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The Dylan Morgan Show

Season 2

Episode 6



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"Hey, it's after midnight, its Christmas. Our first Christmas morning together. Merry Christmas Mrs Morgan." Dylan said as she brought her lips closer to her wife's.

"Hmm. Merry Christmas TV star." She melted into Dylan's kiss and allowed herself to be lifted on to the kitchen counter.

Dylan's hand came up to Emily's breast and squeezed. "Mmm. Can I unwrap you baby?"

Emily sniggered softly. I think now is the time Emily. I hope this is the right thing to do. She had gotten a special gift for Dylan, and just hoped she would appreciate it.

"Before you do honey. I have a Christmas present I want you to open while we are on our own."

Dylan quirked her eyebrow. "Oh? Is it something sexy for you to wear?"

"No, is that really all you think about? I'll be back in a second." Emily raced off to their bedroom.

What's wrong with thinking about sex all the time? As long as I'm thinking about it with my wife, that's a good thing. Isn't it?

Emily came back holding a red envelope, tied with a bow. "I had no idea what to get you. I mean you have everything. Every gadget you can think of and you even get them before they come out."

"You don't need to get me anything Emmie. I'm just happy to spoil you and Molly."

Emily still held the envelope with a tight grip. "You still have some things to open in the morning, but this one is just for you and me. Open it."

Dylan was mystified and when she opened it and pulled out a white card with a time and date on it, she was still mystified.

"Look at the address at the top." Emily found Dylan's confusion very amusing.

"Manhattan Fertility Centre. Dr Heart - 11 am January 5th. What? What does this mean?"

"I thought you might like to try for number two, since we've got this new big house to fill up."

Suddenly the penny dropped and Dylan scooped Emily up in her arms. "We're gonna try for a baby? This is the best gift ever! I can't wait!"

Emily was showered with kisses. "I love you so much Emmie. We are going to be such a happy family."

"I know. I'm glad you like your gift. You are such a good parent you know. The things you did earlier with Molly? The reindeer food, the milk, the cookies. You bring such magic into Molly's life. Thank you goofy."

"I love doing it, and it'll be great when we have lots of kids around to do this kind of stuff with."

Emily pulled Dylan down for a kiss. "Lots of kids? Let's try for our second and see how we go okay?"

"Whatever you want. Oh I nearly forgot! Stay there." Dylan picked up her motor cycle boots from the front door and asked Emily. "Have we got flour?

"Flour? Of course we do. What do you need flour for?" Emily got it from the cupboard and handed it to her partner, then followed Dylan as she walked a path from the front door to the Christmas tree, every few steps sprinkling flour over her boots, so it appeared as if a snowy boot print was left.

"Aww Dyl! That is so sweet! How did you think of that?"

They walked back to the kitchen to clean off the boots. "Dad reminded me he used to do that for Joey and me. I thought Molls would like it."

Emily ran her fingers down Dylan's bicep. "Oh honey, you are so perfect, you need a reward." She hooked a finger in the collar of her partner's t-shirt, and pulled her along, heading for the bedroom.

"Come unwrap me now TV star."

I love Christmas! Thought Dylan.




Christmas morning came only too early for Dylan and Emily. After a late night of preparing the gifts, they had an even later night making love and sharing a shower together. The last thing they needed was a four year old bouncing into their room at five o'clock in the morning.

"Mom! Mama! Santa's been! Mom! Wake up!"

Dylan groaned and tried to open her eyes. She was lying on her front with Emily cuddled into her side. When her parents didn't respond quickly enough, Molly decided to hasten things by jumping on her Mom ' s back.

"Ugh! Molls you going to kill your old Mom."

Molly lay flat and spoke to her Mom nose to nose. "But Mom, I see Santa's footprints."

"You didn't look in the living room yet did you?"

"No Mom, I member ou say not too."

Emily began to waken slowly "Hmm. Did Santa come?"

"Yeah Mama. Get up pease!"

Dylan stood up and stretched the kinks out of her muscles. "Okay then, smurf. We're up. Go and get your slippers, Molls." When her daughter ran off, Emily moaned.

"I need coffee Dyl." Emily moaned.

"Okay, I'll go get Molly some juice, switch on the coffee pot then get the video camera ready." She walked round the bed and leaned over for a kiss. "Merry Christmas baby girl. I love you, and last night was great. I just can't get enough of this married sex thing."

"Hmm, me too. I love you and I especially love your Christmas boxer shorts!" Emily ran her hand up a muscular thigh and under the leg of Dylan's loose boxer shorts. Dylan had a love of interesting and exciting underwear, and so Emily had come home from one shopping trip with some boxers with Santa's and reindeers on them. She had even bought some more adult ones that were wrapped up under the tree.

Dylan grabbed her hand before it wandered any higher. "Hey Mrs Morgan, don't be a bad girl, we have presents to open."

"Oh, and what if I want to be a bad girl, Dyl? Emily said with a sexy smirk.

"We'll in that case" Dylan picked Emily up and threw her over her shoulder, and gave her butt a sound thwack.

"Dylan Morgan, put me down this minute." Molly came into the bedroom to see what all the hilarity was about.

"Mama, Mom got you! Ha ha."

"Let's go Molly! Lead on to the tree!" Molly giggled and laughed watching her mama being carried through like a rag doll.






Dylan could not have been have been happier as she looked round the living room that was now strewn with Christmas paper. While she tried to tidy the paper into a trash bag, Molly sat on the floor in the middle of a huge pile of toys and Emily was in the kitchen starting on breakfast and getting the turkey in the oven.

When they had come through to open presents, Dylan had gone in first and set up the video camera so as to catch the look of excitement on Molly's face when she entered the room.

The little girl ' s face had lit up with joy when she had seen her bike sitting with a big bow on it. Dylan had promised they would take it out later. She had also gotten the new Nintendo U games system, a Furby, action figures and games amongst other things. Her Grandparents had given a large trampoline to use at the Long Island house and a miniature Taekwondo uniform. Although she couldn't start official training till she was older, she had asked for it in her letter to Santa and was delighted with it. Jackson and Rosie had also given her a scooter, so she had lots of outdoor toys that would be great for the new house. Emily also seemed delighted with her gifts of designer shoes, clothes, which Rosie had helped Dylan pick out, and some new jewellery. She remembered with a smile Molly's gift to her. Emily prompted her daughter to hand her little gift over to her Mom.

