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A Sibling’s Rivalry

{Part V}

By Katia N. Ruiz

Copyright 1997

Copyright Poem "Love Not Lost" By Katia Ruiz © 1997

Copyright Poem "Almost lost you" By Erica Polanco ©1997




Another Two Weeks

FRANCES sat in her office, leaning back on the chair, a hand on her chin, absently staring at her computer. Her mind had been on Katie all day long. She missed her so much, felt the tangible empty feeling deep inside her. She closed her eyes and threw her head back, her throat convulsing with more tears. She didn’t know she had so many tears in her body. She was startled by the sound of her personal phone-line ringing. She stared at it for a few seconds, then after a few rings, she finally picked it up. Clearing her throat, she said: "Hello?"

"Hello… Frances?" A voice with an even deeper French accent boomed.

Frances recognized the voice immediately. "Louie?" She said, a smile coming to her face. No matter how depressed she may be, Louie always made her smile, even when it was just hearing his voice. "How are you?"

"I am fine, how are you?" He replied.

"Hanging on." She said sadly. Louie had been her best friend and brother since she was fourteen. Now, he ran her family's wine business. In all her sadness, she had forgotten to call him and let him know that she and Katie were no longer together.

"What is wrong, Frances?" Louie asked, sensing the sadness in her voice. He could always read Frances as if she were a book, sensing when she was going through something.

"Nothing." Frances replied thickly, feeling the sadness almost overwhelm her; she was so close to tears.

"Bullshit!" Louie said softly. "What is going on, Cherie?"

"I-" Frances started, her voice broke. "I am not with Katie anymore."

"Why? Did your brother finally get his way?" Louie sounded pissed off. "What about William?" Then he sounded worried, his voice softened. "Oh dear, why didn't you call me?"

"No.... I do not know." Frances said, sounding disoriented to Louie. She must be going through so much shit, he thought. "William is still my son, I haven't stopped seeing him every day."

Louie sighed, and paused a few seconds. "Frances, it is about time you came down to see how the business is doing. You know how your father usually comes. Why do not you come instead? I would love it." He said soothingly.

"I will need to think about it." Frances said. She needed to consider William. "I need to think about what I would do with William." She deliberated. "I do not want to leave him just like that. He is my son too and I do not want to loose him. I see him every day." She repeated.

"Send him mail, video. And you know the Internet is in style now. Besides," Louie suggested. "I do not think you'll be gone for too long."

Frances thought for a while, her thoughts on her son and Katie. She would miss him incredibly, he would miss her. But if she was ever going to get over Katie, she need to be away for a little while, even if it was just a week. Anything to make her a little stronger to this pain. "It is true." She said. She made up her mind. "I need a little vacation anyway."

"Great!" Louie exclaimed, sounding so happy. "When are you coming?" He asked.

Frances looked down at her left hand. Her eyes remained on the wedding band she still wore on her ring finger. She thought a moment and then she said: "I will head out in about two weeks." She hesitated. "I have some stuff I have to deal with."


"YOU are telling me you are going to look at the business in France?" Richard said slowly, shocked. Frances had never shown interest in going to look at the business. And now, after years of not returning to France, she just made up her mind to go. He looked at Frances in the eye. "Are you running away from your problems, dear child?" He asked gently.

Frances looked down at her lap; she brushed her hair back from her forehead. "No, father." She replied, looking back into his eyes. "I want to look at the business. I do have stock in it."

Richard sighed. "I understand that, darling. What about your son?" He asked. "Or are you deciding to forget about him along with Katie?" He didn't know why he said that, and regretted the words the minute they left his mouth; he wanted to bite his tongue.

At first, Frances just stared at him blankly. But then she became furious. She stood up and glared at her father. "How could you say that?" She said, her face turned red with anger. "I would never do that! I will only be gone for a short while, during that time I'll keep in touch; somehow! And if I stay there longer I will make sure he hears from me every day!" She said. Out of words, she lingered for a few seconds and then suddenly her face grew even redder and she stormed out of Richard's office, slamming doors and crying, leaving him in total shock.


A week later

FRANCES was making some plans for her time in France; she was already leaving the next day on the Air France Concorde. She had spent the last week shopping for new clothes and thinking of what she would do in France. Also, she had gone to her bank, arranging to leave an account for Katie and William. She would look at the business that she hadn't returned to since close to four years ago. She was bent over her desk, studying an old case, writing some notes on a notebook for one of the new interns. She realized that the more work she did, the less she thought about her problems.

