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Double Play   [Incomplete]

Cassandra Storms is a top softball recruit and arrives at the University of Florida, nervous about meeting a group of new teammates. After her first encounter with her softball idol, Dakota Colby, Cassandra becomes disenchanted when her high expectations of the woman don't coincide with Dakota's personality. Dakota is a top athlete and the envy of many. She's interested in Cassandra and disappointed by the way Cassandra responds to her. The mystery of a secret pushes them away, but their mutual attraction draws them together, feeding the undeniable passion within.

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Ghost Train   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

What appears to be just a minor car accident instead draws Logan into a legend about a lover lost and a train waiting for the two be brought back together.

I Love Gabby - with Stoley   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]

Paradise Found - with Stoley   ebook version available

Is it possible to put the ghosts of the past behind you and find the strength to believe in love again? Jordan Milano didn't believe it would happen to her anytime soon and had become quite complacent in her single life. The green-eyed blonde didn't expect her life to be changed so dramatically by the tall, blue-eyed woman she met in the tropical island town of Key West for their annual women's festival. The arrogant athletic beauty, Bly VanDewark caught a glimpse of Jordan and knew she had to meet the attractive blonde, but her pursuits were halted by her forward approach with the woman. She was accustomed to making conquests instead of relationships and Jordan's brush off forces her to take a good look at herself and her motives. This was going to be no simple conquest for an evening and Bly knew this in her heart, and it scared her. Here, amidst the passion of a tropical paradise playground it is easy to fall in love and play a game of make believe. But, what about tomorrow and the realities of the present? Will they find the way through the darkness of their own insecurities to their Paradise Found?

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Similiar Features   [Incomplete]

Despite the fact Xena is still upset with Gabrielle for leaving with Najara, Gabrielle finds herself attracted to a Xena-look-alike named Blaise. Blaise harbors a disdain for the Warrior Princess and affection for the attractive green-eyed bard much to the chagrin of Xena. The secrets of Blaise and Xena's similar features are revealed and all of their lives are changed forever. Xena and Gabrielle realize their true feelings for one another and act upon them. They venture to the Amazon village with Blaise, who meets Ephiny, and finds her true destiny.

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Rayne And Lark Series   ebook version available


A prequel to Indiscretions, an attractive Secret Service Agent encounters a blonde haired, green-eyed up and coming actress while on assignment protecting a Senator, who also happens to be the actress' father. There's an instant attraction between the two women, but Rayne Donovan is reluctant to go out with the persistent actress, Lark Morgan. She's fighting feelings from her past and is not sure she wants to go down that road again. Lark sees what she wants, Rayne, and refuses to accept Rayne's rebuttals of a date. She sees a spark of hope in the women's piercing blue eyes and won't give up so easily. Will Rayne put her feelings aside and take a chance on love again by agreeing to a date with the alluring beauty?


Secret Service Agent Rayne Donovan reluctantly accepts an assignment she knows she will regret later on, but can't walk away from it. A life is at stake and the tall, raven-haired agent is forced to protect a popular celebrity, Lark Morgan who happens to be a former lover. The attractive blonde actress is happy to have her former lover back in her life, but Rayne isn't pleased at all by the woman who betrayed her as well as her heart months ago. The sparks fly with these two women when they are forced to come to terms with their feelings of anger, denial, betrayal, and love for each other.

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Ab Initio

In the sequel to Indiscretions, the truth of Lark's previous Indiscretions is revealed and Rayne frantically tries to meet up with her before she leaves for Greece, but misses the plane. Lark arrives in Greece alone, thinking that Rayne's answer of forgiving her is no, but little does she know that Rayne is on her way there. Lark is hurt and relieved to find out that she wasn't unfaithful to Rayne. The pair share a loving, tearful reunion and Rayne has a surprise for Lark regarding their future together that she reveals in a very special and romantic place in Greece. Will Lark respond to that surprise positively and will these two lovers be able to fulfill their dreams, together?

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