"Mom? I pick this for you for Missmass."

Dylan took the gift and squeezed it. "You got me something? Molls? Aww, thank you."

"She chose it all herself" Added Emily with a smile.

"Open Mom!" Molly bounced up and down on her toes.

Dylan ripped open the Christmas paper and felt tears coming to her eyes. She is just the sweetest kid in the world! Inside was a pyjama set of loose boxers and t - shirt, emblazoned with a picture of Papa Smurf and the phrase underneath, ' Who's your Papa?'

She scooped Molly up and hugged her tight. "Ou ike it Mom?"

"It's the most amazing thing ever! I love it."

"When we saw it in the store, she insisted we had to get for you."

Molly pointed to herself and said, "I Smurf, Mama is Mama Smurf and ou Papa Smurf, Mom!"


Dylan's thoughts were interrupted when Emily came in smiling "Hey sweetie, time to get dressed. Then you can play with your toys."

"Me wear my twando tothes mama?"

Dylan spoke before Emily got the chance to answer "Sure Smurf, Whatever you want."

Molly jumped up and down. "Yeah!" Then ran with her new suit to her bedroom.

Emily gave Dylan annoyed look and said, "Dylan! It's Christmas Day. She can't just run around in that. I bought her a lovely little outfit for today. You can't just give in and let her do what she wants all the time. She'll grow up to be a spoiled brat."

Uh oh! I'm in trouble again!

Dylan walked toward her wife, and took her hands in her own. "But baby, kids should be able to be relaxed and do what they want on Christmas, not feel uncomfortable all dressed up and stuff."

Emily sighed sadly, "The outfit I got is adorable and it wouldn't make her uncomfortable. It's not a dress or anything."

Dylan realized Emily had been looking forward to dressing their little girl up and she had just stomped through her ideas with her big feet.

"I'm sorry, Emmie. I shouldn't have just said that without talking to you. I just get excited and my mouth starts talking before I think."

Emily leaned into her partner ' s chest. "No, it's fine, she's your daughter too. I guess I was just a bit disappointed. The little outfit I had planned was beautiful."

Dylan rubbed her hand over Emily's stomach and said "Maybe if our next one's a girl, she'll like dresses and girl stuff. I know Molly is like me in that way. I remember one Christmas I got a ninja turtle costume. I don't think I took it off for a month!" Emily laughed think of the young Dylan running about just like Molly.

"Hey, I think Molly and you are perfect the way you are. I love you both, and I need to relax and let her be comfortable like you say, it's Christmas after all."

Emily received a kiss from her partner. "Good girl, now why don't I get myself and Molly dressed for our guests huh? Oh, and if you're very lucky, I might give you a treat and wear my new jockey shorts; the ones with the mistletoe?

Emily blushed, remembering one of the novelty pairs of underwear she had purchased for her partner which had a piece of mistletoe printed over the button fly.

"That would be a treat indeed, goofy. I'll need to try and contain my lust till tonight thinking about them." she joked.

"I bet you will, baby."

Emily watched Dylan walk off towards the bedroom still only dressed in sleeveless t -shirt and boxers. Her muscular form accentuated with every step she took while Emily thought, She thinks I'm joking? Dylan you have no idea how good looking you are.

Since Emily's emotional recovery and their short honeymoon, her libido had returned with a vengeance and she couldn't seem to get enough of Dylan.

Just you wait till bedtime TV star!








Jackson arrived to pick up Rosie and Walt to go over to the Morgan ' s for the day. Due to Dylan's surprise for Molly and Emily, there wasn't much time to hang around. So she gave Rosie her gifts on Christmas Eve, and a gift for Walt. It was hard not being with Rosie on Christmas morning, but she hoped next year they would be, if she could persuade her girlfriend to live with her. Walt had invited her to stay over and share the morning with them, but the surprise package she had in the car made that impossible, You owe me big time Morgan!

As she approached the Henderson front door, it suddenly opened and Rosie virtually threw herself on top of Jackson, placing kisses all over her face.

"Happy Christmas Hippy girl! Well you seem happy."

Rosie stopped her barrage of kisses and held Jackson ' s face in her hands. "You are the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful person I have ever met!"

I must have done something right for a change.

"What did I do to deserve that?"

Rosie pulled a gold locket from the neckline of her mini dress, this had been one of a few gifts Jackson had given her, but obviously the one that meant the most. "This."

Jackson smiled broadly. "You like it then? I wasn't sure..."

Rosie silenced her with a kiss. "I love it. I loved it when I unwrapped it, but when I opened it and saw the pictures of my Mom and me? I...well, I cried. Dad told me you asked him for a picture."

"Yes, I hoped he wouldn't mind. I know how much your Mom meant to you, and now you can keep her close to your heart."

"I'll keep you close to my heart as well. I love you. Did you like your gifts?" Rosie asked with a smirk.

She had given Jackson some designer shirts, a jacket and a joke present of a pink flowery apron.

"Oh yes, I think I might take you to bed wearing my frilly apron. I bet you'd like that kinky girl?"

"Maybe, Oh and you are a big suck up Jackson Hunter! Daddy thinks you ' re even more perfect for me."

Jackson smiled. "I'm not a suck up; I simply thought he would enjoy The History of the American Military ' on DVD."

Rosie smacked her on the arm, "Yeah he does and I have to watch the freaking thing with him, but you ' re not getting away with it. You're going to come over for a few nights and watch it too."

Jackson just gave her girlfriend a warm smile and said "I'd be happy to hippy girl, now let ' s get your dad and head over to the Morgan's. Dylan's little surprise isn't going to wait much longer."







Tommy and Pattie had long since arrived at their daughters'. Tommy was engaged in keeping Molly occupied with her new toys, while Pattie helped Emily in the kitchen. Dylan had helped by setting the table in the formal dining room, and she was pleased as how it had turned. Living alone for so long, it had never been used before, but it looked great all set out for their huge meal.

As Dylan was admiring her handy work, her iphone began to ring.


"It's Jackson. Were on our way up."

"Understood. Did you leave my package with Maurice at the front desk?"

"Sure did."

"Right. See you in a few minutes."

Dylan hung up the call and smacked her hands together. "Okay, here we go. I'm gonna get major kisses and cuddles for this one!"

