Disclaimer - The characters in this story are mine. Any resemblance to any fictional characters is purely coincidental. This is an uber story and so the two lead characters may be familiar. Some locations contained within the story are real and some are fictional.

Love/Sex warning/Disclaimer - This story depicts loving consensual sexual relationships between women. If you are under 18 years of age or if the themes of these relationships are illegal in your country then I suggest you skip this story.

Warning - This episode contains mention of sexual assault.

Disclaimer - The characters in this story are mine. Any resemblance to any fictional characters is purely coincidental. This is an uber story and so the two lead characters may be familiar. Some locations contained within the story are real and some are fictional.

Love/Sex warning/Disclaimer - This story depicts loving consensual sexual relationships between women. If you are under 18 years of age or if the themes of these relationships are illegal in your country then I suggest you skip this story.

Warning - This episode contains mention of sexual assault.

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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2

Episode 4



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Emily lay with her head on Dylan's lap, enjoying the gentle stroking of her partners fingers through her hair.

When she had spoken to Rain about her fears when it came to becoming intimate with Dylan again, she advised relaxing into these small quiet times, where they would simply touch with no expectations, except to convey the love each had for the other. Slowly rebuilding the bond between the two and making Emily feel safe in their intimacy.

"Hmm. This is nice. Just you and me."

Dylan lifted her fiancee's hand and kissed it tenderly. "Yes it is." Dylan was happier than she had been in a long time. Emily was calmer, happier, and just being together, sharing this quiet moment in front of the fire was like heaven.

"I'm glad you got on so well today Emmie, but I want you to be honest and talk to me. If you need space or alone time, or if there are any thoughts turning over in that mind of yours, then tell me and I'll chase them away."

Emily sat up and smiled at Dylan. "Rain was right. You are my growly lion!"

"Oh don't you start with that as well. I mean it. I know your gonna have down times, where things aren't going so well, or you need some time to go do some of the exercises Rain gave you to do, just tell me. I'll play with Molly and give you the space. Don't bottle things up inside."

How did I ever get so lucky! Thought Emily, and she leaned in and kissed Dylan on the nose. "You are the sweetest goofy TV star I could have ever hoped for. There is something I've been thinking about a lot since this afternoon. I don't know what you'll think about it."

"What? Tell me."

Emily moved so she was sitting fully in Dylan's lap. "Well...you know we talked about putting everything behind us and having a great family Christmas?"


"I want us to be a family officially. I don't want to wait and put our life on hold anymore. I want us to be married before Christmas."

Dylan was silent for a full minute, just staring at her partner."

"Dyl? Say something."

Then Emily felt herself pulled into a long passionate kiss. When they pulled back for air Dylan said, "Nothing on this earth could make me happier, than to make you Mrs Morgan. I just didn't think you would be up to it so soon."

"I want to honey. I want to get on with our lives."

"I just don't want you to commit to it then get stressed and worried again."

"Well. What I was thinking was to scale the wedding back from what it was. Just you, me, Molly, your parents and Jackson and Rosie, and Lynn of course, at city hall. No publicity, no press. Just our family and friends. The people who care about us."

"It sounds wonderful but we only have three weeks till Christmas, that's not much time to get a wedding together, plus we have Christmas presents, decorations, a tree all to organize. I don't have any of those things, I never bothered when it was just me, Christmas was just another day to me." Dylan said sadly.

That made Emily even more resolved to make it all perfect. "I know it was lonely for you, Molly and I only had each other, and I couldn't afford to give her much, but this year will be different because we'll all be together. I have my dress, you have your suit. We could just have our friends at a restaurant or back here after, some food, some drinks? That's not too hard. As for presents and decorations, that's easy."

Dylan thought for a minute. She thought of how perfect it could be. She thought how it would make her dreams come true. Then she thought how it was a lot to take on for Emily, so early in her recovery. Would the stress set her back?

What should I say? Don't even try and kid yourself Morgan. You know you're going to give her exactly what she wants any way! Yep. She has your number. Some lion huh?

"Okay. I'll agree, but on one condition."


"If you feel too stressed, or it's getting to much for you, you tell me. You get my mom and Rosie to help you, and do not miss one appointment with Rain. Okay?"

Emily beamed and gave Dylan a big kiss on the lips before jumping off her lap and running towards the bedroom. "Yes, my growling one!"





Episode 4




Emily continued to make good progress with her recovery. She spent some time each day on her own in meditation, and doing the exercises Rain had given her. It was Dylan's last show before the Christmas break on Saturday, so they booked the wedding for the following Saturday. The ceremony would be quiet one at city hall, with just Dylan's parents, and Jackson and Rosie, Lynn, and her buddies, Mark and Patrick. Then for afterwards, Dylan had paid a small fortune, because of the short notice, for one of the city's coolest restaurants to host the reception. This way she hoped to maintain security and privacy of their day. Dylan's loyal staff had been invited to the reception as they were as close to family as she had before Emily and Molly. Everyone was on board to help, with Patricia and Rosie being invaluable in helping Emily with the preparations. Although Jackson would not be working, she had put together a small team of security people she knew were good at what they did, to try and keep the press and the curious out.

Jackson popped her head into the kitchen where Emily and Patricia were choosing food for the small wedding reception.

"Um...Emily could I have a word?" Jackson asked nervously.

"Sure Jackson come in." But the soldier hung around the door.

Patricia saw the nervous look on Jacksons face and decided to give them some time alone

"Emily, why don't I get Molly cleaned up for lunch. You two talk."

"Thanks Pattie. Sit down Jackson. Is there something wrong?"

The soldier ran her fingers nervously through her dark short hair. "I...I didn't want to bother you with this. You've been..."

"Jackson. Tell me."

Jackson shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "You know how I feel about Rosie?"

Emily smiled softly. "Of course I do. It's written all over your face every time your with her."

"Yeah well. We got closer when you were in hospital. Things didn't seem as hard. We didn't argue, just supported each other, anyway when we got home, she seemed to retreat from me again, but the other night when we brought Dylan home, we talked and she said she would go out on a date with me."

"That's great Jackson! So what's the problem."

"Hippy girl got to choose the date so I have to cook a three course meal at my place, and I've only ever heated up field rations over a gas burner."

Emily burst out laughing. "Hey don't laugh! This my chance to impress her. She thinks I'm too butch. She testing me or setting me up to fail, one of the two."

"Oh Jackson she doesn't think your too butch, you're just different than she's used to, and what her peer group expect her to go for. She loves who you are, believe me."

"Really?" Jackson perked up a little.

Oh Jackson, you are both perfect for each other. Clueless, but perfect.

"We'll yeah! She looks like she wants to devour you whole when you're not looking, but why three courses Jackson? Could you not have started out with something...a little...more manageable?"

"Well she issued a challenge!" Jackson covered her face with her hands.

"I'm screwed, aren't I?"

Emily's two friends had been so good to her family, there was no way she was going to watch them be unhappy. I'll bang their heads together if need be!

"Listen, let me have a think. I'll come up with a menu that will be fool proof, even for you okay?"

"Thanks Em. I don't want to give you extra stress or anything."

Emily got up and poured them both some coffee. "Hey don't you start! I've already got Dylan fussing about the wedding and Christmas shopping being too much for me. I mean what's stressful about Present shopping? It's fun, especially now I don't have to scrimp and save. I'm doing well so far with Rain and feeling better, so I just want to do things and get on with life. You know?"

Jackson nodded in understanding. Emily then a horrible thought. "I've thought of something that's stressful. Dylan's Christmas present. How do you buy something for someone who has everything!"




