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"Here come the fire trucks." Mary said, "and it’s about damn time too."

"No shit, what did they do stop for coffee?" Jordan agreed through clenched teeth.

Marge walked up to the two women and watched the trucks get closer. "Don’t get mad at them. They got here as quick as they could."

"We know Marge, it’s just it feels like forever since this started." Mary agreed.

The three women turned when Jimmy and Sammy drove up the hill. Jordan ran up to the side if the truck and opened the passenger side door. "Did you see anything? Was there any sign of Jay?" she asked in a panic.

"We followed her tracks right up to the fires edge." Jimmy answered with a frown.

Sam jumped out of the truck and walked around to where Jordan and Jimmy stood. "We think that she got caught in the middle of the fire."

"What do you mean, caught in the middle? How in the hell is she going to get out?" Jordan screamed in frustration.

"Calm down, Jordan, calm down. Getting mad won’t help her." Marge said trying to settle Jordan down as her own mind screamed. "The firemen will be here in a second, and they’ll know…."

"Look, Jay’s jeep." Jimmy yelled as he pointed to the vehicle that had just appeared.

They all turned and watched as the jeep flew out of the flames. The force of the blast threw them a couple of yards. They just sat there stunned. Shocked beyond belief at what had just happened.

"No, no, no." Jordan repeated over and over as she shook her head.

Mary crawled up behind Jordan and wrapped her in a tight hug. "Shh shh,"

While Mary kept a hold of Jordan, Marge sat there. "My baby is gone. I can’t believe it, she’s gone." She thought as silent tears ran down her face.

Jimmy and Sam ran down the hill. When they came up to the burning jeep, Jimmy dropped on his knees and started to cry.

The sound broke Sam’s heart. "Why did this have to happen to her? She didn’t deserve this kind of ending." He thought as he ran his hand through his hair. Then something caught his eye and he stepped closer to the wreckage.

Sam’s eye caught the last bit of leather drop from the steering wheel. His eyes grew big as he looked for signs of a body and didn’t see any.

"Jimmy, Jays not dead." He yelled.

Jimmy’s head shot up. "What do you mean she’s not dead. Can’t you see her jeep is on fire?" He cried.

"That’s just it, all we saw was her jeep. Jay isn’t in it." Sam responded as he pointed towards the interior of the jeep.

"What?" Jimmy asked as he stood up and walked over to Sam.

"Do you see a body?" Sam asked as he put his arm around Jimmy’s shoulder.

"Shit, I have to go tell Mama." Jimmy gave Sam a quick hug before he took off up the hill.

"Okay, Jay now that we know your not dead. How are we going to get you out of there?" Sam asked as he tried to think of a way to help his friend.


Mary held Jordan with all her might. "I don’t think she’ll ever recover from this. The look on her face when the jeep went up in flames was heart breaking." She thought as she too cried.

"Do you think she suffered?" Jordan whispered softly as she clung to Mary.

"No, honey I don’t think she suffered." Mary answered quietly back.

"Mama, Jay, she wasn’t in the jeep. Sam and I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t in the jeep." Jimmy yelled as he ran closer and dropped next to Marge.

Marge looked over at the other two women. She saw hope in Jordan’s eyes. "It doesn’t mean she’s out of trouble. We need to tell the firemen that Jay is still in there." Marge got up and started towards the fire trucks.

Jordan and Mary bolted up and quickly followed Marge.

Jordan’s heart jumped for joy with the possibility of Jay still being alive. "We’ll get to you. Just hold on."

By the time the three made it down the hill to the fire trucks, Sam had already informed them of the situation.

"Don’t worry, we’ll find her. Jays a tough girl, It’ll take more than a fire to slow her down." The fire chief said with conviction.

"Let’s hope so chief, for her own sake and for hers." Marge said as she pointed to Jordan.

Within a half an hour the fire was put out. Everything that had been in the circle of flames was destroyed. Everyone looked around for any sign of where Jay might be, but all they saw was a barren piece of land.

Jordan got up from her spot on the fire truck’s bumper and started to walk around. Jimmy quickly followed. They walked side by side looking for their lost family member. "We’re going to find her, Jimmy. She wouldn’t give up on one of us and I’m not going to give up on her." Jordan said as she grabbed Jimmy’s hand and held on scared at what they might find.

"I believe you Jordan and you’re right. We will find her and bring her home." Jimmy gripped Jordan’s hand tighter.

Jordan stopped and looked Jimmy in the eyes. "Yes, Jimmy we’ll bring her home and never let her go."

`They continued to walk and got about five yards when someone yelled. "I found her, get the ambulance over here fast."

Everyone ran towards the fireman who found Jay. Jordan pushed people out of her way, but stopped short when she saw the scene before her.

Jordan was horrified. The small figure that lay in the hole was filthy dirty. Her knees were up against her chest and her head rested on the top of the bent knees. Jordan dropped and slowly crawled up to Jay. With hands that shook she touched the soiled hair.

Jordan whispered softly in Jay’s ear. "Come on baby, stay with me. Don’t you dare leave me. Not when you just came into my life."

Jordan’s tears fell on Jay’s dirty face. She wished that she could wrap Jay in her arms, but she didn’t know how bad Jay was hurt. "Where’s that damn ambulance?" She screamed

Marge walked up behind Jordan and rested her hands on her shoulders. She nearly fell over when she caught sight of Jay for the first time. "Oh, sweat Jesus, is she breathing?"

"Yes, I can hear her. It’s raspy and shallow. The smoke must have been unbearable. Plus she has a gash on her forehead." The fireman who found her answered as he continued to check over Jay.

"Will she make it?" Jordan asked not real sure if she wanted an answer or not.

The fireman glanced over at Jordan then back down at Jay. "I have no clue ma’am."

The ambulance arrived five minutes later. To Jordan and Marge it felt like hours. They watched as the paramedics worked on Jay.

