Raging Horses

Part Seven

T. Stratton

Read disclaimers in part one. Tinstrttn@aol.com


Jay sat out in the hallway staring at the white door that blocked her view of Jordan. She lowered her head and let the tears fall.

"She doesn’t remember me," Jay thought. "What’s going to happen now? Is it better to let her go and start over or do I stay?"

Jay’s head whipped up when the door opened and she tried to see in the room, but the portly nurse got in her way.

"Can you tell me what’s going on in there?" Jay asked hoping that the nurse would give her some kind of clue.

"I’m sorry, I can’t," the nurse smiled softly before she walked down the hall.

"I understand," Jay replied to the nurses back.

"Maybe this is some sign that we really aren’t meant to be together?" Jay grabbed the wheels of the wheel chair and gasped out in pain from her broken arm. She stopped a nurse and asked her to help her back to her own room.



"What is the last thing you remember?" Joe asked as he stood by the bed.

Jordan looked up at him; "Mary and I making plans to go see Grandma’s friend Marge."

Cindi brushed the dark bangs that had fallen into Jordan’s eyes, "honey that was a couple of months ago."

"No way, not possible." Jordan looked from one face to another.

"I’m afraid so," Lance said from a chair in the corner.

"Why don’t I remember? And who was the woman who was holding my hand?" Jordan asked confused.

"You must have hit your head harder than we thought," Joe explained, "and the woman who was here, her name is Jay Krammer. She’s has become a very good friend of yours."

Three sets of eyes looked at him wondering why he didn’t tell Jordan of her deeper relationship with Jay.

"If she’s as good a friend as you say why don’t I remember her?" Jordan questioned.

"Maybe it’s the trauma of the past couple of weeks. Your brain has shut itself off to take time to put everything in perspective." Cindi suggested as she slightly shrugged her shoulders.

"Maybe," Jordan mumbled as the pain medication the nurse gave her started to take affect.

"Sleep now," Joe bent over and placed a kiss on Jordan’s check.

"I’m going to go and check on Jay," Garrett whispered as he gave his mom a hug.

"I’ll go with you dear. She must be heart broken." Cindi followed Garrett to the door. "We’ll be back."

"Okay," Lance and Joe said together as they watched the dark haired woman sleep.



When Cindi and Garrett didn’t see Jay outside the door they walked up to the nurse’s station.

"Excuse me," Garrett said, "I was wondering if you might have seen a small blonde woman in a wheel chair."

"She have a broken arm?" One nurse asked as she closed a file she was looking at.

Cindi stepped up next to her son, "yes, she did."

"One of the other nurses helped her back to her room." The nurse informed the two Martins.

"Thank you," Cindi replied and quickly headed off to talk with Jay. She stopped at the elevators, "Garrett I think that maybe you should stay here."

"Are you sure?" Garrett asked as he rested his hand on his Mom’s shoulder.

Cindi nodded her head, "yes."

Garrett leaned over and kissed her check, "okay."



Jay turned her head when she heard the door open, "how’s she doing?"

"Okay, considering," Cindi answered as she made sure the door closed.

"She doesn’t remember anything about me does she?" Jay asked as the tears began to run down her face again.

Cindi shook her head; "the last thing she remembers is getting ready to go visit Marge." She stepped up and rubbed Jay’s leg. "This won’t last forever. She’ll get her memory back and everything will be fine."

"I hope so," Jay cried. "I feel so helpless not being able to do anything for her."

"We all feel that way," Cindi drew Jay into a hug. "Give it time. Things will work out."

Jay nodded her head, but didn’t share her feelings. "I’m not so sure about that."



After six weeks of being forced to stay in the hospital Jordan was very happy to see her house when they removed her from the ambulance.

"Home sweet home," Jordan grinned. "My own room, my own bed, my own everything."

"It’ so good to see you home," Ellen said as Jordan was carried past her and Jordan’s parents.

"Good to see you too, Ellen," Jordan replied with a small wave. "Hi, Mom and Dad."

"Welcome home dear," They smiled at the daughter.

The two paramedics carried Jordan up the stairs to her room. They gently transferred her from the gurney to her soft king sized bed.

"Heaven," Jordan moaned as she made herself as comfortable as she could.

"Now Ms. Martin make sure you stay in bed for another two weeks." One paramedic said as he flipped through her file.

"Like I’m going any where with two broken legs and a broken arm," Jordan wiggled her fingers at the man.

"True, just be careful okay. The doctor said you are healing nicely. You don’t want to cause more harm by moving around to much, okay." He smiled, "we’ll be going now. Take care."

"Not to be mean or anything, I hope I never see you again," Jordan teased.

"Same goes for us, bye," With a quick wave he walked out the door.

"So how does it feel to be out of that crummy hospital?" Joe asked his daughter as he walked in.

"Great," Jordan responded cheerfully. "So where is everyone?"