She had failed to inform Katie of her departure. She made up her mind: She was going to visit William tonight and let Katie know of her leaving. She sorted some of her files and stood. She walked to her coat hanger and took her blazer, swinging it around her shoulders and slipping her arms into the sleeves. She walked out of the office, saying goodnight to Lucy, who was doing overtime before her vacation, receiving a Have a good trip reply.

Frances drove with her radio blaring KD Lang’s version of "The Air That I breathe". She liked to do this when she was frustrated. It felt as if the music entered her body and pushed out all the built up frustration. She sped through the calm streets of Jamaica States, lip singing to the song. She slowed as the townhouse came into view. She drove the car into the driveway and turned it off. She took a deep breath, squeezing her eyes tightly shut, allowing her head to rest against the headrest.

Frances stepped out of the car. She went up the steps and rang the bell; she didn't want to go inside unexpectedly. Seconds later, the door swung open. Frances took a deep breath as she looked into Katie's surprised eyes. She is as beautiful as ever! Frances thought. She looked down at Katie's body, which was covered only with the silk bathrobe Frances had given her once for Christmas. Frances could make out the swell of her breasts, the erection of her nipples, her body feeling a responding surge of love and desire. The sight of her long shapely legs unnerved her.

Katie looked into her eyes as Frances looked up. She was aware of her eyes on her body, of the desire in her gaze. She was in shock at the sight of this woman whom she loved like she never loved anyone before. "Hello." She said shakily.

Frances smiled shyly. "May I come in?" She whispered. Katie gestured for her to follow her inside. "I needed to speak to you and William. Is he awake?"

"Yeah, he is." She said, wondering what it was that Frances had to tell her. She walked into the living room. William was sitting down quietly, already wearing his Big Bird pajamas, and looking at the cartoons on the TV. "I think he has realized that you do not live here any more." She said, watching Frances' face intently.

Frances looked back at her; she wanted to live there. She nodded. "He is a smart boy." She whispered. Then she looked at William, her expression changed. "Hi William!" She said, her sadness fading for a second. She knelt.

William looked at her and squealed, his face brightening with love for his other mother. "Di!" He called out, standing up and running into Frances' arms. He wrapped his little arms tightly around her neck.

Frances laughed in delight; tears were forming in her eyes. Katie missed these little scenes. She frowned, holding back the tears that were threatening to attack. "He misses you a lot. He is always asking for you." She said. But if you only knew how much I miss you, how much I need you by my side. She thought.

Frances gazed at Katie. "We need to talk." She said, standing up, William in her arms, and sitting down on the couch with him on her lap. When Katie sat down also, she spoke: "I am leaving to France tomorrow." She blurted, looking at Katie in the eye.

Katie took a deep breath. She felt a deep pain in her heart. "What?" She choked out. "What about William? Why didn't you-" She stuttered, really wanting to say: What about me? She knew that she could take care of William on her own. But who would love her? Frances was the only one whom she would allow to love her in the way she wanted.

Frances sat back, swallowing hard. William was looking at her, sad because he understood what she had just said by the tone of her voice and his mother's distress. Frances looked at him and hugged him tighter. "I would never abandon him. He will hear from me every day so that he knows I remember him and love him very much. And I trust that you will not let him forget me in this little time that I am going to be gone." Frances said softly. "I need you to not let that happen." She continued, frowning.

Katie nodded, a silent promise. "What are you going to be doing in France?" She asked, then silently chastised herself, she didn’t have to ask her these questions; they weren’t together anymore.

"I am going to take a look at our wine business." Frances replied, shrugging. "Learn a little more about it. Put some more stock in yours and William's name." They stared at each other for a long time.

Katie looked down at William and realized that he had fallen asleep. "He's asleep." She whispered.

Frances looked down and smiled softly. "May I take him upstairs to his room?" She whispered.

Katie smiled back and nodded. She followed Frances up the stairs and into William's room. Frances softly placed him on his bed, gazing at him tenderly. He stirred for a moment and then lay still. Frances turned to look at Katie. Their eyes met in the dimness. Frances moved forward, looking deeper into Katie's eyes. "I have missed you so much." She whispered with the trace of tears, touching Katie's shoulder with her hand. Her hand moved from her shoulder to her neck, touching the silky hair, running her soft fingers gently along the skin, up to her cheek.