Marge held on to Jordan’s hand as they watched them put a breathing tube down Jay’s throat. When that was done and an I.V. was started they brought over the gurney.

When the men lifted her up something fell on the ground. A paramedic picked up the golden lighter and turned it over. He walked over to Jordan and Marge. "She dropped this."

"Thanks, but that’s not hers." Marge answered looking at the small object.

"I know, but I have a feeling it belongs to the person who started the fires." The paramedic replied with a raised eyebrow. He turned the lighter over and they saw the engraved letters R. B.

"Make sure the sheriff gets that." Marge ordered.

Marge saw the blaze start to burn in Jordan’s eyes. She grabbed Jordan by the shoulders and shook her to get her attention. "Listen to me, Jay, needs you right now. We’ll get that son of a bitch." Marge moved her hands to Jordan’s face. "Getting Jay better is the important thing right now. The only way she’ll come back to us is if you’re there with her."

Jordan knew what Marge said was true. Jordan also knew that if Jay didn’t make it she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

Jimmy walked over. "They want to know if anyone wants to ride in the ambulance?"

Jordan didn’t even answer. She just walked over to the open doors and jumped in.


It had been three days since the fire. Jay had to have a respirator to help her breathe. She had breathed in so much smoke that some damage was done to her lungs. They wouldn’t know if there was permanent damage until she woke up.

That’s what had everyone worried. The head wound she received from the blast was serious. It had fractured her skull, causing Jay’s brain to swell inside her head, which called for emergency surgery.

That was three days ago and Jordan hadn’t budged at all. Mary tried to get Jordan to come back to the ranch, even for a couple of hours to sleep, but she just refused with a shake of her head.

Sam and Jimmy came everyday after the chores were done. They usually stayed for a couple of hours, but one day Jimmy didn't want to leave.

" I want to stay, she stayed with me when I was in the hospital." Jimmy pouted. "Why can’t I stay? Why can’t I help her? I can read her books and magazines."

Sam came up and put his arm around Jimmy’s shoulder and tried to explain. "Come on Jimmy you know you can’t stay. If anything changes Jordan will call us."

"I know she’ll call. It’s just that Jay helped me so much when I was in here. She’d read and play games with me. I just want to do the same for her." He started to cry. "She’s my best friend and I wish I could’ve saved her."

Jordan walked up to him and pulled him into a big hug. "Oh, Jimmy we all wish that, but we couldn’t. There wasn’t anything any of us could have done." She stepped back and looked into Jimmy’s misty eyes. "I need you to do something for Jay."

Jimmy wiped his checks and stood tall. "I’ll do anything for Jay. Just ask and it’ll get done." He leaned forward and whispered. "Even pick up horse poop, but don’t tell Jay that. She’ll have me do it all the time."

Jordan giggled and whispered back. "Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Good, I trust you. Now what do you need me to do?" Jimmy asked.

"Okay, I need you to make sure that the ranch is running the way Jay likes it. You’re the only one who knows how to. Because when she gets home she will kill if it’s gone to shit." Jordan replied with a smile. "You know I’m right."

"You are so right. She’d have our heads." He turned and walked towards the door.

"Thanks, Jimmy. I knew Jay could count on you." Jordan said as tears ran down her cheeks.

He turned and gazed into Jordan’s shimmering eyes. "No, thank you. I may not know a lot, but I know Jay is the luckiest person in the world. She’s got you and for that I’m thankful."

Jordan walked to the gentle giant. "She’s got you too, but you know what’s better?"

"What’s that Jordan?" Jimmy asked a little confused.

"We’ve got her and that’s the best thing in the world. Don’t you agree?" Jordan leaned over and kissed his cheek.

He turned a deep shade of red and squeaked out,. "Yep, I sure do."

"Come on, lover boy. Let’s go and get things ready for when Jay comes home." Sam laughed as he grabbed Jimmy’s arm and led him out of the room.


The next morning Mary and Marge talked Jordan into going to the nurses lounge for a shower. Marge told her that she would sit by Jay’s side and not leave it unless it was to come get her.

After Jordan left the room Marge sat in the chair Jordan just left. She took Jay’s hand in hers

and squeezed. "Jay, honey, I know you can hear me. You need to wake up. Everybody is worried about you, and I know you hate it when people do that." The gray haired old woman looked at the small hand that rested in hers. They were callused from years of hard work. On the top of one hand a scar stood out against the nice brown tan. Marge traced it with her finger remembering how Jay had gotten that.

Marge told the five year old not to get close to the dog when it was eating. Jay looked up with big green eyes and asked. "Why not, Marge.

"Because the doggie will bite little hands that try to steal it’s food." Marge answered.

"The doggie won’t bite me. He likes me to much." Jay said as she shook her head in disagreement.

"I know what I’m talking about Jay, now stay away from the dog. Come help me back in the house." Marge walked back to the house.

A few minutes later Jay came in and looked at Marge. As tears ran down her face she said, "You’re right. That dog will bite me if I get to close." She held up her hand and blood ran down her wrist and dripped on the floor.

The noise from the respirator broke her from her memories. She gazed up at Jay’s sleeping face. "You never would listen to me. Always had to find out for yourself. Never wanted people to tell you how you should do things. Damn, you are stubborn." Marge shook her head.

"Damn it, Jay, if you don’t wake up soon you won’t be the only one in here." Marge stood up and started to pace.

"You should see how Jordan looks. We had to force her to take a shower. She doesn’t eat and sleep is impossible. Jordan only sits here and watches you. If you even twitch she jumps up and gets the doctor." Marge’s temper was getting the better of her. "I want you to wake your ass up now, Jay Lynn. She needs you and you need her, but the only way you can help her is if you open your eyes."

The only answer Marge got was the noise of the machines. Marge sighed in defeat. "Okay, Jay, we’ll wait until your ready to come back to us.

About twenty minutes later Mary walked in. Marge looked up from the book she had in her lap. "Where’s Jordan?"

"I talked her into getting something to eat. She didn’t want to, but I threatened her." Mary said with a grin.

