Summary: The Conqueror leaves Greece to visit Cleopatra and meets a slave/gladiator named Gabrielle but all is not what it seems.

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To Tame A Wild Heart


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Ten


Over the next week, I fell into a routine that satisfied me immensely. Every morning I would wake up and have breakfast with Cleopatra before going to the Practice field to spar with Alexandria and Gabrielle. I would have lunch with my men and then take my horse for a ride while Gabrielle left to serve Cleopatra her afternoon meal as she took a break from court. I would return to the palace for dinner before going back to my room where most nights, Gabrielle was waiting for me.

There had been two nights when she hadn't been waiting for me and my heart had ached, knowing that she had joined Cleopatra in bed. Though she wasn't my lover and we were only friends, it killed me to think of the Egyptian's hands on her. Despite my attempts of trying not to think of Gabrielle in that way, I still wanted her. I wanted her so much that it was hard for me to breathe when I was around her. It was the best part of my day when she would lay in bed with me at night and tell me stories until we fell asleep in each other's arms. I always did feel empty though when I woke up and she was gone.

So many emotions whirled around inside of me when she was around. I had never felt like this before with any man or woman. It both terrified and excited me to desire one person so much and to think about them so often. Because I did think about her all the time. And when I was with her, I couldn't take my eyes from her beautiful face. To be completely honest, I cared for her. I cared for her more than I had ever cared for another living soul, even more so than my brother Lyceus. She actually reminded me of him at times.

She hadn't been waiting for me tonight, and I had fallen asleep while hoping that she would come walking through the door to tell me a story. I assumed that she had decided to spend the night with her mistress and my sleep had been fitful at best. So, I was a little bit surprised when I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my door opening. My eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness as I glanced around the room until my eyes fell on the figure standing silently besides my bed.

"Gabrielle?" I whispered as I leaned up on my elbows. She was standing in the shadows and I couldn't see her face, but I would be able to recognize the familiar outline of her body anywhere.

"I hate this," she said softly, her voice filled with sadness. "I really fucking hate this."

"Gabrielle, what's wrong? Are you okay? Did Cleopatra hurt you?" I fired off questions quickly, feeling my anger rise at the thought of anyone upsetting the slave that I had found myself growing so attached to.

"Not intentionally," Gabrielle replied and I assumed she was talking about Cleopatra. "I'm sick of this, Xena."

It was the first time she had ever used my name and I felt my heart pound with the way it sounded coming from her lips. I wondered for a moment how it would sound coming from her as I brought her to climax, over and over again. I quickly pushed that thought away and refocused my attention on the woman standing before me.

"What are you sick of?"

"This," Gabrielle whispered, finally stepping from the shadows and into the moonlight. She was wearing her normal white tunic and her hair was a mess, but she looked stunning as always. My heart dropped into my stomach as I registered her words and I clenched my jaw against the pain.

"You don't want to be my friend anymore?" I asked my voice cracking as I looked up at her. I felt my heart break as she slowly shook her before climbing onto the bed. I watched silently as she made her way towards me, unsure of what to expect but was more than a little surprised when she straddled my lap, her arms wrapping around my neck.

"No, I don't want to be your friend anymore," she said softly as she stared into my eyes, her emerald orbs full of emotion. She leant her forehead against mine as her fingers tangled themselves in the hair at the nape of my neck. "I want more, Xena."

"More?" I whispered breathlessly, feeling faint from having her this close. I rested my hands on her hips, pulling her closer and shivering as she whimpered softly.

"More," she confirmed before she leant in and kissed me.

Her lips brushed against mine and it was perfect. I had forgotten how soft her lips were as she kissed me tenderly, her legs wrapping around my waist as she pulled herself closer to me. I opened my mouth as her tongue begged for entrance and moaned at the taste of her. I could feel myself becoming wet as she ground herself against my stomach, her breathing ragged as our kisses became more passionate with each passing second.

"By the Gods," she whispered as we finally pulled away to catch our breaths. Her chest heaved as she gazed at me, her eyes full of desire.

"You don't know how badly I've wanted this," I said as I dropped my forehead against her chest, pressing my lips against her soft skin as I wrapped my arms around her tighter.

"I want you to fuck me, Xena," she moaned as I caressed her neck with my lips, nipping at her throat. "I want to feel every inch of your skin and your fingers inside of me."

I whimpered pathetically as I pulled back slightly so I could crush my lips against hers. My hands fumbled in my haste to remove her clothes and she held up her arms obediently as I pulled the tunic over her head before throwing it away. I groaned as I discovered that once again, she wore nothing underneath and I wondered if she planned this as she made her way to my room or if Cleopatra just didn't allow her to wear any breeches. Our lips met passionately as I ran my hands up her naked back, moaning at the muscle beneath my fingers. I caressed every inch of her skin that I could find as I pushed her back onto the bed, her legs still wrapped around my waist.