Katie took a deep breath, her lips quivered. "I have... too." She said shakily. She let Frances pull her closer, feeling her body weakening with desire. Suddenly, she thought about how Frances had just been with Syrah. "I can't!" She gasped, out of breath. She turned away and walked out of William's room. She gasped when Frances took her by the elbow and spun her around. "Frances!" She tried pulling away, but Frances’ grip was strong.

Frances pulled her to herself, wrapped her arms tightly around her waist and looked into her eyes. "I want you, even if it is just this one more time." She whispered. She felt Katie start to give in, felt her body yielding, softening into her arms. Their lips met passionately. Frances felt a quivering pleasurable sensation run throughout her whole body. She pushed her tongue deeply into Katie's mouth, caressing her tongue with her own, causing her to experience a soft yet overpowering orgasm. Katie quivered with desire, moaned, and tightly wrapped her arms around Frances' neck. She thought she missed Frances, but she didn’t know how much until Frances’ lips touched hers.

Frances bent over and easily picked Katie up, she was strong; their lips were still locked together. She walked with Katie in her arms towards their room. She placed Katie on the bed, lying on top of her. She opened Katie's robe and caressed her breast softly, pulling on her nipple softly. Katie cried out, she’d wanted this for so long. And the thought that this would be the last time they would do this intensified the feeling. Frances groaned, getting up on her knees and quickly removing her own clothes, painfully aware of Katie’s eyes on her. She lay back down next to her Katie, looking deeply into her eyes.

Katie allowed her hands the pleasure of caressing Frances' taut shoulders; their eyes met. Katie pushed Frances onto her back and hovered over her, looking into her eyes. Frances looked up at her, smiling sadly, then tears came to her eyes. Katie licked her lips slowly. She kissed Frances' chest softly, kissed the flesh between Frances' breasts, underneath and right over her taut nipples. Katie heard Frances gasp and then groan softly. She felt Frances' hands running through her hair, caressing the back of her head.

Frances felt Katie's soft lips slowly trace her nipples; she moaned as Katie gently sucked on them. Felt Katie's love through her lips and tongue. She looked down as Katie moved lower; a slow feeling of anticipation attacked her senses, her breathing quickened until her chest hurt. She pushed her hips higher against Katie, who was slowly moving lower. "Katie!" She gasped. She was astonished at the anticipation Katie's soft lips caused her to feel. The pulse of her clitoris was unbearable and when Katie touched it with her silky tongue, she let out a loud gasp. Her body began to throb as Katie gently began to suck on her sensitiveness. She moaned, fervently pushing her hips harder against Katie's mouth.

Katie moaned against her. Every time she made love to Frances, she ended up loosing control of herself. She lay flat on the bed and began pushing her own hips against the mattress. She felt her passion overflow. She moaned softly when Frances' passion exploded into her mouth, taking in everything that Frances gave her. She rested her head on her thigh, breathing in the rich scent. After a while, Frances propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at her, Katie could see the tears in her eyes.

"Come here," Frances whispered, her voice hoarse. She pulled Katie up and held her in her arms. "I will never stop loving you." She whispered into Katie's ear. She moved so that Katie was under her.

Katie looked up into her eyes. "This is just a goodbye." She whispered.

Frances looked at her and stifled a cry. She buried her head into Katie’s shoulder, trembling for a long time, feeling Katie's arms wrap tightly around her. She kissed her lips softly, tasting her own taste. Her lips traced the line of Katie's jaw; she moved lower, burying her lips into Katie's neck. "Katie..." She whispered softly.

Katie moaned softly, burying her fingers into Frances' hair. Soft tingling sensations ran throughout her whole body. Frances' warm lips kissed every spot of Katie's body. Katie squirmed under the soft, wet touch. She gasped when Frances' tender lips touched her nipples. "I love you," Frances muttered between kisses. "The feel of you! Your scent; all of you!" She softly licked Katie's belly. "I do not know if I can live without you!" She whispered.

Katie listened to her words. The thought about letting her come back home crossed her mind; but then she thought about Syrah having spent that day with her after she had left. And how many more? How many other women had there been? These thoughts were pushed aside when Frances' warm lips touched the soft mound between her legs. She gasped, taking a hold of Frances hair. Frances' tongue took turns between her clitoris and slipping quickly inside her. "Oh!" She moaned over and over. The intensity of Frances' tongue inside her caused her to tremble all over.

