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To Tame A Wild Heart

Chapter Three

I woke up the next morning and stretched luxiouriously, feeling a warm body sprawled over mine. Alexandria had not given into me quickly last night, not that she ever has. I ran my fingers gently through her silky locks as images of the night before flashed through my mind. She had been quite angry still when I showed up at her room after my 'dinner' with Cleopatra. Even angrier when she smelt the Egyptian's scent on my skin. Fire had flashed in her eyes as I pushed her roughly onto the bed and I loved every second of it. I didn't take her against her will and I never have but she still struggled against me. I think she did it because she knows that I enjoy it. She knows me better than anyone and she knows how much I love a fight. She is the only one who has ever been able to satisfy me. She knows what I want and gives it to me without hestiation, adding an illusion of defiance at the same time. It's why she's the only one who's ever spent the whole night in my bed. Because she's the only one who gives and receives me so passionately that I actually pass out.

I smothered my smile with a neutral expression as I felt her stir ontop of me. I couldn't help but stare as she stretched much like the cats that live here in Egypt. Her toned muscles rippled with every movement and I felt my desire for her burn brightly. She looked up at me with sleepy eyes that widened slightly at the fire in mine. She rolled off me so fast that I only managed to grasp air as she doned a sleeping shirt.

"You wish," she grinned devilishly as she ran her fingers through her dishevled hair. I growled as she smoothed down her sleep shirt, her hardened nipples straining against the fabric. Despite her words, her body proved to me that I was not the only one with a wish.

"Come back here," I half commanded and half pleaded as she crossed the room to a small bowl of water on her desk. I never begged anyone for anything, let alone join me in bed but I knew it was the only way when speaking to Alexandria. She didn't even glance at me as she splashed her face with the cool water before running wet fingers through her hair and slicking it back. She looked back at me finally, her eyes twinkling with amusement as she shook her head.

"Don't you have some meeting with Cleopatra this morning?" She asked innocently as she started pulling items of clothing from her pack at the end of the bed. "You can't possibly miss that by lazing in bed with me all morning."

"Cleopatra can wait," I purred as I crawled towards the end of the bed where she stood trying to decided which shirt she would wear today. "I cannot."

With a feral grin, my hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. I pulled her down onto the bed before quickly straddling her hips and holding her down. She looked up at me with a smirk as I leant down and brushed my lips against her ear, feeling her shudder underneath me.

"Don't make me bring out the ropes, Alex," I growled into her ear before gently biting down on her earlobe. She moaned softly and I grinned. She was mine.


I walked across the white marble floor as I made my way towards the royal bathing room, an out of place grin on my face. Alexandria had been so fiesty this morning. I could still feel my heart beating hard in my chest, my skin flushed at the thought of her writhing underneath me. I didn't even bother trying to hide my good mood as I knocked on the door. It had been way too long since I'd had a decent lay.

I heard Cleopatra call me in and I opened the door to the bathing room, my eyes meeting the Egyptian's after a few moments. She was in a sunken tub and I could smell the faint scent of vanilla that had been rubbed into her skin. I felt my skin prickle as my gaze moved from Cleo to the woman sitting directly behind her, massaging her mistress's shoulders.

My lust and desire burned with a vengeance as I stared at the gladiator that gazed back at me coolly. Her short blonde hair was wet and slicked back, dripping water down her neck and onto muscular shoulders. I envied the water and the Queen of the Nile that sat between the angel's legs. What I wouldn't give right now for those hands to be massaging my shoulders and other parts of my anatomy.

"Conqueror," Cleopatra smirked at me, pulling my gaze away from the slave. "You look like you're in high spirits this morning. Did you sleep well?"

"I hardly slept at all, actually," I replied truthfully with a devillish grin. I walked confidently to the edge of the large pool, sitting down and running my fingers through the warm water. It left nothing to the imagination and I wished Cleopatra would move so I could see the slave's body more clearly.

"Do you have plans this morning?" Cleo asked as she leaned back against the gladiator. Gods, what was her name again? I watched with a raised eyebrow as one of the slave's hands slipped beneath the water and between her mistress's legs.

"I do," I replied with a calmness I didn't feel. I was beyond turned on and sure that this slave was trying to torture me. She had an evil glint in her eyes as she stared at me over her master's shoulder. "I plan on spending the rest of the morning and early afternoon sparring with Alexandria and my guards."

