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It Should Be Me


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Fifteen


"I came up with the idea for you to get married to Xena, instead."


"What?" I whispered in disbelief, my voice barely audible as I gripped the crook of Alexandria's elbow tightly with my fingers. This had to be a joke, a cruel joke of Artemis to punish me for the shame I brought to the Amazons. The day had started off so horribly and I couldn't wrap my mind around the possibility of such an ending, one that I had hardly dared dream of over the past few years. My eyes drifted from Alexandria's midnight blue gaze and for the first time, I took in the view of the village from the gates and gasped.

The sky was just beginning to darken as the sun started to make its descent. From the village gates, there was a trail of red rose petals and I smirked as I realized where they had come from. Well, I guess it was better to put them to use rather than just burning them, I thought to myself. On either side of the small path were large torches, almost as tall as Alexandria, that were stuck into the ground and were illuminating the path that led to an unknown destination. Hanging outside the small huts in the village were lanterns, giving off a soft warm glow and there were white daises in bunches, scattered around the village.

I returned my gaze to Alexandria, my dreamy smile fading slowly as my expression became serious. "Does Xena know about all of this?"

"Well, I'd hope so," Alexandria grinned, her eyes twinkling. "It wasn't completely my idea, after all."

I felt tears well up in my eyes from the tenth time this day, though my misery had been replaced by overwhelming happiness. I felt as if I was stuck in a dream, one that I wished I would never wake up from. Xena had planned the perfect wedding, for us and I felt as if my heart would explode and I could die happily, though the fields would pale in comparison to this moment.

I'm getting married.

With a brilliant smile, I squeezed Alexandria's arm and let her lead me down the path and towards my happily ever after.




I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I glanced around the small clearing I was standing in, taking in all the people that sat in their chairs watching me. I stood upon a small dais with the Amazon priestess standing behind me, a pleasant smile on her face that did nothing to calm my nerves. Lila stood across from me, attempting to give me an encouraging smile as I felt my chest tighten and my stomach twist.

The clearing was full of people, more than I expected to show up for this quickly thrown together wedding. I had been surprised when the Amazon's were so delighted at my idea, taking orders from Alexandria and I until the village looked perfect. The large area was surrounded by trees, their branches covered in hanging lanterns that lit up the area with help from several torches and a large bonfire behind the dais. The area behind me had been set up with benches and tables, covered in food and drink for the party after the ceremony.

That is if Gabrielle shows up, I thought to myself.

My hands were sweaty and my knees were shaking as I stood at the altar, awaiting the arrival of the Amazon Queen. I was beyond nervous and I wondered if Gabrielle was going to actually show up at all. For all I knew, Alexandria might not have been able to find her or Gabrielle might have said no and I could be waiting out here all night. I wouldn't be able to blame her, I reminded myself for the hundredth time. I had royally fucked up, more times than I could count. And this was a little sudden, considering that we had been apart for the past several years. Maybe Gabrielle didn't even want to get married at all anymore, then what? Gods, this was a stupid idea.

"She's not coming!" I finally said, throwing up my hands as I paced the small area, ignoring the amused looks of my friends and family. "She doesn't want to marry me. What in Hades was I thinking? Why would Gabrielle want to join with a burnt out shell of an ex warlord? Gods, you're stupid, Xena. Stupid.

"Calm down, Warrior Bride."

I looked up with hope in my eyes to find Alexandria strolling down the aisle, stepping lightly so she didn't crush the rose petals under her feet completely. She grinned widely at me as she stepped up onto the dais, to stand at my left side, casually straightening her shoulder armor that was similar to what I was wearing. "She's coming, Xena. It just took us a little while to convince her that this wasn't a joke, or a dream or that she'd died and gone to the Elysian fields."

My frown turned slowly into a smile that lit up my entire face. I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh of relief as Alexandria waved towards a group of Amazon's near the altar and they started the music, the soft tune calming me. I heard the sound of people turning in their chairs, their soft whispers and footsteps and when I opened my eyes, I felt as if my breath had been pulled from my chest.

