By Stein Willard © 2010


This is a sequel to my previous story, HOME and the characters in the story are a product of my own imagination and hopefully have no resemblance to any living persons.

Sex: This piece is rated 18 and contains explicit sex scenes . Please, if you're not old enough and thus not allowed to read stories which contain this type of content, move on to something more appropriate.

Acknowledgements: This story is dedicated to Dan. You know why. Enjoy! To Lee, my beta, thank you for everything.

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A Tina Turner song was blaring over the speakers, droning out the sounds of metal clanking together as the mechanics go about their daily tasks. A black Explorer was parked in the centre of the garage, underneath it; two large boots were sticking out. A man walked over and kicked a boot.

“Hey, you're needed,” he bellowed, grabbing a boot and giving it a yank. He laughed at the stormy look in the green eyes of the mechanic. “C'mon, Park, you know how impatient she gets.”

Parker wiped her hands on the rag hang from her pocket and surged to her feet, her 6ft2 frame towering over her Puerto Rican colleague. She laughed when Jorge took a quick step back. She quickly walked over to the side where the offices where located and knocked on the widow to get the attention of the receptionist. The small blonde called for her to enter and she pushed the door open. She immediately walked over to the playpen in the corner of the large airy office. Two big blue eyes looked up at her and her eyes melted at the sight of the big toothless grin of her four month old daughter.

“Hey, princess, did you have a nice nap?” She leaned over and placed a soft kiss on the smooth cheek. She quickly checked her watch. “Your mommy should be here any minute now with both our lunches.” She turned to the smiling receptionist. “Thank you for watching her for me, Lenny. I really appreciate you doing this.”

“No problem, Park. She's a sweetie.”

Parker's face broke into a dazzling smile as she looked back at her daughter. “She is, isn't she?” Coming over to settle on her knees next to the playpen, Parker began to coo to her young daughter. “Hey, my little mermaid, how was your nap?” Parker felt her heart melt at the toothless grin she got from the baby. She had helped create this little miracle. Come to think of it. She also helped to deliver the little angel. She still remembered the pain when Leland's nails had cut into her arms as she'd held her gently. With blonde hair plastered to her head and her face pulled in a mask of unimaginable pain, Leland had never looked more beautiful. She still remembers the shrill insults and threats she got when she'd remarked on it. But all was forgotten as soon as their little angel made her entry into the world.

The door opened suddenly and a tall blonde in a black fitted business suit stepped in. Her blue eyes immediately went to the baby in the playpen and a sweet smile formed on her lips.

“Hey, sweetie, lunch is here.” She turned to the tall mechanic and the smile widened. “Hi, sexy, your lunch is here too. Now go wash-up while I talk to Lenny here.” She held up a takeout package. “Hey, Lenny. How're you today?”

Lenny grinned back at the elegant beauty and held up her thumb. “Excellent. Thank you for helping us out with the lease agreement, Leland. Gloria and I really appreciate what you've done for us.”

“I'm glad I could help you. That crazy landlord was out to cheat you guys. It was good that you contacted me.”

The blonde turned back to the baby and lifted her out of the playpen, all the while cooing to the babbling baby. She nuzzled the happy baby in the neck to the delight of the squealing infant. She looked up when Parker entered the office.


“Yes. Lenny, see you around.”


The baby's mouth was intimately wrapped around its mother's nipple as she nursed. Parker smiled at the sight. For five years she had fed her lips on the same nipple, sucking at the love that was so freely given. Her eyes caught and held the beautiful blue ones.

“What are you thinking about?”

Parker grinned, but looked away quickly. “You.”



“What about me, grease monkey?” Leland asked softly as she studied her girlfriend. Parker was not looking at her and she desperately wanted to see her eyes. “Look at me, Parker.”

Parker turned her head and made eye contact again.

“I miss you, baby.”

Leland stared at her for a few seconds, her blue eyes warm. It was obvious what Parker wanted.

“But every time I've tried to initiate, you drew back. Why now, honey?” Parker blushed and averted her eyes. “It's been four months.”

“I know, Lee. I just thought that maybe we should wait a while until you are well again and have settled into a routine.” Parker leaned forward and kissed Leland. “I wanted you to have enough time to bond with Sofia without worrying about me too.”

The blue eyes were wide when they looked at her. “You are not a bother. You are never a bother.”

The green eyes melted. “I know. I'm sorry that came out wrong.”

Leland's blue eyes probed hers for a long while before she looked down at the feeding baby.

“I don't have much planned for the rest of the day. If you want I can go straight home from here and get things ready for when you get home.”

She slowly looked up to see Park's reaction and was not disappointed at the look of desire in the green eyes. She chuckled and a bright red stain slowly worked its way up from Parker's neck to her cheeks.

“It sounds great, but I have to work late tonight. The client wants the car by tomorrow morning. If I manage to get it done tonight then I can come in a bit later tomorrow. You can sleep in a little longer while I watch Sofia.”

Leland was disappointed, but the prospect of sleeping in a while longer tomorrow was quite irresistible too. She watched as Parker rummaged through the take out bag and took out a gourmet sandwich from her favorite deli.

“Oooh, I'm being spoilt. Nice.” She carefully unwrapped the sandwich and bit into it. Her tongue snaked out and swiped up some of the escaped mayonnaise. “This is really nice. Thank you, babe.”

When no comment was forthcoming from Leland, she looked up and found the blue eyes riveted on her mouth. A slow smile formed on her lips.

“If you are still awake by the time I get home, I could be tempted to …”

“When do you think you'll be home?” Leland's eyes were dark.

“Around 9 … maybe 10.”

“I'll be waiting up for you. If not, please wake me, okay.”

The green eyes narrowed as a soft smile formed on Parker's lips. “If you really want me too, I will.”

Leland leaned forward and pressed her lips against her girlfriend's. The kiss lasted a few seconds longer than anticipated and when they pulled away, Parker's eyes glittered with ill-suppressed hunger. Leland smiled faintly and run the tip of a manicured finger across Parker's glistening lips.

“I want you to wake me.” She looked at the forgotten sandwich in her girlfriend's hand. “Finish your lunch, love. I don't want Rodney to try and throw me out for distracting his most valued employee.”


Thirty minutes later Parker found herself lying under the Ford Explorer she'd been working on all morning. Soon after Leland and Sofia had left, she'd immediately returned to work, eager to finish off as soon as she could since she had plans for the night.

“Park, do you have a minute?” a deep male voice said suddenly. Recognizing the voice of her boss, Rodney Josephs, she quickly pushed out from under the car and sat up. Looking up at Rodney, she was shocked to see that he wasn't alone; standing behind him was a tall, striking woman. She slowly came to her feet.