"What did you say to her?" Marge asked curiously.

"I told her that I would send all the tabloids naked pictures of her." Mary laughed.

"She believed you?" Marge giggled.

"Hell no, she knows I won’t do that. I instead said that Jay is going to need her to be strong. Plus I told her that if she didn’t eat I’d have the doctors throw her out." Mary said with an evil smirk.

"I bet she started to run down the hall then?" Marge chuckled.

"First she gave me the evil eye. You know the one. Eyes half closed one eyebrow raised." Mary tried to copy Jordan, but only succeeded in making Marge laugh harder.

Before they stopped laughing the doctor stepped into the room. "Must have been some joke."

"Hello, Dr. Sheridan, how are you today?" Marge greeted the friendly doctor.

"I’m doing well. I have some good news. We’re going to take Jay off the respirator. We want to see if she has any trouble breathing on her own." Dr. Sheridan informed the two excited women.

"That’s fantastic. When are you going to do this?" A overjoyed Mary asked.

"We’ll do it as soon as the respiratory physician gets here." Dr. Sheridan said as she wrote something in Jay’s chart.

‘Thank God, does this mean she’s getting better?" Marge asked as she wiped tears from her face.

The doctor looked at the two women that she had gotten to know over the last several days. Dr. Sheridan wished she had news, but she didn’t want to give them false hope. "It’s good that she might get off the respirator, but that has nothing to do with her head trauma. That’s still a waiting game , I’m afraid."

"We understand." Mary answered softly.

Marge sat there and stared at Jay. Then an idea popped in her head. "Dr. Sheridan, what will be taken out of here if Jay can breath on her own? More importantly what will be hooked up to her.

"Well everything over here will be gone. The only thing that will be hooked up will be the I.V. lines, heart monitors, and of course the catheter. Why?" The doctor asked curiously.

"I have an idea that might bring Jay back to us." Marge replied. "I read somewhere that touch is a big part of healing. Would it be okay if we fix the bed so Jordan can sleep in here with her?" Marge asked with hope.

Dr. Sheridan looked at Marge and asked. "Why did you think that would work?"

Marge got up from the chair and started to explain things. "You see they, Jay and Jordan, have some sort of connection. Theirs souls are one. They are lost with out the other, and right now Jay’s lost. Only Jordan’s half can find it." Marge finished her speech and waited for an answer.

"You’re sure about this?" Dr. Sheridan asked. "I’ll be breaking all sorts of rules if I agree to this."

Mary spoke before Marge could. "Dr. Sheridan, if you could have seen the sparks fly when they first met, you wouldn’t ever have asked that. Trust us, this might be the only thing that will work." Mary said with confidence.

Jordan walked into the room at that moment. "What will work?" She asked.

Mary looked at her friend and smiled. "Tonight my friend you’re sleeping in a bed."

"If for one minute you think I’m going anywhere, you’re nuts. I’m not leaving this hospital without Jay." Jordan growled through clenched teeth.

"Nobody said anything about leaving the hospital." Mary said as she rubbed Jordan’s arms to calm her down.

"How would you like to share a bed with a little blonde who seems to have lost her way and bring her back to us?" Marge smiled as she walked up to Jordan.

Jordan glared at the doctor. "Is this some kind of joke.

"Don’t look at me, it’s their idea." The doctor said in her defense.

Jordan looked at the two in front of her and waited for an explanation.


That night, all was quiet in the small hospital. In one room two people laid in the same bed for the first time. It wasn’t how they wished it would be, but Jordan took it.

Jay looked so peaceful. The rise and fall of her chest made Jordan happy as she remembered what happened this afternoon.

As soon as they took the tube out of her throat, Jay took a deep breath on her own. It surprised everyone there. They all expected her to have a little trouble at first.

"You showed them, didn’t you sweetheart." Jordan said as she kissed Jay’s forehead.

"Now all you have to do is open those beautiful green eyes. I know you can do it." Jordan caressed Jay’s hand and continued to talk. "Do you have any idea how much I miss talking to you. I miss our morning sunrise swings the most. Those will always be my favorite times with you. It was like no matter what the day brings, we will face it together." Jordan stated through tears.

"That afternoon, before the fire. When we were under the willow tree. I really wanted to make love to you. I’m not sure why I stopped. If I knew then what I now know I wouldn’t have." Jordan confessed.

"If you don’t make it." Jordan hugged Jay closer. "I’ll die right along with you."

"See, I’m not afraid to guilt you. I learned from the best, Marge. So if you don’t wake up soon I’ll turn her loss on you." Jordan laughed.

"Well, honey, I’m getting tired. Which isn’t that surprising considering I’ve slept about six hours in the last four days." Jordan yawned. "So I’m just going to hold on to you and fall asleep."

"Good night my love. Please come back to me. I’m lost without you." Jordan kissed Jay one more time before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


A nurse walked in and saw how the two were sleeping. They looked so peaceful lying there, she hated to disturb them, but she had to check on Jay’s breathing.

The nurse shook Jordan a little. "Jordan, wake up. I need to check Jay’s vitals."

"Boy, Liz do you know how to spoil a good dream." Jordan mumbled still half asleep.

"Yep, that’s my job. Now move so I can do my other job." Liz said as she slapped Jordan on the ass.

"I’m moving, damn don’t hit so hard." Jordan said as she jumped from the bed.

Jordan watched Liz check over Jay. Every time she was finished with one check she’d smile over at Jordan. The last one was Jay’s breath sounds. That one seemed to take the longest. When she was done Liz wrapped her stethoscope around her neck and gave Jordan the biggest smile she had ever seen.

"Everything sounds great." Liz happily informed Jordan. "Now why don’t you go and get something to eat. I have to give Jay her sponge bath."

"No, I’m not really that hungry." Jordan replied as she suddenly found something interesting out the window.

"Listen, Marge and your friend Mary stopped me yesterday and told me that you haven’t been eating right. If you don’t go down to the cafeteria and eat I’ll shove feeding tubes down your throat." Liz threatened.