Saturday evening arrived and Jackson had been in the kitchen most of the day. She had gone over to Emily's early morning to collect the groceries her friend had picked out for her to use. Jackson cast her mind back to first thing this morning.


Emily stood the kitchen counter with her friend, while Dylan and Molly ate Breakfast behind them at the kitchen table.

"Now remember Jackson don't leave the spaghetti on too long, you want it with a little bite still in it. I've written the recipe out stage by so even a child like Molly could follow it."

In the background Dylan guffawed in laughter. Jackson turned and gave her buddy a sharp look.

"Although Molly may manage it, I have no doubt it would be too involved for Dylan."

"Hey!" Dylan shouted, annoyed at the smug look she was getting from Jackson. Dylan picked up a grape from the fruit bowl and threw it at the back of Jackson's head making Molly giggle.

"Don't make me turn round Dylan Morgan! Jackson is doing something really romantic and she needs our support!"

"Oh yeah and I'm not romantic?"

"Of course you are honey." Emily said dismissively.

"I'll show you romantic!" Dylan muttered under her breath.

"What's mantic Mom?" Molly asked innocently.

"Emm...when you really love someone a whole lot, you make things special for them. Like when I buy mama flowers?"

Molly nodded. "Just like that. I'm very good at it." Dylan said smugly.

"Now be careful when your adding the chilies. You don't want to blow her head off."

"No, just her dress maybe!" Dylan laughed.

Emily turned round and gave her partner a glare. "Dylan, if you don't want me to tell Jackson the little nickname Rain has for you, then you'll be quiet."

"Emm. Why don't we go and get you dressed Molls. Come on jump on board smurf!"

Emily couldn't help but smile as she watched Molly jump on her Mom's back and trot off together.

"Diddey up Mom!"

"Now where were we Jackson?"


Although Jackson appeared annoyed at Dylan's laughter, she secretly craved that she and Rosie could have what Emily and Dylan shared in that family kitchen.

The former soldier had taken on the job of cooking as if it was a military campaign, and Emily's instructions orders from a commanding officer. Despite this, she was more nervous than she had ever been when facing the enemy.

"Okay, now the sauce just needs heated when Rosie arrives, the starter is plated up and ready to go, dessert is the fridge." Jackson looked down at her watch. "Woah! Better get dressed!"





Rosie, despite her bravado when they had arranged the date was nervous as she walked towards Jackson's front door. Nervous of what this date would mean, nervous because she knew deep down that it was becoming harder and harder to resist Jackson. Added to that, Emily's words ringing in her ears from their earlier phone conversation.


"I'm glad you got on so well with the therapist. She sounds great. How did you find about her again?"

"Umm. I'm not sure. Maybe someone at the studio?" Dylan had made Emily promise to keep Jackson's secret.

"We'll I've got lots of meditations and music I could give you."

"Thanks, so tonight's the big night?"

"Yeah." Rosie chuckled. "I can't wait to see what Jackson makes for a three course meal."

"About that. She's tried really hard, so give her a break for me okay?"

There was a pause on the line then Rosie suddenly thought. "Did you make it for her Em? You can tell me!" Rosie thought she finally had something over her sometime nemesis.

"No I didn't. I just gave her some recipes and some guidance. She was a bit lost, but she wanted tonight to be perfect for you, so she's pulled out all the stops for this. I know she seems really tough Rosie, but she's like Dylan in that way. Tough on the outside but underneath soft and vulnerable."

Rosie was about to say how she couldn't believe Dylan was vulnerable, but then she thought of how she had been when Toni had taken Emily, and how she was with Molly, and she knew only Emily must see that side of her partner. Rosie knew Emily was right, no matter how much she tried to fight it, she knew Jackson, and she would protect that vulnerability just as Emily did with Dylan.

"You're right I know. Don't worry, I won't torment her much...no I promise."

"Good, now make sure you call me with all the juicy gossip! Remember we have a date to go Christmas shopping tomorrow."

"Em, nothing's going to happen. It's just dinner. I'll see you tomorrow."

Even as she said it, her heart sped up at the thought of being in Jackson's arms again.

"Just dinner...of course it is."



Well here goes!

Rosie rang the bell and a few moments later Jackson opened the door, a shy smile on her face.

"Hi, uh you look just...beautiful." Jackson got a little lost in taking in Rosie's feminine form. Wow! The black mini dress the young woman wore, allowed Rosie to show off some of her best attributes, and Jackson clearly appreciated them.

Rosie watched with amusement as Jackson seemed to be struck dumb. She had agonized over what to wear for a couple of hours, showing her father nearly every outfit in her closet. At the start she was determined for her clothes to appear as disinterested as she could, but by the end she had picked her best, and most feminine outfit, simply because she knew Jackson would like it.

"Eh...can I come in? Or are we eating in the hallway?" Jackson realized she had been caught staring said, "Uh...of course sorry! Come in please. Let me take your coat."

Jackson took her coat and said, "Please take a seat. Can I get you a drink? Glass of champagne?"

Rosie gave her a surprised look. " You don't look like the champagne type soldier boy."

"I'm full of surprises hippy girl! So champagne?"

"Okay, that would be nice." When Jackson left her to go into the kitchen Rosie had the opportunity to look around. The room had a romantic glow owing to the dimmed lights and the candles dotted about the room. Over in the corner, the dining table was set out beautifully, with more candles crystal wine glasses and a single red rose at her table setting.

Jack, you really are trying aren't you. Maybe....

"Hey, I thought I'd open it in here. Will you hold your glass for me?"

Rosie took the champagne flute and watched in amazement as Jackson gently squeezed the cork out of the bottle without a huge pop or the liquid spilling everywhere."

"Impressive, and that's coming from a bartender."

Jackson smiled and poured out a drink for them both. "Here you go, enjoy."

"What will we drink to?" Rosie asked.

"How about new beginnings?"

"New beginnings."

Rosie took a sip and nearly choked when she saw the label on the bottle. "Woah! 1938? Where did you get that?"

"Oh um. It was a present."

Rosie felt a wave of jealousy wash over her. Who is giving her champagne? 1938 Kruger champagne at that.

"Nice present!" Rosie said in an offhand manner.

Hey are you jealous hippy girl? Thought Jackson.

"Yeah nice present from the fifty year old, married with three kids, French ambassador. A gift when I finished my assignment. "

The fact that Jackson smirked and saw right through her jealously annoyed the young woman greatly.

"Hey I didn't care who gave you it soldier boy!"

"Sure you didn't."

Then through her annoyance, Rosie realized the significance of Jackson opening this bottle for her.

"You shouldn't have opened this for me, it must be worth a lot of money."

Jackson reached out and took Rosie hand in her own. "Tonight's special to me. I think it's a perfect time to open this. Did I tell you look beautiful tonight."

Rosie blushed. "Yes, but thank you. You look really nice yourself." Jackson was dressed in designer jeans and black shirt open at the collar. Rosie guessed this was as casual as the ex soldier got.

"Too butch I guess?" Rosie met her eyes and said, "No. You don't have to change anything for me."

Jackson was knocked slightly off balance by this and decided a retreat was in order. "Um...I'll just go and check the food okay?"





"This is so nice Jackson!"

"You sound surprised?"

Everything had gone well so far, the simple salad starter had gone down well, with Emily's special dressing recipe taking the dish to another level.

"I suppose I am. So tell me something about yourself. Why did you join the army?"

"I was born to do it."

Rosie stopped mid bite , and gave Jackson a strange look. "What? How can you be born to do it?"

"The same way that my sister wasn't. It's a family tradition, and as much as I say I'm not like my father, if I'm honest, we share a lot of the same characteristics. Ever since I can remember, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to serve my country. Uh I know that sounds weird to you."