“What can I do for you, Rod?”

Rodney face was slightly flushed as she looked at her. “Yes. I just wanted to introduce you to Ms. Rogers; she's the owner of the Explorer.”

Parker eyes swung to the woman and she nodded politely. “It's a pleasure meeting you, Ms. Rogers. If you have a minute I could quickly run through what I have been doing to your vehicle.”

The woman's eyes were hidden behind large designer shades as they looked at her, but Parker couldn't shake the feeling that the she was being checked out. The woman was dressed in black leather pants and a tight white cotton t-shirt. She was tall and leanly muscled with long raven locks flowing down her back.

“I actually just came to see how far you were with the repairs since I need it later tonight instead of tomorrow morning as I initially thought,” she said in a soft melodious voice.

Parker quickly looked at Rodney, but the garage owner averted his eyes slightly before turning back to the client. “Of course we will have your vehicle ready by then. Parker is one of our most skilled mechanics. If it has wheels and an engine, she will fix it.” He turned to Parker. “Isn't it so, Parker?”

With a forced smile, Parker nodded. “At what time exactly would you like to have the vehicle ready, Ms. Rodgers?”

The woman reached up and took off her glasses. She fixed a steady hazel gaze on her which made Parker swallow slightly. Without the glasses Parker immediately recognized the woman. Mercy Rodgers was the drummer of Detox , an all-girl rock band. There was a poster of her in the staff lunchroom at the back. The woman's eyes narrowed as she saw recognition dawn on Parker's face.

“If possible, could you deliver it to my home no later than 10?” The hazel eyes bored into hers and Parker felt almost hypnotized by the woman's intense gaze. “I will leave my address with Rodney.” She turned and walked in the direction of the office with Rod rushing after her. For a few moments her eyes followed the sashaying hips of her client, but she quickly blinked and looked away. Slightly disturbed, she quickly got back to work. She had to get this job done as fast as she could and get back to her family.

She was looking under hood of the vehicle when she felt someone watching her. Turning she met the gaze of the drummer and nodded politely before she turned away and concentrated on what she was doing.

“Just to confirm, can I expect you at my house by 10?” a soft voice said behind her and Parker quickly looked up, the action making her hit her head against the hood. A soft hand landed on her shoulder and she stiffened at the unfamiliar touch.

“Sorry about that, Parker. I really didn't mean to startle you.” The hazel eyes were burning into her as she slowly reached out to touch the aching spot on her head. Parker quickly stepped away from the woman and watched as her eyes darkened.

“I'm fine. Thank you.” She quickly reached for a piece of cloth to clean her hands. “To answer your question, Ms. Rogers, I promise to have you vehicle delivered to your house as agreed.”

The hazel eyes were cool as they studied her. “Good. See you then.”

The tall woman walked to the exit and for the second time in less than an hour she found herself checking out the rocker's shapely behind. Oh, dear heavens, she needed to get home and get laid. She hasn't been intimate with Leland in almost six months now. With renewed vigor she tried to work towards finishing the car.


After returning home from picking up Sofia, the baby had dozed off for her mid-day nap, leaving Leland to finish up some documents she'd brought home with her. She had been working for two hours or so before Sofia stirred where she was lying in her portable crib. The baby's blue eyes fluttered open and rested on her mother where she sat at her desk looking over at her. Leland's heart swelled with love as she watched her daughter. She had Parker's black hair and she suspected that as their little angel grew, there would be more similarities. The bright blue eyes drooped again and before long the baby had dozed off again.

She remembered that night almost fourteen months ago and felt a soft pull between her legs. It was Parker's birthday and the day little Sofia was conceived. She was so lucky to have conceived on that memorable night, because she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Their fiery night had ended with her sabotaging Parker's favorite strap on. She had known that by keeping her lover in a constant state of arousal, she would seek out her most trusted toy.

And she wasn't disappointed.

Once home from the bar, Parker had taken her like she had never been taken before. The rest of the night was spent in hot, unbridled passion. She felt her nipples hardening and glanced at her watch. It was still a long way to 10 o'clock.

The phone rang and she quickly reached for it after the first ring so it didn't wake Sofia.


“Lee.” It was Parker.

“Hi, honey. Is everything okay?'

“I think so. The client stopped by earlier today. She wants her car by tonight and not in the morning as was the original agreement.”

Leland felt her heart sink at the news. This could only mean one thing. Parker might not be home before ten tonight. She had been looking forward to an intimate night with her sexy butch. She sighed deeply.

“What does this mean, Park?” she asked quietly.

There was a short silence on the other side of the line.

“I will have to deliver the car before 10 to the client's house, but we just discovered a new fault which might take me longer than anticipated. As it seems, I might have to ask the client for an extension.”

“Oh, baby, does this mean that you might not even come home tonight?”

Another silence.

“Probably, but … but I will try my best.”

“Please try, my love. I want to fall asleep in your arms tonight.”

A soft chuckle sounded. “I promise to do just that. I, too, can't wait to make love to you again. It's been too long, babe.”

“Good. Now get back to work and I promise you that I will have a surprise waiting for you when you get back.” She had lowered her voice to a husky whisper dripping with sex.

She smiled when she heard Parker clear her throat. That was a very positive sign indeed and one she knew would bring her home faster.

“I … I will be home tonight, baby. You can count on it.”

“Good. Now go work on the car and rush home. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

She rang hung up and smiled mischievously. She picked up the phone again and punched in a number.


Parker jumped when the door to the lunchroom slammed open and Jorge rushed in, his eyes wide and his eye glittering with excitement. She slowly came to her feet, her half-empty coffee cup still in her hand.

“What the hell …!” she exclaimed with a frown as she looked at her colleague.

“You will NOT believe who's waiting outside for you, Park.”

Draining her coffee, she shook her head as she looked at man who could barely contain his excitement.


“Come see for yourself. Oh, man, you are such a lucky devil.”

Leaving the lunchroom with a grinning Jorge in tow, she came to an abrupt halt as her eyes fell on the group of women waiting in the reception area. There were three of them and all of them in various stages of intoxication. She recognized the other women as members of Detox too. Familiar hazel eyes met her and a huge smile formed on the woman's face as she walked towards her.

“Hi, again.”

“Ms. Rogers.” She acknowledged the woman calmly, slightly curious at the woman's presence.

The two other women stepped closer and Parker's eyes narrowed when they circled her slowly. A low whistle sounded and as one of the girls came to stand before her.