"You tell her." Jay whispered softly.

"Oh, thank you God." Jordan cried.

"Hi, honey." Jay smiled.

"Shh, don’t talk." Jordan ordered as she put her hand on her hips. "Do you have any idea how pissed off I am at you?"

"Sorry, I love you." Jay cringed as she brought her hand up to her throat.

"Don’t you ever scare me like that again." Jordan blubbered. "I love you and I never want you to leave me again, got it?"

Jay shook her head in agreement and held open her arms.

Jordan flew across the room and melted in the embrace. Her heart was back where it belonged. They didn’t move from their spot until the doctor came in to check on Jay. Even then Jordan held her hand and wouldn’t let go.


"Junior, I want to talk to you." Yelled Richard Blacksmith Sr.

Ritchie answered back. "Be right there dad." Then he looked at his friends. "You guys stay here and try to figure out what we do if they find my lighter."

"Don’t you think they’d of found it by now?" Frankie asked. "I mean it’s been a week now."

"For your sake," Ritchie pointed at Frankie. "They better not. It’s all your fault that this is happening."

"Hey, it’s not my fault that Jay decided to show up." Frankie stated.

"No it wasn’t your fault that bitch decided to show up, but it was you that dropped the lighter. Now we have to come up with some excuse as to why it was there." Pointed out Travis.

"There’s no way they will find it. The fire must have destroyed it, right?" Frankie asked hopefully.

Ritchie glared at Frankie. "I hope so buddy, because if they do find it we are in serious shit."

"Richard get in here now. You know I don’t like to wait. So move it." Richard Sr. demanded loudly.

"Shit, he sounds pissed off. I’ll be right back." Ritchie took of up the stairs.


"Can I get out of here?" Jay asked the doctor when she came into the room.

"Why in the world would you want to leave such a wonderful place like this?" Dr. Sheridan replied with a smirk. "You get what ever you want when you need it and lets talk about the food."

"Oh, lets talk about the food." Jay agreed. "It’s runny and has no taste what so ever. The portions aren’t big enough for a baby. Plus all you let me drink is milk or juice. No soda of any kind. That there alone should be against the law." Jay finished with a grunt.

"So you’ve said, about a thousand times." Dr. Sheridan mumbles the end softly. "Okay, Jay, if your tests come back normal and there isn’t a problem you can go home."

"Thanks, Dr. Sheridan. You’ve made my day." Jay said as she put her hand behind her head and leant back into the pillow.

"It’s been my pleasure, Jay." The doctor grinned.

"No way doc, it’s been all mine. I just don’t plan on coming back anytime soon." Laughed Jay.

"Just don’t over do it when you get home." Dr. Sheridan ordered. "Remember your body needs time to heal."

"You don’t have to worry doctor. She’ll get plenty of rest. Even if I have to tie her to the bed." Marge said as she walked in.

Jay laughed and asked. "Hey, where’s Jordan? She was supposed to be here an hour ago."

Marge put her hand on her hips and got a disgusted look on her face. "What I don’t even get a, hi Marge, how are you doing?" All it is now is where’s Jordan? Have you seen Jordan? Is she all you think about?"

"I’m sorry, Marge." Jay pouted. "It’s just that I miss her. I sort of got used to her being here."

"I don’t see how you missed her." Marge teased. "You had her on the phone all night long."

Jay glanced at Dr. Sheridan. "Don’t you believe a word she says."

"I have a feeling." Dr. Sheridan winked at Marge. "I should believe her more than you.

"No, don’t trust her. She has been know to have hallucinations." Jay said as she tried to cover herself.

Dr. Sheridan gave Jay a look of disapproval. "I thought I told you that I wanted you to get some sleep last night?"

Jay glared at Marge. "Thanks a lot Marge. I’ll remember this." Jay knew what the doctor told her. She just missed the tall brunette and couldn’t sleep. "I’m sorry doc, but you’re the one who told Jordan she couldn’t stay."

"I already broke the rules when I did let her stay. Maybe I should have you stay one more day? Just to make sure everything is okay." The doctor threatened.

Jay’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. She couldn’t believe what the doctor just said. "No way, you wouldn’t do that to me? Would you?"

"Would who do what?" Jordan asked as she entered the room. She saw the look on Jay’s face and wondered what was going on.

"They want to keep me here one more night." Jay explained with a pout.

"What? Why would you want to do that? Did she have some sort of relapse?" Jordan asked as she walked over to Jay and took her hand

The doctor heard the concern in Jordan’s voice. "No, Jordan nothing like that. It’s just that I told her that she needed to get some sleep last night."

"And she didn’t?" Jordan asked confused.

"No, apparently she was on the phone all night." Dr. Sheridan stated with a knowing smirk.

Jordan lowered her head. "I guess that would be my fault Dr. Sheridan. I had trouble sleeping and she was just talking to me until I got tired."

Marge stood in the corner and tried not to laugh. She couldn’t fight it long. "You should see the look on your faces. It’s priceless." Marge bellowed.

Jay and Jordan looked at Marge and the now laughing Dr. Sheridan. "They sure got us." The two thought as they eyed the two laughing women.

"Paybacks are a bitch." Jordan stated as she crossed her arms in front of her chest

"No doubt." Jay agreed with a smile. "Okay, now that you’ve had your laugh. When do I get out of here?"


A knock on the door told Richard Sr. that his son had arrived. "Come in Junior."

Ritchie opened the door and looked at his father. He hoped that one day he would follow in his fathers’ foot steps. Not only in business, but in looks as well. Richard Sr. stood over six feet tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body. When he walked into a room, he demanded respect. Which he got because people feared him. Richard Sr. knew this and used it to his advantage, as long as it got him what he wanted it didn’t matter.

Ritchie walked in when his father waved at the seat in front of his desk. "Is there something you needed Dad? The guys and I were doing something."