Frances gently pushed her tongue deeper inside Katie, moving it in circles, reveling on the softness and wetness of the walls. She felt as Katie began to loose control and pulled out, stroking her clitoris very slowly. Katie pulled at her hair, almost screaming out in her passion, and thrashing all over the bed. Her body was rigid, her thighs quivered violently, her breathing was short gasps as her passion instantly exploded, causing her insides to contract. Her moans came from deep within her throat and released themselves in each wave of passion.

Frances still hungrily feasted on Katie's juices, feeling another contraction coming from deep within her. Suddenly, Katie cried out again as another almost painful climax erupted from her body. Afterwards, she finally pushed Frances' mouth away, pulling her up to her. Frances moved up and held the still trembling Katie in her arms. "Katie..." She whispered. "Oh, Katie, I love you!"

Katie wrapped her arms tightly around Frances, finding herself not able to respond to what Frances had just said, her breathing was incredibly short. She closed her eyes, her body feeling the familiar hotness she felt when she was in Frances' arms. She cried softly, knowing that Frances would be gone again in just a few hours. She felt Frances' body shake and she knew that she was crying also. I wish things could be better, Katie thought.

They remained in each other's arms for the rest of the night, each comforting the other when she cried.

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"RICHARD?" Francine said into Richard's back. They were lying on their bed, and sleep evaded them. Richard lay on his stomach and Francine too, with her arm draped across his torso and her face on his back.

"Yes?" He replied quickly, which meant that he wasn't asleep.

Francine remained quiet for a few seconds and then she spoke: "I'm sad." She was so subdued that it surprised everyone, though they knew that her daughter was in a state of depression. Everyone sought to make her happy again, to make her smile, but she wasn’t smiling at anything. The only thing that could make her smile was her husband, - and he was depressed also, - and Frances’ happiness, and that was destroying itself at that very moment.

Richard sighed. "I am also." He said softly.

"Our children fight like they hate each other, our son is in love with our daughter's partner, and he hates our daughter like she’s done him something wrong, he has views that we never taught him… What will be next?" Her voice was sad and tired, devoid of the liveliness that was usually there.

Richard turned around and took Francine into his arms. "It'll be okay, Francine. Our daughters love each other too much to be separate for long." He said, squeezing her for comfort.

Francine wrapped her own arms around him and sighed into his chest. "God, I hope you're right!"


Paris, France

FRANCES arrived in Paris the next day; on Friday. The Concorde only took two hours and forty-five minutes between New York and Paris. Louie Bordeaux greeted her at the terminal. It was the first time she had seen Louie since he had visited her in New York, after she had left France almost four years before. He quickly ran up to her, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, and lifting her up in a bear hug. Frances responded, wrapping her own arms tightly around his neck and laughing. "Hey, Louie!" She exclaimed, the happiness overwhelming her, making tears come to her eyes.

He let her go, taking her luggage. "Hey, Frances!" He said in French. "Your hair is long!" He exclaimed tenderly. Frances’ hair was very short when she had left France, now it was down to her shoulders. "You are still gorgeous!" He complimented.

Frances threw her head back, laughing. "And look at you!" She studied him. His blond hair was cut short, just a few inches above his shoulders. His gray-blue eyes were full of happiness, as they were every time that he saw Frances. Everyone found his resemblance to Frances shocking; always assuming that they were really brother and sister. In fact, he had helped with conceiving William, kindly donating his sperm with no holds barred; and what was best for Frances and Katie, was that he didn't consider William to be his son. William was his nephew.

"So," He said in French again, looking closely at Frances. "Did you see Katie before you came?"

Frances met his eyes squarely and in French also, she answered: "Oui." Then she looked down at her feet as they walked.

Louie nodded knowingly, looking ahead. They walked in companionable silence, and he walked a little faster, until they were outside the airport; his car was parked outside the terminal's doors. He went and opened the trunk, putting Frances' things inside. At the same time, Frances went into the car, sitting on the passenger seat. Louie sat on the driver's seat and drove off.

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"YOU have changed the house!" Frances exclaimed, delighted, her eyes running across the large living room of the house. The house belonged to the DeValoi family, but since Louie was a part of the family, he was allowed to inhabit it and do with it as he pleased.

Frances' eyes revealed her pleasure with the changes. The curtains were an off-white color, her favorite, and they allowed enough light in to allow a romantic setting to occur. The furniture was of the same color and it was scattered all over the room to give it sort of a perfect home designing magazine kind of look. The walls were a bright white that allowed the light to reflect, at the same time creating a very delightful room to be in.