“My, my, my! You were right when you said she was absolutely divine. Tall, dark and drop dead sexy doesn't even begin to describe her.” She reached out a hand and placed it on Parker's bulging bicep. “A strong one too.”

Parker took a careful step away from the shorter blonde, her eyes resting on the drummer.

“How may I help you, Ms. Rogers?”

The two women giggled.

“Ms. Rogers. Good heavens, she's polite too, Merc.”

Mercy Rogers stepped closer to Parker, her eyes burning with an intense light as she studied her, making Parker feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Don't mind them. We're just here to check up on the car. How far are you?”

Parker glanced at the watch against the wall. It was only 9 o'clock. Looking back at the drummer she saw her jutting out her chin, a challenging look in her eyes. Parker pointed in the direction of the workshop. “I can show you if you like.”

“After you,” came the soft reply and Parker hesitated.

She didn't want to walk in front of these women, not after their blatant appraisal of her earlier. But to refuse to do so was not recommended. Rod doted on his celebrity clients and would have her head if she alienated any of his A-listers. With a weak smile she turned on her heel and walked towards the double doors leading to the workshop. She felt three sets of eyes on her as she walked. She heard soft snickering and had to steel herself not to look around and glare at the women.

She pushed the doors open and walked over to where the rocker's car was parked. She waited until they were all standing around the car and lifted the partially opened hood and started to talk the musician through the work she'd done on the car.

“Soon after you left this afternoon we took the vehicle on a test drive after running it through diagnostics. We found and repaired everything you checked off. It was only when we returned the vehicle to the workshop that we noticed a water leak. We hooked it onto diagnostics again to see if we have missed anything and found that there was corrosion around the core plugs and the seal was compromised. I fixed that too.” When she looked back at the woman, she was once again caught in her burning gaze. “Any questions?”

The drummer opened her mouth to say something, but she was interrupted by one of her friends.

“Do you have plans for tonight?”

Taken aback by her question, she stared at the woman. When the woman lifted a questioning brow, she shook herself out of her stupor. “Yes … yes, as a matter of fact I do.”

“Cancel them.”

Parker swung disbelieving eyes to Mercy Rogers. “Why?”

Mercy stepped closer to her and placed a hand on her chest. “Because you've just been invited to a party at my place. C'mon, it's going to be lots of fun.” She leaned closer as if to kiss her and Parker took a quick step back.

“Do you still have any questions regarding your vehicle, Ms. Rogers? If not, we could just step over to the office and have you sign off on the repairs. I believe Rod is still in his office.”

She turned to leave, but felt a hand on her arm. Turning, she threw a questioning look at the drummer.

“Will you at least drop us off at my place? As you can see for yourself, none of us are in a state to drive.”

She wanted to refuse, but thinking of the danger they would be to other motorists if she did, made her nod. “I will do that. If you would please follow me to the office.”


Just as she came to a stop in front of the garage, she saw a black SUV drive off. With the tinted windows it was difficult to see who the driver was. She quickly jumped out of her car and walked into the well-lit garage. Rod looked up and grinned, his eyes glittering with undisguised pleasure at the sight of the gorgeous woman.

Man, what did Parker do to have managed to get this woman , he asked himself as he watched the black-clad woman coming towards him.

“I must've done real good today to be graced with the presence of an angel.”

Leland snorted at him. “I'm sure Melinda would love to hear you say that about her once in a while, you big oaf.”

Rod threw his hands up in the air, a grin on his face. “If she looked half as nice as you, I wouldn't be stuck at the office this late.”

Leland's blue eyes twinkled at that. She knew Rod was crazy about his wife. Melinda Benson was the nicest, kindest woman she had ever met and as a city council member had the most respect of all the other office bearers.

“I'm having lunch with her on Monday, by the way, and I'm sure she would like to hear the trash you talk about her.”

Rod feigned a look of fear and shook his big body as if he was shivering. Leland slapped him on his arm and looked over his shoulder.

“Where's my grease monkey?” she asked with a smile and when Rod didn't answer immediately, she turned back to him. She was instantly curious about the look of guilt on the garage owner's face. “What did you do, Rodney? Where is Parker?”

Rod scratched his beard as he looked down at the tips of his boots. “She had to take a client home.”

“Which client and why?”

Rodney looked up at Leland and this time she saw a faint flash of fear in his eyes. “The woman liked Parker a lot. She even asked specifically that Parker should do her car.”


Rod held up his hand as he tried to calm the outburst he knew was about to come. He had once refused to release Parker even after the mechanic had put in more than adequate overtime to make sure she could be home for their anniversary dinner. Looking back he still wondered how he could've been so stupid. Even though they were inundated with deadlines, he had a deal with Parker and he hadn't kept his end of the deal. That night he had witnessed the wrath of Leland Morris firsthand. The blonde had stalked into the shop and literally kicked his door in to get to him. She had clearly spelled out the legal implications his dastardly action would bring about if and when he refuse to release Parker. She even negotiated for Parker to take the next day off. As he looked on now, he saw the blue eyes turn cold until they glittered like ice chips in the beautiful face.

“I'm a business man, Lee, and you know how customers are, especially the A-listers.” Leland stepped closer to him. “This rock star chick just took one look at Parker and she offered to pay in cash if Park could drive the car up to her house.” Leland's eyes narrowed. “She … she later rocked up here with her band members, all of them drunk and asked me to assign Parker to drive them home.”

Leland was standing so close to Rod now that she could see a faint film of sweat on his upper lip.

“You pimped my girlfriend for a few lousy dollars, you asshole.” She stuck out her finger and jabbed it into his chest. “I want that address now and I promise you that Parker and I will have a talk this weekend. That talk will determine whether or not she will be coming back to work for you after the weekend.” Leland had a disgusted look on her face as she looked him up and down. “Now, the address.”

Rod's eyes were wide. Oh no! Losing Parker would be really bad for business. She had a good rapport with clients and was very dedicated and efficient. In short, she was the draw card for Hot Rod's. Stammering over the words, he quickly gave her the address. Leland gave him one last dirty look before she stepped around him. She slammed through the lunchroom almost giving Jorge a heart attack. She gave him a blistering look, making the man blink rapidly.

“Hi, Lee.”

“Jorge.” She pointed to the lockers. “Did Parker take her stuff with her?”

Jorge shook his head, a slow smile forming on his handsome face. For a moment it completely slipped his mind to whom he was talking. “Not with those hot chicks staring at her ass all the time. She was so eager to take them home she didn't even lock her locker.” Feeling a decidedly colder atmosphere inside the room, Jorge met Leland's cold gaze. “I … I mean … Leland … Parker's not … not like that. She …”

“Stuff it, Jorge.”