"I wouldn’t have told you to come in here if there wasn’t something I needed to talk to you about." Richard stated with authority.

"Yes, Dad, sorry. What can I do for you?" Ritchie asked as he leaned back in the chair.

Richard looked up from his papers and stared at his son. He wanted his son to be like him, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Richard taught his son that if you wanted something bad enough you got it by any means possible.

"Well, son I want to know if any progress has been made on the project I gave you?" The older Blacksmith asked.

Ritchie looked back at his father and answered. "It’s going slow. You know Jay is stubborn and pig headed."

"What about the fire?" Richard asked curiously as he reached across his desk for a cigar.

"The fire almost did the job, even though that wasn’t planned." Ritchie stood up and paced. "All we were trying to do was capture some horses. The guys and I had no clue that Jay was anywhere nearby. It’s just too bad that she survived the experience." He finished in disgust.

"Yes, too bad for us. The land would be easier to get if she wasn’t here." Richard agreed as he puffed smoke into the air.

"I have something to tell you and you’re not going to like it." Ritchie said. "Frankie dropped my lighter. The one you gave me for my birthday." He confessed in a small voice.

Richard couldn’t believe what he just heard. He got up and went over to the liquor cabinet and took out a bottle of scotch. He poured himself a glass and drank it down in one gulp. He thought that all the hard work they had done was going to go down the drain because of a stupid idiot like Frankie. "Well, son, you need to make sure that nothing comes of this." He poured another drink. "Do you understand me, find a way out of this."

"Yes, Dad I understand. Is there anyway that you can find out if they did find it?" Ritchie asked as he came up and grabbed a glass.

The older man took the glass and filled it with the strong liquid. "I’ll get my guy on the police force to check it out." Richard informed Ritchie.

"Thanks, Dad." Ritchie glanced at his father and drank his drink. Then turned and walked towards the door.

"I want that land Ritchie." Richard turned and looked at his son who stopped when his father spoke. "I always get what I want. Anyway that I can." He declared.

Ritchie knew if he screwed up his father would kill him. He saw the determination in his dad’s eyes. Nothing was going to hold him back. Especially a little blonde who didn’t know when to let go.

"Don’t worry, we’ll get that land. Even if I have to kill Jay with my bare hands." Ritchie said as he clenched his hands into fists.

"It might just come to that, son." Richard replied with an evil glint in his eyes.


"Home at last." Jay announced when she stepped out of the car. "First thing I’m going to do is take a shower and wash the hospital smell off of me."

Before she even had a chance to turn towards her house Jimmy ran up to her. "Hey, Jay, I’m so happy that your home." He said before he grabbed her and picked her up in a big hug.

She hugged Jimmy back with the same enthusiasm. "So am I Jimmy. Did you and Sam take care of everything for me?"

Jimmy put her down and stood straight. "You bet we did. Sam and I took care of everything."

"I knew I could count on you. You’re the best." Jay said with pride.

"You bet you can Jay. I’d do anything for you. Just name it." Jimmy replied as he went around the car to help get the bags.

"Thanks Jimmy. I really appreciate it." Jordan said when Jimmy took the bags she had in her hands.

"No problem Jordan. You can help Jay in the house. Marge wants her to stay up at the main house." Jimmy informed Jordan with a small smile. "So I’ll bring these in." Jimmy took off towards the house at a fast pace, because he knew once Jay heard where she was staying all hell would break loose.

"Did I hear that right?" Jay asked as she watched Jimmy go.

"It all depends on what you heard." Jordan countered and grinned.

"I will not stay up at the main house." Jay responded as her voice grew louder. " Want to sleep in my own bed. In my own house."

"Come on Jay, think about it. Marge just wants to make sure your okay." Jordan pleaded. She knew as soon as Jimmy told her where Jay was to go that there would be an argument. Jordan ran her hand though her hair and blew out a breath. "Please, you can sleep in my bed." Two seconds passed. "With me."

"Oh, boy." Jay smiled. "I like that idea. Let’s go." She grabbed Jordan’s hand and tugged her towards the house.

When they reached the porch Marge stepped out to greet them. "Jay I don’t want any grief from you, but you’re staying here at the house."

"No problem." Jay said as she and Jordan walked by." That’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard. Thanks, Marge, I love you."

Jordan let Jay guide her past Marge and right up the stairs. They didn’t stop when Mary walked out of the kitchen. "Where are you two going in such a hurry?" Mary asked as she sipped her coffee.

"We have some important things to discuss." Jay yelled and continued up

Jordan turned and winked.

Mary saw the gesture and winked back. "Young love is always the best.

Marge walked in at that moment and saw the amused look on Mary’s face. "What’s so funny?"

"Those two." Mary pointed up to the second floor. "They’re so good for each other."

"I agree, they seemed to have found each other at the right moment." Marge took Mary’s hand and pulled her into the kitchen. "Come on, lets get dinner started. If I know Jay she’ll want dinner very shortly. Especially since she hasn’t had a home cooked meal in a week."

"Shit, do you we have enough food in the house to feed her?" Mary asked then burst out laughing.

Marge looked at her. "God I hope so. I just went shopping yesterday." When she said that Mary laughed harder.


"Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me?" Jordan asked between kisses.

"The same thing you’re doing to me, I hope." Jay said as she kissed down Jordan’s long neck. The soft moan fueled her to continue. She started to pull Jordan’s shirt out of her pants, but a her hands were stopped.

"As much as I want continue this, we need to stop." Jordan said even though her insides screamed at her.

Jay stopped and rested her head on Jordan’s shoulder. She knew Jordan was right, this wasn’t the time or the place. "Oh, okay. I’ll stop, but one of these days…" Her sentence was cut off by a set of warm lips.

"Mmm, I thought you said we should stop?" Jay asked as she tried to get her breathing under control.

Jordan shook her head in agreement. "I did, but I had to kiss you one more time." Then she started to giggle. "Do you know that you make me feel like a teenager? That every nerve in my body is standing on end., waiting for and wanting your touch."