She realized that she hadn't been in her homeland France in four years. She thought to herself that she had to bring Katie and William to this country and this beautiful house. But then she remembered that she and Katie were no longer together. The sorrow returned to her eyes.

Louie watched as the emotions displayed across her features, walked up to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. "What's wrong?" He asked, leading her towards the den. There, he poured her a glass of wine. He handed it to her. "Is there something that you do not like about the house?"

Frances took the glass gratefully and downed its contents. She extended her arm for a refill and sat on the couch, crossing her legs gracefully. "The house is perfect," She reassured him. She remained quiet for a long moment, staring at the floor; and then spoke again: "I was just thinking of how I should bring Katie and William to this house," She looked up at Louie, irony in her eyes. "As if we were still together." She laughed bitterly; she took a long swallow from the glass, emptying it. She extended her arm for more.

"Do not give up so easily, Frances." Louie walked away from the bar, bottle in hand; he still hadn't finished his first drink. He was aware that this would be her third drink. "Careful," He said in French, smiling, pouring the wine into her glass. "Wouldn't want you to get drunk on me; those days are over, remember?"

Frances looked at him; she was starting to feel a little lightheaded. It had been a long time since she'd had a drink. She drank the glass' contents again. "No worry, my friend," She replied in French; a giggle escaped her lips. "I know you can take care of me; now, fill it up."

He shrugged and did so. "You, my friend, will never change." He said softly, sitting across from Frances on the chair.

Frances' smile faded. "I changed," She whispered bitterly, her eyes were very sad and nostalgic. "And what did it bring me?"

Louie fought the sudden urge to cry for the only sister he ever knew. Fifteen years before, when he was in high school, at the age of seventeen, his family had died in a car accident and the DeValoi family took care of him as if he were one of their own. Frances, who was fourteen then, was instantly his best friend and they committed their little jokes and mischievous acts together.

Frances and her parents were the only ones he got along with. He never really got along with Ross, who from the beginning treated him like an outsider and always coldly threw it in his face that he had no real mother, nor father, nor siblings. He always saw the rivalry that Ross insisted on maintaining against his older sister. Louie never understood Ross and his hate for Frances, who had done everything possible to get along with him.

And then at the age of sixteen, Frances started seeing the beauty in women. She brought many of them home. Beautiful women at that. Going out with them, bringing Louie out with her on double dates. Louie smiled at the memory. Frances wouldn't go anywhere without Louie; except if it was to take these women to bed, which was very often. Often, she would be a little more enthusiastic with one or two of these different women, introducing them to the family; and more sooner than not she would get bored of them, and that would be the end of that relationship. Fortunately, Richard and Francine were never closed minded about their daughter's obvious sexuality and allowed her the freedom to do her thing; although Frances never really did care what they thought, she knew that they would support her from beginning to end, even if they disapproved.

And then Ross began to show his hate for his sister; he berated her for her open sexuality, often unsuccessfully trying to take her girlfriends from her. Frances never did really care. She would never take these women seriously, she swore to Louie. And she never did. She began to study law in an advanced high school and her parents and brother moved to New York, leaving the very intelligent and young Louie to run their prominent wine business.

And for almost nine years, she and Louie shared this giant house alone, with the company of only the maids to keep them in order, like babysitters; but they couldn't prevent that each brought a different woman almost every night for their entertainment. Syrah had come along around that time, the only woman with enough perseverance to try to get Frances into a monogamous relationship. And after a year of trying, she left, leaving Frances the same way she was. And when she turned twenty-five, Frances decided she wanted to finish law school in New York and live with her family.

And in New York, she met the young and beautiful Katie, who swept her off her feet; and she fell in love for the first time in her young life, which was so full of women and sex. Then she vowed herself to Katie, never looking at another woman sexually again. Both women waited almost a year before asking Louie to help them have their very first child, who had been born in the following year, the month of July. Louie, who like everyone else had taken to this incredibly nice young woman, never hesitated, donating his sperm to help the only best friend he'd ever had fulfill her dream.

He was brought back from his memories by the soft sound of Frances' breathing. Frances was slouched on the couch, deeply asleep. Her face was softened into the peacefulness some find in sleep and Louie realized that Frances probably hadn't slept well since the separation. He felt a sudden pang of pain for her. He put the bottle down and stood up, approaching Frances. He tapped her on the lap; she stirred with a deep groan. "Come on, let me walk you to your room. You are falling asleep." He said soothingly.