"By the Gods," I whispered as I watched Gabrielle walk down the aisle towards me. She looked so different from this morning, and it wasn't the changes in her wedding dress. She looked positively radiant and it seemed as if the joy was seeping from her very skin in waves. Her steps weren't at all hesitant and her emerald green eyes didn't glance at the people watching her, or the decorations.

She looked deeply into my eyes and held my gaze with every step, her eyes shining brightly with all the love she had for me.

It seemed as if everything was going in slow motion as I watched her glide towards me. My nerves vanished with all of my doubts as she finally reached me and one of her hands left the daises she was holding and I took it as she stepped up onto the dais to stand beside me.

"You look so beautiful," I managed to whisper past the lump of emotion stuck in my throat, squeezing the hand that was resting in mine and feeling her respond in kind.

"I love you," she replied, her eyes welling with tears as she stared back at me. I lost myself in her emerald orbs and I hardly heard the Amazon priestess as she started to speak. All my attention was focused on the woman standing before me. I had never imagined that I could feel so much happiness and it made the moment even more perfect to see the same emotions reflected in Gabrielle's eyes.

"...With the blessing of the Goddess Artemis, I pronounce you joined, until death do you part. Xena, you may now kiss the bride," the priestess finally said with a smile that lit up her face.


Gabrielle's eyes widened with alarm at the sound of my voice, and I smiled reassuringly at her as I squeezed her hand. "There are still a few moments until the sun sets, and I have something I want to say." Looking into my soul mate's eyes, I took a deep breath.

"Gabrielle, my life didn't start until the day I met you I met you, in the clearing outside Potidaea. When my eyes met yours, it was the first time my heart truly beat. It was the first time my soul wasn't completely lost in darkness, because it finally found and recognized it's other half, I started softly, staring into Gabrielle's eyes and watching as several tears leaked from the edges as she squeezed my hand, encouraging me to continue. You are my light, and my heart, my soul and my body will always be yours and yours alone, for as long as you will have me. I can't offer you anything of value but I will try every day to be everything that you need until my last breath leaves me. You have always been and always will be the best thing in my life and that will never change. I love you, Gabrielle." I finished with a lop sided grin that I only ever used for my love, now wife.

"I love you, Xena," Gabrielle whispered, her voice hoarse as silent tears streamed down her beautiful face. "You are my tree in the forest."

A brilliant smile lit up my face, one that she returned. As I leant down towards her, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the sun set below the horizon as I brushed my lips against hers and sealed our life together, to be forever intertwined with each other's.




I could hardly focus as I felt myself pushed back against the door of the Queen's hut, surprised at my wife's display of power as her lips pressed against mine and her hands pushed underneath the silk shirt I wore so she could stroke the skin underneath. After the ceremony had ended, the party had started and we had spent the better part of the night drinking and dancing until I felt positively giddy, not to mention aroused after Gabrielle slid her hand underneath our table and fondled me for the last candlemark before dragging me away to her hut, without a goodbye to any of our friends or family.

Though, I had caught Alexandria's gaze and her rakish grin from where she stood by the bonfire with my sleepy daughter in her arms as I was pulled away. The smug bitch, but Gods, did I love her.

We both knew that there were things we needed to talk about, but our need to reconnect was too overwhelming to ignore. We can talk tomorrow, I reassured myself as her tongue slipped into my mouth, dancing against my own. I moaned softly in protest as she pulled away slightly, her fingers swiftly gripping the fabric of my shirt and pulling it over my head. Our eyes met for a moment before her emerald orbs wandered over my naked chest, her eyes reflecting her desire before she nuzzled her face against my overheated skin.

"Gods, I love you so much," Gabrielle breathed into my neck as kissed the flesh beneath her soft lips, her eager hands caressing the sensitive skin below my breasts. I could still taste the Amazon wine that had lingered on her lips when she kissed me as I arched my body against her, impatient to feel her hands on me after wanting her touch for so long. I forced myself to breathe as I ran my hands up her silk covered back, feeling her muscles shift under my fingers. I didn't want to rush this, knowing now that I had the rest of my life.