"Your slightest touch makes me quiver and my legs are holding me up by pure will." Jay replied as she tried to calm down her hormones.

"How about we crawl into bed and just snuggle." Jordan suggested as she walked over to the bed and sat down.

"That sounds like a good idea. It’s been a long week. Plus I’m getting a headache." Jay replied and sat on the other side of the bed.

Jordan got up and walked around to stand in front of Jay. "Do you want me to get you something?" She asked as she ran her hands through Jay’s blonde hair.

Jay shook her head. "No." She looked up into concerned blue eyes. "Don’t worry if it gets worse I’ll take something, but right now I just want to hold you."

"You promise, to wake me up if you need anything." Jordan knelt down and took Jay’s shoes off. Then gently nudged Jay to lay down so that she could cover her up.

"I promise, now get in here with me." Jay ordered in a tired voice.

"First let me go down and let Marge know that we’re going to take a nap." Jordan replied before she kissed Jay’s forehead.

Jay closed her eyes, but before she fell asleep Jordan heard her say. "I love you."

Jordan walked out of the room and whispered. "I love you too." As she shut the door.


As Jordan walked down the stairs, tears ran down her face. All the emotion Jordan had kept inside her decided at that moment to break loose. It really hit her that Jay could have been killed in the fire. She was scared at the way her soul would have shriveled up and died without her. "I would never be the same. My life would have ended right along with hers."

Jordan sat down on the step and rested her head in the palms of her hands. "In such a short time span Jay has become my whole life. Everything I thought was important before is nothing compared to what Jay is to me. We haven’t even made love yet, but there’s other ways Jay touches my soul.

The way Jay would do little things, like she would surprise me with a rose and a poem on my pillow. The poems usually were only a few lines, but what they’d say would grab my heart. I remember the last one she left me.

My every heart beat is for you.

My every breath is for you.

My only soul is for you.

My love is for you.

Now and Forever, Jay

Jordan continued to sit on the steps and cry. After a few minutes she took a deep breath and glanced upstairs. "Jay is upstairs right now. Safe and sound. Everything is going to be okay."

"That’s right, she’s upstairs sleeping." Jordan said out loud to herself. "And that’s where I should be, not sitting on the stairs crying like a baby."

Jordan wiped the tears from her face and stood up. She took another deep breath and started to walk to the kitchen. When Jordan stepped into the bright room she saw her two friends deep in conversation."

"What are you two doing?" She asked as she helped herself to some coffee.

Marge looked up from the paper and saw red blood shot eyes. "What’s wrong. Is Jay okay?" She asked with concern.

"She’s fine, Marge. It’s just sort of hit me how lucky I am." Jordan replied with a big smile.

"And that made you cry? Come on Jordan out with it." Mary begged as she guided Jordan to sit next to her.

Jordan looked from one face to the other and couldn’t help but laugh. "You guys are like two mother hens watching over their hatchlings."

The two looked at one another. "We are." They both said in agreement.

They laughed until Mary asked again. "Are you going to tell us or are we going to have to resort to bribery?"

"Oh and what would you bribe me with?" Jordan asked as she raised her eyebrow. "You have nothing I would want."

Mary looked at Marge and winked. They both moved closer to Jordan and said. "Oh, but we do."

Jordan stared back at them. "Oh, you do, do you?" With a smirk. "Let’s hear it girls

Mary took the initiative. "Okay, what is nice and brown on the outside, and red on the inside?"

Jordan thought about what Mary said. Then she got a look of joy. "No way," "Jordan looked over at Marge

Marge grinned and nodded her head. "You bet your sweet ass."

Jordan quickly explained how she felt. How scared she was that her life would have ended that afternoon if Jay had died. That Jay was her heart and soul and life would be nothing if she wasn’t in it."


Jay and Jordan checked on Jordan’s destiny after dinner. Jay was very happy to see how much little Jordan had grown. He would definitely take after his father. She could see the defiant nature as he pranced around the stall.

Jordan was the only one who could get close to him. No matter what they tried he’d run from everybody else. But as soon as he saw Jordan he would come over and beg for attention. Jay was pleased she chose to name him after the beautiful brunette.

"I can’t believe how big your colt has gotten." Jay said to Jordan. She wondered if Jordan would catch her wording.

"I know…." Jordan stopped when it hit her what Jay said. "What?"

"I said I can’t believe how big…your…colt has gotten." Jay repeated herself and smiled.

"No way, I can’t let you do that." Jordan replied shocked at what her love said.

"Yes, you can and I did." Jay informed Jordan as she took out some papers from her back pocket.

Jordan reached for the paper. Her hands shook as she read over the documents that said she was the owner of ‘Jordan’s Destiny’.

Nobody had ever done anything like this before. Usually she was the one everybody expected to give. She looked over at Jay who had a big smile on her face. Jordan couldn’t stop herself at that moment if she wanted to.

The kiss she gave Jay was nothing short of earth shattering. The emotions that ran through the two was like lava erupting from a volcano.

"Jay, I don’t want to stop." Jordan whispered between kisses. She started to unbutton Jay’s flannel shirt. Then she reached in and pulled the t-shirt free of Jay’s jeans.

Jay felt Jordan work her shirt loose. When she felt Jordan’s hands touch her skin she knew that there was so stopping. "We need to find someplace private." Her breath caught in her throat when Jordan started to nip her neck. "NOW!"

Jordan agreed. "Fast , very, very fast." She barely got out before Jay kissed her again.

Jay tried to think of a place where they could go and not be disturbed. Marge and Mary were in the main house. Sam and Jimmy were in hers. That only left one place, the barn.

Jay grabbed Jordan’s hand and ran for the barn. When they entered she guided Jordan to the ladder for the hay loft. Before Jordan could climb though Jay stopped her. "Are you sure?"

Jay’s answer was a kiss and a look of pure unadulterated lust. "Oh thank God."