Dylan went to let her guests in, and Tommy, Pattie and Emily all came to exchange good wishes, handshakes and kisses with their friends.

Tommy and Walt moved to the living to enjoy a chat and a drink, while Jackson and Dylan made their way down to the front desk to bring the package and it's accessories up to the apartment.






Rosie handed Emily a glass of wine she had poured her and said, "Em? Here take a breather. You and Pattie look rushed off your feet."

Emily looked up from the stove and gratefully accepted the glass of cool white wine from her friend.

"Thanks. We're not far off now. What do you think mom?" Emily asked her Mother-in-law.

Pattie lifted her own glass and replied, "Not long, about forty five minutes I should say."

Rosie admired Emily so much. She was a beautiful and elegant, even when making a full Christmas dinner for her family and guests. Emily Morgan fitted the role of wife of a rich TV star perfectly but certainly did not act like it.

"You know, I doubt there are many wives of famous celebrities that are cooking their own Christmas dinner today."

"I couldn't imagine having some stranger cook for us. I was taught by my grandmother that cooking and taking care of your family shows how much you love them. I watched my grandmother take joy in feeding my grandpa and her family. They adored each other, and they gave me

my ideals for a relationship. I know it must sound old fashioned to you Rosie, but that's all I've ever wanted, to take care of my family."

Rosie thought carefully before she answered. Her world had turned upside down since falling in love with Jackson, as had some of her beliefs. Rosie realized now that there were many ways of being a lesbian, as well as being a woman. Her career would always be important and she couldn't stay home like the way Emily did, but she now understood that need that love gives you to take care of your partner.

"No, I understand Em. Feminism is about giving women choices, and you've exercised your right to what you want. I get that."

They heard Jackson shout from the hallway "Hey everyone, come out here for a bit."

"What are they up to now?" Rosie said.

Emily turned down the heat on the stove, and the three women made their way out of the kitchen.

Molly ran to her mother and said, Mama! Dackson say Mom got us a surpise!"

"What's going on Jackson?"

"Just wait." Jackson knocked on the door to signal Dylan and she popped her head round the door."Now, my little family. You may have thought you had both had all your gifts, but there is one more to go."

"What mom? What you get us? Molly shouted.

The TV star just loved to see the look of excitement on her daughter ' s face.

"Dyl, what have you done? Molly has had plenty of gifts and I certainly have too."

"Just wait, you'll love it!"

Dylan disappeared for a second, and then the door opened fully to reveal Dylan holding a cage in her arms with a bow on it.

"Meet the newest member of our family. I hope you like him."

Emily's mouth hung open as she saw a little grey and white puppy inside the cage. Molly darted toward the cage.

"Mom! You buy us a puppy! Me want to cuddle him!"

"Okay smurf. Let's take him into the other room and calm down a bit. He's going to be a bit scared in a new home. What do you think Emmie?"

"A dog is a lot of work, Dylan."

Dylan walked up to Emily and took her hand. "Emmie, he's 4 months old and fully trained by the breeder, he won't be any trouble. I think a kid should have a dog to grow up with, and I thought he would make you feel safe at the new house, when I'm not there."

Emily had worried about that. The Long Island house was a great big piece of land, and it would be a lonely place when Dylan was in the city or away overnight for work.

She smiled and gave Dylan a hug. "That was really thoughtful, honey. Thank you. Let's get him out and you can tell us all about him. Is it a boy?"

Dylan looked really pleased with herself for bringing home this gift. "Yeah, come on and meet him."





After everyone had settled in the living room, Dylan had followed the breeder ' s instructions and opened the cage door, but let the dog come out in his own time. After an initial nervous period, the playful puppy soon realised it was safe and had found a new playmate in Molly. The pair were playing on the floor as the adults watched on.

"That's a fine looking dog, Dylan." Walt said.

"Is it a husky, Champ? Asked her dad.

"Yeah, and he's fully trained to respond to commands. Lynn found me a really good breeder."

Emily walked over to Dylan and sat on her lap, and giving her a kiss "He's so handsome honey. You are just the sweetest."

Dylan smiled smugly to herself. I knew I'd get hugs and kisses for this one! I am awesome!

"Mama, he got blue eyes like me!"

All he the adults chuckled. "He sure does Molls. What would you like to call him?

The little girl looked at her new friend and thought hard. The puppy looked back at her excitedly, his big tongue hanging out one side of his mouth.

"He look like a wolf, so I call him Wolfie!"

"That's perfect smurf!"

"Aww, that is just the cutest, Molly!" Rosie told her.

And with that Wolfie was welcomed into the Morgan household. Later, as Dylan sat at the head of the dining table, she took a moment to think about how far she had come. Last year she had nothing, and now as she looked at the faces of family and friends round the table. She felt a happiness and contentment that filled her with joy. They had faced bad times and come out of it stronger, they're family was growing and due to grow larger.

Who would've thought I could have it all. Life is good, and nothing can take it away from me.






Jimmy Daniels gingerly opened one eye and groan. He had a hangover from hell and it was only about to get worse. Turning over he looked in the eyes of another faceless blonde he had picked up the night before. Oh god! Why do they have to be here in the morning!

"Jimmy I..."

"Get out now."


Jimmy forced himself up and staggered out the room. He made is way toward the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and some painkillers from the cupboard.

The blonde from the bedroom followed Jimmy to the kitchen and said, "Hey, honey listen..."

"Are you still here? Didn't I tell you to get out. Now just fuck off bitch!"

The blonde woman looked at the greasy, middle aged man and shuddered. Tell me I didn't sleep with that stinking, sweaty guy for nothing! '

"But Jimmy, you promised you'd help me out with some money."

That comment put Jimmy over the edge. He stormed back to the bedroom and gathered her clothes, then grabbed her by the hair."

"Money! That's all you bitches ever think about!" She was dragged to his front door and thrown out into the hallway with her clothes. "You were a shit fuck! All you deserve for it is this." He spat on the floor in front of her and slammed the door.

Jimmy was shaking with rage and only knew one cure for that. He went back to the kitchen and poured himself a whiskey. He downed the first one quickly and poured the second immediately. Feeling the warm liquid start to do its job, he switched on the kitchen TV. On his screen appeared the woman he hated. The woman he thought about every second of everyday.