I wanted to spend this time loving her, as I should have been for the past two and a half summers.

"Gabrielle," I smiled as I felt her lips brush against my neck, sending a pleasant shiver down my spine. I turned my head, capturing her lips in a slow passionate kiss as my hands started to untie the laces of her dress. I felt her hands slow on my skin, until her fingers were gently stroking me, almost soothingly as we lost ourselves in the kiss. Her dress fell in a puddle around her feet as I explored her mouth, her breeches following shortly after.

I wrapped one arm around her shoulders and leant down, never breaking the kiss as I wrapped my other arm under her knees and picked her up. I felt her smile against my lips as she wrapped her arms around my neck, her fingers tangling in my hair while I carried her to the bed before depositing her gently on the cool sheets. Her hands immediately went to the buckle of my belt as I kicked off my boots and then we were pressed against each other, skin on skin. I took a moment to just feel her, basking in the warmth of her smooth skin as her fingertips traced the scars on my back tenderly.

"By the Gods, you are beautiful," I murmured as I ran my hand lightly up her abdomen, watching the muscles flex underneath my fingers before I gently cupped her full breast. I stroked the pale nipple, watching as it hardened before leaning down and wrapping my lips around the firm flesh. Her whimper almost sent me over the edge as one of her legs slipped between mine, and I sucked harder as I felt her thigh press against my center.

I explored her body, my lips brushing against every one of her most sensitive spots as she tangled her fingers in my dark hair, her eyes following my every move. Her green eyes were full of passion and love as I crawled up her body, lightly nipping the skin between her breasts before I covered her lips with my own. I rested my weight on one arm as I kissed her, my free hand running down her body until it was pressed against her pussy.

The amount of wetness between her legs sent lightening through every nerve in my body, setting me on fire as I rubbed my hand lightly over her, dipping my fingers in to circle her throbbing clit.

"Oh fuck!" Gabrielle gasped as hips bucked; pressing herself against my hand harder and I gave in, running my fingers through her wetness before slowly pushing two fingers inside of her. She moaned loudly as I pushed in deeply, reveling in the velvety tightness around my digits. I started a slow rhythm, pressing harder inside of her with every thrust, but ignoring her pleas as she begged me to go faster.

"Gods, please, Xena, more," she whimpered, thrusting her hips in an attempt to impale herself harder on my fingers. "I need you. I need you so much, please."

I gave us what we both wanted, pushing harder inside of her with every thrust, adding another finger as I felt her body start to shake. I rubbed my thumb over her throbbing clit as I sped up the pace, moaning as she whimpered into my ear. My own body was screaming, fire crawling along my skin as I ground myself against her powerful thigh in sync with every push of my fingers. Her fingernails scraped along the skin of my abdomen before reaching my breasts, her fingers pinching my nipples hard and causing the heat between my thighs to grow. I cried out as I buried my face in her neck and her scent almost made me dizzy with desire as I continued to drive my fingers inside of her.

I couldn't begin to describe how good it felt to be inside of her again after wanting her for so long. It felt as if a piece of my soul was being returned to me as I felt her sweaty skin slide against mine. Her hands tangled in my hand as her cries escalated and I covered her lips and I started to thrust inside of her feverishly, feeling her hips rise to meet me. The feeling of her tightening around my fingers as she came pushed me over the edge with her and I screamed into her mouth as I continued to pound inside of her, drawing out her intense orgasm as my hips jerked against her trembling thigh.

I finally collapsed on top of her when the lights started to fade from behind my closed eyelids, slowly removing my fingers from her depths when her body stopped shaking and wrapped my arms around her tightly. I listened to her heart beat pound underneath my ear, feeling my own beat in sync as she ran her fingers through my hair with a contented sigh.

"I love you, Xena," I heard her soft voice before her heart beat slowed and her breathing deepened. I smiled as I rolled us over, pulling her on top of me and pressing my lips against her pale head.

"I love you too, Gabrielle, always," I replied as I felt my eyes drift shut. "And I promise that I will be here when you wake up in the morning, and every day after that."



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