"Follow me." Jordan ordered in a deep voice filled with desire.

"To the ends of the earth." Jay replied as she climbed. Before she reached the top of the ladder she saw a blanket lying over one of the stalls walls. "I better grab that. Hay sure can scratch the shit out of you."

When Jay reached the top of the ladder, Jordan had already made herself comfortable on a stack of hay. Jay laid the blanket over some fallen hay that was on the floor.

Jordan stopped Jay from advancing. "Wait, I want to remember every second of this moment. This is the most important thing ever to happen to me." She whispered. "I’m about to make love to the other half of my soul."

"I feel the same way. Nobody has meant more to me than you." Jay stepped closer. "I’m so scared right now. I hope that I can make all your dreams come true, and be able to give you everything you deserve."

"Right now my only dream is to hold you and make love." Jordan stood up slowly and walked over to Jay.

Jordan heard Jay’s breath catch as she ran her hands in between Jay’s shirts. She slowly pulled the top shirt off to fall on the floor. Then she finished un-tucking the t-shirt out of Jay’s pants. Jordan bent over and kissed Jay’s now exposed stomach as she lifted the shirt over Jay’s head.

The sensations of Jordan’s lips on her skin made Jay tremble. Never had anyone made her feel so much with just one touch.

"I won’t be able to stand much longer." Jay moaned as Jordan pinched her nipple.

Jordan trailed kisses down along Jay’s neck to her shoulder. "Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall." Jordan whispered before she hooked her fingers under Jay’s bra straps and tugged them down. "Your skin is like silk. So soft."

Jay stood there lost in the feelings Jordan was afflicting on her body. When the cool air hit her breast as they were released from her bra a tremor went through her body.

Jordan bent down and slowly ran her tongue around the right nipple before she slightly sucked on it. The other breast wasn’t left alone, she rolled and pinched until the nipple stood out and begged for the same attention the right was getting.

"Oh, baby that feels so good." Jay moaned as her head rolled back.

Jordan looked up and saw Jay’s head roll back. She knew that Jay couldn’t stand much more with out buckling to the floor. So she ran her tongue across the nipple once more before she kissed her way to Jay’s ear.

"I’m going to make love to you now. Once I do that you will be mine forever." Jordan purred as she licked the ear close to her mouth.

"Forever sounds great to me." Jay agreed as she brought her hands down on Jordan’s waist. She realized that her soon to be lover had on way to many clothes.

Jay felt around until she had the end of the sweatshirt and lifted it off Jordan in one move. The sight that greeted her was stunning. "You don’t have a bra on." Jay mumbled and ran a finger down the center of Jordan’s beast

"Mmm Hmm." Was all Jordan could say as she began to kiss Jay’s neck.

Jay guided Jordan back to the hay stack. She gently nudged Jordan to sit. "We have way to many clothes on."

Jay took Jordan’s shoes off and then knelt in between her legs. ‘May I?" She gestured towards Jordan’s zipper on her pants.

"Please." Jordan begged with pure lust in her eyes.

Jay undid the button and slowly unzipped the pants. She kissed the skin as it was revealed. White lacy underwear stood out against tan skin. "Nice." Jay said softly as she ran her fingers along the soft material.

Jay ran her hands down the long leg and when they reached the bottom of the pants in one swift motion the were against the far wall. Ever so carefully Jay hooked her finger under the elastic of the undergarment and pulled it ever so slowly down to reveal the present it hid..

The sight of Jordan’s naked body lying on a blanket in front of her stopped Jay in her tracks. "My God, you are the most glorious thing I’ve ever seen."

With one hand Jay slowly caressed Jordan’s stomach. She watched as goose bumps formed all over the soft skin. Jay could smell the aroused state Jordan was in as she lowered her lips to kiss Jordan’s belly button.

Jay slowly made her way up to Jordan’s breast and ran her tongue over the nipples that were asking to be touched.

Jordan gasped for breath when her sensitive nipple was nipped. "Oh, yes. That feels wonderful. Please don’t stop, don’t ever stop."

"I never plan on stopping." Jay said as she continued to feast on Jordan’s breast.

Jay ran her hand up Jordan’s thigh. She felt the muscles twitch to her light touch. The next thing Jay ran her fingers between moist lips, gently pressing on an enlarged clit.

"You are so wet." Jay moaned as she brought her wet finger to her mouth. "Oh, Jordan you taste like a treat from the gods."

Jay shifted so that she laid in between Jordan’s legs. She lifted Jordan’s legs so that they rested on her shoulders. She liked the way Jordan heals rested on her back. "I’ve wanted to do this since the first time we met." Jay said before she kissed her way down the thigh and ran her tongue across Jordan swollen center. The feeling of Jordan’s convulsing encouraged Jay. She sucked the clit gently in her mouth and flicked it with her tongue.

Jordan gasped at the intense sensations Jay sent through her body. She grabbed Jay by the hair. "Yes, Jay just like that."

Jordan knew she wouldn’t last long with this kind of attention, but she didn’t mind she wanted Jay to claim what was hers. "Please, Jay, I want you inside me." She begged.

Jay not one to be told twice entered Jordan with one finger. The muscles contracted at the sensation when Jay started to move in and out.

Jay wanted to give Jordan more pleasure so she added a second finger. The wetness increased so Jay added a third finger. The feeling of Jordan’s body as it shivered brought a smile to Jay’s face.

The feeling of the fingers and the friction of Jay’s tongue sent Jordan over the edge. Lights flashed behind Jordan’s closed eyelids. It was like a thousand shooting stars flying across the night sky. "YES, OH GOD, YES" Jordan screamed as she gripped handfuls of short blonde hair.

Her legs contracted trapping Jay. She didn’t mind though as she licked up every last drop Jordan’s body gave her.

As the last of the convulsion passed through Jordan’s body, she felt Jay crawl her way up her sweat soaked body. She shivered when Jay licked sweat from her body. "I love you, my heart

Jordan opened her eyes and saw passion filled green staring back at her. "Damn, that was incredible." She brought her head up and claimed Jay’s lips. She tasted herself and at the moment wanted to know what Jay tasted like.