It seems the Morgan's family has swelled this Christmas; as the young family were spotted out together with a new puppy at the local dog park. After facing so much hardship, things seem to be going perfectly for the young family.


Jimmy lifted his glass and threw it straight at the TV. "I hate you!"







Half a bottle of whiskey later, Jimmy heard a knock at the door. "Leave me the fuck alone will you!" He shouted.

"Jimmy? It's me, Sam." Sam was Jimmy's photographer of many years, and as near as he got to a friend. He had also helped him a lot on the big Morgan story.

Jimmy willed himself off the sofa and stumbled towards the door. He opened the door to find his young accomplice, Sam.

"Jimmy, you look like shit!" Said the young man.

"Yeah? I love you too Sam. Goodbye." Jimmy went to slam the door but it was held in place by his visitor.

"Hey wait up, Jimmy. I haven't seen you in forever, let me in."

"Fine, don't expect coffee and cookies though."

He walked back to sit down and poured another drink. "So what's up? Did you use up your share of the money I got? Cause you're not getting anymore."

Sam sat on the seat opposite and said "No. I actually used it wisely. I work for myself now."

What the hell is wrong with you Jimmy? You look like a drunk. Sam thought .

"What have you been doing with yourself, Jimmy? I thought you'd be living it up on a beach somewhere, fighting off the women."

Jimmy snorted then drank the last of his drink, "I tried that. It's not as great as it looks."

"What's really wrong?"

"I thought being rich would make everything great. I could do what I want, go where I want, get the women I want, but it's not as great as you might think. Women only want what's in your wallet and friends are only friends as long as you pay the tab. Then there's Morgan."

He picked up the bottle and swallowed some more of the amber fluid. "I got her good I thought. I would be rich and she would be humiliated. But know, it turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her, and she's playing happy family with that blonde bitch and the bastard kid! Even that fucking stalker couldn't break her. If I had her wife all alone in the woods, I wouldn't have failed to leave my mark on the bitch, and that would have destroyed Morgan!"

Wow! He is obsessed. I can use that to make something bigger and better for myself. thought the ambitious young photographer.

"How would you like another shot at Morgan?"

Jimmy's head shot up. "You got something on her?"


"I might, but it's just a lead. There's still work to do on it. It needs a man with your contacts on it."

"Tell me!"

Sam knew he had Jimmy where he wanted him. He had always done Jimmy's grunt work and got little recognition and a fraction of the pay out. Now it was time to even up the play.

He sat back and crossed his legs, looking extremely relaxed.

"Not so fast Jimmy. We're going to play it a bit differently this time. I want a fifty-fifty cut on anything we make on this story. I want your word on that."

You think you've got me where you want me kid? I don't even care about the money. I just want to take Morgan down!

"Okay, you have my word. Fifty-fifty all the way; now the information?"

"I got a tip that one of the local officers that investigated the Emily Morgan kidnapping and Bianchi death, wasn't satisfied with Dylan's statement."

"What do you mean? What is there to question? I mean Morgan's bitch is taken to the cabin, Morgan and that bodyguard Jackson find them; and Hunter shoots her as she was attacking her with a knife."

"Well, the whispers I've heard say this police officer thinks Morgan's story doesn't tally up, and Morgan and Hunter are hiding something. He's been pushing for the case to be looked at again, but of course Morgan's buddies, Mark Lawson and Patrick Kenny are protecting her, and it seems those higher up don't want to hear anything questioning Morgan. They attend all the same charity dinners, and society events. He has no evidence, but is sure something went on that they are not saying."

Jimmy's heart sped up as he thought about getting another chance at getting his revenge on Dylan.

"I think a visit to the Catskills is in order. I'll try and speak to this cop, and see what his story is. Then I'll make sure I find evidence to back it up.

I'm coming for you Morgan!







"Mrs. Morgan, where would you like these boxes? This is the last of it."

Today was the Morgan's big moving day. They had been at the Long Island house for a few hours, and Emily was exhausted. She held a hand to her head and sighed "If you could just put them in the family room, I'll deal with it later."

"Yes Ma'am."

Emily watched the movers negotiate their way up the impressive wooden staircase and thought, I can't believe I'm here.

The size of the house and estate seemed larger than when they had visited the last time. Molly was having a ball running freely and exploring around the extensive gardens and tennis court with Wolfie.

She had been warned not to go near the swimming pool on her own, nor was she allowed to go down to their private beach alone, but there was a lot of space left to explore.

As Emily took in the size of the place, she realised Dylan was right about getting some help in, but she insisted it should only be for cleaning and gardening as she would never give up the task of cooking and taking care of her family. God! Even the entrance hall is huge.

The marble flooring and white walls gave the large entrance hall a light cool look, and the wooden staircase led up to a landing, over which hung a big crystal chandelier.

She looked at the boxes strewn about her and felt the stress start to build, How are we ever going to get this done? We don't even have all the furniture we need.

The couple were going to buy all new furniture when they redecorated; with Rosie's guidance; but for the time being they were making do with some of the apartment furniture.

She made her way to the kitchen where Pattie and Rosie were emptying boxes of crockery

"We're nearly done here Emily." Said Pattie.

"Thank you, you've both been working so hard. I don't know when we'll get this place in order. This place is so big, there are so many rooms, and we need some new furniture to fill them."

Rosie put her arm around her friend, "Hey, we'll get it sorted out. You want to redecorate some of the rooms anyway, so this way we have a totally blank canvas to work on. Oh, and don't worry I'll help you spend your money, Em!"

The three women laughed. "I suppose so. It just seems quite daunting today. Have you seen Dylan? She's supposed to be ordering pizza for us all."

"Oh, she's out in the garden with Jackson and Tommy. Something about planning out changes in the garden?"

"What is she doing that for? We've been moved in two hours! There are boxes everywhere and she planning changes to the garden?"

"I'm sure she'll be in shortly, dear." Her mother in law said.

"She will be now!"

Emily took out her cell phone and began typing out the text message.

Dylan Morgan! Stop playing at being a contractor, and get your butt back in her within the next two minutes, or there will be trouble!!!

"That should do it." Dylan always knew there was trouble brewing if Emily didn't put any kisses after the end of the text. It was their code of sorts.