"Well, your Mom went to get you something to eat. Lance and Garrett are working and plan on stopping by sometime tomorrow. Ellen is with your Mom, and Jay is probably sitting on the beach like she has been everyday since she got back from the hospital." Joe stated not to happy with the last.

"Why has she been out there everyday?" Jordan asked. Jay had come to visit her a couple of times while she was in the hospital, but she never stayed to long or really talked about herself. Jordan could see that something was hurting Jay, but nobody would tell her what was going on. "I wish someone would tell me what’s going on. Supposedly Jay has been a friend of mine and even though I don’t remember I would still like to be her friend."

Joe wanted to tell his daughter that Jay was more than a good friend. He wanted to tell her that Jay was the one she had fallen in love with, who she had given her heart and soul too, but Jay thought it best to not put that kind of pressure on Jordan.

"I hope you’re hungry, because you have a tray full of your favorites." Cindi walked in with Ellen behind her. Both had trays in their hand. "We decided that it would be a good idea to have lunch up here with you."

"Good," Jordan said still looking at her dad with a raised eyebrow.

Joe was glad that his wife chose that moment to enter the room otherwise he would have talked, "Great."

"Oh here," Ellen walked up to Jordan after she put her tray down on the table. "One of those paramedics gave me this. I think it’s all your personal effects."

"Thanks Ellen," Jordan reached for the large brown envelope and laid it on the pillow next to her.. "I’ll look at it later."

"Let’s eat," Joe clapped his hands together, "I’m starving and that sure smells good."

"I will find out what everybody is hiding and why." Jordan thought as she watched the three busy themselves with setting up lunch.



"I suppose I should go up and see her," Jay said to the waves that tickled her feet. "It’s just hard, not to be able to show her how much I love her. To take her in my arms and kiss her, touch her….love her."

Jay slowly turned and walked back to the house. "I need to know what to do." She stopped and looked up to the blue skies, "give me some sort of clue as to what I should do."

When nothing happened Jay continued her walk up to the house. When she opened the door Ellen meet her with a smile.

"You didn’t get your cast wet again did you?" The housekeeper put her hands on her hips.

"No, and get yelled at by you again, no thank you," Jay teased the woman. "How is she?"

"Okay, she’s having lunch with her parents right now. Would you like something?" Ellen asked as she started to get a plate down from the cupboard.

"No, I’m not to hungry," Jay walked past Ellen and started for the stairs.

"You will not be any good to anyone if you don’t start to eat," Ellen yelled to Jay.

Jay stopped and lowered her head. "You’re right Ellen, but I just can make myself eat when I’m not hungry." Jay thought as she took a deep breath and slowly started up the stairs. "Maybe it’s time I left."



"So Mom what are your plans?" Jordan asked her Mom before she took a bite of her food.

Cindi sipped at her tea; "we will stay here until you get up on your feet."

"That could take months," Jordan replied with her mouth full.

Joe nodded his head, "yes it will, but we aren’t going anywhere."

"Thanks Mom and Dad," Jordan grinned. "Family is great." She thought as the large envelope caught her attention. Jordan reached for it and began to open it.

"Hi, " Jay said as she walked n the room.

Jordan looked up as she dumped the stuff in the envelope next to her. "Hello, and what have you been up too?"

"Not too much," Jay responded with a smile. "Just bumming around."

"That’s what I’ve been told," Jordan tossed the envelope on the floor and began to look at what she had next to her. "What’s this?" She asked as she brought up the ring that Jay had given her.

"It’s your ring," Jay stated as she grabbed a seat next to the bed.

Jordan looked at it confused; "it looks like an engagement ring."

Jay made a decision, "it is."

Jordan turned it and read the inscription, "you gave me this?"

Jay nodded her head and asked for the ring by placing her hand palm side up. "I gave this to you because I love you. You might not remember our love, but I do."

Joe had motioned to his wife that they should go. They silently stood up and left the room closing the door after them.

Jordan placed the ring on Jay’s palm, "what are you saying?" She was becoming upset.

Jay placed the ring on the bedside table next to her. Then she reached up and unclasped the necklace Jordan had given her. "You gave me this and I really shouldn’t keep it until you can remember the love you have for me." Jay reached for the ring and placed it on the chain with the pendent. "I want you to keep these together until you get your memory back."

"I still don’t understand what’s going on?" Jordan began to cry. "You and me?"

"Yes, you and me. I know this is the cowards way out. My heart can’t take you not knowing any more. That’s why I decided to tell you and let you get on with your life. If you ever do get your memory back you’ll know where to find me. If not…well you just won’t remember." Jay stood up quickly, "I’ll leave these on right here."

Jordan watched Jay place the necklace and ring on the table by the bed. Her heart jumped into her throat when she saw Jay wipe tears away with the back of her hand. "Where are you going?"

"Home," Jay answered softly as she turned around and walked to the door. Before she opened the door she turned to get one last look at Jordan, "I love you," she said looking straight into Jordan’s lost blue eyes. "Bye," Jay stepped out of the room.