She walked over to the wall lined with lockers and spotting the one with Parker's name she pulled it open. Her eyes widened at the sight before her. Parker's whole Locker was shrine to her and Sofia. Every inch of the small interior was covered with either a picture or a drawing of her and Sofia. She felt her anger vanish at the obvious devotion of her lover. She quickly reached inside and took out the soiled jumpsuits, socks and t-shirts. She will put these in the machine for her tomorrow. She reached inside the locker again and gently traced the picture of her and Sofia. Parker had snapped the picture a few weeks ago while they were feeding pigeons in the park. She slammed the locker shut and turned to Jorge. The shorter man was trying hard to avoid her gaze as he stared into his cup of coffee. “These girls do you know who they are?”

Jorge nodded and pointed at the poster on the wall. Leland felt her heart sank at the sight of the three gorgeous young girls staring back at her. They all dripped raw animal sex. She had to find Parker … and quick. She turned and stalked out of the lunchroom almost running Rod over.

“Lee, please … can't we talk about this?”

“Not now, Rodney,” she snapped at him.


Parker had never felt so uncomfortable in her life. Standing before her were a bevy beauties all topless. The only other clothing they had on were small thongs and high heels. Standing next to her was the enigmatic Mercy Rodgers, her eyes glassy from alcohol and some other illicit substance.

“You can have your pick,” the drummer said in a husky voice and Parker turned to look at the woman directly.

“Ms. Rodgers, I brought you here safely and now it's time for me to return to my girlfriend and my daughter,” Parker said, choosing to ignore the woman's remark.

Mercy's head snapped in her direction. “You have a daughter?”

“Yes, I am engaged to be married and we have a three months old baby girl.” Parker told her the lie without blinking. She had noticed earlier that the closer they'd come to Mercy's home, the more bold the drummer had become. She had placed her hand on Parker's thigh a few times during the drive and had even, while they had stopped at a red, touched herself lightly while staring at Parker's chest.

“Oh, that's interesting. You are way too young to be getting married, Parker. Look around you there is still so many women to do and so little time left to do it.” Mercy pulled a girl closer and looking into Parker's eyes pushed her hand into the girl's thong. Parker's eyes widened at the sight. The girl's mouth fell open in a soft gasp, as Parker watched Mercy's hand delve deeper and deeper still. “Why would you deny yourself this?”

Parker quickly looked away and found a few of the girls eyeing her. Oh, dear heavens! Maybe she should just call Leland and ask her to come and get her. But her phone was in her locker back at the garage . She heard the girl in Mercy's grasp begin to whimper and she looked around seeking a way out of the room. She saw an open door on her right and without looking back at Mercy or the others who were watching the show with rapt fascination, she stepped outside. The sight which greeted her made her sigh deeply.

There was large heated pool and she could see at least two couples making out heavily in the steaming waters. She looked at her watch. It was time to leave now. She had stayed longer that necessary and Mercy Rodgers had no reason to fulfill her threat and complain to Rod that she had dropped one of his so-called A-listers. She slowly, inconspicuously made her way around the swimming pool, towards the parking bay and eventually the gates. It was going to be difficult to get a cab around here. The estate was situated quite a distance from the usual cab routes. She'll just have to walk until she either find a cab or a public phone to call for one. Did she even have money to cover the cab fare? She quickly searched her pockets and frowned. She could swear that she had her wallet with her. She rarely, if ever, left the shop or home without her wallet.

“Looking for this,” a sultry voice said behind her and she slowly turned to the speaker. It was Garland Ash, the lead singer of Detox . On the drive here, the skinny brunette had sat in the seat behind her and through the drive, Parker was aware of the woman's intense gaze on her. As soon as they'd gotten here, Mercy and Jenny Prichard, the guitarist and last member of the band, had made a beeline for the table loaded with alcohol and platters with familiar looking white lines. The two band members had each helped themselves to the drugs before they'd begin to slam back shots. Garland, on the other hand, had calmly reached for a beer. She had stepped back and hasn't taken her eyes off Parker for the rest of the evening. She saw what Garland was holding up and groaned. Of all the people who could've stolen her wallet, it had to be the creepy one.

“Yes. I must've dropped it.” She walked over and held out her hand to the brunette. She had to stop herself from rolling her eyes in exasperation when the woman held the wallet out of reach, a smirk on her face.

“What do I get in exchange for finding your precious wallet?”

Finding it, my ass , Parker thought. It was obvious that she must've slipped it out of her pocket while she was helping them out of the car earlier.

“I don't have much, but I can offer you whatever I have in my wallet as a sign of my gratitude,” Parker said smoothly and saw the singer's jaw tighten. Oops, it really wasn't her intention to upset Cruella. Not showing her unease, she smiled innocently at Garland. She saw the woman's wild eyes darken slightly before she pushed the wallet in the pocket of her jeans. Noooooo , Parker screamed silently. Now she might have to touch the woman.

“I have something better in mind, sexy. How ‘bout you come over here and give me a kiss and then I might just decide to hand over your wallet.” Garland had a faint smile on her lips. She must've seen Parker's hesitation because her smile widened, “I must say that you have a really beautiful family. You and your partner make a stunning couple. The baby is unbelievably cute too. She is destined to be a heartbreaker just like her sexy mama, I reckon.”

At the mention of her family, Parker's whole body stiffened. She hated the idea of this crazy woman having gone through her wallet and looking at her pictures. She felt her blood begin to boil the longer she thought about it. She kept her face impassive as she stepped closer to the shorter woman.

“I'm sorry, but I either pay you a finders' fee or nothing at all.”


“Listen here, mister. Either you let me pass or I make one phone call and you'll have this place swarming with police.” Leland pushed her nose into the sweating man's face. “You are aware of what kind of party is taking place in there and you know what kinds of substances do the rounds at such parties. So …” she squinted so she could read his nametag. “…Martin, why don't you save your boss the PR drama and public embarrassment and open the gate so I could get my partner and go home.”

Leland watched with a deadly unblinking stare as guard swallowed convulsively. His eyes were shifting from her face to the big well-lit house where loud music could be heard. Making up his mind, he turned and walked over to his little cubicle.

“You promise to leave as soon as you've found your friend?”

“You have my word, Martin. My intention is not to cause trouble for you or your boss.”

Martin nodded and pressing a button the gate slid open. Driving up to the house, Leland heard the loud splashing and laughter carry on the wind. She placed both her hands on the steering wheel and closed her eyes. Please, don't let her stumble upon something she wasn't ready to face right now. She took a deep breath and got out of her car. Listening carefully from where which direction the sounds came, she followed the narrow garden path, through the well-kept garden to what she hope was the swimming pool. Breaking through the thick vegetation, she came to an abrupt stop.

