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Turning Tables


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Thirteen


She sat on the ground for what felt like hours but in truth was only a few minutes. Her heart felt like it had been visited by a tornado, destroying everything in it's path. She had seen this coming but it didn't make it any easier. Once again, it was all her fault. She'd broken another woman's heart and caused them to leave. She stood up slowly, brushing the tears from her cheeks before walking over to where her daughter slept. She picked Eve up and walked through the shadows back to her hut, caring not about the emerald green eyes that followed her. In moments she was back in her room, putting Eve down in her cot and pulling the blankets tightly around her daughter.

"What are we going to do now, sweetheart?" She whispered softly to the child, causing more tears to splash down her cheeks. "What are we gonna do?"

She sat back on her heels, gazing at her daughter and taking strength from the fact that she still had Eve, no matter what. Alexandria might have left her, but she'd always have her daughter. And Alexandria said she'd be back to visit them. A small flame of hope at that thought caught a light inside her chest but quickly fizzled out. Alexandria would never take her back, not now. She'd hurt the woman too many times. How did I get myself into this situation again? Xena thought to herself miserably.

You know how, a voice said softly in the back of her mind. You know in your heart that you could have never loved Alexandria, at least not like you love Gabrielle. You couldn't resist your soulmate, no matter how much you tried.

Alexandria deserved better. She should never have tried to fool herself or the red headed woman into thinking that she could love her completely. Her heart belonged to the Amazon Queen.

That doesn't mean what I did was right, Xena thought to herself in disgust. I was supposed to have changed. No more cheating. No more sleeping with anyone else but my partner, even with Gabrielle.

Even though she hadn't made love to the bard, she had still betrayed Alexandria by kissing her. Though, Gabrielle made no move to stop her and she was sure things would have gone further if she hadn't been able to control herself. Gabrielle wouldn't have stopped her. Gabrielle, the woman that left her for her infidelity. She felt anger bubble in her chest at her train of thought. Gabrielle was not as innocent as she pretended to be.

She heard the door creak open behind her followed by soft footsteps. She recognised the person in her hut immediately and felt an immesurable amount of rage build inside of her as she quickly stood and spun around before pinning the woman against the wall.

She breathed heavily, her eyes wild as she pinned Gabrielle between her body and the wall, her forearm resting against the bards chest. Gabrielle looked up at her, her green eyes wide with surprise and a tinge of fear.

"What are you doing here?" Xena growled between clenched teeth. "Come to gloat?"

"No, Xena, of course not," Gabrielle gasped, pushing against the forearm that was crushing her chest. "I came to see if you were okay. Now, let me go!"

Gabrielle shoved Xena off of her and took a deep breath to calm herself as she looked at the dark haired woman. She had assumped quickly that Alexandria had left her ex lover when she saw the red headed woman leave her hut moments after Xena entered her own. She'd seen the bags that Alexandria held in her hands as she made her way to the stables and had quickly sought out Xena to check up on her.

"Did you know?" Xena whispered softly, turning away from the bard. "Did she tell you she was leaving me?"

"No, Xena, she didn't tell me anything."

"But you knew she would leave me."

"After last night, yes," Gabrielle replied softly, her heart aching for the woman she loved. Xena didn't deserve this. She knew that the woman had made some mistakes in her life but she still deserved more than this. "Xena, I'm so sorry."

"You're sorry?" Xena laughed bitterly, whirling to face her ex lover with angry eyes. "That is the biggest lie you've ever told, Gabrielle."

"That's not fair, Xena," Gabrielle said angrily as she stepped closer to the warrior. "I never wanted this to happen."

"Then why did you call me here?" Xena shouted, stepping forward until her face was inches away from the bard's. "Why did you send me that letter after two years? Everything was finally starting to be okay for me again."

"Because nothing was okay for me," Gabrielle whispered brokenly as she looked up at the woman she knew was her soulmate. They gazed at each other in silence for several moments as Xena's eyes started to soften.

"Then maybe you should have never left," She said quietly, her voice almost inaudible as she started to turn away from her ex lover.

Gabrielle felt her heart break in her chest as Xena turned away from her. She knew that she was rapidly losing this battle. Didn't Xena understand that she had made a mistake? Couldn't she see that she had regretted walking away every single day that they were apart? She had waited two fucking years for this and if it was going to end now, she decided, then she would at least give it everything she had.

"Hey," Gabrielle growled, grabbing Xena's arm and turning her back around. She caught a flash of surprise in the pale blue eyes just before she tangled her fingers in the woman's dark hair and kissed her passionately. She felt Xena resist her but it only caused Gabrielle to tighten her grip on the warrior and pull them even closer together.

Xena was in shock, her body completely rigid as Gabrielle's lips crushed against hers. This was wrong and she knew it but as she tried to pull away, Gabrielle only pressed closer to her, refusing to release her grip. Before she knew it, she found herself melting into the kiss and returning it with equal fury. Her hands gripped Gabrielle's hips tightly, melding their bodies together in the most delicious way as she moaned into the kiss.