"Get this off," Gabrielle growled as she pulled at my shift. I sat up and pulled the offending piece of clothing off and then quickly removed my breeches before laying my body back on top of hers.

We both moaned as skin touched skin for the first time, our bodies fitting together deliciously as they had once before. It felt different now than it did the first time I touched her like this what felt like a lifetime ago. It was so much better knowing that she wanted me just as much as I wanted her and I desired her even more now than I did the first time we fucked. This time wasn't about me conquering her or making her mine.

It was about me showing her that I was hers.

I licked and kissed my way down her neck as I ground my pussy against hers, feeling how much she truly wanted me from the amount of wetness between her thighs. Her hands were everywhere as I thrust against her; my back, my hips, my thighs, my breasts. Every bit of skin she touched was instantly on fire and I wanted to scream as she rolled my hard nipples between her fingers, sending jolts of electricity straight to my clit.

I found her lips once more as I started to grind harder against her, thrusting my tongue into her mouth with every roll of my hips. My hands found their way to her breast and I cupped the soft flesh in my hands, running my thumbs roughly over her nipples. They hardened underneath my fingertips and I shivered at the thought of knowing that her body was responding to my touch. She wrapped her arms around my back, digging her blunt fingernails into my skin and our pace became frantic.

"Oh fuck, Xena," she whimpered against my lips, almost incoherently. "I need your fingers inside of me, now. Fuck me, Xena. I want to feel you so deep inside of me."

Her words enflamed me as my hand quickly found her center. I stroked my fingers over her clit a few times before running my fingers through her wetness, her hips thrusting against my hand before I pushed two fingers slowly inside of her, stroking her inner walls as they clenched tight around my digits. It felt even better than using the phallus, being able to feel her surrounding me, pulling me in deeper and deeper.

"More, Gods, more," she pleaded and I gave her what she wanted, slipping a third and then fourth finger inside of her, stretching her deliciously. I wanted to go slowly but her begging in my ear was pushing me over the edge. I had told myself if I ever had this opportunity again, that I would take my time with her. I didn't want her to feel like a slave, here only for my pleasure. I wanted to make her feel like she was a Queen. I wanted to drag it out, caress every inch of her skin with my lips, to make her climax before I even reached her most sensitive spot, just from the sheer intensity of my touch. But the feeling of being inside of her was too much; I just had to take her like she was pleading for me to.

I thrust into her furiously, pushing impossibly deeper with every stroke as I kissed her roughly. I gasped as one of her hands found my pussy and I bucked against her as she stroked my clit with every thrust of my fingers. She was straining to keep her eyes open, to look up at me as her body shook with pleasure. I held her gaze as best as I could as I ground myself against her fingers, our bodies completely in sync.

"Xena," she whispered breathlessly as I felt her inner walls start to spasm around my fingers. Her back arched as she came, and I crushed my lips against hers to muffle her screams. Her fingers pressed down hard against my clit and as I felt her tighten around my fingers, I was pushed over the edge with her. I cried out into her open mouth, my body trembling as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me until I was sure I would drown in the depths of my ecstasy. When the aftershocks finally subsided, I collapsed my exhausted body on top of hers, barely aware of her lips pressing against the top of my head.

I laid my head against her chest as I breathed heavily, listening to the sound of her heart beating rapidly in sync with my own. I pushed myself up on my elbow and pulled back slightly to slip my fingers out from her depths, but she gripped my forearm with a strength that always surprised me.

"Stay," she whispered, looking up into my eyes. "Stay with me."

"Always," I breathed before leaning down and kissing her.




Several hours later, I woke up to the pleasant feeling of lips covering my own. I moaned softly and tangled my fingers into my lover's hair, pulling her closer. She smiled against my lips, giving me another quick peck before pulling away and caressing my cheek. I leant into the tender touch that I craved so badly, turning my head to press a soft kiss against her palm.

"I have to go serve Cleopatra now," she said regretfully. "I just didn't want you to wake up and find me gone again. I know you hate that."

I smiled warmly up at her, wondering how she could always read my thoughts. She looked so beautiful even in the soft candlelight that illuminated the dark room. She had obviously been awake for a while, her wet hair slicked back and her skin smelling of vanilla which told me she had taken a bath.

"I don't want you to go," I groaned as I grabbed her hands in an attempt to pull her down but she only laughed as she batted my hands away.

"And you think I do?" She asked with a small smile that quickly turned seductive as she leaned down to whisper breathlessly into my ear. "The God's know I would love to spend all day in bed with you, Xena. I don't want to be bathing and feeding Cleopatra when I could be here, fucking you until you scream my name so loud that they can hear you in Tartarus. But, I am a slave."

She smiled sadly as she pressed a kiss to my jaw before backing away as I made one last attempt to pull her down. "Sleep, Conqueror. I will see you soon."

I sighed softly, watching her as she slipped out of the door to make her way back to her mistress. As I closed my eyes, I thought about exactly what I would have done to the slave if she had stayed and fell back asleep with a smile on my lips.



To Be Continued


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