Jordan watched Jay walk out of her room. She lay there trying to understand what just happened.

"Jay and me, together? That’s what everybody has been hiding from me." Jordan thought as she got mad. "Why in the hell didn’t they tell me?"

"We didn’t tell you because Jay did want to pressure you into something that you might not want any more." Cindi told her daughter as she walked back into the room.

"Mom, go get her and bring her back here." Jordan yelled. Mad that she couldn’t get up and get Jay herself.

"I won’t do that to Jay." Cindi sat down on the edge of the bed. "She hurting right now and if she feels like this is what she needs to do then I can’t stop her."

"You agree with her just walking in here and laying this at my feet. Then walking out of my life," Jordan slapped the bed with her hands.

"I never said I agreed with it. This is all a surprise to us too. We had decided that we’d wait to see if you’d remember. I don’t know what made Jay change her mind, but there is nothing I can do about it." Cindi frowned at the helpless look her daughter had on her face.

"I know I don’t remember her, but I feel like my heart is breaking into million pieces." Jordan cried. "I don’t understand what the hell is going on and there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it."

"I know sweet heart, but maybe it’s for the best. Jay has been lost without being able to help you and I think this is just her way of trying to protect herself from any more pain." Cindi said as she reached for a tissue on the bedside table. She noticed the necklace lying there and picked it up. "She gave this back to you?"

Jordan nodded her head, "Jay said I gave it to her and that she shouldn’t keep it until I remember my love for her."

Cindi unclasped the chain and pulled the ring off, "she didn’t take the ring with her?"

"No," Jordan wiped her face off with her hand.

"This belonged to her mother. She was killed along with Jay’s father and brother. They were killed by a drunk driver several years ago." Cindi informed her daughter as she put the ring back on the necklace and turned to place it around Jordan’s neck.

"Will you tell me more about Jay," Jordan asked as she touched the jewelry.

Cindi smiled, "sure honey."


"Where are you going?" Joe ran up to Jay.

Jay stopped, but didn’t turn around; "I can’t take it any more. I feel like I’m dying every time I look at her. She doesn’t remember me and I know this is the cowards way out, but what am I to do if she never remembers the love we shared." Jay turned around and looked at Joe with tears running down her face. "Be her friend and watch her find someone else? I honestly don’t think I could survive that."

"What if she falls in love with you again?" Joe stepped closer to Jay and tried to bring her into a hug.

Jay put her hands up to stop him, "don’t, please. I wanted to believe that might happen, but it hurts too much right now." She turned back around and headed down the stairs. She stopped on the last step and looked over her shoulder, "thanks."

Joe nodded his head and smiled. "My pleasure." He knew Jay wasn’t thanking him for letting her go, but for being something she hadn’t had in many years. A father.



"Jay?" Marge called as she waked out on to the porch. She saw Jay sitting on the swing staring off into space. "Honey, why don’t you call and see what’s going on. It’s been eight months now. Maybe she remembers something now."

"If she remembered she’d come back." Jay said softly.

Marge walked up to Jay and stood in front of her making her stop the swing. "I can’t believe you’ve sat here doing nothing. You let the one thing go in your life that finally broke those damn walls you built up after your parents died. I thought that you were a fighter."

"How in the hell am I suppose to fight something I can’t see? I could always see the Blacksmith’s coming at me. What happened to Jordan is something that the love I have for her can’t win. Nothing will bring those memories back." Jay stood up and began to pace.

"You didn’t stick around long enough to find out," Marge stopped Jay by grabbing her shoulders.

Jay stared straight into Marge’s eyes; "it hurt to much. It just hurt way to much."

Marge hugged Jay and started to cry, "I know, but sometimes life hits you in the gut and you have to take it, but it’s your choice to stand up against it again or let it win." Marge cupped Jay’s face in her hands, "are you going to let it win?"

"It already has," Jay reached up and pulled Marge’s hands off her face and walked off.

Marge watched Jay walk to the barn. Her heart broke at the way Jay had looked. "Defeated and broken." She thought as she wiped tears away from her eyes.


"Hi, Jay," Jimmy said when he saw Jay walk into the barn.

Jay looked up at her friend, "hi."

Jimmy went back to mucking the stall and watched Jay stand in front of the stall that held Jordan’s Destiny. After a couple of minutes Jimmy rested the pitchfork against the wall and walked over to Jay.

"What are we going to do with him?" Jimmy asked as he stood next to Jay.

Jay looked up at him, "what do you mean?"

Jimmy shrugged his shoulders; "he doesn’t belong to us."

Jay nodded her head, "you’re right, he doesn’t. What do you think we should do about it?"

Jimmy scratched his chin as he stepped up and leaned against the stall door, "we need to give him to Jordan. He belongs to her even if she doesn’t remember him."

"You’re right," Jay agreed, "how do you think we should get him there?’