She broke the kiss and grinned. "It’s my turn now." Jordan said to Jay and in one swift movement Jay was on her back.

Jay laughed. "Well if you have your heart set on it. I’m all yours."

"That’s right, you’re all mine. Nobody is ever going to do to you what I’m about to do". With that said Jordan captured Jay’s lips. Her tongue asked for entrance and Jay opened willingly.

When they broke off the kiss Jordan kissed her way to Jay’s ear. "You’re the best thing to ever come into my life. I plan on showing you exactly how I feel."

Jay took a deep breath and nodded her head. "Mmm, that sounds wonderful."

Jordan cupped Jay’s breast with her hands as she kissed down Jay’s neck.

Jay arched her back at the feeling of Jordan kissing her way down to a pert nipple. As soon as a warm wet tongue hit her sensitive nipple Jay moaned. "Oh, Jordan. Ohhh." When Jordan sucked harder then let go and latched on to her other nipple a bolt of lightening shot down to her center. "Baby please, I need you."

Jordan looked up at the most exquisite sight she had ever seen. The look of raw desire on Jay’s face made her insides flip.

With a smile she lowered a hand down Jay’s stomach. When it hit Jay’s jeans she sat up. "You are way over dressed." She said in a husky voice.

"Forgot them." Jay replied short of breath.

Jordan undid the buttons of Jay’s 501s. The sight of smiling faces greeted her as she pulled them down. "Well, that’s a nice surprise."

Jay sat up on her elbows and looked at her underwear. Then smiled at Jordan. "What can I say. I like Taz."

Jordan raised an eyebrow. "You’re a nut

"But I’m your nut." Jay grinned as she started to take her pants and underwear off all the way.

Jordan heart stopped when Jay’s was finished. "That you are. My very beautiful nut." Jordan said and kissed Jay.

Jordan brought her hand up the inside of Jay’s legs. She could feel the wetness as soon as she touched Jay’s pubic hairs. Jordan ran a finger through the curls and rubbed the swollen clit.

The contact made Jay’s body jump up off the ground. "YES." She moaned.

As Jordan caressed Jay’s clit she would every so often move her finger to her lovers opening. Entering just a bit, then pulling it out to rub the nub again. Then in one swift move she filled Jay completely.

Jay’s body shuddered. "That feels so good. Faster…Mmm

Jordan whispered in jay’s ear. "Come for me, love." She then accelerated her movements and sucked one of Jay’s nipples into her mouth.

The feeling of Jordan’s lips on her breast along with her fingers moving inside her sent Jay to the heavens. Her body surged up and she screamed. "JORDAN, YES, YES, YES. ILOVE YOU."

Jordan felt the last of Jay’s orgasm subside. She carefully extracted her fingers from their warm cocoon and brought them to her mouth. As she licked the juices off she moaned. "Mmm, good. Just like I knew you would."

When Jordan didn’t get a comment for what she said she looked up at Jay. She saw tears running down Jay’s cheeks. "My heart, what’s wrong? Did I do something that hurt you?" Jordan asked as she wiped the tears away.

Jay shook her head. "No, you did everything right. It’s just that I love you so much." Jay cried as she grabbed Jordan into a strong embrace. "Promise me that you’ll never leave me."

"You have nothing to worry about. Not even the devil himself could get me to leave." Jordan said in a reassuring voice. "I love you and will never intentionally hurt you. Got it?" Jordan shifted so that Jay rested next to her.

"I got it." Jay replied and rested her head on Jordan’s shoulders. "Sorry to sound like a baby. It’s just that every person I have ever loved has left me for one reason or another." Jay said quietly.

Jordan ran her fingers through Jay’s soft hair. She took a deep breath and replied. "There’s no way I could leave even if I wanted to. You’re my heart and without you I can’t survive. My life would cease to exist.

Jay squeezed Jordan and cried some more. Jay felt so lucky to have this woman love her. Sure she had Marge and Jimmy, but its not the same thing. Her heart would shatter if Jordan ever did decide that Jay wasn’t what she wanted. Deep down she knew that would never happen.

Jordan hung on until Jay calmed down. Her heart was over flowing with the love she had for this little blonde. She thanked Jay’s parents for bringing this wonderful creature into this world. She wished that they were alive to enjoy their daughter and all the love she had to offer.

Jordan’s parents were alive, but she knew how she’d feel if they weren’t. Tears started to form as Jordan understood why Jay was feeling the way she was. As she laid there and thought she felt Jay’s body move and heard a giggle sound.

"What’s so funny?" Jordan raised her head to look at Jay.

Jay laughed harder. She glanced up into amused blue eyes. "Oh, I was just wondering."

"Wondering what, my little Tasmanian devil?" Jordan teased.

"Hardy, har, har, boy aren’t you the funny one." Jay slapped Jordan’s stomach

"Hey now, I’m not the one who has Taz on my underwear." Jordan laughed as she caught the hand before she got slapped again and brought it up to her mouth and kissed the palm. Then she lowered it to rest on her heart. "Now tell me what’s so funny."

"I was just wondering, if this was your normal reaction to getting a present." Jay answered and kissed the breast next to her lips

"Well," Jordan gasped as she felt Jay take claim of her nipple. "It’s not everyday someone gives me a horse."

"If that was all it would have taken I would have gotten you one sooner." Jay giggled as she caressed lower down the shivering body.

"Trust me, it took more than a horse to get me here." Jordan replied.


"Oh really, and what would the more be?" Jay asked as she continued to play with the growing nipple.

"The most precious thing in the world." Jordan took a deep breath in. "You."

Jay stopped her hand and looked up. No matter how many times or ways Jordan said she loved her it would stop her in her tracks. "I love you so much." She said before all thought but bringing Jordan to the highest highs were lost.


Continued in part three…….

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