Sure enough, within a few minutes voices and feet and the clatter of paws could be heard coming in the back door into the laundry room. Molly came running in first into the kitchen, Wolfie followed panting, and headed straight for his water bowel.

"Mama! Mom's going to build me a twee ouse and make a play ground for me and Wolfie!"

Emily looked up into the eyes of her partner, who followed closely behind her daughter.

"Oh, is she really?"

Dylan knew something was wrong when she got Emily's text. And now the tone of her voice and look she gave confirmed it.

"Everything okay, Emmie? I was just showing dad and Jackson where I wanted to remodel and put the basketball court and play park stuff for Molls."

"We'll that ' s great Dylan. There are boxes everywhere waiting to be emptied, no end of things to do and you ' re out playing in the garden. Weren't you supposed to be ordering pizza for everyone? And you have still to feed the dog."

Jackson smirked at her friend ' s predicament until Rosie came and pulled Jackson away from the couple.

"Um...come here a minute would you?"

Dylan took her wife's hand and pulled her outside the kitchen door."I'm sorry Emmie, I wasn't abandoning you. I was just excited to show dad the land, he's going to help plan and make the changes. I promise we'll get this indoor stuff all done before I go back to work. We've got lots of time. It's going to be a great week, we'll get this place sorted and then in a couple of days we go and see about filling up another one of those bedrooms upstairs."

Being reminded of their appointment at the fertility centre brought a smile to Emily's face.

"See, there's the smile that been hiding. Now give me a hug and I'll go and order the food and sort out Wolfie okay?"

"Okay." When Emily leant into the hug she felt Dylan's cold arms."You're freezing! You didn't wear a jacket out there? You've only got a t - shirt on honey. You'll get sick."

Dylan smiled warmly at her wife's concern for her; "I'm fine baby girl. Warm bloodied remember?"

"Hmm. Just get us some pizza TV star."

"Your wish is my command!"






It had taken a lot of work, but Dylan stuck to her word and had helped Emily get the house in a reasonable order, at least until the decorating was done. Today was the next part of their journey, and as Dylan sat beside Emily in the Doctor ' s room, she thought, This is the last piece of the puzzle. Life is gonna be so good from now on. What if it doesn't work? No, don't think that. Be positive, you don't want Emmie to worry.

Emily was already undressed and in her gown. She sat on the edge of the examination table and watched Dylan, who seemed to be thinking very hard, and she had been quiet on the ride over to the city as well.

"Are you alright, honey? No second thoughts, is it?"

"What? No never!" Dylan took Emily's hand.

"I'm just having a hard time believing how lucky I' am. I mean I'm just getting everything I ever dreamed of, I don't know what I've done to deserve it."

Emily stroked her partners head tenderly; "You deserve it for being you honey. Molly and I love you more than anything."

"Um...is it okay if I admit I'm a little scared?"

"Of course. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that the only thing that scares big tough Dylan Morgan is a little baby!" Emily joked.

"Hey, Mama Smurf can scare me too you know."

They were both still laughing when the doctor knocked and came in. "Ms.Morgan, Mrs.Morgan, nice to see you again."

When they had come for their initial appointment at the clinic, they had been very impressed with Dr.Heart and her staff. When the clinic that Emily had used with Molly, had leaked her personal information, they had decided to change clinics.

Dr. Heart ' s small upscale Manhattan clinic was recommended by many LBGT organisations, and Emily felt comfortable straight away with greying middle aged woman. Dr. Heart rubbed her hands together and smiled."So? Are we ready to make some babies?"

"Yes, but can we try for one at a time please, Doctor?"

Dr. Heart smiled. "I'll see what I can do."

The doctor set everything up then allowed the couple time alone for Dylan to push the plunger and insert the sperm into her wife.

After they left the clinic, Dylan drove them home. "Do you think our baby number one is okay?"

"Of course, she's being spoiled rotten with her grandparents."

"They haven't had to deal with Wolfie as well though."

Dylan chuckled; "Yeah, that puppy sure does have some energy. Dad will enjoy having him there though. We had a dog when Joey and me were little, and he loved that dog."

"I miss Molly when she's not with us, but it is nice to have you to myself sometimes."

"I know, she'll be back first thing in the morning though, and we'll spend a family day together. Just you, me, Molly and Wolfie. But just now, I'm going to make love to you and try to make our baby number two."

Emily leant over and kissed her partner on the cheek, "That sounds perfect."

The rest of the ride Emily rested her head against Dylan's shoulder and sighed in contentment.







Dylan drove through the high security gates into the large gravel driveway and pulled up in front of the house.

"I'll need to go car shopping next week sometime. Your driver will be starting soon."

"Has Pauley got any good candidates?"

"Yeah, some guys he has worked with, who have some security experience, so that will be even better."

They had both agreed that a driver was needed for Emily. It was becoming increasingly clear that with the press attention she got whenever she went out that she would need someone with her. Being out of the way on their secluded estate was going to be a very different life to their one in New York City. She would be out and about more, into town and the stores and Dylan didn't want to take any chances when they were trying for a baby.

"We'll I'm sure you'll have fun choosing a car."

Dylan gave her a smile and said. "Make that cars plural,baby. I've got four garages now, and it would be a crying shame not to fill them. This is a nice big island for driving, maybe a nice little sporty one, something with a little power. But don't worry, I'll get nice a nice family car too."

"As long as you're careful and don't drive too fast."

"Yes Mama Smurf. Let me get you out."

She walked round the car and helped Emily out, then further surprised her wife by lifting her into her arms.

"Dyl! What are you doing? I can walk you know!"

"Not today you can't. I'm going carry you to our bed and make love to beautiful wife, and hope we can make a baby with that love."

Emily pulled Dylan into a kiss "I love you honey. You make me feel treasured."

Dylan smiled but said nothing as she continued to carry her wife into the house and up stairs, and into their bedroom. This was Emily's favourite room. It was a long room, and the new four poster wooden bed sat on the back wall, affording them a simply stunning view out of the floor to ceiling windows on the other side of the room. Emily loved to lie in bed and watch the waves churn and crash against the shore. And this room, unlike every other in their new home which was geared toward family life, was just for them. It felt like the couples sanctuary against the pressures of life.

Dylan sat her down on the bed and taking her hand knelt down in front of her wife.

