Summary: This is the sequel to my story I Will Be. It's been two years since Xena has seen or heard from Gabrielle. Until one day she recieve's a letter from the Amazon Queen inviting her to the village for a festival. Will they be able to mend their broken relationship or has it been too long.


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Turning Tables


Mikaeli Hooper


Chapter Five


The tour of the Amazon village lasted just over a candlemark, consisting mainly of small talk between the two women. Glancing up at the red headed woman, Gabrielle held back the questions she desperately wanted to ask. She didn't want to make the woman uncomfortable, which suprised the small blonde. She'd expected to feel anger and jealousy towards Alexandria, but she didn't. Instead, she felt comfortable around her, like they'd known each other for years. She found herself liking her more and more with every second that passed. Alexandria was unbelievably beautiful but she was also intelligent and funny and Gabrielle found herself laughing or smiling at everything the woman said.

"You are an amazing woman, Alexandria," Gabrielle grinned at the red head as they walked along side a small river not far from the village. "I can see why Xena loves you."

"You're not so bad yourself," Alexandria replied with a smile, nudging her hip against the small blonde's playfully.

"Thanks," The bard smirked, looking up into Alexandria's twinkling blue eyes. She bit her lip as she decided to ask the question she'd been wondering since the woman entered her village. "So, how did you and Xena meet?"

"I was waiting for this," Alexandria chuckled.

"You don't have to answer," Gabrielle replied quickly. "I know it's none of my business."

"No, it's fine, really," Alexandria laughed, waving her off. "Xena and I met a long time ago. We actually grew up together."

"Really? She never spoke to me about you," The bard said softly, a small frown on her face. "But then again, Xena's never been one for talking."

"I'm not suprised to be honest," Alexandria replied. "Xena hasn't been one who likes to talk about painful things, even when we were young, and our relationship was painful."

"So, you two grew up together in Amphipolis?" Gabrielle prodded.

"Yeah, our mother's were friends and we lived right next door to each other, so we didn't really have a choice," The red headed woman laughed, her eyes glazing over at the memory. "We were different though, at the beginning. She was a warrior, even as a child, always playing soldiers with her brothers, while I spent most of my time in the village. It wasn't until we were fifteen and she asked me to the Solstice dance when I finally saw her in a different light. Ever since that day, we were inseperable and completely in love. And then Corteze came."

Gabrielle took the red headed woman's hand, squeezing it gently as Alexandria eyes shone with unshed tears. Even after all these years, the memories of her first battle still haunted the red headed woman. Alexandria smiled gratefully at the blonde, taking a deep breath before continuing her story.

"Xena started an army to protect the village and I joined her. I was suprisingly good with a sword, even though I'd never touched one in my life, it just came naturally to me. As you know, the battle was fierce and we lost a lot of people, including Xena's brother Lyceus and it changed Xena. She became cold and ruthless and our relationship changed with her, but I never left. I followed her around the world as her second in command for years, hoping that maybe one day she'd stop fighting but it never came. She was unfaithful so many times that I lost count and she went into jealous rages everytime someone would show me the slightest bit of attention. In the end, we were at each other's throats and I couldn't take it anymore, so I walked away."

Alexandria shrugged, shaking her head as she looked up at the sky, willing the tears not to fall. Gabrielle squeezed her hand, gazing at the woman sadly. The bard couldn't help but find the similarities in their relationships. The unfaithfulness, the jealousy and the ending: both her and Alexandria had walked away. The only difference now was that Alexandria had returned to try again with Xena while she had continued to keep her distance, despite the fact she still desperately loved the warrior. And to make matters worse, Xena had treated Alexandria a lot worse than she'd treated the small blonde, but it was Alexandria that had been able to forgive Xena and Gabrielle hadn't.

"Anyway," Alexandria continued, briskly wiping her tears away. "About three of four years later, I heard she met Hercules and changed her ways before starting to travel around Greece with a bard. I thought about seeking her out for years, but I never did. And then, almost two years ago now, I was travelling through Amphipolis for supplies after returning from Rome and I saw Xena in her mother's tavern. We talked and things just kind of picked up from there."

Alexandria smiled at the blonde before sitting down on the ground, leaning back on her elbows as Gabrielle sat down cross legged beside her. The two women sat quietly as they gazed at the river in front of them, deep in their own thoughts.

"She still loves you, you know," Alexandria said suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

"Excuse me?" Gabrielle choked out, looking down at the red headed woman in disbelief.

"She still loves you," Alexandria laughed as she looked up at the blonde. "Even if she refuses to admit it to anyone, including herself, it's the truth."

"B-but," The bard stuttered, her heart thumping painfully in her chest. "But you two, you're together, aren't you?"

"Yes, Xena and I are together but we're just comfortable," Alexandria shrugged, picking up a blade of grass and twirling it between her fingers.

"Comfortable? Can you give me more of an explaination than that?" Gabrielle asked, her brow furrowed.

"I'll try and explain it to you, like I attempted to explain it to her earlier," Alexandria chuckled, closing her eyes as she tried to think of the right words. "Xena and I, we know each other's pasts, we know everything about each other, the bad and the good. It makes things easy between us, comfortable, because we have nothing to hide from one another. And Xena and I, we're the same, it's why we work so well together."

"If you work so well, then what's the problem?" Gabrielle interrupted.

"There is no problem," Alexandria said quietly. "Except that she loves you."

"Why do you think that she loves me?" The blonde asked.

"Because, you're her soulmate," Alexandria replied, keeping her face as neutral as possible. It wasn't easy because despite the fact she wanted the warrior to be happy, even if it meant not being with her, it hurt her to think of Xena with someone else. "And before you say it, I know. I know that you two had a lot of problems in your relationship. I know that you hurt each other, but, you are air, Gabrielle. You're her Air."

"Her Air?" Gabrielle replied in confusion as she looked down at the red headed woman.

"Yes, her Air. That's what I'm trying to explain. Xena and I work, yes. We're good together and we always have been, despite everything because we're both Fire. We're both passionate, confident, agressive and strong; we're both Fire," Alexandria shrugged with a small smile. "It's the reason we work, but it's also the reason we don't. We blaze together, but eventually our fire will flicker and die because for a fire to continue to burn, it needs air, it needs oxygen to survive. You're Xena's Air, Gabrielle, you're her oxygen. You soothe her with your compassion and your love. You are what keeps her alight and what raises her so high. Xena can't survive without you, Gabrielle. You're supposed to be together."

"Why are you telling me this?" Gabrielle asked, her voice soft as she gazed at the red headed woman thoughtfully.

"Because I love her." Alexandria replied with a sad smile.


To Be Continued In Part 6


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