"Sammy and I could take him," Jimmy responded. "Maybe it would help her to remember after she saw him. After all he was named after her and Jordan’s destiny is to be here with you."

"What makes you think that. Maybe what has happened is for the best." Jay spat as she kicked a bale of hay.

"If it wasn’t meant to be then you wouldn’t have named this horse after her." Jimmy turned to Jay. "Plus anyone who has ever seen you two together would know that. I’m not the smartest person in the world and I could see that you two belonged together."

"I’m not so sure any more." Jay confessed.

Jimmy patted Jay on the back, "I’m sure."

"So you think you could talk Sam into taking a road trip with you?" Jay questioned Jimmy with a smile. She figured that if Jimmy could see the right side of things the least she could do was look too.

"I know I could," Jimmy jumped up and down. "When do you want us to leave?"



"Boy you look good," Joe said as he watched his daughter walk down the stairs. It had been two weeks since Cindi and him had gone back to their own house and he was happy to see that Jordan’s progress was right on track.

"It’s all the physical therapist doing. That man is a bull when it comes to making sure he gets what he wants." Jordan reached her dad and gave him a kiss. "Where is Mom?"

"In the kitchen with Ellen," Joe guided Jordan by the arm into the living room.

"Do you know why Mary wanted to meet us all here?" Jordan asked as she sat down on the couch.

Joe shook his head, "not a clue. We were only told to make sure that we were here by ten."

"I hate it when she does stuff like this," Jordan crossed her arms over her chest, "hi, Mom." She said when her mom walked into the room with a tray with glasses of ice tea.

"Hello dear, how are you doing?" Cindi set the tray on the coffee table and sat next to her daughter. She leaned over and gave Jordan a hug and kiss.

"I’m fine," Jordan replied as she reached for a glass. "Is Lance and Garrett going to be here?"

"No, they both had to work." Cindi informed Jordan.

"That’s to bad," Jordan responded before she took a sip. "Mary better get here soon. This is driving me nuts."

"Well, here I am," Mary stepped into the room with a box in her hand.

"What’s in the box?" Jordan asked quickly. "Is that why you called this little meeting?"

"What no hello how are you?" Mary sat the box on the floor and put her hands on her hips. "I just might leave and not tell you what’s in the box."

"Sorry," Jordan stood up and stepped over to her friend and gave her a hug, "hello Mary, how are you this fine day?

"I’m just fine thank you," Mary hugged her friend back.

"Now will you tell us what’s going on?" Jordan grabbed Mary’s shoulders and shook her.

"Okay, okay, you win." Mary laughed. "If you would be so kind and follow me."

"Why?" Jordan questioned as she watched Mary go to the front door.

Mary stopped and turned around, "you want to know why I called this meeting?"

"Yes," Jordan answered.

"Follow me," Mary opened the door and stepped outside.

Joe and Cindi walked up to Jordan and each grabbed an arm.

The three Martins stepped out of the house at the same time and watched as a truck pulling a trailer pulled up in front of them.

"What’s this?" Jordan asked as some guy jumped out of the truck and looked at her. "Hello."

"Hello," Sam tipped his cowboy hat at Jordan. "Where do you want him?"

Jordan raised an eyebrow, "him who?"

"This way please," Sammy gestured for Jordan to step around back.

"Oh my God," Jordan gasped as she saw the hind end of a horse. "What’s going on?"

"He’s yours," Sam stated as he helped get Jordan’s Destiny out of the horse trailer.

Jordan looked over at Mary who had a big smile on her face. She marched over to her soon to be dead friend; "you bought me a horse?"

Mary laughed, "what are you crazy? Why would I buy you a horse?"

"Then what is going on?" Jordan fumed.

"We thought it was a good idea that you have him. Since she did give him to you." Jimmy said as Jordan turned towards him. "Hi, Jordan."

"Hi and do I know you?" Jordan asked as she looked at the big man.

Jimmy nodded his head and frowned, "yes, but you don’t remember."

"Sorry," Jordan moved closer to him. "And who gave him to me?" She pointed to Jordan’s Destiny.

"Jay," Jimmy answered softly.

Jordan stopped, "what?"

Jordan had spent an unknown amount of time trying to remember the small blonde who had left several months ago. She tried to place what her mom had told her in her memories, but nothing would emerge. That made Jordan sad, she knew that Jay loved her and she hated the fact that she couldn’t remember the love she had for her.

"Jay thought it would be best," Jimmy stated as he held up the reins for Jordan to take the horse.

"What would be best?" Jordan questioned not accepting the reins.

"That you keep him." Jimmy answered pulling Jordan’s Destiny closer to Jordan. "She gave him to you because she loves you. Please don’t hurt her any more than she already is."

Jordan looked at the man and nodded. She reached out and grabbed the reins. "Thank you."

"Don’t thank me, all I did was bring him here. I’ve never been this far from home in all my life." Jimmy smiled as he went to stand next to Sam.