"I just want you to know that I feel honored that you want to share this with me. What you said out there about feeling treasured? I always want you to feel like that." Dylan placed Emily's hand on her heart. "I treasure you, our daughter, and our life together. You have given me the world, and I will spend every day of my life trying to give you back the love and happiness you have given me. You're in my heart and my blood, in fact I'm sure somewhere on my body there is a stamp that says Property of Emily Morgan, if found please return to the address below. '

"Yes, I think it's probably on your butt!" Emily said laughingly. "Seriously honey, I think that is the most loving and caring thing anyone has ever said to me. You know I feel the same; I want to give you all these things too. So what do you say TV star? Are you up to making a baby with me?"

Dylan gave her a sly smile and took off her wife's high heel shoe, kissing her ankle as she went.

With ever piece of clothing Dylan removed she placed a loving kiss in its place. She wanted this to be unhurried, slow and passionate, making her wife feel utterly loved and adored. Once Emily was naked, Dylan gently laid her on their bed, and quickly riding herself of her own clothes, lay down by her side. When Emily went to speak, Dylan placed a finger across her lips."Shh. Don't talk, just relax and feel. She smiled down at wife and trailed her fingers tenderly over Emily's face. "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." While her lips placed gentle kisses over Emily's face, her fingers continued to trail down Emily's neck and shoulders. "I love your little nose."

Emily giggled, when Dylan took it between her teeth and gave it a little bite. She repeated the loving act on her chin and neck and shoulders.

"And you know I love these." Emily's little giggles turned to gasps when her partner ' s fingers trailed over her breasts.

"Do you know why I know you were made for me?"

Emily shook her head. Dylan held up her large hands and smiled in that cheeky way that made her partner smile;. "Your breasts fit perfectly in these big hands of mine."

They laughed softly until Dylan couldn't resist wrapping lips around the nipples that she so adored. Emily held on to her partners head, loving the attention she was getting.

Dylan imagined the sheer power of the love she was sharing with her wife would bring about the life they so desperately wanted to create.

Her lips moved down to her wife's stomach and concentrated her kisses and licks on the stretch marks she had gotten when pregnant with Molly. Dylan had always paid attention to this area when they made love and Emily always wondered why, as she always worried that Dylan would be turned off by them. As if her partner could hear her silent question said; "These I love more than anything."

Emily couldn't help but break her silence, "Why?"

Dylan worked her way back up to her wife's face and looked in her eyes, "Because, they represent the beautiful daughter you gave me, gave us. I will worship them for the rest of our lives."

Dylan had slipped between Emily's legs and started to grind against her slowly.

"You've already given us a wonderful gift, and I want you to feel how I am grateful that you are doing this for us. Creating a life with you is the greatest thing I have ever done."

Her hips were speeding up as their passion built up. Emily pulled her partners lips toward her and said, "You are the love of my life. It's you..."

"It's you." Dylan repeated before letting her lips and herself get lost in her wife.










Why did I even agree to this? ' Nick Shaw thought as he walked in the dark bar. Outside it was a bright crisp February afternoon, but inside this windowless seedy bar, you would think it was nearer midnight.

When a Jimmy Daniels had contacted him a couple of weeks ago wanting to discuss the Bianchi case, he had thought long and hard about this meeting. But he finally decided to come as he could never quite been able to get the case out of his head.

The detective looked around the sparsely populated establishment, and a heavy set man at a table the far end of the room, lifted his hand to wave at him.

Nick looked about himself nervously, hoping none of the other patrons would recognize him.

Jimmy stood as Nick approached; "Detective Shaw, glad you could come."

Nick sat down quickly. "Just call me Nick, please. I shouldn't even be here."

"Okay Nick. I got you a drink." Jimmy indicated to a glass of whiskey in front of him.

"It's a bit early for me." Nick replied.

Pussy. Thought Jimmy.

"I'll get you something else then. What would you like?"

"Just a mineral water."

Jimmy ordered it from the server and she returned quickly with his drink.

"So Mr. Daniels, let's get this over with. You said you might have information for me."

The reporter put a big friendly smile on his face; "I might be able to put my hands on some new evidence, but first I want you to tell me why you have suspicions about this case."

Nick looked deep into Jimmy's eyes, Do you really have anything, Jimmy? Or are you just fishing? It might be worth playing along for now.

"I think what happened in that cabin was very different to what Dylan Morgan and Jackson Hunter stated. The victim had a lot of damage done to her body before death. M y instincts tell me, Morgan, with Hunters help killed Toni Bianchi in revenge when they found Emily. I can understand Morgan was angry, but we have laws for a reason, you just go around killing prisoners."

"Hmm. What happened once you guys arrived?"

"That's another thing that bothers me. Procedures weren't followed as they should have been. Morgan's buddies, Mark Lawson and Patrick Kenny were tailing the pair as they drove from Dylan's apartment to the cabin. Apparently their car was spotted by a patrol car and they sped off after them.

"When I arrived Lawson and Kenny were already in charge of the scene. None of the usual checks were done. We knew that both sets of prints would be found on the gun, because they both admitted to holding it at one time or another, but both their hands should have been checked for powder marks. I just feel in my gut that Morgan fired that shot, and if so why have they lied about it. If it was in self defense then fine, but why lie?"

"So what happened when you took these concerns to your superiors?" Asked Jimmy.

"They don't want to know. First of all, who really cares about someone who kidnapped and assaulted a young woman? What does it matter how she met her end? I think it does, we have rules for a reason and everyone, no matter how guilty they appear, deserves their day in court."

Jimmy kept his sincerest look on his face but thought internally, Fucking liberal.

" You're right there, Nick."

"Secondly, she's a powerful individual. Does a lot of charity work, and is involved in campaigns that the mayor and governor are involved with. When I went higher up the chain of command, trying to get the case reopened, I had the doors slammed in my face. I need more evidence or a new lead before I'll get anywhere."

Jimmy leaned forward and said. "If you give me some time, I will get that case opened for you. It won't happen overnight but I will get it opened."

"How are you going to do that?"

"Have you ever heard the phrase 'There's no smoke with fire?' Well I'm going to put so much smoke into the public domain, your bosses with have no choice but re-open it."






Jimmy was driving back from the Catskills when his cell phone rang, he saw it was Sam and pulled over.


"How did it go Jimmy?"

