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Joy Divided

After being injured by raiders, Gabrielle and Xena take a few days to recuperate at Aphrodite's temple. Gabrielle requests Aphrodite's powers to help her give Xena something very precious - a child of their own. But Ares has to also approve the final arrangement and there is a complication that may make or break the final deal.

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Kindred Hearts

A short and very sweet tale of Xena, Gabrielle and baby Eve.

Turning A Corner

This story picks up at the end of the "Is There a Doctor In The House" episode. Xena comes to grip with the fact that she almost lost her bard for good and how much their friendship really means to her.

Beth And Reese Series   ebook version available


Beth and Reese meet and through a series of "falls" soon realize that they are falling for each other. Prequel to Falling Stars.

Falling Stars

Beth and Reese travel to the Grand Canyon for a writing assignment for a magazine. Over the course of several days, they take their relationship to new levels and begin several adventures in the Grand Canyon, including horseback riding and a night under the stars.

Soul Crossing

This tale takes place after Falling and Falling Stars will eventually take the friends to Greece to trace their common ancestral past. This first chapter deals with a reunion after a short separation.

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