Frances nodded and allowed him to pull her to her feet, draping her arm across his shoulder. She stumbled and he held her up. "I promise, we will go out tomorrow night..." She mumbled. "Tonight, I am just too tired…"

He laughed softly, pulling her up the stairs. "I know you keep your promises." He said, pulling her down the hall and into her old room, where he laid her on the bed, pulled off her shoes and covered her, leaving her fully dressed and fast asleep. He went back downstairs, to finish the delicious wine bottle, and to brood over his best friend's very sad situation.


New York, U.S.: Saturday

KATIE was in the living room sitting with Richard and Francine; William sat quietly on her lap. "I was thinking," She said slowly. "That I want to return to accounting school." She wanted something to do other than thinking of Frances, who had left a large void in her heart.

Richard smiled his pleasure, leaning forward. "That is great!" He said, genuinely pleased. "When do you want to start?" He asked softly.

Katie sighed. "As soon as possible." She said. "I realize that I should never have left school in the first place. I mean, Frances always left that choice open to me; but I always wanted to take care of her, and then William came, so I made the choice to leave." She was quiet, deep in thoughts of Frances.

Francine finally spoke. "Well, you know that Frances left a very large account open for you. She would be very happy to know that you are using some of that money to go back to school." She looked at William and smiled tenderly. "What are you going to do with the little speeding bullet, here?" She asked, standing and picking William up. The name "Speeding Bullet" had come along when William first began to walk, or better said, run. His first few steps when he was nine months old were a distance of five feet between Frances and Katie. He’d stumbled the first few, then the rest were sure quick steps that left everyone present astonished. Hence, the name Speeding Bullet

Katie looked at both of them with love. Not having a family of her own, Katie felt very grateful to this family. This family that had accepted her since the beginning, even before she had met Frances and fallen in love with her. But that had added even more love and care once they saw how happy their daughter was to be with her, how she managed to tie her down and at the same time keep her happy. As their daughter moved from woman to woman, they saw that she was searching for some hidden thing, something she finally found in Katie. "Day care," Katie said. "It can be a great learning experience for him. Plus, he's so intelligent and well behaved. It should be no problem."

"Great!" Richard said. "I still have to bring you your new check books." He thought a moment. "Katie, when was the last time you saw Frances?" He asked.

Katie looked down, then her eyes returned to Richard. Francine had moved off to the den with William, talking tenderly to him. "Thursday night... she spent it here. Why?" She tried to make her voice sound casual. Those desperate hours of lovemaking that she and Frances had shared had left her scathed and hurting.

Richard read right through her. "I do not know," He replied. "I guess I just wanted to know. Will that be the last time?" He asked.

She knew what he meant. "Oui." She replied evenly. Even though he didn't ask the question directly, it was direct enough. She and Richard shared a father/daughter-in-law relationship that was closer to father/daughter than most. They had wordlessly agreed to honesty and straightforwardness.

Richard looked down sadly. "You know I love you for my daughter. You make her so incredibly happy." He said, looking up into her eyes. "It is with my every being that I'm hoping that you two can get back together."

Katie looked at him and smiled wanly. "Thank you," She said slowly, feeling her voice would betray her and force her to cry once again. She had cried more in the past month than when she lost her parents at the age of fifteen. "You are like a father to me, Richard." She said, her voice breaking, tears threatened both of them. It took all her might to force herself not to cry. "I'm just so tired of crying," She whispered, trying to reason with herself. Richard nodded in understanding. "I need to stop sitting at home and pitying myself over this." A hint of decisiveness showed in her voice. "That's why I want to return to school."


SYRAH sat inside her champagne colored Cadillac, thinking about her life, those unforgettable three weeks that she spent making love with Frances.

She knew that to Frances it may not have been making love; that it might have been a scapegoat, a means of forgetting her suffering. This knowledge didn't really hurt her, just like the knowledge of almost four years ago that Frances had fallen deeply in love with Katie hadn't. It bothered her a little, yes; but it was nothing she couldn't get over. After Frances had left to return to France, she realized that Frances would never feel for her the same way she felt for Frances. Frances, in the heat of her own passion, would call out Katie's name over and over.