"Pretty exciting, huh?" Jordan grinned at the man’s excitement. "Where are you two staying?"

"We have to find a hotel room. We wanted to get him to you has soon as we got into town." Sam said. "The box we gave Mary has all the papers of ownership. Plus some stuff Jay thought you might want."

"Okay, thanks." Jordan began to walk Jordan’s Destiny around the house towards the beach. "I’ll be back in a little bit. You two are more than welcome to stay here until you head back."

"Thanks," Sam and Jimmy replied as they closed the trailer doors.

"Let us know when you’re done with your walk and we’ll transport him to your stables." Jimmy said as he tightened the latch.

Jordan stopped and glanced over at Mary who had a big smile on her face, "stables?"

Mary laughed, "yep, when Jay contacted me about all this I knew you couldn’t keep him here."

"Right," Jordan rolled her eyes. "You know pay backs are a bitch?" She didn’t wait for Mary’s response and began to take her new pet for a walk.

"If it works out like I hope my friend," Mary mumbled as she walked to the house.

"Hi, Mary you didn’t forget me did you?" Jimmy asked shyly.

"No big guy, I didn’t," Mary hugged Jimmy and waved at Sam. "Hi, Sam."

Sam waved back, "I really hope this works."

"Me too," Mary smiled as she stepped back and guided the two men into the house. "If you want to get something to eat go into the kitchen and ask Ellen to make you something."

"Cool, I’m starved," Jimmy took off in the direction Mary pointed with Sam following him.

Joe and Cindi stopped her before she could go with the two men.

"You want to let us in on this plan of yours," Cindi waved between her and her husband.

"Even though I know Jordan can’t remember Jay her heart can and is missing that connection. I’ve been trying to come up with some plan, but nothing seemed right. Then Jay called me out of the blue. She wanted to see if I’d help her get Jordan’s Destiny settled here."

"What were you and Sam talking about?" Joe questioned as he moved into the living room. "What do you hope works?"

"When I talked to Jimmy he had this idea," Mary sat on the couch and grabbed a glass from the tray. "He doesn’t think Jay naming the horse after Jordan was just a coincidence."

"What did Jay name the horse?" Joe asked as he sat next to Mary.

"Jordan’s Destiny," Mary nodded her head as she watched the smiles form on the two faces of Jordan’s parents.

"Do you think it might jog her memory?" Cindi asked as she got excited.

Mary shrugged her shoulders; "it couldn’t hurt."



Jordan stood in front of the horse and looked deep into its eyes. "I forgot to ask what your name was." Jordan’s Destiny nudged Jordan’s shoulder. "Don’t worry I’ll ask when we get back to the house."

Jordan ran her hands up along the horses’ neck. "Jay gave you to me."

Jordan’s Destiny gave a slight nod making it look like he understood what Jordan was saying.

"How’s she doing? Is she okay?" Jordan asked the horse.

He looked at her and Jordan could have sworn she could saw sadness in those big brown eyes.

"I’m sorry for what happened. I know we had something but I can’t remember it. She was right to leave. I would have done the same. I don’t think I would have stayed as long as she did. I could tell that every time she looked at me something was eating her up inside. I didn’t now what it was then, but now I do." Jordan stepped closer to Jordan’s Destiny and hugged the strong horse’s neck. "I can feel it deep in my soul that something is missing and I know it’s Jay, but I don’t know what to do."

Jordan’s Destiny stood still letting Jordan get her grief out.


"What she doing?" Jimmy asked Ellen as he watched out the window.

Ellen came up behind Jimmy and looked, "she’s crying."

"Why? I thought that seeing Jordan’s Destiny would make her happy." Jimmy questioned as he went to sit at the table.

"I guess Jordan is sad because of the things she doesn’t remember." Sam replied before he took a bite of the sandwich that Ellen had made him. "You see even though her mind might not remember Jay her heart does."

Jimmy sat there thinking then all of a sudden he jumped up and ran into the other room. Joe, Cindi and Mary looked up at him when he rushed into the room.

"Hi, I was wondering if you might have that box I gave you?" Jimmy asked with excitement.

"It’s right there," Mary pointed to the brown box on the floor.

"Cool, thanks," Jimmy grabbed the box and ran back the way he came.

Mary looked at Joe and Cindi with a raised eyebrow before she jumped up and took off after Jimmy. Cindi and Joe were hot on her heels.



"Jordan," Jimmy yelled as he ran down the path to the beach.

Jordan lifted her head off the horse and looked up at Jimmy. She quickly wiped off her face with the back of her hand. "What do you need Jimmy?"

Jimmy came to a stop in front of her and raised the box up for Jordan to take. "You need to look in here."

"Why?" Jordan asked as she took the box out of Jimmy hands and set it on the beach.

"Trust me," Jimmy bent over and pulled the tape off and opened the box.

Jordan smiled, "I trust you."