“Sweet heavens …” she gasped at the sight greeting her stunned eyes. Her eyes fell on a couple closest to where she stood. They were totally oblivious to their surroundings as they had sex right there for all to see. Shifting her gaze, she blinked when she saw two men in the swimming pool. The steam from the heated water didn't hide the fact that they too were busy engaging in a very energetic sex act. She blinked again and slowly allowed her gaze to sweep around the swimming pool. The air left her lungs in a whoosh when she recognized a tall, muscular figure, holding on to a petite brunette. No, this couldn't be, she told herself. Her eyes were fixed on the two women whose heads where close to each other's as they each seemingly struggled to dominate the kiss. She watched as the petite brunette pulled away and turned and was caught around the waist by … the face turned into light and she felt her heart shatter in a million tiny pieces—Parker. She stood there, paralyzed as she saw Parker's hand travel down the woman's body. Not able to watch anymore she turned away to leave.

Could she have been so wrong about Parker , she asked herself as she felt tears stream down her face. It was impossible to believe that Parker could be such a good pretender. She thought back to Parker's birthday a year and a half ago. After what she had witnessed when Parker had rejected the advances from the stripper, she had never ever doubted her lover's fidelity. Was she too naïve to have trusted Parker simply because of the one night she turned down a lap dance. With Sofia in the picture, her workload had been cut tremendously after she got herself an assistant. Now she was the one waiting at home more often than not while Parker was putting in a lot of overtime. She couldn't help but wonder if she was indeed at the workshop all those times she'd said she was working late.

Sofia . She saw her daughter innocent blue eyes before her and was suddenly filled with an icy rage. Sofia loved Parker. Every time Parker came through the door, Sofia's beautiful blue eyes sparkled at the sight of her other mommy. How could Parker do this to them? How could she break up their family like this? She found herself turning on her heel and stomping over to where Parker and the brunette stood. Parker still had her arms arm around the woman as she reached them. The brunette saw her first and her mouth formed in a perfect ‘O' at the thunderous look on her face. The girl struggled to wriggle out of Parker's arms but the butch held on, making Leland's anger raise to an even more dangerous level. She tapped an unsuspecting Parker on the shoulder and when the dark head turned her way, she saw a look of raw fear cross the handsome features.

“Leland … baby …” she dropped her arms from the brunette as if she'd been burnt. The brunette quickly stepped away from Parker, her eyes wide as it rested on the fuming blonde Amazon.

“How could you?” Leland was surprised by the coldness which suddenly settled over her.

“I … I can explain, baby.” Parker's voice sounded desperate as her eyes pleaded with Leland.

“No need. I saw it with my own eyes.” With that Leland turned, but she felt a heavy hand landing on her shoulder. Without thinking what she was doing, she turned and planting her hand firmly on Parker wide chest, she pushed with all her power. Leland watched with grim satisfaction as stumbled backward and landed in the pool with a huge splash. With her eyes welling up with tears she slowly walked back the way she came. She was almost at her car when a shadow stepped into her path. Looking up she saw a blonde staring up into her wet face.

“She was telling the truth, you know,” the blonde said softly, using her empty champagne glass she pointed in the direction from where Leland was fleeing.

“How would you know?” Leland snapped and tried to step around the woman.

“Because I was thinking of trying my luck with her too, but changed my mind when I found out she had a family at home.” The blonde's tone was dry. “I saw everything from the beginning. Your partner didn't do anything wrong.”

Leland closed her eyes, desperate to believe what the woman was saying. But the image of Parker having her hands around the woman's waist was burnt into her mind forever.

“I saw them.”

The blonde sighed deeply. “What you saw was a very self-centered woman trying to bait your partner into kissing her in exchange for her wallet.”

“What wallet?”

“Garland, that's the brunette, somehow managed to get her hands on your partner's wallet. Just as your handsome butch was about to leave, Garland lured her back using the wallet as bait in exchange for a kiss. Your partner told her she had a family and was not interested.” The blonde's voice faltered at the look of raw pain on the tall blonde's face.

“Are … are you sure she said that?”

“I'm sure. I believe Garland even made a remark about the pictures in the wallet. Your partner showed no interest in her and was only trying to retrieve her wallet from Garland's pocket.”

Leland stared at the woman for a long moment. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I once had a partner like yours, but my distrust …” The woman cleared her throat slowly and looked away, but not before Leland had seen the sheen of unshed tears in them. “Your partner is innocent. Now if you'll excuse me, I need a refill.”

The woman disappeared into the shadows as stealthily as how she'd appeared.


Parker slowly dragged her body out of the pool. She was completely numbed by the pain in her heart. All she knew was that she had to go home. She craved the presence of her daughter. Maybe she would be lucky and Leland would be calmer so they could talk. She pushed her fingers through her wet hair. A large beach towel was held out to her and taking it she raised her eyes to meet Garland's. Her eyes hardened and she vigorously began to dry her hair.

“May I have my wallet back now, please?” she asked calmly.

“Yes. Here you go.” Garland held out the wallet and Parker snatched it from her. “I didn't mean for this to happen, Parker. I was just fooling around.”

Parker didn't answer; instead she walked over to a small bench and began to take off her shoes one by one, draining the water. She ripped off her drenched socks and threw them on the bench. Looking up she found that most of the people were trying their best not to stare at her. Her eyes fell on Mercy and she shook her head.

“I don't care what you tell Rodney, but I want you and your friends to know that I regret ever laying eyes on you. You cost me more than I could ever afford to lose.”

She picked up her socks and wrung them until the last drop of water had been drained from them. She reached down to put them back on when a shadow fell over her and a hand reached for the sock.

“Let me.”

Parker's head snapped up at the sound of Leland's voice. “Leland?”

“I don't know what to say, Parker.” Leland averted her eyes. “I … I …”

Parker took her hand in hers and held on tight. “Nothing happened, Lee. I swear nothing happened,” she said urgently. “I wouldn't do this to you and Sofia. You two mean the world to me.”

Leland brought Parker's hand to her lips and kissed it gently, her eyes were welling with tears.

“I know, Park.” She cradled Parker's hand against her heart. “Please come home with me so we can talk.”

Parker nodded, too emotional to speak. Leland believed her! She really believed her. Together they collected her items.

“Don't forget the wallet,” a dry voice said suddenly and Parker found a beautiful blonde standing a few feet away. The woman's eyes were intense as they looked at her and Parker quickly looked at Leland. Leland walked over to bench to pick up the wallet. Parker watched as Leland looked at the wallet. The blonde head lifted and Parker's green eyes widened at the anger she saw in the blue eyes as they searched the crowd. She knew instinctively whom those blue eyes were seeking out. She waited with bated breath as Leland walked over to where Garland stood.

