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In Need Of A Friend


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Eight

It was cold, and she was loathe to leave the warmth of her bed, despite the fact the sun was rising higher and higher into the sky with every passing second. She cuddled further into the soft mattress, pushing her face into her pillow and breathed deeply, catching the faint scent of Alexandria. She sighed softly, a tiny smile lighting her features as she nuzzled the pillow, biting her lip as she thought about the red headed warrior.

Two days she had been gone now, and Gabrielle was suprised at how much she actually missed the woman. She'd never really had a chance to miss her in the last year, as the warrior was constantly by her side. But now that she was gone, her chest ached everytime she walked out of the hut, and into the village, knowing that Alexandria wouldn't be there. She knew that the warrior would be back, but every second that passed was a second too long for her, and after their night of lovemaking, she was desperate to be back in those strong arms. To feel those hands that held so much power, caress her so gently.

She had re read the letter Alexandria had left her several times now and there was a growing feeling of unease building inside of her with every day that passed. A part of her was completely confused by the short note, that answered none of the questions that bounced around her head, and the other part of her was terrified that maybe Alexandria wouldn't return to her. And if she did return, would she return to her or to the village. She wished now that she had let Alexandria speak after they made love, so that maybe she would know what her companion thought about their situation. And now she was scared that in her time away, Alexandria would come to regret her descion.

No, Gabrielle thought to herself angrily. Stop being so negative. She cares about you, you saw it in her eyes when she touched you, you felt it in every kiss, every embrace. Stop this, and just pray that she returns quickly, and into your arms, your bed and not another's.

She breathed in her lover's scent once more, cherishing it and hoping it would help her through the long day ahead of her, before throwing off her blankets and sitting up. She looked out of the hut window, staring up at the clear sky and smiled as she wondered what Alexandria was doing now.

"Whatever you're doing, do it quick, because I miss you." She whispered into the empty room. "Whatever it is can't be as important as having you here with me. Come home."




It was freezing, even as the sun started to rise above the tree's, she could feel the cold air slip beneath her cloak and into her bones. She gazed around the dense forest from the on top of her horse as she made her way towards her destination. It had been two days since she had left the Amazon village, and the bed which held the warm body of the Amazon Queen, and she was starting to seriously regret it. The days had passed by slowly, giving her more than enough time to think about what she was doing. She wanted to be angry, to rage and scream about what she had to do. To tell the Gods that it wasn't fair, that she had to give up everything she had found after waiting for so long. But she couldn't.

She was defeated.

After so many years of searching, she had finally found someone that she felt she could love. She had loved once before in her life, and she had been cheated and used, and eventually killed by the one person she cared about. It had taken so many years to move on but there was still a large part of her that couldn't let go. She couldn't let go of the pain, the betrayl, and worst of all, she couldn't let go of the deep, profound love she had felt. Until she met Gabrielle.

The first person in so many years that had finally made her forget about her ex lover, and yet, reminded her of them at the same time. It was so easy to forget her horrible past and painful memories around the small blonde. She felt reborn in her prescence, like a completely different woman, and she mourned the fact that she would probably never feel that way again.

She was so close to where she was going now, the tiny hairs on her skin raised and shivers ran down her spine at the memories of the last time she was here. Her hands tied behind her back, the rough rope cutting into her wrists, those cold eyes staring down at her with anger and jealousy as the blade plunged into her chest. She shuddered, closing her eyes tightly as she fought against the bile rising in her throat. She didn't want to be here, she never wanted to set foot in this clearing again, but she had no choice. This was the only place that the One True God had spoken to her, and she needed him now if she was going to complete this mission.

She felt the air become even colder as she reached the edge of the forest and galloped into a rocky clearing that had been the setting of her nightmares for more than thirty years. She slowed her horse to a trot, her eyes taking in her surroundings as she looked for the almost unnoticable crack in the mountain in front of her. It was only a few moments before she found it, taking a deep breath as she threw her leg over her saddle and slid from her black stallion. She walked towards it slowly, her heart thumping in her chest harder with every step. Tracing her fingers over the hidden doorway, she shuddered, another blast of painful memories playing behind closed eyelids. She forced them back, straightening her shoulders and gathering every last bit of strength she had left, she entered the cave.

It was even darker than she remembered, and she had to run her hands along the tunnel walls as she made her way deeper and deeper into the mountain. The further she went, the more images flashed in her mind, tormenting her and reminding her why she didn't want to do this. Somewhere deep in her heart, she knew things were different now, and this time she would leave this Gods be damned cave unscatched, at least physically, but that didn't nothing to stop the cold fingers that clenched her heart in its icy grasp.

After what felt like hours of walking, which in truth was only a couple of minutes, she heard the sound of running water. She was almost hyperventilating now, dreading every moment that was to come, but she kept moving forwards, despite the voices in her head screaming at her to turn around and never look back. The cave started to grow brighter as she neared the entrance of the place she died, and once she got there, she had to admit it was alot more stunning this time around.