Syrah had resigned herself to this from the beginning of their rekindled affair, deciding to enjoy it while it all lasted. Although she wanted Frances and loved her deeply, she knew that Frances' heart belonged and always would belong to Katie. Her heart told her this; and usually her intuitions were right. She knew that the most she would get from her would be bedtime. Syrah also knew that Frances had slept with many other women in that month. Having gone out to forget her problems, and finding these women throwing themselves at her feet without reservation, not refusing them in her search of love and care. Syrah felt the pain that Frances was feeling, the heartbreak, the emptiness- an emptiness that only Katie had fulfilled. And she knew that of all the women Frances allowed into bed with her, she was probably the only one in whose presence she allowed herself to cry.

Syrah sighed, watching the passersby absently. She knew she had to start anew, the past in the past. But she didn't know how.

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ROSS sat out in the garden of his parents' beautiful house, his hands shoved into his windbreak jacket. He luxuriated in the knowledge that his coast was clear to win Katie over. With Frances around, there would be no chance. His cold blue eyes were glistening with happiness. He had loved Katie disconsolately for the past five years and he thought it was only fair for him to marry her. This that this sister and Katie had shared was not a real marriage anyway, was it? They didn't need to get a divorce, did they? He sneered smugly, chuckling. No, no divorce necessary, what they had had never been real.

He had to start slow, a little courting here and there. Something undercover, so that his parents and Katie herself- as she was unconsciously falling in love with him- wouldn't notice his plans. This was great!

He never stopped to think of why he felt this hatred towards his only sister. Was it maybe because she always got what she wanted? Because she was the smarter one, the one who always had beautiful women galore? He never thought about that. He never even thought that Katie would love Frances until the day she died and even well beyond her death. In fact, he never thought that much about anything other than making his sister unhappy and getting his own way. That was why he wasn't working, wasn't it? That was why he was still living under his parents' roof and off his parents' money.

But then again, he never really thought about anything important at all. And that would be his undoing.


Paris, France

"NOT ready yet?" Louie asked Frances as he impatiently knocked on her door.

Frances was in front of her mirror, adjusting her trimly tight off-white colored sleeveless shirt, which allowed her beautiful arms to be revealed alluringly, her chest accentuated provocatively. Her black pants were flawlessly ironed, her white off-white colored shirt flawless also. She looked at her hair, pushed it back with her fingers, and made sure it looked fine. She walked over to the door and pulled it open, smiling. "Now, I am ready." They had switched to speaking in their language, French.

Louie smiled approvingly as Frances opened her door. He hadn't expected her to look so goddess-like. Her blond shoulder length hair was carelessly thrown over her straight bronze shoulders. No makeup of any kind covered that perfect French skin. Her slim fingers still held her wedding band and a few other gold and diamond rings. She was the perfect picture of a self-assured, fashion conscious and successful French woman.

Frances studied her best friend and cousin, never doubting for one second that he would look this perfect. With blonde hair stylishly long and wavy, he was the perfect picture of an Adonis. His white blazer was open to reveal a tight, black spandex V-neck shirt that accentuated his rippling muscles. His black jeans were not too tight, but they weren't loose either. "Let's go." Frances said, walking past him towards the stairs. He quickly followed.

"Oh," He said. "I forgot to tell you that a couple of friends are going to join us at the club."

"Great." Frances said and they walked out of the now darkened house together.


LOUIE and Frances entered the giant club, both attracting the attention of many of the present. The Cherie Mademoiselle dance club was one of the biggest and most profitable dance clubs in France. It was also one of the most favorites spots amongst rich mammas' and daddies' gay and straight kids.

The young lesbians, and even some straight women, in their vicinity were all looking at Frances with unmistakable longing; they really wanted to dance with her. Frances was dancing with Louie, swinging her perfectly curved hips sensually to and fro; she was oblivious to the desire around her until one of these young and beautiful French women boldly danced up to her and asked her to join her in a dance. Her name was Claudette, a red haired beauty with warm green eyes that read right through Frances. She could see the unhappiness that lurked behind the angelic face; she could see the vulnerability and sensitivity behind the gray eyes. She didn't know this woman, but she took an instant liking to her; and she wanted to know the reason why this woman was so utterly sad.

After a few songs, Frances noticed that Claudette was moving closer to her, that her dances were becoming more seductive, more sensuous. She didn't move back, but she didn't move forward either. She liked the tease, remembering how long it had been since she had done something like this. Claudette moved even closer, her eyes never leaving Frances’. She lifted her arms up over Frances’ shoulders and rested them there. Frances, slowly wrapping her arm around Claudette's small waist, pulled her closer. They both swung their hips against each other.

