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Turning Tables


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Ten


An hour after dawn, Xena reached across the bed, her hands searching for the warm body of her lover. Her long fingers grasped cold sheets and she sleepily opened her eyes, a frown on her face. The hut was quiet which meant that Alexandria must have left already, somehow without waking her. Images of the night before flashed through her mind and she rolled onto her back with a miserable groan. Alexandria always said that her life was much too complicated, but this was just ridiculous.

She honestly hadn't expected any of this when she decided to visit the Amazon village. What she had expected the least was Gabrielle's behavior. Gabrielle had left her after she had been unfaithful and yet now, the bard was throwing herself at the warrior, despite the fact she had a partner. She was confused to say at the least.

The tables have turned, she thought to herself with a sad smile. For once, she was trying to be faithful and it was Gabrielle who wasn't. To make matters worse, she knew that Gabrielle had her own lover, though Xena couldn't make herself care about the other woman's feelings. Her feelings aren't my problem, Alexandria's are.

She realized in her sleepy morning haze that the room was still much too quiet. She rolled out of bed, cringing as her warm feet touched the cold floor before moving over to her daughter's cot only to find more cold sheets. She assumed that Alexandria must have taken Eve when she left this morning, probably to feed the always hungry child.

She was loathe to leave the safety of her hut, not looking forward to seeing her lover or the Amazon Queen. She could already hear the Amazon's outside, readying the village for the festival she had travelled to the Amazon Nation for. She almost regretted the visit now. If she was home right now, she'd still be in bed, curled around Alexandria. There would be no fighting, no complications; no blonde bard's to make her doubt her relationship. There would only be her and her family.

With a sigh, she changed into her leathers and left the hut, walking out into the cool morning air. She glanced around the village, catching the eyes of many women she had met in her previous visits over the years. Her pale blue orbs eventually caught a flash of dark red hair near the dining hall. She smiled briefly as she looked at her lover, Eve sitting happily on Alexandria's shoulders. The smile disappeared as she realized who her companion was talking to.

This is not how I wanted to start my morning, Xena thought angrily, watching as Alexandria laughed loudly at something Gabrielle said. How could they both act like nothing had happened? She wasn't a fool. She knew that Alexandria had been awake last night when Gabrielle crept into her hut. She had felt the almost unnoticeable tensing of the red headed woman's body as the door creaked open. She had also seen the look of heartbreak that flashed across Gabrielle's face. And yet, here they were, laughing like last night never happened.

"Hey Xena!" The dark haired woman turned at the sound of her name to face Solari who was walking towards her. "Turning into a late riser with old age?"

Xena fought the urge to snarl at the Amazon, pushing down her bad mood as Solari came to stand beside her. Her warrior mask fell firmly into place despite the emotions raging inside of her. "I had a late night."

"I can imagine," Solari replied, following Xena gaze to the two women outside of the dining hall. She patted the warrior on the arm sympathetically, guessing that Xena's late night was not due to pleasurable activities. "A group of us are going hunting today for tonight's party. Did you want to join us?"

Xena felt relief flood through her body, grateful that she didn't have to spend the day in the village. She nodded at the Amazon, giving her a small smile which was returned warmly. Solari told her to meet them at the village gates in a candlemark before walking away to pack her gear. With a small sigh, Xena straightened her shoulders before walking over to where her lover and the Amazon Queen stood.

They both looked up as she approached, their eyes full of emotion. To her surprise, it was Alexandria that looked away from her, unable to hold her gaze, instead of Gabrielle. The bard just smiled warmly, patting her arm gently as she stood before them.

"Good morning," Xena managed to croak out, opening her arms and picking up her daughter as Eve reached out to her. She kissed the toddler on her forehead as Eve cuddled up to her, wrapping her tiny arms around the warrior's neck.

"Morning," Gabrielle replied, while Alexandria only nodded. Xena tried to catch her lover's eyes but to no avail, leaving the warrior confused. "Did Solari invite you to go hunting?"

"Yeah, she did," Xena turned back to the bard, giving her a small smile. "I'm leaving in a candlemark. Alexandria, do you mind looking after Eve while I'm gone?"

"Of course," Alexandria smiled, though it didn't meet her eyes. Xena frowned, wondering what her lover was thinking about. She can't even look me in the eye.

"Okay," Xena pressed another kiss to her daughter's head before handing her back to Alexandria. Their hands touched and she felt her partner flinch away from her as she pulled back. Her heart ached in her chest as she looked at Alexandria holding her daughter. She would fix this tonight, at the festival, if it was the last thing she did. "I'm going to go and get ready. I'll see you both tonight."

Without waiting for an answer, she turned on her heel and walked back to her hut, her head swirled with thoughts as she wondered why her lover was so upset with her.




Alexandria let out a small sigh of relief as she watched Xena return to her hut. She had been unable to fall back asleep after she heard Gabrielle sneak into their hut the night before. She had spent the few candlemarks before dawn thinking deeply about the situation they were in. As the night faded into day, she finally made her decision. She knew it would hurt the warrior and herself even more, but there was no other way. They couldn't continue with this charade, it would only end up hurting everyone even more.

She watched as the door closed behind her lover, already feeling the cracks start to form in her already fragile heart. Tonight, she would make things right, if it was the last thing she did.


To Be Continued In Part 11


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