Leland towered over the shorter woman as she raked her with a contemptuous look.

“If you come close to my family again, I will make sure that you regret the day you ever crossed swords with me.” Leland's eyes turned even colder as she pushed passed the woman. Parker followed behind, her wet jeans make swishing sounds as she walked.


Once they were in the car, Leland leaned over and gave Parker a gentle kiss. When she moved back, she noticed that Parker's eyes were still closed, savoring the kiss. She waited until those marvelous green eyes fluttered open.

“Thank you,” Parker whispered. Leland shook her head, not understanding why Parker would thank her after the way she'd acted towards earlier.

“What are you thanking me for, my love? If my memory serves me right I'm the one who should apologize to you.”

“Thank you for coming to get me. I was really panicking when I found I didn't have my wallet, because I left my phone back in my locker since I was not going to stay long.”

Leland leaned closer and scrambled Parker's brain even further with yet another mind-blowing kiss. “I think I've verbally castrated Rodney. I can't believe he pimped you to those … to those women.”

Knowing how Rodney must've felt, being on the receiving end of Leland sharp tongue, she couldn't help but smile vindictively. Serves him right. She reached for Leland's hand. “I really want to go home now.”

Leland nodded.

The porch light was on when they drove into the driveway. Pressing the remote, the garage door opened and Leland drove through. Getting out of the car she came to an abrupt stop as her eyes felt on the sight before her. She heard the passenger down slam shut and waited for Parker to join her. The butch came to stand next to her.

“What do we have here?” she asked softly. “A tent?”

Leland turned to Parker and smiled and slowly loosened the sash on her trench coat. As the parts fell open she gave Parker a glimpse of the tiger print two-piece she wore underneath.

“Surprise,” she said dryly, her smile broadening as Parker's eyes grew wider the longer she stared at the skimpy outfit.

“What … what is the occasion,” Parker stumbled over the words and Leland knew she had her butch by the ‘balls.'

“It thought we could re-enact the Return of the Blue Lagoon since you are such a big Brooke Shields fan and all.”

Parker looked back at the tent as she slowly licked her lips. “Do I also get to wear a costume?”

Leland smiled.

“You'll find everything in the tent.”


“Her, you won't find in there,” Leland said with a grin. “I've made arrangements for us to be alone for tonight.” Leland stepped closer to Parker and began to lift the tight white t-shirt over her broad shoulders. “You really need to get out of those wet things.”

Parker reached for the remote of the garage. “You got me wet,” the green eyes were smoldering, “so you have to get me out of these wet clothes.” With a press of the button, the garage doors slid closed, casting them in semi-darkness.

Leland sighed in pleasure at the hungry look in the green eyes. Her body vibrated in anticipation as four months of sexual hunger swam to the surface. She ran the palms of her hands over Parker's powerful shoulders. In a very short while they would be corded and sweaty, straining over her. She gasped when her wrists were grabbed in a tight grip and her eyes sharpened as she tried to read her lover's intentions.

“I need you to warm me up.” Parker's voice was deeper than usual, a familiar timbre which vibrated through the large body.

“Yes, I want to do that.”

Parker reached out and forcefully pushed the trench coat off Leland's body. Leland felt her body heating up under the hungry look of Parker. A lecherous smile formed on Parker's lips as she pulled her to the dome shaped tent. Leland watched Parker's face as the green eyes took in the blow up mattress which was strewn with roses.

“This is nice, really nice.”

Leland smiled her satisfaction at her lover's approval. She watched as Parker leant over and reached for the toy which was lying on the mattress. She stroked it gently as her head turned and the green eyes burnt into hers. “This must be a special occasion if you have invited the boi to bed tonight.”

Leland shrugged. “I missed him. Do you have a problem with it?”

Parker slowly shook her head. “Not at all. I was missing it too. But are you sure that I will not hurt you? Is it not too soon?”

“It's been too long, if you ask me.” Leland reached out and pushed Parker onto her back onto the mattress at the same time she pushed the button on the battery powered floor lamp. The inside of the tent was immediately flooded with a soft red light. “We have wasted enough time tonight.” She deftly loosened the buttons on Parker's jeans and pulled them off, underwear and all, when Parker lifted her hips. When Parker lay naked before her, Leland raked her eyes over the well-defined body spread out before her. “I want to taste you, baby.”

“Do whatever you want with me.”

Leland leaned forward and pressed her lips against Parker's. She sighed deeply when she was allowed entrance. Her tongue slipped in aided by Parker's which drew her in eagerly. They both groaned at the eroticism of the act. Parker pushed her tongue under Leland's and using the tip slowly massaged the smooth surface. Leland inhaled deeply. Parker always said that licking her there was almost as pleasurable as tasting her down there. She pulled away and pressed her lips against the pulse of Parker's neck. She felt Parker's large hand slip down her stomach and into her thong. Her body stilled and she waited eagerly for that first intimate touch. She felt her channel contract at the anticipation. She gasped again when she felt the warm hand cup her mound and moved in a slow grinding action. A rching her back, she bit down on her lower lip as she felt herself becoming even wetter.


Splaying her fingers, Parker gently ‘combed' through the soft, slippery tissue. She watched intently as Leland's mouth fell open and growled softly. Leland's eyes met hers and Parker's eyes darkened at the hungry look in them. Using two fingers, she spread the fleshy lips and slipped her finger into the warm opening. A soft whimper escaped Leland and arching her back she eagerly pressed down on her hand.

“You like it, don't you?”

“Oh yeah …”

She gently ploughed Leland's depths, introducing two fingers and then a third, which made the blonde moan even louder. Feeling the warm muscles banding together, narrowing the passage, and pressing down on her fingers, Parker quickly pulled her fingers out. She roughly ripped the thong away, leaving Leland naked from the waist down. Her large hands moved up until they clamped over Leland's hips. With ease she lifted the woman and pulled her upwards until her wet sex was hovering over her mouth. She sniffed deeply and sighed against the soft folds. The musky scent was addictive and it made her head spin. She flattened her tongue against the hard little nub and dragged her tongue over the slick tissue.

She felt Leland press down on her tongue and stiffening her tongue she pushed it into the warm opening. She heard Leland yelp at the intrusion. She repeated the action over and over again until she felt a warm gush of musky juice pour into her mouth. She drank her fill and sucked deeply to extract every last drop from Leland thrashing body. She waited until Leland's frantic movements have subsided before she gently rolled her over so she was lying next to her.