Rosie sighed and put down her fork. "Look, I can't pretend to understand the urge to fight, and we are never going to agree on a lot of things. I mean, I've been protesting war in the Middle East since I was a teenager, but now that I've come to know you, I understand there are are soldiers who just want to serve their country and keep the peace." Taking a chance, Rosie reached over and took Jackson's hand. "And they don't come anymore honorable than you Jack."

Jackson brought Rosie's hand up to her lips to kiss and said, "Rosie I..." She was interrupted by a hissing sound coming from the kitchen.

"Oh no! I forgot about the spaghetti!" Jackson jumped up and ran to the kitchen to find the water boiling over the pot, and covering the stove top. "Oh shit!"





Sometime later, the couple sat together on the couch. "It was fine."

Jackson had a scowl on her face. "No it wasn't. The pasta was so over cooked it was mushy."

"Well I don't like my pasta al dente, so it was fine." Rosie lied. In truth the main course of pasta and chili pasta sauce had not worked so well, but Jackson felt so bad about it, Rosie was trying to make her feel better."

"I don't think so, and you nearly choked because I forgot to take the seeds out of the chili's!"

"Jack..." Rosie tried to interrupt but Jackson continued on.

"I mean what idiot forgets to take all the seeds out the chillies when chopping them. I wanted tonight to be perfect. I guess you've proved your point that I would mess it up!"

"Jackson Hunter! Would you shut the hell up!"

"Wh..did you just tell me to shut up?"

Rosie moved closer and teased, "Yeah, what you gonna do about it soldier boy?"

She thought she could almost hear a soft growl before Jackson's lips met her own in a fiery kiss. The ferocity of the kiss and the passion should not have surprised Rosie, the entire time she had known the bodyguard, they had been at each other's throats, either wanting to kill or kiss each other, but it did. She felt an insatiable need for Jackson, a passion that she thought was unquenchable.

The young woman allowed herself to be pushed back on the couch, Jacksons kisses moving from her lips to her neck, gently nipping and licking the most sensitive spots. "Jack." Rosie moaned.

"Why do I feel like this. You're not even my type."

Jackson stopped and looked into her loves eyes. "I am exactly your type. I was made for you. I love you hippy girl."

She had said it to her before, but something inside had always made her doubt if Jackson truly meant it. But now, here in this moment looking into her eyes, she knew the truth.

Rosie reached up and stroked her fingers tenderly down Jackson's cheek. "I know. I love you too."

After waiting so long to hear, and being pushed away by Rosie for so long, Jackson savored the words. "Please tell me again."

"I love you Jackson Hunter." Their lips came together again, this time only with tenderness and none of the ferocity of the first kiss.

As Jackson slowly kissed down her jawbone, Rosie said, "Jack, make love to me."

Jackson stopped and looked in Rosie's eyes, determined to make sure she wasn't reading any signals wrongly, like the way she had when Rosie first came to her apartment.

Rosie saw the uncertainty, and knew that she had put it there. She traced Jackson's lip with the tip of her finger. "I want this Jack, I want you. Make love to me."

After a few seconds, Jackson stood and pulled Rosie with her. She said nothing but pulled her towards the bedroom. Jackson stood watching Rosie intently but not making the first move, as if she was scared of doing the wrong thing.

Rosie turned her back and pulled Jackson to her, echoing the position they had been in the day she had rejected Jackson. Rosie met her soon to be lovers eyes in the mirrored closet doors ahead of them. "I'm ready." She whispered.

Jackson's eyes turned darkly passionate. She then closed them for only a second and took a breath. I'm ready. Those words said so much to Jackson. The first time they were here, in this moment, Rosie had known what was in her heart, but was not ready to admit it or show it. Now Jackson knew she had Rosie's heart truly and willingly given, and she intended to show her new lover, just what that meant to her.

Jackson ran her closed lips, from the curve of Rosie's exposed shoulder up to her ear, barely touching, and taking in the very essence and scent of her lover. When Rosie felt Jackson breathe in her ear, "I love you, you're mine to love and adore. I'll spend eternity proving it to you. She moaned then leaned her head to the side as she felt Jackson's teeth nip at her neck. After each bite a tongue laved the reddening mark. Rosie's arm came round to pull Jackson's head further into her.

In the room, the only sounds that could be heard were the breathy moans of pleasure coming from Rosie, then the sound of a zipper being lowered, as Jackson took they're lovemaking to the next stage. Rosie allowed her dress to slip down and pool at her feet, then kicked it to the side. Rosie lifted her head to find Jackson looking at her body hungrily in the mirror in front of them. She wore a black bra and panties set that took Jackson's breath away. Rosie reached back for her lovers hands and placed them on her bare stomach. "Oh God hippy girl. Thank you for letting me touch you."

"Touch me more." Rosie moaned.

Jackson pulled her hands back and quickly divested Rosie of her bra and panties, leaving her naked. Using the back of her hand and fingers, Jackson softly traced from the top of Rosie's spine, down and round her hips. Momentarily losing control and her promise to herself to go slow, she pulled Rosie's hips back and ground herself into Rosie's buttocks. "Oh God darlin, it terrifies me how much I want you, I'm frightened of scaring you."

Rosie saw in the reflection that Jackson was staring hard at her breasts, and lifted her hands on top of them to encourage her. "I don't scare easy soldier boy. Squeeze."

Jackson wasted no time in squeezing and pinching her new lovers nipples.

"I want your mouth on my breasts Jack." Jackson spun her lover round and kissed her deeply. Rosie wrapped her legs around Jackson's waist allowing her lover to carry her over to the bed. Jackson lowered her carefully down and quickly took her shirt off. Rosie noticed she didn't wear a bra but a sports compression shirt. It seemed to make her muscular shoulders and arms all the more prominent.

Jackson peeled it and the last of her clothes off, and came down to lie beside her, Rosie gently stroked along the muscular contours of Jackson's body. "I love how your body is so different to mine."

"You do?"

"I do." Rosie did mean it. Despite her protestations to the contrary, who Jackson was, and how she appeared was exactly what she wanted and needed.

"I have never felt like this before Jack." She trailed a finger down Jackson's lip. "I need you inside of me."

"Oh yeah? why?" Jackson trailed her fingers across Rosie's bare stomach, driving her to distraction.

Realizing she was being teased she rolled Jackson over until she was sitting on top of her waist.

She picked up her lover's hands and placed them on her breasts. Jackson smiled, playing along for the moment.

Rosie's hips began to rock and Jackson could feel how excited she was, but it didn't seem to be enough. "Jack I need you inside now."

In a second, Rosie was on her back with Jackson over her, holding her wrists above her head.

She struggled a bit then realizing it was fruitless gave up.

"I think I asked you why you want me inside you?"

I should have expected this. Thought Rosie, her frustration reaching boiling point.

"I've given you such a hard time about being butch and manly, that now you've got me, you're going to make me beg."

Jackson smiled slightly at the feisty comment. "No darlin, I just want to know that you really want it. I know I want to be so deeply inside you, but do you truly want it? Want me to

have you?"

A tiny part of her brain, the stubborn feminist part, felt like she should rebel in some way, but the majority of it and her body were screaming to beg Jackson for her touch.

Jackson watched Rosie's eyes soften.

Jack I don't know why, I only know that I need it like I've never needed anything In my life. If you want me to beg, I will. Just please fuck me."

"Jackson kissed her with such passion that she wondered how she'd ever lived before this big tough woman came into to her life.

Jackson relaxed her grip, keeping one hand on Rosie's wrist and the other travelled down and slipped inside her lover.

