Summary: This is the sequel to my story I Will Be. It's been two years since Xena has seen or heard from Gabrielle. Until one day she recieve's a letter from the Amazon Queen inviting her to the village for a festival. Will they be able to mend their broken relationship or has it been too long.


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Author's Note: This story is the sequel to my story I Will Be. I hope you enjoy it!

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Turning Tables


Mikaeli Hooper


Part Two


Two years is a very, very long time to think. Every morning, I wake up and start my daily routine. I get dressed, spar with my Amazons, work on giant stacks of paper work with my regent, eat dinner, return to my hut and sit at my desk to write you a letter that I'll never send and then I go to bed. And in every second of every routine day, I never stop thinking about you.

I don't want to think about you and yet, I get so scared everytime I forget an important detail. Like the way you look when you wake up in the morning, how you smell after a battle, the way you feel underneath me as we make love. I'm starting to forget and it scares me. So I changed my routine and I wrote you a letter and for the first time in two years, I sent it.

At the beginning, as I rode out of your home town of Amphipolis, I wanted to forget you. I didn't want to remember the way you felt or tasted. But as the years went by and I thought about it more and more, I realised that I did want to remember. I want to remember everything about you. How could I possibly want to forget you? You're the world, my world and it's never going to change. We were made for each other and it's taken me two years to figure it out.

I wonder if it's taken too long, if I've taken too long. Have you moved on? Have you found someone else to share your bed? The thought of you spending your life with anyone else breaks my heart. But I know there's always the possibility and I'm scared. I was so stupid, leaving you with nothing. No hope, nothing to hold onto that might make you want to hold onto me. And what makes me feel worse is that I was wrong.

Not completely wrong, but wrong enough to make my heart ache. You hurt me by being unfaithful, so many times that I've lost count. But I haven't always been completely faithful to you either, have I?

You loved me from the beginning, as much as I loved you. And though you were cold at the start and completely unaffectionate, I was even worse. I fell for every boy in every new village that we passed and when our feelings started to bloom for each other, I ruined everything. I got married. I married Perdicas and I knew that it killed you. I could see the sadness in your eyes when I turned to look back at you before leaving the temple with my new husband but I didn't think twice about it. I just left you in the middle of the cold stone room, alone once more.

And I can't blame you for not being able to trust me or my love for you. Because I've hurt you as much as you've hurt me. We hurt each other and now we're wasting time that we should be spending together, and that hurts even more than you being unfaithful. It's killing me to know that I may have lost my chance to spend my life with my soulmate.

I look up as our old friend Solari enters my hut, looking at me sadly from the doorway.

"She's here?" I ask, standing up from my desk and recieving a nod in return.

"She's not alone, is she?" My voice trembles as I reach the door, looking out into the village that was preparing for the festival tomorrow.

"No, she's not alone," Solari replied quietly, gazing at her Queen sympathetically.

"I waited too long."

My heart was breaking as I watched you gallop through the gates of the Amazon village, sitting proudly on Argo. You looked so beautiful, your raven hair flowing over your shoulders, longer than I remember. I watched as your pale eyes roamed over the village, scanning for me and our eyes met. It was electric, as always. I felt the shivers race up my spine as I held your gaze, before plastering a fake smile on my face.

My eyes wandered to the woman who entered the village behind you and I felt like I'd been kicked in the chest. The woman must have been a Goddess, she was unbelievably stunning. Her short dark red hair flowing around her face and falling into blue eyes that looked like the night sky. Tanned, high cheek bones and beautiful red lips that opened to reveal a smile that was more blinding than the sun. I was defeated.

"Let's go greet our guests, shall we, Solari?"

My head scout nodded at me and we left the comfort of my hut and walked towards the woman that owned my heart and her new partner.


To Be Continued In Part 3


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