"Good, then sit down. You can let him loose he won’t go to far from you." Jimmy knelt down on his knees.

"How do you know he won’t go far away?" Jordan let go of the horses’ reins and walked over to Jimmy.

"Because you and him have this connection. You were the only one who he’d let get close to him when he was younger." Jimmy stated as he continued to look in the box.

Jordan looked at Jimmy then at Jordan’s Destiny. She watched as the horse roamed around but never letting the tall brunette out of his sights. "Hmm, that’s kind of cool."

"You thought it was funny, because every time Jay would try to touch him he’d run or try to bite her." Jimmy moved so he was sitting crossed legged with several pieces of papers in his hands.

Jordan sat in front of Jimmy and watched him look at the paper. He wasn’t reading them just staring at them. "What have you got there?"

"I wasn’t supposed to bring these. Jay thought that it would be wrong." Jimmy lifted his head and looked Jordan right in the eyes. "I told her no that I had to let you see these. It shows the amount of love Jay has for you. That it might be just enough for you to come back to us." Jimmy started to cry. "Jay has been so lost without you. She says she okay, but I can tell she not."

Jordan gently pulled the papers toward her. "What are they?"

Jimmy smiled through the tears, "poems. Love poems that Jay wrote to you."

"Ohh," Jordan gulped flicking the ends of the papers with her fingernail.

"Jay didn’t want you to see them. I think she might be afraid that you’ve found someone else, but I know you and her are meant to be together. The sparks that flew when you two were together. WOW"

Jordan smiled and nodded her head. "Would you mind if I read these by myself?"

Jimmy jumped up; "I’ll take Jordan’s Destiny with me."

Jordan turned to look at Jimmy, "what is his name?"

"Jordan’s Destiny, Jay named him after you." Jimmy grabbed the reins and tugged on them to get the horse walking. "Bye."

"Yep," Jordan gave Jimmy a little wave as she started to read the poems.



"What did he give her?" Cindi asked Sam as they watched Jimmy walk away.

"I don’t know. The only things that I know were in the box were ownership papers and some stuff she left there." Sam shrugged his shoulder. "I’ll be right back." He walked out the door towards Jimmy who was walking up the path.

"What was so important that you ran out of the house like your ass was on fire?" Sam asked Jimmy as he walked up to him.

Jimmy lowered his head; "I wanted to help Jay."

"What did you do?" Sam questioned.

"I gave Jordan those poems Jay wrote her." Jimmy lifted his head and looked right at Sam. "I don’t want her to hurt any more. I want Jordan to come back with us and live with us."

"Jimmy Jay told you not to bring them. What are you going to do when Jay finds out?" Sam yelled.

Jimmy shrugged his shoulders, "I don’t know?"

Sam took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He smiled and patted the bigger man on the back, "come on. Lets get him settled in the trailer and find out where we are supposed to take him."

"Okay," Jimmy replied softly.

"I’m glad you had the guts to do it. I was to chicken too." Sam confessed as they walked around to the front of the house.



Jordan shifted through the papers unsure if she should read them or not. She looked up into the sky. "What am I supposed to do? I don’t want to pry into Jay’s personal life." Jordan clutched the papers to her chest. "But she did write them to me. So I guess it wouldn’t really be prying." She took a deep breath and started to read.



"What was in the box?" Mary asked Sam and Jimmy as they walked into the kitchen.

"You know those poems Jay would write and leave for Jordan?" Sam asked as he sat at the table.

"Yes," Mary nodded her head.

"Well, it seems our boy here decided not to listen to Jay and brought them here for Jordan to read." Sam informed the group of people.

"Way to go Jimmy," Mary jumped up and down and ran over and gave the man a big hug. "You are the greatest friend."

Jimmy blushed, "I just wanted Jay to stop hurting and Jordan is the only answer."

"You’re right and for what you did I think you deserve a great big ice cream cone." Mary offered. "Anyone else want one?"

"No, you go on ahead." Joe shook his head. "I think we might be needed here." He gestured with his head to the beach.

"You’re right, come on Sam I’m buying," Mary entwined her arms around the two men’s elbows and walked out of the room.


"Wow, that was amazing." Jordan wiped off her face as she put the poems back in the box. "The love that it took to write those. No wonder it was so hard for Jay to stay. I mean damn I knew she loved me, but not to that effect."

Jordan grabbed the box and headed up to the house. "I felt my soul opening up and feeling the words as I read them. Was that how I felt when she gave them to me?"

Jordan walked into the kitchen but nobody was around. "Hmm, I wonder where everyone went?" She walked into the living room and saw her Mom and Dad sitting on the couch each reading a book. "Hi, did Mary go home?"

"Yes, she left about an hour ago." Joe rested his book on his lap. "You’ve been out there for quite some time."

"Really?" Jordan looked up to the clock that was on the wall. "Damn three hours I sat there reading?"

"How are you?" Cindi scooted over to make room for Jordan.

Jordan sat down and rested her head on the back of the couch; "she loved me so much."