As she started to thrust Jackson moaned."Oh darlin, you're so wet for me."

"Yes, Jack. More." Although her wrists were seemingly held captive, she could have gotten out of it easily, but she enjoyed the sensation of being out of control and unable to stop her impending orgasm.

Jackson could feel Rosie tightening around her fingers, and it was the best feeling in the world to be allowed to touch this woman and to bring her pleasure.

"That's it darlin, come for me."

"Harder Jack. Oh God!"

Rosie's orgasm hit her deep and hard leaving her breathless, and before she had time to think, Jackson was coaxing her clitoris back to life with long licking strokes from her toungue. "Jack! What..." And she came again.

"This time she pulled Jackson up by her head and kissed her thoroughly. "Woah soldier boy! That was...God I love you."

Jackson's heart swelled. "I love you too Hippy girl. You make me so happy."

"Let me make you happier. Go put it on."

"What?" Said Jackson, feigning innocence.

Her lover giggled and smacked her bare hard buttock. "You know exactly what. Don't try and tell me you don't own one."

Jackson pretended to think hard. "I thought you wouldn't like that? That it would symbolize my dominance over you?"

Rosie started to throb again at the thought of Jackson hard and ready for her. "Hmm? Did I say that? I'm sure I would never say something like that, and who says you'll be in a position to dominate?"

Suddenly Jackson became worried and sat up. "Em...You know I love you more than anything in the world but I don't know if I could do..."

Rosie realized she must have assumed Rosie wanted to use the strap on her. "Oh no I don't mean that. I love all of who you are, and I wouldn't want you to change. Just trust me. Go get hard for me!"

Jackson then moved very quickly.






Oh fuck! Rosie was so right about trusting her! Jackson thought. She watched with lustful adoration as her lover, lifted her hips slowly up and down on her strap on. When Jackson had come back to be bed with it on, Rosie's passion was a flamed once more. Although Rosie had never used one before, when she told her lover what she wanted to do, Jackson guided her on top and then allowed her girlfriend to set her own pace, allowing her to get used to the full feeling inside.

Now, Rosie couldn't get enough, she ground down into Jackson's pelvis, eyes closed, lost in passion and lust. Jackson brought her hands to Rosie's hips, helping to pull her down harder. It had been a long slow ride and they both had a slick sheen of sweat covering their bodies.

"Oh darlin, yeah just like that." Jackson started to quicken the pace with her thrusts upwards, her orgasm coming closer and closer.

Feeling the change Rosie opened her eyes and came down to face Jackson, and said in a breathy voice. "Jack, you feel so good. You're making me come again, I want you to come with me. Inside with your cock."

That tipped Jackson over the edge, her grip on Rosie's hips was almost painful as she ground herself into her. "Jesus! Fuck!" Jackson shouted as Rosie watched her lover arch her upper body back. She thought Jackson looked stunning as she came, every strong muscle in her body became prominent and taut. Rosie's attention was so intent on her partner that her own orgasm caught her unaware. She fell forward into Jackson's kiss and rode it out. Jackson rolled her round underneath her again. She looked at the young woman who had captured her and said, "Hippy girl you have the power to destroy me, you own me and my soul."

Rosie felt the tears come to her eyes, she knew what saying that meant, to such a proud guarded person like Jackson Hunter.

She placed her hand over Jackson's heart. "I'll keep your secrets and your heart safe Jack. I love you."




Jackson became aware of the high pitched ringing noise of her phone. As she turned to grab it, she was hindered by the young woman, lying across her body. She grinned and kissed the dark head on her chest, before stretching for her cell.


"Hey buddy! Where are you?"


Rosie began to wake and squirm closer into Jacksons side. "Shh! Too early." She mumbled.

"Yeah it's me. You were coming over this morning remember? We were going to work out and then go pick a Christmas tree with Molly while Emmie and Rosie go Christmas shopping? Any of this ringing a bell buddy?"

Jackson held her hand to her head. "Oh yeah, Christmas shopping, I remember." With all the stress and excitement about her date, she had forgotten about the plans to help Dylan bring home the Christmas tree.

At the words 'Christmas shopping' Rosie head popped up. "Oh no! What time is it? I'm supposed to meet Emily."

Jackson mouthed "It's okay, wait." Hoping she wouldn't run from her bed.

"Wait, is that Rosie's voice? In your bedroom, at this time in the morning?" Dylan asked in a teasing voice.

"Yes It is. What of it?"

Jackson heard Dylan shout to her fiancee in the background, "Hey Emmie, I told you Jackson's cooking would blow her clothes off!"

"Morgan, I'm so going to knock you on your ass!" But she felt better when she heard a soft smacking noise and Dylan say. "Ah! that hurts you know!"

She sniggered as Emily had beaten her to it. "Eh..well Emmie says to tell you both not to worry about the time, and you're welcome to come over for lunch first."

"I'll talk to Rosie but I'm sure that'll be fine. Okay, bye."

When Jackson hung up she saw a worried look on Rosie's face. Please don't run from me hippy girl!

"Hey, you okay?" Jackson asked nervously.

All Rosie was worried about was missing her shopping date with Emily, not as Jackson thought, worried about waking up in her new lovers bed.

Rosie leant forward and placed a gentle kiss on Jacksons lips. "Good morning Jack, I love you."

The young woman quickly found herself on her back with a beaming Jackson looking down at her. "You had me worried there hippy girl. I love you too. You sure you're okay with everything that's happened between us?"

Rosie touched Jackson lips with her fingers and said, "Yes. I couldn't deny what I felt for you any longer. That doesn't mean, were not going to fight, and it doesn't mean you don't annoy me. If fact you annoy the hell out of me, but I love you."

Jackson smiled smugly, then brought her lips until they hovered inches from her lovers. ."Oh darlin, I'm going to annoy you till the end of time."

Jackson watched Rosie lick her lips in anticipation of the kiss to come, but it didn't. Jackson held her position, dodging her girlfriends lips as she tried to capture them. Giving up on her kiss, Rosie struggled to get up, but her new girlfriends superior strength held her down.

"Hey you big lug! Either kiss me or move!" Rosie scowled at the look of amusement on Jackson's face.

"Uh uh hippy girl. I've got you where I want you."

Rosie stopped her half hearted attempts at a struggle and put on her best disinterested look.

"Oh? And where's that?"

"Underneath me and begging me for my kisses."

Rosie was infuriated, and began her struggles again. "Ah! Why did I even think this would work? I don't even like you!"

Jackson was highly amused but didn't want to push their very new, fragile relationship too far.

"You might not like me, but you love me." Jackson silenced her with a kiss, Rosie moaned and melted into the kiss, opening her mouth and allowing Jackson's tongue inside.

When they broke apart for air, Rosie asked in a husky voice, "How much time do we have?"

Jackson kissed her way down her girlfriends neck while saying. "Plenty, we don't have to go to the Morgan's till lunchtime."

Rosie grinned. "Well in that case you've got some work to do soldier boy!"

As Jackson's lips hovered above the hard nipple in front of her, she replied. "Oh yes I do darlin!"

She sucked in Rosie's nipple and rolled it around her wet mouth, causing moans from the body underneath her.

"Oh God...yes, you have to make love to me, and since we're going over to Emily's you need to take me home to get changed, and that means meeting Daddy!"

Jackson stilled as her libido suddenly left her. Oh shit!






Jackson Hunter had never been in this position before. Her sexual conquests normally only lasting a night, she never had the need to have to meet the parents. But here she was, being dragged by the hand, up to the front of Rosie's apartment building.