Gabrielle decided not to waste any time as her hands hurriedly started to remove Xena's clothing. She didn't want to give the dark haired woman any time to think about what was happening. She just wanted to love her. She pushed the straps off of Xena's shoulders, caressing each new piece of skin that was revealed as she pulled the leather battledress down Xena's body. She broke the kiss and attached her lips to her lover's neck, thanking the Gods that Xena decided not to wear anything under her clothes tonight, not even her underwear.

Xena moaned loudly, her heart pounding to the rhythm of the drums that were still beating outside. Her head dropped back and she felt Gabrielle's lips caress her throat and all her thoughts slipped from her mind. She couldn't think, she could only feel the hands that roamed lovingly over her skin, touching all of her most sensitive places. She felt herself slowly being pushed backwards until the backs of her legs hit the edge of the bed. She collapsed onto the mattress with Gabrielle in her arms, their bodies grinding together sensually.

Xena almost cried out as Gabrielle's lips left her skin only to reattach themselves to her own. Her hands found their way back to Gabrielle's hips, quickly undoing the ties that held the loincloth around her waist. She pulled the material off her lover before gripping her hips once more and moaning as Gabrielle's hot center made contact her thigh, coating it in her juices.

"Oh, fuck," Gabrielle gasped as she pulled back from the kiss to look down into Xena's lust filled eyes. This hadn't been her plan for things to move so quickly, but it felt right nonetheless. She felt complete as she pushed her own thigh between her partner's legs, thrusting against her as Xena pulled her hips back and forth over her thigh.

"Gabrielle," Xena growled as their bodies thrust together furiously. Despite the roughness of their fucking, she felt loved as she looked up into Gabrielle's eyes. The moans that were slipping from her lovers lips only served to excite her more. She could feel Gabrielle's thigh thrusting against her pussy roughly, setting her whole body on fire as she raised her hips to meet her. She could faintly hear a voice in the back of her head telling her that this was all wrong but her heart said it was right and her body told her it felt too good to stop now. She ran one hand up Gabrielle's muscular back, her short fingernails dragging across the soft skin causing her soulmate to moan softly and the thrusting against her thigh to increase in speed. She tangled her fingers in blonde hair and pulled Gabrielle's head down for a searing kiss that left them both breathless.

It wasn't long before Xena felt herself falling over the edge and into climax. Her whole body shook as her mouth opened in a silent scream, her hands gripping her lovers hips tightly. Gabrielle whimpered as she gazed at her soulmate in the throes of passion before her back arched as her own orgasm overwhelmed her.

"By the Gods," Gabrielle gasped as she collapsed onto her lover's chest, listening to the erratic heartbeat beneath her ear. Xena remained quiet as she used her last bit of strength to pull herself and her partner further up the bed before wrapping the blankets around their sweat soaked bodies.

Xena held Gabrielle until she fell asleep, her breathing deep and even against her chest before she closed her own eyes.

By the Gods, what am I doing?




Gabrielle opened one eye and stared into darkness as she wondered what had woken her up. She stretched on the soft sheets of the bed before reaching out for her lover. Nothing. Maybe she went for a walk to think. It's been a pretty crazy night. She frowned as she slowly sat up in bed, realising it was much too quiet. The only thing she could hear was her own breathing and the drunken stumbling footsteps of the Amazon's still partying outside. She leant over and lit the candle by the side of the bed and glanced around as a sob caught in her throat. All Xena's things were gone and Eve's cot was empty. She was alone, again.




Xena looked back at the Amazon village as she held Eve tightly against her chest with one arm and Argo's reins in her free hand. It was a few candlemarks before dawn and she knew what she was doing was wrong. She shouldn't have left Gabrielle, at least not with speaking to her first but honestly, she didn't know what to say. She had felt complete as she laid in bed with the bard but she had felt wrong. Everything was all wrong. Nothing had gone to plan, not that she had much of a plan to begin with, but she was sure this wasn't how it was supposed to be. If her and Gabrielle were going to be together, it needed to be on a clean slate. They both had things that they needed to work out and Xena didn't know if she could work them out in this lifetime.

Still, she knew that to leave like this was cowardly. She knew it would hurt Gabrielle. She sighed softly as she turned away from the village and where her soulmate was and started walking down the dirt path. It was the same scene from two years ago, she mused. Except it was her running away in the night and not Gabrielle.

Oh, how the tables have turned.


The End.


Authors Note: I know you all hate me right now, but there will be another sequel after this. I'm still putting it all together at the moment so it might take a week or so to start, but I promise it will be worth it. More twists and turns and our two favourite girls. Thank you all for sticking with me and I will make the ending of this story up to you. That's a promise. Until next time.

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