The large cavern was brightly lit from the millions of glow worms hanging from the roof, causing the small waterfall in the centre of the stone room to sparkle beautifuly. The clear pool of water took up half of the stone room, a few stalagmites and boulders taking up the rest. Stalactites protruded from the ceiling, covered in moss and dripping water. There was a clearing before the water's edge, stained with blood from so many years ago, and the grip on Alexandria's heart became impossibly tighter.

She strode forward confidently though her shaking legs betrayed her true feelings. Her hands were clenched into tight fists as she fought the urge to unsheath her swords and ready herself for the emotional battle she was entering. She wasn't afraid of death and at times she had wished for it, and the fact she had died here didn't bother her. It was how she had died that caused her chest to tighten with emotion. She stood on the dust covered stone floor, scuffing her black leather boot against her own blood that marked the place of her death. Taking a deep breath, she exhaled it shakily, before closing her eyes and calling out, her voice echoing off the cavern walls.

"The One True God! Eli! Someone! I need your guidence, your wisdom, your help! You made a promise to me years ago, that you would grant me one reasonable wish if I chose to rejoin the living and do your bidding. I've done as you asked, and now I'm here to take the favour you owe me. Show yourself!"

Her voice bounced off the walls of the cave, ringing in her ears until the room fianlly became silent. She growled in frustration after waiting for several minutes, resisting the urge to turn and leave the cave, much quicker than she entered. But she remained, reminding herself why she was here over and over in her head as she waiting unpatiently for her divine intervention.

The minutes passed slowly, and eventually she decided that the God's were ignoring her plea's and turned the leave the cave. As she did, she caught a figure sitting on a boulder, wrapped in a long while robe, staring at her. She turned towards the man, taking in his long dark hair, beard and bright blue eyes, narrowing her own as he smiled at her.

"Eli, I don't like to be kept waiting. Especially in this place," Alexandria growled, crossing her arms over her chest as Eli laughed, standing up and walking towards her.

"It is good to see you too, Alexandria," he replied, grinning broadly at the red headed woman. "You called for me?"

"Yes, you know why I'm here. You know what I want," Alexandria said softly, averting her gaze from the eyes that seemed to see right through her. "Don't make me say it out loud. It's killing me enough to be here in the first place."

Eli smiled sadly, reaching out and gently resting his hand on the distressed woman's shoulder, he closed his eyes, cocking his head to the side as if straining to hear a conversation. After a few moments he opened his eyes once more, smiling at the warrior before nodding.

"The favour you asked will be paid," Eli said softly, his eyes full of sympathy for the woman. "It will come for a price, but you already know this."

Alexandria nodded, looking over to the waterfall and smiling sadly. She had been told that for the favour, she would need to trade what the One True God had given her. She wouldn't miss it, especially not now.

"I understand," she whispered.

"Then so be it," Eli said, squeezing Alexandria's shoulder gently and turning them both towards the sparkling pool of water before them.

Breathing heavily, her heart beating so hard she was sure it would explode from her chest at any moment, Alexandria reached for the pouch tied to her belt. With shaking hands, she untied it and opened the velvet bag, gazing down at what it contained. With this gritty, almost sand like ash, her whole world would change in an instant. Closing her eyes, she forced her heart to slow down and calmed her breathing until she finally relaxed.

"Here goes nothing," She whispered, turning the bag upside down and pouring its contents into the water.

For a few moments, everything was quiet, and the two figures stood by the waterfall, waiting for something, anything to happen. Alexandria almost breathed a sigh of relief, wondering if maybe The One True God had changed his mind, but then the room exploded with light, blinding her with it's brillance. She covered her eyes with her hand as the floor of the cave began to rumble and shake under her feet, and part of her hoped it would crack open and swallow her. She cried out as she was hit with what she was sure was lightening, dropping to her knee's at the excruciating pain. Her every nerve was on fire as a blinding heat engulfed her heart before exploding from her chest, causing her to gasp with shock at her sudden emptiness.

Ever so slowly, the light faded and the ground became still underneath her. She remained on her knee's, gasping for breath as she gripped her chest, running her fingers over it as she checked for injuries. Slowly lowering her hands, she opened her eyes and gazed at the water, waiting. She couldn't hold back the gasp that escaped from her lips as a figure burst from the pool, water cascading over raven black hair and tanned skin. Pale blue eyes snapped open and caught her own midnight blue, and she wanted to run and hide from the intense gaze, but she was unable.

There she was, in all her stunning, naked glory. The woman she had loved since she was a teenager, the woman she had killed and fought for. The woman that had betrayed her, hurt her so deeply and the woman that killed her. Standing only a few feet away from her, waist deep in water, gazing at her in horror and confusion.

The Lion of Amphipolis, Destroyer of Nations, Bitch of Greece, Slayer of Gods, The Warrior Princess.

"Fuck," Xena muttered. "I'm in Tartarus."


To Be Continued


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