Jackson looked to the Henderson's window and gulped as she saw the face of an older thick set man looking straight at her.

This feel a bit like being called in front of my commanding officer, except that I hadn't been sleeping with his daughter the night before!

"Come on Jack, he's a nice man. He's not going to chase you with a shot gun!"

Jackson snorted, "You're not the one walking in there after sleeping with his daughter."

Rosie stopped and brushed some lint from Jackson's lapels.

"Hey soldier boy. I thought a special forces op would be braver than that?"

"I would rather be heading into enemy fire than meeting your dad. What if he doesn't like me?"

"How could he possibly not like you?"

"You don't!"

Rosie laughed, "Yeah but I love you. You're responsible, have a good job, and are one of the kindest people I've met. What's not to like?"

The young woman stood on her tiptoes and pecked Jackson on the lips. "Let's go lover, and if all else fails, I'll tell him I seduced you!"

Jackson let herself be pulled towards the door. Yeah like he would believe that!





"Daddy, I want you to meet Jackson Hunter."

Walt Henderson looked the stiff looking woman up and down. She had a couple of inches on the stocky compact man who didn't look as if much would intimidate him. Rosie had never brought a date, or one of her friends home, Walt knew something was different.

"Pleased to meet you Sir." Jackson stood at attention and held out her hand.

After a few agonizing seconds Walt took her hand. "Hunter? Hunter? Don't I know that name? She's not one of your hippy pot head friends is she?"

Rosie laughed and kissed her dad on the cheek. "Daddy! No she's not. She's Dylan and Emily's bodyguard, remember? She was in the army?"

Walt's features softened. "Military eh? Isn't Hunter the one you keep complaining about? I thought you couldn't stand the woman?"

Rosie blushed and looked sheepishly at her love. "No daddy! She annoys me to distraction, but we're right for each other." The young woman gazed up lovingly at Jackson. "It just took me a little while to see that."

Walt watched as they gazed lovingly at each other. Well Rosie girl, looks like someone has finally captured your heart. Hunter, Are you going to be the one I lose my girl to?

"So what are you doing today young lady?"

"I'm just going to get changed and Jackson's taking me over to Emily's. We're going Christmas shopping remember? I'll be back for dinner though. I'll leave you two to chat, while I get changed then."

Jackson gave her girlfriend a pleading look but Rosie just skipped off with a smirk on her face.

Walt took a seat in his armchair and said "Well sit and tell me about yourself then Hunter."

"Yes Sir." Walt watched Jackson sit rather stiffly smiled to himself. None of my little girls friends would call me Sir. You might be alright.

"So? You were in the army Rosie said?"

Jackson was dreading having 'the talk' with Rosie's father but this was some common ground she could work with.

"Yes Sir, I'm from a military family. My father, now a General, works with the Pentagon. I served ten years before I left. The last few years I was a Lieutenant Colonel in special ops, part of a cultural support team in Afghanistan. There were villages and settlements that consisted largely of women and children, and it made missions less volatile if a female unit headed up any of those missions."

Walt nodded his head in understanding."Sounds impressive."

"I loved my time in the army Sir, and I was proud to serve my country."

Hmm. I think I like this one after all. Thought Walt.

"I was five years in service myself. Then when I met my wife and got married, I decided to get a regular job. It's hard being a military family, moving around all the time."

"It is very hard on a family." Jackson knew only too well, what toll it had on a family.

"Why did you leave if you don't mind me asking?" Walt saw a shadow of loss across Jacksons face. After losing his wife to cancer when Rosie was so young, he knew the look only too well.

"I..uh. My sister was killed in Afghanistan. I couldn't...well I knew I had to move on with my life. Try something new. We we're very close."

"Has Rosie told you about her Mother?"

"She has Sir, I am very sorry about your wife."

Walt nodded. "Thank you. I only ask because I understand the pain of losing someone you love."

"You've done a wonderful job taking care of Rosie Sir. She's a beautiful, good and bright girl."

Feeling a little emotional, Walt stood and picked up his wife's photograph from the side table.

"It hasn't been easy. A young girl needs her Mother, but we struggled through together. Because of that I am very protective of my daughter." Walt turned round and gave Jackson an intimidating look.

"Are you serious about my daughter? Or are you just out for fun? Rosie may appear tough on the outside, she's had to be. Sometimes she's had to pull me through the grief we had to bare, but inside she's a tender soul, with a heart of gold. You are the first date she has ever brought home. That tells me you have gotten into her heart. I want to know you are not going to hurt her or take her for granted."

Woah! The "What are your intentions speech!" I never thought I'd have this conversation!

What Jackson and Walt didn't know, was that Rosie had finished getting changed,

and was also anxious to hear Jackson's answer.

"Sir. I have never been more serious about anything in my life. I love your daughter with all of my heart. I think you know what my word of honor means to me with my background serving our country. I give you my word of honor that I will never intentionally hurt your daughter, and I'll will try my level best to make her happy."

Walt liked what he heard but was still concerned. "Rosie is more mature than a lot of girls her age, but she's still only 23, I'm guessing a lot younger than you. Have you considered that?"

Walt was right. At 35, Jackson did had a few years on her girlfriend, and if she was honest, it probably did effect the different outlooks on life, but that didn't change the fact that they were meant for each other.

"I realize that Sir, and I won't push Rosie into something she's not ready for. I will give her the room to grow and reach for her dreams, but I will be there waiting for her, to love and support her."

In the hall, Rosie wiped a tear away from her eye. She is the one. My heart knew it but my brain nearly messed this up for me.

She collected herself and walked into the room. Both Jackson and her father stood. "I'm ready? You two get to know each other?"

"Yeah I think we understand each other, don't we Jackson?"

"Absolutely Sir."

The older man smiled and said, "Call me Walt."





Emily checked the food in the oven and said to herself. "Okay, another ten minutes and we are good to go."

She jumped and grabbed hold of the kitchen top when from nowhere Molly came crashing into the kitchen screaming.

"Molly! Don't scream!" Although she was making progress, her anxiety was still triggered by sudden loud noises or being caught unawares.

Seeing her little girls face crumple, Emily took a breath and smiled. "It's okay sweetie. You just gave mama a surprise."

"Sorry mama. Mom chasing me." At the mention of her name Dylan came bounding into the kitchen and lifted Molly up in the air. "Got you now little smurf!"

Molly giggled as her Mom tickled her tummy. It gave Emily heart that despite their problems, some semblance of normal life was returning to they're home.

"No Mom, no ickle monster! Me want to say acton to mama."

"That's action Molls. Here you go." Dylan put her down and handed her a small, expensive looking video camera she had brought in.

"Press this button okay?"

Molly put the gadget to her eye and said. "Acton mama."

Emily gave her fiance a rather unimpressed look. "Why is your daughter running around with an expensive video camera TV star?"

"Tell Mama Molls."

"We makin a vido for Santa mama!" Molly said excitedly.

"A video for Santa huh?"

Dylan walked over and put her arm round Emily. "Yeah mama smurf. Most normal kids write a letter to Santa. But Molls and I thought, the Morgan's aren't like most people, we're much more up to date than that! So we are gonna shoot a video and email it to the North Pole, and I have it on good authority that Santa will send a message back to us." Dylan winked at Emily. She smiled warmly and gave Dylan a kiss on the cheek. "You are so sweet goofy."

Just then the front door buzzer went. "That'll be Jackson and Rosie. Just in time, the foods nearly ready." Said Emily.

Molly made a run for the door shouting, "Me let Dackson and wosie in!"