The music was now slow and sensual. Frances pushed her hips hard against Claudette and they kissed. Frances' mind went to Katie, her beautiful, black haired beauty. Her beloved Katie, whom she loved more than anyone in the world, who stirred her insides in a way many women dreamed they could, who awoke a passion deep within her that left her burning.

Frances breathlessly asked her if she had a car; Claudette nodded. Frances waved in Louie's direction, he saw her and nodded in understanding, but the brunette beauty that was intelligently speaking to him soon took his attention. Outside, Frances had the gasping Claudette pushed up against her car, one leg draped over her waist and pulling her closer. She was kissing her and her hand was up her short skirt, her hips thrusting languidly against hers. Her mind was still on Katie; she tried to push the burning thought away, but found herself not being able to. She pulled back and suggested that they go to her house. She was bent on not thinking of Katie, aiming to get the sorrow out of her mind.

Claudette was in high heaven; this woman was the best kisser she'd ever had and she had a feeling that she was a great lover too. If only her soft kiss could cause her insides to quiver, what would her lovemaking be like? She allowed Frances to drive, not only because she didn't know Frances' address, but also because she didn't trust her quivering self to face the road. She gasped at the sight of the giant house that faced her, it was beautiful and it somehow matched the personality of Frances. She sat passively in the car as Frances pulled up to the little box and dialed the security code, and then led them through the automatically opening gates.

Claudette barely had time to look at the living room before Frances was on her like a bulldozer, kissing her deeply and slipping that hot, wet tongue into her waiting mouth. Before they knew it, they were on the floor, Frances' own slim waist between Claudette's thighs. She was kissing Claudette with a hunger that astonished both of them. Frances pushed her groin against Claudette's, sending a ripple of sensation through their limbs. God, Claudette had never met a woman so sizzling in her life! She knew this scalding French woman would keep up with her every wish, be it what it may. Claudette moaned, the first thing that she allowed to escape her mouth in what seemed a long time.

She pushed Frances up and pulled up her own shirt, revealing a gorgeous pair of round tanned breasts. Before Frances attacked her like a vulture out for meat, she pushed her skirt and panty down and kicked them off along with her shoes. She groaned deeply as Frances' tongue found and played with her nipple until it was painfully engorged. And then she moaned loudly as Frances sucked it into her warm mouth. She moaned again and again, a high-pitched moan, as Frances did the same to the other nipple.

God, how she wanted to feel this strong woman naked against her! She told Frances so, and watched in fascination as Frances slowly removed her own clothes, revealing a gorgeous, rippling, yet exquisitely feminine looking body. She sat up to pull Frances against her. She moaned as she felt Frances rub her heat against hers. She cried out as Frances propped herself up on her arms and rubbed her heat harder against her, groaning and moaning with abandon. Bracing her hands against the back of Frances' neck, she pulled herself up too. Her weight hanging from the strength of Frances’ arms, she screamed in her passion as Frances drilled against her, as she arched her back when she felt the staggeringly strong contractions that led to her first explosion of ecstasy, as orgasm after orgasm ran through her body. She thrashed all over, her body arching feverishly, Frances keeping her in one place with her weight.

But it didn't stop yet, because Frances' holding off was torture, yet it was utterly pleasing. And she screamed again in orgasm as she felt and heard Frances' frantic cries and moans of her own ecstasy, passionately calling out Katie's name over and over in her orgasmic oblivion.

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Louie woke up the next morning feeling relaxed and quite fulfilled. He realized that his head, instead of being on a pillow, was on a more comfortable pair of firm, but soft, round breasts. He remembered the night before and smiled to himself, surprised to find that he had fallen asleep in this beautiful woman's arms. That was something he never allowed himself to do. Usually quickly dispatching the women after sex was his way. But tonight had not felt at all like sex. It had been passionate, slow, and fulfilling.

He was also surprised he remembered her name: Korina.

Korina's hair, in the sunlight was still a deep brown. Her seemingly pale skin was wholesome and dark instead. Plus she was a great lover. Hmmm, maybe he could really get to know her, something he never allowed himself to do either. Frances was different, she let the women stay in her bed, only to have a second serving on the next day; but that also depended on the woman. For some reason, Louie was interested on getting to know Korina. He just hoped she was interested in getting to know him also. He slowly stood up from the bed and went, naked, to his bathroom.

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