"I’m willing to bet she still does." Joe replied softly, "the question is do you love her?"

"I don’t even remember our time together. If it was so special why would I choose that to forget?" Jordan turned to look at her father.

"Who knows, the mind does what it has to do to survive and in the last couple of months before the accident you’ve had to live through a lot of very stressful things." Cindi patted Jordan’s leg.

"I guess," Jordan yawned and stood up. "I think I’m going to head up to bed. I’ll see you two tomorrow."

"Night honey," Joe stood up and gave Jordan a hug and kiss. "Sleep well."

"I will," Jordan bent over and gave her Mom and kiss and hug. "Night Mom."

"Night," Cindi hugged her daughter. "Pleasant dreams."

"Did Sam and Jimmy get settled?" Jordan asked before she left the room.

"Yes they did. I think they plan on heading home tomorrow though." Joe informed Jordan as he lifted his book up to read.

"Okay," Jordan said and walked up the stairs.



"The best way to wake up in the morning is in the arms of the person who has the other half of your soul. To just lie there and feel the peace and quiet of the new day. To be able to just hear the person you love breathe and to feel there heart beat under your ear." Jordan sat up and looked around her room and saw nothing but darkness. "Just a dream." She said as she put her head down and closed her eyes. As soon her mind started to fall back asleep flashes of light burst in front of her eyes.

Flashes of Jay and her with a newborn horse resting in their laps. They each have a big smile on their face. Then it changes to a meadow being scorched by fire. A jeep flying out of the flames and crashing to the ground. Then one of Jay curled into a ball covered with blood on her head.

Jordan gasped and sat up trying to breathe. "Oh my God, I remember." She whispered as more flashes go through her mind of Jay waking up and talking for the first time in days. The relief she feels at the sound of the voice. Another one of Jordan kissing Jay after she gave Jordan the papers of ownership for Jordan’s Destiny.

The most precious one to her though was the first time her and Jay made love. The smell and taste of Jay as she came and the feeling of pure love they had for each other.

"Ohhh, thank you God," Jordan cried as she quickly got out of bed. She grabbed her robe and ran out to the hallway. She knocked loudly on her parent’s bedroom door and walked in. "I remember," She screamed, "I’m going back with Sam and Jimmy tomorrow."

Cindi jumped out of bed and hugged her daughter, "I’m so happy for you."

"Will you help me pack?" Jordan asked her Mom.

"You bet lets go," Cindi grabbed Jordan and guided her out of the room.

Joe up at the ceiling, "thank you." He smiled and sunk back down to get some sleep.


"What did Luke want?" Marge asked Jay when she hung up the phone.

"Ritchie was just running off at the mouth last night at some bar. He just wanted me to know so I could watch my back." Jay replied as she sat down at the table and began to eat her breakfast.

"I still can’t believe he go out of jail." Marge shook her head in disgust.

"I know," Jay sighed, "I guess it’s good to have friends in high places. I can’t wait until the damn trial starts so we won’t have to worry about the Blacksmith’s anymore."

Marge nodded her head, "me either." She took a sip of her coffee; "damn it’s way too quiet with out the boys here."

"They’ll be her sometime today and then you’ll wish for peace and quiet again." Jay laughed as she stood up and placed her plate in the sink.

"What are you’re plans for today?" Marge asked.

"I’m going to go to the flats," Jay rinsed off her plate and put it in the dishwasher. "Tell me the truth, you really like this thing don’t you?"

"I didn’t think I would, but I do." Marge made a face. "I was sure surprised when Luke pulled up with that thing though."

"I know you were. I heard you yelling all the way from the barn," Jay grabbed her hat and coat. "I’ll see you later."

"Have a good day," Marge yelled to Jay’s back as the door closed.


Marge sat reading the newspaper trying to figure out the crossword puzzle when she heard the engine of a truck as it pulled up in front of the house. She stood up and walked to the window, "good, my boys are back." She said happily.

Marge set her paper on the coffee table and walked to the front door. She opened the screen door and saw Sam getting out of the truck, "did you bring me anything from the big city?"

"Would I do?" Jordan asked as she slid out after Sam.

"Ohh, my word," Marge brought a hand up and covered her mouth. "You remember?"

Jordan just nodded as she walked up to steps to give Marge a hug.

"Jay is going to be so happy," Marge cried as she kissed Jordan on both cheeks before drawing her into a hug.

"Where is she?" Jordan begged.

"Out on the flats, but my guess is you’d find her sitting under that big tree by the pond." Marge stated as she looked into Jordan’s eyes. "You go to her. She’s lost with out you."

"Just as I am without her," Jordan took off down the steps and jumped into the truck. Jimmy and Sam had already unhitched the trailer and were getting Jordan’s Destiny out of the back.

"Life is good again," Marge said out loud before she walked into the house.


Jay was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear the truck pull up and park next to her jeep. She kept throwing small rocks into the water and watching the ripples spread out until they stopped.