When Dylan went to follow Emily said, "Dyl, I'll need you to lift these dishes from the oven. I can't mange on my own with this stupid cast on." Her injuries still got her down. Not only trying to do household tasks with one arm, but she still got bouts of dizziness when she bent down, due to her recovering head injury.

Dylan took Emily's face in her hands and kissed her lips softly. "Hey, it won't be for much longer, and until then, I'm here to help okay?"

Emily nodded, being grateful for the reassurance her partner always gave her.

"Now I'll go and see to our new lovebirds."






Since they kept the front door locked, Molly was struggling to open the lock.

"Wait up Molls, I'll get it."

"Me say acton Mom?"

"Okay, you get the camera ready." Molly lifted the camera lens to her eye and brought her little hand down. "Acton!"

On her daughters signal, Dylan opened the door wide to find Jackson and Rosie engaged in a passionate lip lock.

Not realizing the door had been opened or they were being watched, the new couple carried on regardless.

Molly lowered her camera and looked up at Dylan. "Why Dackson doing that to Wosie Mom?"

"Eh? Why don't you ask Mama later okay?" Dylan turned her attention to the amorous couple and said, "Hey Jackson! You want put the girl down? You're corrupting my kid!"

The couple broke apart abruptly, both looking somewhat confused. "Wh...What."

"Hi Dackson! Hi Wosie!"

Dylan was highly amused as she watched Rosie push Jackson away from, her cheeks bright pink.

"Hi Sweetie, what are you doing?" Rosie asked Molly.

"Me making a film for Santa. Come see!" Rosie allowed herself to be pulled into the apartment.

Dylan was delighted to see her two friends together. She knew how much Rosie meant to her buddy, but she couldn't resist a little gentle ribbing.

"What took you so long? Did Rosie lose the key to the handcuffs?"

"Ha ha! Very funny, you can lug the tree you want back yourself then." Jackson groused.

Dylan punched her gently on the arm. "Hey I'm only kidding buddy, you know that. Listen, I'm really happy for you, for you both. So is it serious?"

Jackson gave her a big beaming smile. "Oh yeah. I'm never letting go of that girl now I've got her."

"I couldn't be happier. C'mon, let's go get our girls." Hearing those words made Jackson beam with pride.




After sharing a happy lunch together, Emily and Rosie were preparing to leave for the shops.

Emily grabbed her purse and said, "Now remember and keep a tight hold of Molly at the Christmas tree farm. If you turn round for a minute, she'll be off like a shot."

Dylan helped Emily on with her coat, the cast on her arm made it difficult to get it on.

"I know, I'll be careful. Are you sure you don't want Jackson to come with you? You are going to get attention out there. You might feel panicked. I could go to the tree farm with Molly on my own, or we could wait till tomorrow."

Emily placed her delicate hand on Dylan's broad chest. "Thank you honey, but I won't be on my own. Rosie's there and your mom is meeting us in town. I need to start doing normal things, yes it's scary, but I want to face it. Anyway, we promised Molly we would put the tree up tonight. I'll be fine."

Dylan pulled Emily towards her and whispered in her ear. "I'm so proud of you Emmie. You are doing great."

They were interrupted by Rosie and Jackson joining them at the door, Rosie clearly annoyed about something.

"Look, you've said it now Jackson, so just don't make it any worse! I'm not some little lady you've got to take care of!" Dylan smirked and raised an eyebrow to Emily.

"I didn't mean it that way okay! I'm sorry. Argh! You are being totally unreasonable." Jackson face was full of frustration.

"Are you ready to Em?" Rosie ignored her new lover.

"Fine! Just ignore me." Jackson stomped off toward the kitchen.

"Yes, all ready."

As they were about to walk out Dylan caught Emily's hand and said. "Remember, just get a few things. I can do all the mad running about the stores for most of the stuff we'll need. You're still recovering from a head injury."

"I know. I'll be fine. Oh and remember Molly needs her hat, scarf and gloves, and you better talk to Jackson and see if she's okay. Bye honey."

"Yeah I'll remember."

Dylan closed the door and headed off to the kitchen mumbling. "Why do I always have to talk?"

She found her friend at the kitchen table dialing a number on her cell phone. "Um...I'm really sorry darlin. Don't be pissed at me. I won't ever say that again okay? Forgive me?" Dylan watched a big smile break out on Jackson's face. "I love you darlin. Have fun okay?"

Dylan laughed and shook her head as Jackson ended the call.

"Hunter. That was pathetic! What was that? Two minutes?"

"Hey, I don't care."

"What did you even do?"

"I just said, when she gets back here to call my cell and I'll go down and get her shopping bags. She asked why? I said it's what people in love do, take care of each other, and let's face I'm stronger."

Dylan looked confused. "But that's true. I mean, you are bigger and stronger than her."

"I know that and you know that, but she accused me of subjugating her and trying dominate her with my pseudo masculinity."

"I don't even know what that means? You apologized for that?" Dylan said sounding confused.

"Yep, sure did." Jackson replied without hesitation. "I am the happiest I have ever been in my life. I love that girl and if I have to crawl? I'll crawl."

Dylan stood beside her and thought about how she was exactly the same with Emily.

She looked at Jackson with a goofy smile and said, "Yeah, great isn't it?"

"Yeah, in any case, I know she loves it, deep down, being taken care of. Her feminist brain just likes to remind her it's there sometimes." They both laughed at this, until they were interrupted by Molly running in still holding the video camera.

"Mom! Dackson we go get the tree now?"

"Okay smurf, let's get you ready. Mama says you need hat, gloves and jacket, so let's put this camera away and get going.





Despite being recognized, Emily was able to have a great time out shopping. It felt freeing to be picking out Christmas decorations and gifts, without constantly worrying about Toni, her health or state of mind. The one thing Emily was eternally grateful for was knowing that Toni was dead and gone. She may be able to get into her head from time to time, but she knew it would have been worse if Toni had been in prison, watching her every move in the media. No, Emily was glad she was dead, and grateful that Dylan had the courage to do it. If that made Emily evil or bad, she didn't care.

Emily, Rosie and Patricia, were enjoying a very welcome sit down and cup of coffee after some serious shopping. She watched Pattie laugh at something Rosie had said, and felt a contentment she had hadn't felt in a while. It felt wonderful to have an extended family. Although she initially been wary of Dylan's parents, after freezing her fiance out for so long. She had come to truly appreciate Patricia's friendship. She adored her new Granddaughter and had been a tremendous help to them when Emily had been sick.

"How are you feeling dear? Are you ready to try some more stores? Or have you had enough?" Patricia asked.

"No, I'm ready for more. It's great to be out."

Rosie looked up from her cell phone. "Dylan hasn't tweeted anything for a long time. I kinda thought she would today."

Emily sighed. "Yes I know. She thinks she made it easier for Toni, because she was so open about our life and what we were doing. I try to tell her that not using these things wouldn't have changed anything. It's been such a big part of her life, and a great way for her to communicate with her fans, I think it would be wrong to give it up completely."

Patricia put down her coffee cup and said. "We'll I don't understand these new things, but I think Dylan is right. She's putting her family first. That's what's important."

Emily smirked at Rosie. "I know, but she has her career to think of too." Emily told her soon to be mother in law.

"So where to next?" Asked Rosie.

"Well we have decorations, so I think the toy store." Emily couldn't wait. Life had been so hard since Molly was born, and she to scrimp and save just to pay rent and keep clothes on their back. At Christmas time she was always worried about money and how she was going to buy Molly a toy or two. Now she could enjoy buying Molly some toys without the worry. She didn't want her little girl to be spoiled, and she knew that she would have problems with Dylan spoiling their daughter with gifts, but it would be fun.

