Summary: The Conqueror leaves Greece to visit Cleopatra and meets a slave/gladiator named Gabrielle but all is not what it seems.

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To Tame A Wild Heart


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Four


It had been another long day, with an even longer unsatisfying night with Cleopatra after dinner. I was quickly growing bored of the Egyptian ruler and I had only been in Egypt for a two nights. Maybe Alexandria had been right; maybe Cleopatra hadn't been worth the trip to Egypt. I should have gone to Gaul, I mused to myself with a smile. There was always trouble I could find in Gaul. I opened the door to my room, shaking my head as I started to remove my arm bracers. I almost didn't notice the figure standing beside my bed as I walked towards my private bathing room.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in surprise as I stared at the slave who stood beside my bed quietly. How was this woman always able to sneak up on me without me detecting her presence? She said nothing as she continued to watch me, her face emotionless. Gods, she was beautiful and I found myself wanting to make her smile like she had this morning on the practice grounds. It only served to anger me.

"You should leave this place," She finally spoke. There was no venom or menace in her voice, only caution as she moved towards me. "It's not safe for you here."

"You keep saying that, yet I have found nothing to be feared here." I said, hiding my confusion behind my own mask as I raised an eyebrow at the slave. "And, it's not safe here for you either, gladiator. Do you know what happens to women that are caught in my bedchamber?"

There was a flash of fear in her eyes as I reached out and grabbed her arms, swinging her around and throwing her up against the wall. She didn't fight me as I held her there with my teeth bared. I found myself wanting her to. I wanted to see that fire in her eyes as she looked at me, instead of the blank stare she gave me now.

"You're not much of a gladiator," I purred seductively before releasing her and returning my attention to my bracer. "Hardly worth my time or effort or anyone else's for that matter. I hope I don't receive any gifts from Marc Antony anytime soon."

I watched in slight fascination as her eyes blazed with rage and the next thing I knew, I was on the floor with an aching jaw. I looked up at her in surprise and I could see that she was as stunned as I was. No one hit the Conqueror, especially not a fucking slave. The thought made my libido catch on fire.

I stood up swiftly and before she knew it, she was pressed back up against the wall, with my hands ripping open the front of her white tunic, exposing her breasts. I took in the wonderful view before looking up into her wide eyes, full of surprise and a small bit of lust. Gripping her muscular biceps, I quickly took advantage of her shock and pushed her towards the bed before laying my body between her open thighs and groaning at how perfect it felt. Our bodies fit and it felt delicious as I gripped her wrists, holding them over her head as I ground myself against her. Defiance shone in her eyes once more as she fought against me and I was surprised at her strength. It took everything I had to hold her down and if she wasn't so small, I was sure she would have overpowered me easily.

"You can't do this," she snarled as she pushed against me with all her strength, her muscles straining. "I belong to Cleopatra, not you. You can't."

I slapped her hard across the face and the sound echoed throughout the room. No one told me what I could and couldn't do. She looked up at me with cold eyes and she opened her mouth to speak but I cut her off as I crushed my lips against hers, forcing my tongue into her hot mouth. It felt like heaven as I kissed her roughly, bruising both our lips with the force of it. I pulled away panting and the bitch bit my lip between her teeth as I pulled back, causing a trail of hot blood run down my chin. I watched with interest and desire as her tongue slipped from her mouth to lick the blood from my lips and a growl rose up deep from within my chest.

"I can do whatever I want," I purred as I ground my hips against her stomach. I watched with delight as her eyes widened at the hardness pressed against her. "I am the Conqueror. Cleopatra has offered for me to take whatever I wish in Egypt. That includes you, slave. You're mine."