"Careful, you might accidentally hit your friendly neighborhood turtle," Jordan said as she walked over to Jay.

Jay stopped in mid throw and lowered her head.

Jordan saw Jay’s shoulder shudder as she began to cry. "Oh, baby don’t cry." She ran over and knelt by Jay hugging her.

Jay grabbed ahold of Jordan’s shirt; "you’re not a dream?"

"No, I’m not and I’m here. To stay if you’ll have me?" Jordan moved so she could sit down next to Jay.

"Forever and always," Jay turned her head and kissed Jordan with all the love and passion she had held in her since they were separated. "God, I love you."

"I love you too, please make love to me." Jordan moaned as Jay kissed down her neck.

Jay reached up and unbuttoned Jordan’s shirt. She kissed the skin that was revealed as she went. "You have no idea how much I’ve missed this, your smell your taste."

"You God," Jordan mumbled as her body vibrated with need.

Jay opened the shirt all the way but didn’t bother to take it off. Her hands were already busy caressing soft skin. She saw the scar where Jordan had surgery and ran a trembling finger across it. "Does it still hurt?"

Not sure what Jay was talking about Jordan looked down, "no, it’s sensitive, but it doesn’t hurt."

Jay raised an eyebrow, "sensitive, huh?" She leaned over and ran her tongue where her finger had just been.

Jordan’s whole body shivered and she rolled her head back. "I like that."

"Me too," Jay gently guided Jordan to lie on her back as she continued to kiss around the pink scar.

"Ohhh, Jay, I want to feel you too." Jordan said as she reached down to pull Jay on top of her. "I want to do this together."

"Sound good to me," Jay smiled and bent her head to kiss Jordan. "Help me take my clothes off?"

"Like you need to ask," Jordan reached around and pulled Jay’s shirt from her pants and continued until it was laying somewhere next to them. She then unclasped Jay’s bra and took it off her.

"Still beautiful," Jordan cupped Jay’s breast and twisted the nipples that perked out wanting attention. She raised her head and sucked one of the nipples into her mouth.

"I’m going to explode," Jay arched her back and moaned. "It’s been so long."

Jordan let go of Jay’s nipple and waited until Jay looked down at her, "you haven’t slept with anyone else?"

"No, why would I when you’re my heart. Just because we weren’t together doesn’t mean that I stopped loving you and being your wife." Jay smiled as she trailed kisses across Jordan’s chest.

"Hold on a second," Jordan reached into her shirt pocket and pulled out a small bag. "I want to give you this before we go any further."

Jay moved off of Jordan and sat next to her. She watched as Jordan pulled out the necklace and ring they had given each other.

"May I?" Jay motioned towards the ring.

Jordan unhooked the clasp and removed the ring and handed it to Jay.

"Can I do this first?" Jordan asked softly.

Jay nodded her head and waited.

Jordan cleared her throat, "I knew the moment I first laid eyes on you I loved you. The tough cowboy I saw jumping out of her jeep cussing and madder then hell. I wanted to protect you and love you. The first time we made love, up in the barn was the most magical night I have ever had. You showed me that my heart and soul was safe in your hands." Jordan reached over and wiped a tear that fell down Jay’s check. "I’m sorry that I didn’t keep yours safe." She stopped Jay from talking by placing two fingers over her lips, "please let me finish."

Jay kissed the fingers and held on to them in her hands.

"I know it wasn’t my fault, but still I feel guilty. I knew you were hurting and I couldn’t help you." Jordan reached around Jay’s neck and clasped the necklace in place. "I would be the happiest person in the world if you would wear this again."

Jay cupped Jordan’s face and kissed her, "It would be my great honor to wear this, but know this I never plan on taking it off again."

"Good, I like it that way." Jordan kissed Jay back. "I love you."

"My heart shattered that day in the hospital when you didn’t know who I was. I honestly didn’t know where my life was going to go. Sure I had the ranch and Marge and lets not forget Jimmy and Sam." Jay laughed as she scratched her chin.

"No let’s not forget Jimmy since I think it was him that helped me get my memories back." Jordan smiled, "I’ll tell you later."

"Okay," Jay coughed and took a deep breath. "Without you, my life was nothing. It was normal and ordinary. You made everything better. The sky is bluer and the grass is greener. My eyes are open again to what the world really looks like."

Jay sat up on her knees and gestured for Jordan to do the same, "Forever and always is how I see this. You and me together until it’s time to go into our next life time together. Would you do me the greatest honor of wearing my ring?"

"Forever," Jordan cried as Jay slipped the ring back on her finger.

"You and me together until time stand still," Jay kissed the ring on Jordan’s finger. "Now where was I?"

"Here and here and here and here," Jordan pointed at several spots on her body.

Jay tackled Jordan and as they lay on the ground Jay gave Jordan and evil smile, "how could I forget."



To Be Continued in part eight………………


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