As they stood up ready to hit the toy store, Rosie asked, "Em what are you going to get Dylan for Christmas?"

"That is the million dollar question."

Then as she thought about gifts. She realized what was important to Dylan, and smiled. I know exactly what to give you goofy!





'In two miles turn right.' The vehicle's GPS announced.

"Just another few minutes Molly." Dylan had driven them the forty five minute ride to the Christmas tree farm in New Jersey.

Jackson looked at her from the seat beside her, clearly highly amused about something. "What?" Asked Dylan.

"You gave your GPS your own voice?"

"What? What's wrong with that? It came with the option of using celebrity voices. I'm a celebrity, and I trust myself to give directions." Dylan felt this was perfectly reasonable and rational.

"You've got some serious ego going on there boss."

The voice then came from the GPS 'You have arrived at your destination.'

Dylan gave Jackson a cheesy grin. "See? Who better to get us there than me? Come on little smurf. We got tree hunting to do!"

They had wandered through the trees for a while, and Molly's initial enthusiasm was waning, especially when she spotted there were hay rides to be had and a children's play park.

"Dis one pwetty Mom. "

"Hmm...nah it's a bit on the small side."

"How big does it have to be?" Asked Jackson.

"At least nine or ten foot I would say."

"Nine or ten? That's big."

"I have high ceilings, and a big apartment. It needs to be big. Why do you think I wanted your help lugging the thing home? I want it to be perfect."

Dylan pulled Molly back by her hood, after she started to wander off.

"Molls, stay beside me. You know what your Mama would do to me if I lost you?"

Dylan's only disguise was her Armani beanie hat, and it wasn't doing much to keep her identity hidden. She had been approached for autographs and pictures a lot. Although Jackson did her best to keep the more overly enthusiastic people away. No matter that she was here as a family friend, Jackson couldn't help but naturally fall into her role as bodyguard.

"Me want to play Mom!"

Dylan looked over toward the play park and noticed there was a hot chocolate stand and some benches next to the play area.

"Okay, how about this. We take a break and get some hot chocolate, you have a quick play, then we'll carry on and find our family tree? If you're good, you can have a hay ride before we head home."

"Yay! Come on Mom!




They got some hot chocolates and sat on the bench beside the play equipment.

"So what do you think? Could you help me with it?" Dylan had filled in Jackson on her Christmas present idea for Molly, and to some extent Emily.

"Of course I'll help. You just tell me when and where to pick it up and I'll keep it at my place. I wonder what I should get Rosie? I've never bought a romantic present, or any presents before, apart from Sarah."

Dylan took a sip of the hot sweet chocolate drink and said, "What about your parents?"

Jackson laughed in a way that conveyed not an ounce of humor. "My father doesn't have time for Christmas and my mother always goes on a cruise. I usually just send her a gift certificate. We are not a normal family."

Dylan thought back to the last few Christmas's she had spent alone, without her parents. She could still feel the bitterness, with her dad especially, but she swallowed it down. Dylan looked toward Molly clambering over the play equipment, smiling and happy. If she kept holding a grudge she would deprive both Emily and Molly of the extended family they had come to love.

"Our family Christmas's were always great, Joey and I had a ball, and that's what I want for Molly. The last few years, on my own were...hard, but now I just can't wait."






"So? tell me about last night!" Emily and Rosie were finally left alone for a gossip while Patricia went to the men's department to pick something up for Tommy. Emily was feeling the pace, not being up to full strength yet, so they found somewhere to sit while they waited on Patricia.

Rosie's cheeks matched her name as she thought back to last night, and being under Jackson.

"It was wonderful. She was passionate, tender and made me feel extremely loved and adored..."

"That's great Rosie. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you two together. You make a great couple."

"She was a bit hesitant about showing her butch side. I sure got her to forget that and open up to me though."

She covered Rosie's hand with her own and said, "Well you do sort of give the impression that her butchness was not something that you'd like to embrace."

"Yes I know." Rosie said, letting out a long sigh."I've never been around women like Jackson or Dylan before. In all the gay rights campaigns and protests I've been a part of, since I was a teenager, I've fought stereotypes. I always thought of butch as an insult that straight people have thrown at us. You know, we must secretly want to be with a man or be a man. We couldn't possibly just like other women."

"Oh don't I know it. I had the phrase 'if you want someone who looks like a man, then be with a man.' Thrown at me a lot in college, simply because of my preferences."

Rosie looked down, feeling a bit ashamed. "I have to admit, I've said words to that affect more than once. My group of friends are the same. I always have dated women on the boyish/androgynous side. Jackson says they don't have the guts to be themselves like she does.

From the first time I saw Jackson, she made me feel...I thought it was anger and annoyance, but I know it was pure attraction and lust. Then when I came to know what makes her the person she is, I fell in love."

Emily added. "Women like Jackson and Dylan are true to themselves. They don't let themselves be swayed by society or their own lesbian community."

"I realize that now, it was hard accepting that's the type of woman that excites me. Jackson once told me that she wasn't afraid of her masculinity, but I think I might have made her fearful of showing me that side. I know I've given her a hard time about it."

Emily looked up and saw Patricia coming towards them.

"All ready to go. I bet you're ready for home Emily?" Pattie asked.

"I know. It's amazing how tired I get so quickly."

Rosie held out a hand to help her friend up. "You've done really well today." Patricia said,. "I wonder how Dylan's getting on with Molly? It's hard work dealing with an excitable four year old."

"She'll be fine." Emily smiled warmly. "Dylan is a fantastic parent."






"Fuck! Jackson she's gone!"

Dylan had only turned to talk to her friend for a minute, when she turned back towards the play equipment, there was no sign of Molly.

She frantically ran up and down the small play area, jumping up onto the equipment, as much as her large frame allowed.

The other parents whispered to each other as they watched TV star jump around in utter panic.

Jackson grabbed hold of Dylan's jacket and pulled her down from the play equipment. "Dylan, calm down! She won't be far." She saw the panic in her friends eyes that she had seen when Toni had taken Emily.

"Listen, don't panic. Something probably just caught her eye and she went after it. It's nothing sinister. We'll find her okay?"

Dylan grasped Jackson's shoulders. "You don't understand, Emily goes for four years keeping her safe, and one of the first few times I'm left in charge, I lose her! I've lost my daughter! Emmie will kill me, even when we find her, and you!"

Jackson's cool suddenly left her realizing the implications of facing the music. "Shit! Let's ask around."

A couple of the parents had said they thought they saw the little girl dart off as the tractor giving hay rides trundled past. They ran over to talk to the driver but he hadn't seen her.

Dylan looked at the rows and rows of Christmas trees ahead of her. "She must have gotten lost in there. Let's split up."

Jackson took one side and Dylan the other, both methodically making their way around.

As Dylan made her way down the third line of trees, her confidence at finding her little girl was turning to panic. She sent up a silent prayer.

Please God, let her be okay. Please! Morgan you're an idiot! You think you would have learned to be careful after Emily being taken, but oh no! You're too busy drinking hot chocolate and talking about presents to care where your daughter is! She must be so scared!

It was getting dark, which was making things worse. She rounded the head of the fourth row, and half way down the line, Dylan thought she saw something. She broke into a run and shouted "Molly! Molls! Is that you?"

Dylan came to an abrupt stop, and found Molly sitting cross legged at the foot of a tall, bushy Christmas tree.

"I found de bestest tree Mom!" Contrary to what Dylan believed, Molly was far from upset about being lost and alone.

Dylan's panic turned to relief then to anger. "Molly! Don't you ever run off like that again! Anything could happen to you! I was so worried. Jackson and I have been looking all over for you."

