

Jackson's face was red with rage; it was all she could do to stop herself punching this woman.

"Rosie being mine means I look after her and love her. I'm just as much hers."

"Oh yeah? I've checked you out on the internet Hunter. You gonna look after her like you did your sister?"







Rosie excited the back office to see Jess being held in an arm lock and pushed down over the bar shouting, "Let me go you butch freak!"

Jackson shouted into her ear. "You stay away! Do you hear me?"

Rosie ran over as quickly as possible, "Jackson! What the hell are you doing? Let her go!"

Jess cried out in pain as Jackson pushed her arm further up her back, "Now, Jackson! Let her go now!"

Rosie's words finally got through to her partner and she released her tight grip on Jess.

Jackson came up panting, still raging with anger. "What was this about? Well? Tell me?"

To make it look even worse, Jess had burst her lip open, when she was smashed onto the bar.

"I told her to leave you alone Rosie, but she said you were hers and attacked me!" Jess accused.

Rosie lifted an eyebrow toward Jackson. "Is this true Jack?"

Jackson straightened her suit jacket and tie. "You believe what you want, and you can let your little friend console you. Oh, I brought these for you." Jackson lifted up the bouquet of roses and then let them fall back down. Then added."They look a bit pointless now."

Rosie watched her love walk away from her and out of the bar.

"Jess what happened?"

"Just like I told you; I'm going to get this cleaned up in the bathroom. Maybe you'll believe you're better off without her now."

Jess left to clean up and Rosie went to the bar to pick up her flowers. There was a card attached that read. Rose's for my Rosie. I love you with everything I am. Give me the chance to explain about today?

Rosie felt tears come to her eyes. She looked up at her former work friend behind the bar. "Jess was being a jealous idiot. She's determined she wants you Rosie. Jackson seemed to hold it together until Jess mentioned something about her sister, and then she snapped."

Jess mentioned Sarah? No wonder Jack was about to beat the shit out her!

Rosie grabbed her purse and flowers and set off to find Jackson.








"Do you think I did the right thing Emmie?" Dylan and Emily were talking in the living room while Molly watched a movie.

Dylan stroked the soft head of Wolfie, who after realizing Molly would no longer be playing lay beside his master, seeking her attention.

"Yes. Jackson can't ruin her chance at love for our sake. We just have to hope she sees it the way we do."

"What do you think baby, you're her best friend."

Emily thought for a minute then said. "Maybe when we first met, she might have had a different opinion, but she's changed a lot since then and had her horizons expanded. Rosie knows us from the inside, she knows what Toni did in graphic detail, I can only pray she will keep it to herself."

"Am I evil, Emmie? Shooting someone like that? I don't feel any guilt you see. I know I'm supposed to, but I don't."

Emily looked in Dylan's eyes and saw the uncertainty there. "No, honey. You could never be evil. Right up until the end, you were prepared to let the police take her, after all she'd done, but there's only so much hurt one person can see come to their family. Toni was a monster, and I'm glad she's gone."

Dylan wrapped out her arm around Emily, and hugged her to her side. "Let's hope Rosie understands that."


To be continued...


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