“Take off the bra. I want to see your breasts. I want to see them bounce when I take you.” Parker watched as the blue eyes blinked open, her body was on fire and her hands were shaking as she strapped the toy to her hips. “NOW!”

She saw Leland's eyes widened at the sharp command. Her mouth opened, but Parker put her finger on the soft lips.

“Do as I say or I will rip it off you.”

Leland's eyebrow lifted at the threat, but before she could form a word, Parker crushed her lips down onto Leland's as she pushed her legs open.

“I said to take it off.”

With a trembling hand Leland did as she was told and threw the top to the side. “Happy?”

Parker smiled, her green eyes fixed on the soft, round mounds. “Yes, very.” She leaned closer and took a hard nipple in her mouth. Sucking gently she gasped when a spurt of warm milk hit the back of her throat. She had completely forgotten that Leland was breastfeeding. She looked up into anxious blue eyes and smiled. “Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“On the contrary, just the thought that you're drinking from me, makes me incredibly hot. How about you? Does it make you uncomfortable?”

“Not at all, my love.” The dark head lowered and latched onto a stiff nipple. This time when a hot spurt filled her mouth again she savored the taste before swallowing. Her hand slipped down between their bodies as she readied Leland. She gently pinched Leland's clit and hissed when the blonde gasped at the sensation. She rolled the slick nub between her fingertips and heard Leland moan softly.

“Yes, that's what I want to hear, my love. I want you ready for me when I take you … hard.”

Leland's eyes darkened and she nodded. Parker gave her a shaky smile before she took the veined length of the phallus in her hand and brought it to Leland's wet opening. She placed a gentle kiss on Leland's lips and watched as the blue eyes fluttered closed. Now! She reared back and pushed deeply into her lover's body, her jaw clenched tight at the pleasure which pierced her own core. The blue eyes flew open in shock and pleasure at the sudden penetration.

“Park …”

“Shush, baby. Just let me love you, okay.”

With tantalizing slowness she withdrew the length from Leland's depths and hooking her arms from underneath Leland's shoulder, she pressed into her again. This time she went even deeper and she growled at the sensation. A soft scream slipped from Leland's lips as she threw her head back. Parker stopped her movement and looked into Leland's face, to ensure that the scream wasn't one of pain, but pleasure. The blue eyes fluttered open and daze sky blue orbs searched hers.

“Why did you stop?”

“You okay?”

Leland lifted her hips and using her strong inner muscles pulled and released the potent length inside her.

“I want more … honey.”

Parker slanted her lips over Leland and arching her back, she plunged into Leland repeatedly.


Leland's head was spinning from the deep rocking motion. Her upper body was held down by Parker's strong grip on her shoulders, but her lower body was pumping wildly as she accepted and released her lover's forceful thrusts. Her face was buried in Parker's sweating neck and she listened with a growing hunger to the grunts Parker made as she ravished her deeply.

“Tell me … tell me that you like it,” Parker rasped, her powerful body pumping into hers over and over again. Breathless, Leland listened to the slapping sound that resulted from the solid meeting of their sweaty bodies. “Tell … me …”

“I love it. I love how deep you go,” she gasped into Parker's ears and sighed when she felt Parker doubling the power behind her thrusts. The power of her lover's thrusts was so that her lower body was lifted off the bed every time the phallus sunk into her depths. She cried out softly when Parker's hand pushed her thigh wider so she could deepen her penetration even further. “Oh … baby … It feels soooo good.”

Parker abruptly pulled out of her and Leland hissed in frustration at the sudden loss. She yelped when she was picked up and rolled onto her stomach. At the gentle encouragement of Parker, she spread her legs and felt Parker's strong arms closing around her hips as she pulled her into a kneeling action. She felt the blunt tip of the toy push at her entrance and using her hand she reached between her legs to guide it into her. They both responded verbally to the deep penetration.

“Ohhhhh ...”

“Ahhhhhhh …”

As soon as Parker had established a rhythm, Leland arched her back and pushed her into her lover's powerful thrusts. She shivered at the feeling of Parker's breath on her neck as it came in short puffs and grunts. She continued to push back into the warm cradle Parker's body offered as it covered her back. She felt languid warmth spreading from her core to the apex of her thighs, heated by Parker's frantic thrusts and turned her head to look at Parker. Parker's handsome face was contorted in a mask of raw lust and bliss as she penetrated her over and over again.

“I'm coming, baby.”

Yes … yes … yes …” Parker gasped. “Come for me. Come for me, my love.”

Leland lowered her upper body onto the mattress. Parker's muscled arms slipped from around her waist and came to grab her hips as she increased her thrusts. Small stars exploded before her eyes as she allowed her body to release the growing tension within her body. With a shaky moan she felt her muscles go into spasm. From far away she heard Parker mutter under her breath, before her body tensed too. The large body surged into hers a few times before she stilled against her, the phallus buried deep within her. They stayed like that for a few seconds, frozen in pleasure, before Parker withdrew and slid from her slippery body. Lying on her back and with the glistening phallus jutting out from her crotch, Leland rolled onto Parker's heaving body, her legs spread wide so that the phallus rested against her throbbing sex. She gently rubbed her twitching clit against the phallus and clawed at Parker's shoulders as another orgasm raked her body. She rode it out forcefully and it was only once her body and mind came from the high pinnacle of pleasure that she realized Parker was also caught in another shuddering release. With wide eyes, she watched her lover's face as it was contorted in painful delight.

She was still watching Parker intently when the green eyes fluttered open.

“Like what you see, counselor?”

Leland smiled shakily. “You are absolute gorgeous.”

Parker lifted her head and took Leland's lips in a tender kiss.

“And you are simply delicious. I didn't hurt you, did I?”

Leland shook her head.

“It was unbelievable. Thank you.” She rewarded Parker with a tender kiss on the lips. “I've wanted you so much and you have given me exactly what I've needed.”

Parker lifted a shaky hand to her face and Leland chuckled at seeing her usually unflappable partner so totally out of sorts.

“It was a true pleasure.”

Leland placed a soft kiss on Parker's nipple. “How ‘bout we rest for a while and then I show you how grateful I am.”

Parker grinned and nodded.


Leland's eyes fluttered open and lying unmoving for a while, she took quick stock of her body. There was a pleasant tingle between her legs and her bum registered a dull soreness where Parker had pushed against it during their nightlong session. She heard a soft footfall and turning her head to the door saw Parker, fully-dressed step into the room. Sofia was cradled in her arms and at the sight of her daughter, Leland slowly sat up. She grimaced as all the muscles in her body protested at the sudden movement.