He told me the background and the basic problem is he can't get the case opened back up to question Morgan and Hunter. We need to get it reopened for him."

"And how do that and make money out of it?"

Yeah, that's all you're worried about Sammy. '

"We get a picture of Morgan standing over the body with the gun."

"You've got to know the police will spot a fake photo in a few hours in the lab."

"Yes they probably will, but that doesn't concern us. We are going to build up some smoke using Twitter and Facebook, the home of rumor and innuendo. We plant the idea there is a picture out there and incriminate Morgan, we watch the rumors grow arms and legs and the public and media will demand answers from the cops. They will be forced to look at it again, and Morgan will be in the shit."

"But we'll still make money on this right?"

"Of course. Do I never come out of these things without money?"

"No, Jimmy."

"That's right. And do you know the best thing about it kid?"


"Social media made Dylan Morgan and gave her everything she has, and social media is going to destroy her!"




"Oh Jesus!" Jackson cried as her orgasm sapped every ounce of strength from her body, and she collapsed onto Rosie's back. "I...I love you darlin." She panted into her girlfriend's ear, trying to regain her breath.

"Uh...love you too." Rosie panted. "I don't think I can even open my eyes! What brought that on, lover?"

Jackson ran her hand down Rosie's back and gave her buttock a smack.

"Hey!" Rosie struggled and Jackson allowed herself to be rolled over.

"Are you trying to dominate me?"

Jackson smiled and replied, "Well, It's not really something I want to do, but you seem to love it. Admit it."

Rosie giggled and kissed Jackson quickly on the lips. "Maybe soldier boy, but if you ever breathe a word of it, I'll tell everyone you wear a slave collar and I lead you around on a chain."

"Okay, okay darlin. Truce!"

Rosie smiled and laid her head on Jackson's chest."You never did tell me what turned you into an animal?"

"Hmm. I walked in here, and you were standing in front of the mirror, comparing dresses."

Tonight the new couple were going to a special event at O'Reillys bar. After Dylan promised to help Rosie's charity, In the Pink, she had been organizing a special night at the bar which her friends, the bar staff, were going to combine with her leaving party. There would be a pool tournament, contests, and an auction for some great prizes which some local business's had donated knowing Dylan Morgan was involved. It was an all ticket event, so they had to have some sort of crowd control. Dylan would also be doing a charity dare on her show, in the run up to the summer break, but the event hadn't been decided yet

Rosie lifted her head to look at her partner, "And that made you turn into a wild animal, throw me on the bed and fuck me from behind?"

"Not just that. You were standing in a bra, thong, panty hose and high heels. I knew I just had to have you and especially that backside in that thong."

"So heels, panty hose and thongs make you love me like a wild woman? I'll need to remember that. You do realize we'll need to get showered again? I've got to be at the bar early remember."

"I know. It was worth it though. Wasn't it?"

Rosie kissed Jackson and bit her lip with passion; "Oh yes, Jack. It was so worth it. Come on. Race you to the shower!"









Emily was putting the finishing touches to her makeup, while being watched by her daughter and her playful puppy

"Molls, what have I told you about having Wolfie on the bed?

"Olfie down!" The obedient puppy jumped down and lay at his human buddy ' s feet.

Emily saw in the mirror Molly watching her carefully as she applied her lipstick,"Are you okay sweetie?"

"I miff ou and Mom. Why can't me come to Wosie's party? I be good."

"Come here Molls." She trotted over and Emily lifted her on to her knee.

The little girl immediately began playing with her mom ' s necklace as she always did; loving the way the light shone and sparkled on the diamond.

"Sweetie, remember I told you it was a big persons party? There'll be no kids there and you'd be really bored. You'll have great fun with grandma and grandpa."

Pattie and Tommy had come out the house to stay over with their granddaughter, while Dylan and Emily were to stay in the city apartment over night.

"Granma says we going to watch a movie with popcorn and candy after dinner, and tomowow we go on the beach and play with Olfie's ball."

"We'll there you go, you'll have great fun, but tell me again where you don't go without a grown up?"

Molly sighed at the question that she was asked by her parents all the time, "De beach and de pool mama. I member."

Emily kissed her little head and smiled. Every time she looked at Molly she prayed they would be blessed with another one just like her. It had been about two and a half weeks since the insemination, and Dylan had been asking her to take a test from the second week, when she came home with digital testing kits that said they worked from two weeks. Emily had insisted they wait to at least three weeks for an accurate result. She secretly prayed they wouldn't have any problems as Dylan was so excited about the impending pregnancy.

"Mama, I go see Grandpa now. Ou and Mom say byes before ou go?"

"Of course sweetie. Now you're in charge of Wolfie. That means you have to make sure he behaves okay."

Molly jumped down and ruffled the husky ' s fur. "He be good mama. Come Olfie."

The pair then then trotted off quite happily. "Emmie?"

Emily turned round to see her partner standing the bathroom doorway and she stopped breathing for a second before a jolt hit her lower and started pounding.

Dylan was dressed only in designer her jeans, which hung open at the fly, her belt undone and hanging loose, and the waistband of her Calvin Kleins clearly visible over the top of her jeans. On top she was completely naked, her well defined muscles and broad shoulders looking pumped after an earlier workout.

Emily was constantly amazed at the effect her partners body had on her. Dylan's body exuded sex and raw power. No wonder your fans love you. Thought Emily.

But what made it wonderful was knowing that only she got to play with that body.

"Emmie? Are you listening?" Dylan walked towards her dressing table.

"Lock the door Dylan."

"What? Why?" Dylan looked into her wife's eyes and the look of lust being directed towards her.

She did as she was asked and returned to Emily who hadn't moved from her seat.

Emily knew it would mean getting ready again but she didn't care on bit. She had to do this.

She pulled Dylan towards her by her opened fly. Her vanity table stool had her exactly at eye level with Dylan crotch and she intended to make the most of it.

"Emmie what are you doing? We don't have time....oh, fuck!"

Her wife had quickly pulled Dylan's jeans and jockey shorts down enough to snake her tongue in to lick and suck her.

Dylan was totally caught off guard and could think of nothing but her wife's mouth on her. Her hands held on to Emily's head, encouraging the rhythm that she wanted. Emily sucked Dylan into her mouth and swirled her tongue making her partner groan.

