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Jennifer Cantley aka Gabster

Last Updated:  4/19/2017

Ebb and Flow

Xena and Gabrielle are on there way home and Gabrielle wants to stay at there favorite waterfall before going home sounds fairly reasonable right? Well, Gabrielle has an grizzly encounter and when they do get home Xena confronts her mother on her relationship with Gabrielle.

The Greater Good in A different light

Gabrielle runs in and finds out the Xena has died when she approaches her covered body these might be some of her thoughts that is going through her mind.

One Against an Army Part 2 - After Effects

This takes place right after "One Against An Army", or it can be done as a part 2 episode.

Queen, Warrior, Bard

Time frame right after fighting Helicon & Back, Xena notices changes that she sees in Gabrielle after so much fighting so she decides to take Gabrielle off of the battle field after losing so many of her fellow Amazon sisters it's effecting her, Xena also surprises with a new home base that she had secretly build for just such occasions.

Tag Your It

A hot days travel on a hot dusty road just trying to find ways to stay cool with a little fun.

Xena Warrior Princess - The Legend Continues   [Incomplete]

This will start right from where the series ended, This story is about how Gabrielle deals with Xena's death and finding out she can bring her back to life. There is a little violence and a beheading of a certain bitch and little bad language.

Part 1  Part 2