I repositioned myself and pushed the white tunic she wore up her body until it rested around her hips. I moaned with delight at my discovery as I found that she wore nothing underneath. She started struggling once more and I listened as the wooden bed creaked and groaned as she pushed against me with all her power. I didn't care. All I cared about now was taking this slave, conquering her. I held both her wrists in one hand and used my free hand to roughly cup her cunt, pressing the heel of my hand against her clit. A strangled sound escaped from her lips, something between a moan and a protest that sent shivers down my spine. I ran my long fingers along her slit and was surprised to find the slave drenched with passion, proving to me that her struggle was more out of loyalty to Cleopatra than her desire to get away from me. I undid the laces of my leather pants with fumbling fingers as I looked up into her emerald eyes, staring back at me with so many emotions that I couldn't tell what she was really thinking. I pulled the toy I had strapped to my hips from my trousers and positioned the phallus at her opening, my hand still gripping the slave's wrists before I was suddenly tossed onto my back. In a surprising show of strength and determination, she had thrown my body off of hers and flipped me over, straddling my hips with her hands around my neck.

Her eyes looked down into mine, blazing with fury as her fingers tightened around my throat. I gasped for air as her strong body pinned me to the bed, my hands squeezing her wrists as I tried to pull her away from me. I finally forced her hands from my throat, sitting up as I pulled them behind her back painfully. She looked into my eyes and something changed. The fury disappeared and was replaced something I didn't recognize. It was warm and yet it made my heart freeze in fear. My eyes wide, I watched as she repositioned herself and suddenly impaled herself on my cock.

I realized as her back arched, pushing the phallus deeper inside of her, that I had completely lost control of this situation. I wasn't taking her as I planned, instead she was taking me. As I watched her grind against me, I found that I didn't even care.

I watched as she repeatedly thrust herself against me, taking me deeper and deeper with every roll of her hips. Her chest heaved as she panted, her breasts being pushed into my face with every breath she took. I took her offering and pulled one of her tight nipples into her mouth, letting go of her wrists to grip her hips instead. Her skin tasted so sweet and I found myself trying to pull more and more of her inside of me. I laid back on the soft bed, never removing my mouth from her breasts as she put her hands on either side of my head, her fingers gripping the sheets tightly. I pulled back reluctantly from her breasts to look up at her, so beautiful in the throes of passion.

“Gods,” I whispered as I cupped her cheek in my hand in a surprising show of tenderness I didn't know I possessed.

Her eyes were squeezed shut as she rode my cock and her pale lips were parted as she released soft moans of pleasure. A fine sheen of sweat covered her forehead making her blonde bangs stick to her face. I felt an overwhelming urge to retake my control over our fucking. I hadn't had another take me like this in my whole entire life and while the thought thrilled and excited me, I couldn't allow it. The beast would not allow it. I ran my fingers through her short hair before gripping it roughly and pulling her lips down against mine. She resisted me for a moment before giving in, opening her mouth to let my tongue slip inside. I rolled us over on the bed until I was back on top and continued to fuck her, slowing my hips to a steady, lazy rhythm to frustrate her. She looked up at me with angry eyes and I grinned, taking her hands and holding them over her head, entwining our fingers so tightly that it was almost painful.

She wrapped her strong legs around my hips in an attempt to increase my pace, pulling me deeper inside of her with every thrust. I resisted for barely a second before I let myself be buried inside of her, giving in to what we both wanted. The feeling of being inside of her like this, taking her like this was too pleasurable. I had wanted it from the first moment I laid eyes on her and had thought of hardly anything else since. My thrusts became furious as I pounded inside of her, our sweaty skin slapping together as she rose to meet me with every stroke. I watched as her back arched and her grip on my hands tightened as she was overcome with her first orgasm. I continued to fuck her as her inner walls tightened around the leather phallus, increasing both of our pleasure.

"Look at me," I growled as her body trembled with ecstasy. Her eyes fluttered open and she held me in her intense gaze as a second orgasm overwhelmed her. "Only I can give you this. You're mine, slave. Mine."

Her lips parted and she screamed as she climaxed and I came with her. I forced myself to keep my eyes open and hold her gaze as my body shook with the force of my climax. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. My every nerve was on fire as she pulled my head down and kissed me passionately before whispering against my lips.

"And you're mine, Conqueror."

It was the last thing I remembered as I blacked out.



To Be Continued


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