"Well, if you need anything, be sure to find me. Whatever you desire while you're here in Egypt, it is yours." Cleopatra's voice was husky with her own desire as I watched the slave's hand move in circular motions under the water.

"Whatever I desire, huh?" I grinned as I flicked the water from my fingers at the slave before turning my attention back to Cleopatra. "I'll be sure to remember that."


I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and the beast tear at my chest as my hands moved in a blur. I thrusted and parried against the blade that was trying to sink itself into my skin. I felt alive and laughed loudly as the sword swung towards my throat in an attempt to remove my head from my shoulders. I only just managed to block it, smiling ferally at my sparring partner.

"Get that grin off your face," Alexandria growled as she pushed her sword against mine, bringing our faces close together. "You haven't beaten me yet, Conqueror."

My smile became wider as I pushed her away from me before swinging my sword towards her once more. We traded blows for several more moments before I became confused, the beast screaming as Alexandria started getting sloppy. With an angry roar, I kicked Alexandria's legs out from underneath her, holding my sword to her throat with a growl.

"What are you doing?" I whispered fiercly, looking into her midnight blue eyes. "I shouldn't have been able to knock you down so easily."

"Well, I didn't want to completely kick your ass in front of her," Alexandria grinned, winking at me before her eyes flickered over to the group of men watching us.

I turned my head and caught a pair of narrowed green eyes watching my second and I. I felt my heart pound in my chest and swallowed heavily as our eyes met before the slave turned away and the spell was broken. I frowned as I turned back to Alexandria who was watching me curiously. "What would I care if the slave saw you beat me?"

"Well," Alexandria drawled, pushing my sword away from her throat and standing up. "When I was fucking you last night, you did scream 'Gabrielle.'"

I felt a blush heat my skin as I turned away from my second in command, returning my sword to it's sheath at my back. I hadn't even realised that I spoke the slave's name during my session with Alexandria though I wasn't surprised. I hadn't been able to remove the fiery slave from my thoughts since our meeting in the hall last night.

I watched as Alexandria walked towards the royal guard that had been brought with us to Egypt, pairing them off to spar against one another. With a deep breath, I turned back to the slave to find her doing some drilling of her own. She was attacking invisible opponents with a pair of sais and I was surprised at her skill. I guess I shouldn't have been, I mean, this girl was a gladiator. She was probably skilled with several different types of weapons as well as hand to hand combat.

I walked past her confidently, catching her eye as I stopped to sit on a bench a few feet away from her. I pretended to ignore her and became amused as her drills became more and more complex. The slave was showing off for me and I found it quite adorable. I wiped my face with a spare piece of cloth and didn't even look up as a sai embedded itself into the wall besides my head.

"I could have you executed for that, you know," I muttered before taking a drink from my waterskin, finally taking a good look at the slave. She stood before me, her skin shining with sweat from her work out. The white tunic she wore was plastered to her skin, showing off her muscular body and I smiled in appreciation.

"You could try," the gladiator smiled for the first time since I've known her and it was brilliant. Her teeth were perfectly straight and white and the smile was warm as she spoke. "But Cleopatra wouldn't allow it."

"You are loyal to her," I stated in surprise as I listened to the adoration in her words.



"Because she is the only one who has ever treated me with an once of respect and compassion since I was enslaved," Gabrielle said softly as she leant forwards to pull the sai from the wall besides my head. I could smell her scent and I wanted her desperately.

"Oh?" I raised an eyebrow, attempting to control my desire. It was a losing battle. "Commanding you to join her in bed is showing you respect?"

"She has never ordered me to her bed," Gabrielle replied with a small smile. "She only ever offers and I go willingly."

"I expected a bit more of a fight from you. Cleo is tame. You seem like a woman that needs a more passionate lover," I mused as my eyes raked over the blonde's body appreciatively. "A ruler with a bit more fire to satisfy you," I added mischeiviously.

Gabrielle raised an eyebrow with amusement at my words. "I guess it was quite satisfying when I passed your second's room last night, only to hear my name being screamed from your lips, Conqueror."

She left me then, her hips swaying seductively as she walked back inside the palace, leaving me to stare after her with enough lust to bed a thousand women and still want more. By the Gods, I was hooked.

To be continued in Chapter Four.


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