Molly's happy face crumpled and she burst into tears. Shit!

Dylan had never been in this position before with Molly. To make rules and discipline her daughter, had never been her job as yet. Dylan was the fun Mom, the one Molly ran to if she wanted anything because she knew she had her Dylan wrapped round her little finger.

Dylan scooped Molly up and hugged her tight. "I...I...sowry...mo...mom." Molly struggled to speak through her tears.

"Okay. You're safe now. Shh! Calm down, I've got you." I wish you we're here Emmie. She thought as guilt at her outburst began wash over her.

She stroked the little girls head, trying to soothe her. "It's okay smurf. You just gave me a big fright. I love you and I was really scared when I couldn't find you."

Molly looked up at her mom. She couldn't ever imagine her big strong mom being frightened of anything. "Scared mom?"

Dylan wiped the tears from Molly's cheeks. "Yeah. Remember we talked about how we have to be extra careful because mom is on TV?"

The little girl nodded her head. "Well, you have got to stay by me or Jackson."

Jackson had found them and came running up to join them. "You found her, she okay?"

"Yeah she's fine, she found a tree for us." Dylan quirked her eyebrow up to Jackson.

"Why did you run off Molls?"

"Da twactor came and I wanted to go on but It not wait for me, and I sawd dis tree. It so pwetty. I no run off again mom. I pwomise."

Dylan kissed Molly and the nose. "Well, you're safe and that's the main thing. Say sorry to Jackson? She was really worried too."

"Sowry Dackson."

Jackson ruffled her hair. "It's okay munchkin."

"So? You like this tree?" Dylan asked.

"Uh huh. It's big and bushy!"

Dylan couldn't help but smile at her daughters enthusiasm. "Okay, we'll how about this. We go and tell the man we want to buy this one, he'll get it all ready for us while you go on a hay ride, and then Mom and Jackson will get it upon the car and head home. How about that?"

Molly beamed and clapped her hands. "Yes Mom Yes!"

As they walked off toward the farm office Jackson said, "You do realize how big and heavy that tree is?"

"Yeah, but it's a great one and Molls loves it."

I hope Emily sees it that way! Jackson thought.






Later that night Dylan, Emily and Molly were in the family room, putting up the Christmas decorations. While Molly played with the angel for the top, Dylan was putting on the lights, with help from Emily. Christmas music came from the speakers on the wall, and the fire crackled in the background, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Dylan had been dreading going home to her fiance after losing Molly, but it had been the little girl who had had been given the talking to not her. Dylan still felt guilty though.

"Ah, Emmie? I'm really sorry about today. I honestly only turned round for a second."

Emily tried to soothe her partner by giving loving strokes to her arm.

"I know honey. She's so quick and can be off before you know it."

"But I don't want you to think you can't trust me with our daughter. "

"Do you think she hasn't run off from me before?"

Dylan looked surprised. "What? She has...?"

"Of course! Look at how active she is? She has run off in the store a few times. Usually when she sees candy or if she sees some toys. She just thinks you'll be right behind her, then she turns round and you're not there. I've lost her a few times in stores."

"I thought you'd be so pissed at me, and I made Molly cry when I gave her into trouble." Dylan sounded worried.

God Dylan, you are so adorable! "You need to have more confidence in yourself as a parent honey. You're learning as you go but you have good instincts, just trust them. As for upsetting Molly, does she look upset?" Emily pointed towards the little girl who was singing while playing wrapped up in tinsel.

"Dudolph da ded nose aindeer, ad a very shiny nose." The little girl sang.

Dylan laughed and said, "I guess not."

"No. She's the happiest she's ever been and that's because of her mom. You can't be the fun one all the time Dyl, sometimes you need to say no and tell her what's right and wrong."

"I like being the fun one though." Emily leaned up and kissed her partner on the nose.

"I know you do goofy, but let's get this finished okay? Molly, bring over the ornaments."

"Otay mama." Molly handed over handfuls to her moms. There were traditional wooden Santa Claus, reindeers, red, silver and clear glass ornaments, some Disney themed ones that Molly liked and an angel for the top.

Emily showed Molly how to hook them on carefully, while Dylan got the higher branches.

"You picked out some lovely decorations Emmie.".

"I like them, I always think trees should be fun and child like. Nothing too designer looking. Your mom said she was going to look out a couple of family decorations to give us."

"Oh yeah, I had this wooden soldier my Grandpa made for me, painted it himself and everything. Joey wanted his to be an angel but Grandpa said he wasn't making no fairy for his grandson, so he got a reindeer!"

They both laughed at the image and Emily's laugh turned into a big yawn. "You okay baby girl? I think you did too much today."

"I'm fine. I just get tired so easily, but I loved it. I felt normal again, well as normal as it can be with people staring, taking pictures and asking for autographs. I mean why my autograph. I'm not the famous one."

"You are now mama smurf. Nobody bothered you too much did they?"

"No. I had your mom and Rosie, and believe me, if they got too close, one look from your mother and they moved back pretty quickly!"

"I bet! I remember that look from when I was a kid. I'm so glad you and Molly have Mom and Dad. Mom's a great support for you and Molly just adores them both."

"Elp mama wiv santa." Emily helped her daughter with a tricky decoration for small fingers.

"There you go sweetie. Yes, They really appreciate your forgiveness honey."

Dylan shrugged. "Well life's too short. We were all in pain, and it's time to heal. It's what Joey would have wanted."

Emily looked thoughtful. "I wish my parents felt the same. My Mother didn't even contact you when I was in hospital."

Dylan knew this had hurt her fiance deeply so she tried to make Emily feel better. "You've made your own family baby girl. If they don't want to be a part of that, then it's their loss."

"Thanks for that honey. You always make me feel better."

"That's my job. So did you get some of the presents we talked about?" Dylan whispered, but Molly was more interested in the tree anyway.

After Molly had written out her list for Santa to make the video with her mom, both Dylan and Emily had decided she would get a couple of the gifts when she was out, but Dylan would go out to the toy store on her own and get the bulk of it, so as not to over tire Emily.

"Yes. I got a few ticked off the list, just remember not to go wild when you go to the toy store, she doesn't need everything she's asked for. I don't want her to be spoiled."

"Would I?" Dylan asked in a shocked tone then gave her a goofy smile.

Emily knew it was a hopeless task to get her partner not to spoil their daughter and just shook her head in reply.

"Okay smurf, just the angel to go. Do you want to put in on?"

"Yes Mom! Pease?" Dylan lifted Molly up high and got her on top of her shoulders.

"Okay Molls, stick it on." Molly stretched her little arms and go it on.

"Okay Mama flick the lights." The tree began to twinkle in sequence.

"Yay! It's so pwetty mama look!"

"I see it sweetie." Dylan lifted Molly down and held her in one arm, while pulling Emily into her side with the other.

Dylan sighed in contentment. This is what it's all about. Family, and making happy memories.

"I can't wait till next year, when were living at the long island house. I'll put lights all over the outside, a light up Santa and sleigh on the roof. It'll be so much fun!"

Emily smiled warmly. I just bet you will goofy. Why don't you take a picture of the tree and put it on your Facebook and Twitter?"

"No. I've told you I've been far too open about my life. Some things are private."

"Some things are private, but I bet your fans would get a kick out of seeing it. Those sort of sites made you who you are, your career. Don't lose it."

Dylan looked unconvinced, then Molly added, "Yeah sow our twee mom."

She sighed knowing she would give in. "Okay!"

Dylan took the picture, and typed out the Twitter message.

The Morgan Family Christmas tree. What do you think Twitter buddies?



To be continued........


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