“How …? What time is it?” She looked at the alarm clock on the nightstand and groaned. It was almost noon.

“On the way back from collecting my car at the garage, I dropped in at Marsha's and picked Sofia up.” The baby, having spotted her other mother, began to wriggle in Parker's arms. “We really need to take your sister out for dinner soon for all the times she's come up for us on such short notice.”

Leland smiled as she held out her hands for her daughter. Her heart melted at the adoring toothless smile she got from Sofia. “You're right, hon, after last night I firmly believe that she deserves a night out. I will see if I can get her a couple of tickets to the Opera too.” Leland planted a noisy kiss on Sofia's soft cheek and grinned when the baby squealed in delight. “Hello, green eyes; did you enjoy your time with Auntie Marsh?”

The baby responded by blowing raspberries and both Leland and Parker laughed. Parker came to sit on the bed next to her and Leland lifted her face for a kiss. They kissed lingeringly and Leland sighed when the kiss ended. After their vigorous session in the garage, Parker had lifted her in her arms and carried her all the way up to their bedroom. There she had made love to her again. Gentle and slow. She had stroked her and kissed every part of her body; all the while telling her how much she was loved. The night had ended with her wetting Parker's warm skin with tears at the infinite tenderness and love she'd felt in her lover's strong arms.

“I love you, Park. I love you with everything within me.”

Parker smiled broadly. “That's good to know. I love you too, darling.” She pointed at Sofia. “I have to sort the washing. Would you mind changing her diaper?”

“Not at all.” Lying Sofia down on the bed next to her, she threw the duvet off her and naked, she walked over to where her robe was slung over a chair. Shrugging into it, she realized that Parker was still in the room. The green eyes so like Sofia's were intense as they studied her nude body.

The green eyes met hers and she smiled warmly at Parker. With a short nod, Parker left the room, taking the sudden sexual tension which has filled the room a scant seconds before, with her. Leland fastened the sash on the robe and walked over to where Sofia was lying, playing with her feet.

“Come, princess. Let's go see about that diaper of yours.” She swung her daughter up into her arms and pressed a kiss on the soft smooth skin. They entered the baby room and found that Parker had already put out everything she would need to change the baby. She thought it a bit strange that Parker hadn't changed Sofia, since it took only a few minutes to do so and she loved doing it too. She shrugged and laid a gurgling Sofia on the table. Loosening the diaper, she frowned when she found a small squared tissue folded in the baby's freshly changed diaper. She looked down into the baby's face and found smiling green eyes looking back at her.

“What's this, princess?” She took the small tissue and unfolded it. Her eyes widened at what she read. She read it again and looked down at the baby who was playing with her feet again. “You knew about it, didn't you, angel?”

“Actually, it was her idea.” Parker said softly from the doorway, her green eyes hooded as she watched Leland.

Leland smiled tenderly and crooking her finger at Parker, called her closer. When Parker came to stand next to her, she reached up and pulled the dark head down. Holding the baby down with one hand, she kissed Parker soundly.


Parker smiled and kissed her again. She reached past Leland and quickly refastened the baby's diaper.

“Sofia promised to help me sort the washing. In the meantime, I will leave you to take a shower. I've ordered lunch and should be here in a short while.”

With a last kiss on her lips, Parker strode out of the room, Sofia in her arms. Leland inhaled deeply and picked up the piece of tissue again.

You should know by now that I'm not going anywhere, Leland. There's just no way I can continue without you being part of my life. Will you please marry me, Lee?

Leland smiled as she read the message again. Now who would say ‘no' to such a sweet wedding proposal? They have come a long way. She remembered the first time she saw Parker. She had just won a major case and was eager to rush back to the office for a celebratory lunch in the boardroom. Stepping out of the courtroom, she had noticed a scuffling at the other end of the hallway. Turning she saw what was causing the ruckus. She was stunned to find four burly male guards accompanying a huge, orange clad figure into a side room next to another courtroom. Thinking it was just another dangerous criminal, she was about to turn away, when the dark head of the prisoner turned and two vacant green eyes met hers. She was rooted to the spot, her startled gaze taking in the prisoner's unbelievable handsome face and it was evident that it was a woman. The green eyes stared deep into hers and the connection was only broken when the prisoner was pushed towards the door. She had stood there for a few more moments, trying to analyze her body's strange reaction to the strange, obviously dangerous woman. The door, through which the prisoner had entered, closed softly and that brought her out of the semi-trance she'd been under. With a slight shake of her head to clear her thoughts, she had tightened her grip on her briefcase and left the building. Sliding in behind the steering wheel of her Mercedes, she'd sat there for a moment longer, seeing those captivating green eyes swimming before her. To this day she didn't know how she'd gotten there, but she'd found herself in the near empty courtroom, seated in the last row. That was the only time; she'd ever been in a courtroom and didn't pay attention to whatever was said. Her eyes were fixed on the broad back of the woman who was on trial.

She was totally enthralled by Parker that she had asked her out on a date the moment she had the chance. She still remembered the startled look on Parker's face when she had waited for her outside and had asked her to have a coffee with her. Their second date was a short midday picnic in the park since Parker was looking for a job. Although she had asked Parker out a second time, Parker had insisted to bring the food and had prepared a delicious lunch of creamy potato salad and fried chicken. They hadn't said much to each other, but just being close to the dark-haired woman was enough for Leland. Their third date was at a small lesbian bar where Parker had tried to teach her how to shoot pool. By the end of the night, Leland was so turned on by the sight of Parker and had tried as hard as she could not to show her discomfort. When it was time to go home, Parker had walked her to her car and had given her the most tender of kisses. And that was all that happened between them for almost two months, before Parker had asked her nervously one night if she would like to come and watch DVD's with her and to spend the night. Leland grinned at the memory. Yes, she accepted. That night she was made love to like never before. For all her size, Parker was unbelievably gentle. In the throes of passion her butch had whispered softly to her. One remark in particular stuck—'I am yours for as long as you want me.'

That was all she'd needed to hear to make up her mind about a future with the stoic tattooed woman. Since then she had never looked back. Five years on, she was more in love with Parker than ever. The birth of Sofia had cemented their love even more. She quietly made her way to the laundry room. Sofia was sitting on a soft pile of washing, her pacifier in the mouth and Parker was sorting their clothing, a soft humming coming from her.

Leland grinned at her daughter and walked over to her where Parker stood and pulled her tall, powerful frame into her arms.

“I love you.”

Luminous green eyes turned to look at her. “You have forever to show me exactly how much and I look forward to it.”

Their lips met and held.




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