"Oh yeah baby, suck me." Dylan moaned.

Emily knew this would be a quick one and felt the signs of her partners impending orgasm.

Dylan looked down at her wife's blonde head moving back and forth, sucking her like she couldn't get enough, and Dylan couldn't hold back any longer. She closed her eyes to savor the quick orgasm, grinding herself into Emily's mouth. It took everything she had to keep the noise she made to a minimum as she came.

When Dylan finally opened her eyes, she looked down to see a smirking Emily looking up at her.

"Mrs.Morgan, you are one naughty woman." Dylan pulled her wife up and kissed her thoroughly, tasting herself on Emily's lips.

When they broke apart Emily said, "I'm only naughty for you. I just can't resist that half dressed look."

"You make me so happy."

Dylan went to reciprocate but Emily stilled her hand. "We really don't have the time now honey, but don't worry, I will expect you to make love to me long into the night, when we get back to the apartment later."

"You got it, baby girl."

Emily brushed her fingers over Dylan's bare chest and said. "So what was it you wanted when you came in?"

Dylan looked confused, and then remembered what she had wanted to ask. "What? Oh yeah. Do you know where my T-shirt is? I couldn't find it."

"That's because I took it out to make sure it was pressed properly. It's on the hanger in your dressing room."

They each had a dressing room at either end of their bedroom. Emily having started off with a small wardrobe a few months ago and now had the room packed with dresses, shoes, and purses. She now didn't need any encouragement to spend money on nice things, and it made Dylan happy that this woman who had struggled so much could now relax and enjoy herself.

Dylan's dressing room on the other hand, took up far less space, consisting mainly of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

"Thanks baby."

They then heard a voice at their bedroom door. "Dylan, Jamie has brought the car round for you. Will you be ready soon?"

Jamie was a young man who they had picked to be Emily's driver from the candidates Pauley had given them. He had been working at the studio for a few years and Pauley trusted him. Molly had taken to him very quickly, and Emily appreciated the extra pair of hands when she was out at the shopping.

Emily giggled at the red blush that came to Dylan's cheeks, having her mom at the door just after an intimate moment.

"Um...can you ask him to give us another twenty minutes mom? We are kinda behind schedule."

The couple heard Dylan's mom laugh softly, obviously knowing what they had been caught up doing, and said. "Of course,dear. Take your time."

"You get me into so much trouble baby girl."

And after a quick shower and change they were on their way.




Emily's driver Jamie drove their new Porsche SUV round to the back entrance of O'Reilly's bar.

"Give us a minute will you, Jamie?

"Sure thing."

He got out and left them alone for a few moments. "Hey, are you ready for this? I know you don't enjoy being out in the public eye."

"I'll be fine. It's with our friends, I'm sure it will be fun."

Dylan lifter her wife's hand and kissed it. "You look beautiful by the way. Did I tell you?"

"Once or twice, Goofy. You look utterly gorgeous as ever. I'll be the envy of ever lesbian in there." Emily ran her hand ran her hand up and down Dylan's muscular thigh.

"I won't be the one they are looking at baby. Rosie said there would be a cordoned off vip area, soit won't be so hectic, but just stay close to me, and if I'm not there, stay with Jackson or Rosie."


"Okay, let's do this thing."

Dylan got out and helped Emily. A couple of the bars security team met them and escorted them in.

Anyone who saw the couple walk in had to admit the pair made a beautiful looking couple. Emily wearing a red mid length dress, and Dylan in her slouchy designer jeans, grey T-shirt and a Calvin Klein black, bomber style leather hooded jacket.

They were ushered into the bar and met by Rosie and Jackson at the VIP section. The crowd cheered and shouted their name when they saw the couple

"Hey, glad you could come." Rosie shouted above the noise as the couples exchanged kisses.

"No problem, the place looks great." The bar had been done up with pink banners, balloons and decorations.

"Thanks, sit down please." The raised platform on which they were sitting afforded them a good view of the floor area, the bar, the pool table area and the small stage area when the raffle would take place.

Emily felt scanned the rest of VIP area, and noticed they weren't alone. "Rosie? Who are those other women?"

"Oh some other celesbians I got to come along. A couple of the them are really nice, and one of my friends, who is a comedian is hosting everything, but mostly they're z list variety. It'll get some good publicity for the charity though."

Not wanting to appear stupid she turned to her partner.

"Dyl, what's a celesbian?"

Dylan smiled indulgently at her wife. She sometimes forgot how naive her wife was about gay culture. She hadn't even known who Dylan was when she met her.

"They're lesbian's who are famous for being lesbians, they go round the circuit of lesbian events, being at the right parties, like tonight. They use social media, like I did, when I started out, to keep themselves in the limelight."

"They don't have any talent or anything?"

"No, maybe that's being a little unkind. There are actors, comedians who are out and visible, doing good work, but some have had their fifteen minutes of fame and are stretching it as far as it will go. Oh, here come the drinks."

O'Reilly's bar manager came over with a try of drinks. "Hi Dylan, It's great to have you here. Anything you need, you just let me know. "

"Thanks Buddy. Here you go Emmie. So what will we drink to?" She asked her friends.

"How about to making lots of money and friendship?" Jackson lifted her drink to her friends.

"Lots of money and friendship." The others joined in.







"Look at her. She's so fucking smug." Bry Edwards sat with some of her friends, at a table across from Dylan in the VIP section.

Bry Edwards had achieved some notoriety, while appearing on a reality TV show. Since then she had lived off that success, keeping herself in the public eye by appearing at the right parties, and events, and was a regular at Dinah Shore. Bry relied on her good looks and play girl image to maneuver her way through life.

"She has a lot to be smug about Bry." Her friend said.

She watched with envy as Dylan sat with her arm draped round the shoulders of her beautiful wife, and smiled as she waved a few of her adoring public forward to get autographs.

You'd look good on my arm beautiful. Maybe you'll be needing a shoulder to cry on soon, if the rumors I've heard are true.

Bry wanted what Dylan had, and would trample over whomever she could to get it.

"Hey? Bry quit staring at her wife, or you'll get us kicked out."

"It's a free country; I'm just as entitled to be in the VIP area as she is. I'm a celebrity too." Bry snapped.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that. You are headed for trouble Bry, six foot of trouble. Thought her friend.



To be continued...


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